” Khushi’!” he called her in a normal but hoarse voice

Khushi gasped in shock and jumped on the floor hearing his voice, throwing all the chocolates on floor.

“A..A..Appp?…Ap kab aye’humara matlab’ apnay humain dara dia” (you? I mean when did u came?…i mean u scared me..!) she kept a hand on her chest and breathed heavily and in no time tht area of her body was caught under his burning gaze. Khushi felt tht and removed her hand from her chest and tried to breathe normally. And she was successful.

“Tum cartoon dekh rahi thi? Kun? Baki k channels kharab ho gaye kia?” (u were watching cartoon? Why? Other channels were gone?) he wasn’t being sarcastic and he actually mean it, coz he didn’t believed tht a 17 year old girl can watch cartoons leaving all the fashion and music channels.

“Nahi’sab channel theek hain. Par mama ny woh sab dekhnay sy mana kia hy” she told him honestly. (No all the channels are fine. but mama never allowed me to watch any of them)

He nodded looking at her intensely imagining wht will be her state when he’ll really show her some hot stuff to train her for wht he wanted from her’.khushi stood there looking at him innocently some time and here and there the other time, pulling her dress down in nervousness as she was meeting him after so many days’.tht drew his attention on her dress and he saw his designs change and remember tht designer’s words tht she had changed them and he never even checked’.he has finalized some good shalwar suits for taking her to shantivan but well’..he was much more happy seeing her in this dress.

“hmmm’ aur kis kis baat sy mana karti hain mama?” (hmmm so wht else does she doesn’t allow u for?) he asked looking normal but in actual he was interested to know abt her.

“aur raat ko bahar rehnay sy, akelay bahar janay sy, phone py 10 mint sy ziyada baat karnay sy, ziyada chocolates aur jaleebiyan khanay sy, apni sari pocket money sy teddy bears collect karny py aur'(she quickly mentioned the list like a parrot but stopped realizing her absent minded talks and suddenly became aware of his keen eyes on her)’.. app kun poch rahay hain’? She asked frowning at him. (From Late night outs, going alone out of home, talking on phone for more than 10 minutes, from eating chocolates and jaleebies more than enough, from spending my whole pocket money on teddy bears””’.by the way’why r u asking.)

He was having no definte answer for her question so he changed the topic. And khushi ignoring him started chewing chocolate tht she was holding in her hand.

“Apna luggage pack karo tum aj sham ko mere sath mere ghar ja rahi ho aur ab wahin raho gi..” he said quickly and khushi’s chocolate droped from her hands on the floor. (Pack ur luggage we r leaving for my house in the evening. )

“Likin..hum’humara matlab hy’.(she tried to say some think with shocked expressions) ‘matlab’humain apkay ghar nahi jana hy” she finally said. (But I’I mean ‘I don’t ”I don’t wana go to my home’!)

“Did I asked u ur choice?” he said leaving her behind and moving towards his room removing his jacket and hanging it in his arm near his chest.

“Humain apkay ghar nahi jana ‘hum ny apnay ghar jana hy'” she whined (I don’t wana go to ur house’I wana go to mine)

“I don’t care what u want’just do as I say” he commanded and banged the room’s door after going in.

Khushi stood there weeping for some time silently and then she made for her room where he was already present.

She entered the room. He was laying on the bed with his shoes still on his feet, leaning on the wooden plank attached to the bed closing his eyes. He knew she in here but did’nt opened his eyes giving her an impact tht he is tired and don’t want her fussing around with him right now as he is in no mood.

She looked at him for some time not having enough courage to disturb him from his apparent sleep and then being fed up she walked out of the room to ask the maid for any suit cases if available in the house and soon she was provided. She packed her luggage soundlessly and he noticed her doing so.


Khushi took a bath and now she was ready with her bag to leave the farm house but he was sleeping. She sat there in front of him on the sofa and watched him from a distance to wait till he wakes up.

“I am sure ‘.i will successfully run away this time’.” She thought to herself looking at him.

“What have I thought for my life and what has happened” she thought painfully still looking at him.

“I have dreamed of a handsome, tall, caring, sweet and charming prince as my husband’and before I was stuck with a good for nothing shyam ji ‘thanks God at least he is not my husband and now here I am stuck with a Laad Governer now” she said cupping her face ,her eyes still on his face.

“Who is a Rakshas’ nor he is sweet, nor caring’uhhh may be he’s not sweet though but he is a little bit caring..i mean may be, and ”he is’handsome too..may be’and tall as well ‘., and may be he is charming too’. And he looks like a prince as well”. (she was lost in his features) ‘I mean may be he looks like one’.the only problem is he is too bitter for a sweet addict like me.” She was still lost looking at him with dreamy eyes but innocent sad face’.when he opened his eyes to see her sitting in front of him on some distance and staring innocently with a sad face cupping her face with his hands.

She looked so cute tht he wanted to go and hug her tht instant..but as he opened his eyes fully khushi stood up being panicky and slapped her head hard and uttering and “Ouch” on her own slap. She came back to the real world as she saw him awake.

“Khushi Kumari Gupta ‘what the hell r u thinking’he has kidnap u ..not to forget this’ and he has also manhandled u many times not considering a human’.” She murmured to herself and making him wonder on her strange acts.

She looked at him with a straight face keeping her hands on her hips.

“But he was also being caring some times”‘.a voice came in her head..and she removed her hands and started biting her nails looking into space’

“Whats wrong with u'” he said and she jerked her head to look at him with a confuse look on her face.

“Hunn?” she asked with a confuse face and he rolled his eyes finding it difficult to understand this girl and then looked at his expensive limited edition wrist watch and got up from the bed.

“Nothing’ we’ll leave in 10 minutes’!” he said and grabbing his clothes left for a shower. While she sat there until he is back.

They were driving towards Raizada Mansion and khushi was looking outside the window. Arnav mood was fully spoilt thinking about the situation which gona come when he’ll introduce khushi to Angali and others.

Suddenly he increased the speed’ first khushi tried to hold on her heart and over come her fear but when he overtake two cars she placed her hands in her lap and leaned down on them covering her face becoz of fear’ he noticed her but keep the speed same until they reached Raizada mansion. Khushi opened her eyes and looked at him with a mix emotions of pain and fury. He ignored her and got out of his SUV banging the door behind him making her jump. Two servants came running from inside the house and one of them opened khushi’s side of door respectfully. She came out and he instructed the servants to bring the luggage in and walked inside the house with a lazily walking khushi behind.

“Jaldi Chalo” (walk fast) he looked behind at her and barked his orders at her and waited till she joins him. He entered the residence and khushi walked slowly behind him in the residence, looking at the things around her , admiring the class and beauty of the house until a tall beautiful, long haired and elegant looking women almost came running towards Arnav singh raizada who was walking in front of her. And she stopped mid way.

“Chottay’ap agaye’ humain ap hi ka intizar tha” (Chotay..i’ve been waiting for u) she hugged Arnav singh raizada and he hugged her back lovingly’.making khushi surprise at the scene.

“Di’.yeh khushi hy’.main issay ghar ly aya hun’ab yeh yahin rahay gi!” (Di this is khushi..she’ll be living here with us from now on) he said seriously and looked at khushi who was standing stunned behind him as he told his Di abt her’and tht too just her name? like she already knows her?… As khushi was still not fully aware of the story and type of relationship their elders shared before tht awe full incidence.

Angali’s eyes got shot open by seeing the little girl standing behind Arnav in a skin short frok tht was designed from an inspiration of Katrina kaif’s dressing style. The girl was having some weird childish expressions on her face tht indicated her nervousness and fear of being in a new place.

“Arnav’. Yeh tum kia keh rahay ho? Yeh khushi ji hain? Yeh tou abhi bachi hain’. Tum aisay achanak’ humara matlab hy ‘tum inhain achanak kaisay yahan ly aye’ tumhain garima anti kahan milin ” aur kia unhon ny tumhain isay sath lejanay ki ijazat di?” (Arnav’.wht r u saying’she is so young’.how came u so sudden ‘.i mean ‘.why u bring her like tht without informing her’.how did u found garima anti’and how come she allowed u to take khushi in sucha young age?) Angali paniced seening a little girl in her house as her bhabhi..obviously she wanted khushi to be a part of her brother’s life but not like tht, tht sudden without any rituals and tht too when the girl is still young to be some one’s wife.

Angali looked shocked at khushi’s face and then at her brother making khushi scare of the situation.

“Di’khushi meri patni hy’ aur mujhy isay ghar lanay k liye kisi ki ijazat ki zarorat nahi hy'” he answered. (Di khushi is my wife and I don’t need any permissions to take her home)

“Hey bhagwan’Chotay’kahain tum khushi ji ko zabardasti tou yahan nahi ly k aye?” Angali said shocked

He did not answered Angali and all she got as an answer was silence. (Ohh God’Chotay’tell me did u forced her for this?)

“Chotay tum aisa kaisay kar saktay hoo’ tumhain hum ny kitna samjhaya tha k ismain khushi ji ka koi kasoor nahi hy’ Hey bhagwan’garima anti kitni pareshan hun gi’hum abhi unhain call kr k bataty hain k khushi ji’.” Angali said worried extremely (Chotay u cant do this’.i have told u so many times tht khushi has nothing to do with our past’she was just a child tht time’.she is innocent ”see’Garima anti would be worried ‘I’ll call her and ask her to take khushi ji back with her).

Khushi started smiling to angali listening this’. But soon her smile got vanished.

“Di’iski koi zarorat nahi hy’Mrs. Garima gupta sab janti hain'” (Di there is no need for this’Garima anti knows this) Arnav stopped his Di and khushi unintentionally stood behind angali as he took her mother’s name so angrily and she got a feeling tht he might put her mother’s anger on her.

“Chotay tum unkay jannay na jannay sy koi fark nahi parta’ parampara k anusar Khushi ji ko aglay saal humary ghar ana tha’.aur hum tou uskay bhi khilaf thy kun k 18 saal shadi jaisi bari zimidari uthanay k liye koi umer nahi hoti’ aur khushi ji tou abhi 18 saal ki bhi nahi huin hain’nahi chotay hum tumhain yeh nahi karnay dain gy’yeh khushi ji k sath ghalat hy'” Angali said quite angrily to her brother (Chotay I don’t care weather she knows or not, according to tradition she shd be here on her 18th birthday’and I don’t think tht she is even 18′..no chotay’.i cant let u do this..its totally wrong with a young girl like her).

“Di’Ghalat hy yah sahi’ khushi pechlay aik haftay sy mere sath hy..she is completely my wife now and I cant let her go”aura b yeh yahan rahy gi’hamesha k liye’ main kia karta hun kahan jata hun is sy khushi ko koi matlab nahi hona chahye’ likin yeh is ghar sy bahar kadam nahi rakhay gi’and thts Final’!” he said in a Final tone to every one who were now gathered in the hall with shocked expressions, hearing their voices. (Di I damn care weather is right or wrong’. Khushi was with me from the past one week as well’she is completely my wife now and I cant let her go’she will be living here from now on and wht ever I do..where ever I go’this will be nothing to do with khushi’but she is not allowed to step out of this house’and thts Final..!)

He picked his figure on khushi and looked at her angrily and khushi urgently putted her hands around Angali’s arms and she was standing infront of khushi.

“And u Khushi Singh Raizada’agar iss ghar sy bhagnay ki jurat bhi ki’tou main dunia k kisi bhi konay sy tumhain dhund k laown ga aur tumhara wo hasher karun ga k tum bhula nahi pao gi’and u very well know I can do tht very easily..DO U GET THAT” he said angrily to khushi (and u khushi singh Raizada ‘if u ever tried to run away from here ‘then I’ll find u from any corner of this world and then wht I’ll do with u is not to be explain here’and u know tht)

Angali put her hands around khushi to comfort her scared after seeing her own brother’s demonic side.

He left every one in the hall and moved towards his rooms upstairs. And after tht Angali took khushi to her room with herself.