It was 5th day when he didn’t show up in the farm house. Khushi has nearly forgot about him and she was comfortable in the farm house. Khushi managed to steal the cook’s cell phone in the kitchen while teaching him how to make jaleebies and came back to her room.

She dialed her mother’s num and garima picked the fone urgently.

“Mama’? I miss u mama ‘.app humain yahan sy lenay kun nahi atin hain? Ap ny mujhy us rakhshas laad governer k sath kun chor dia” she whined in the phone. (Mama ..i miss u mama ..why don’t u take me with urself’.why have u left me with tht Rakshas Laad governer?)

“Khushi kia kiya us ny? Kia us ny tum py hath uthaya ? jaldi bata khushi?” garima was scared hearing the names khushi has kept for him. (Khushi..wht did he do? Tell me ‘did he picked his hands on u? tell me khushi?)

“Nahi mama’hath tou nahi uthaya likin’. Un ny’.mama’woo’.un ny humary sath zabardasti ki’!” khushi said confused at her own situation tht weather to tell her mother or not. (No mama ‘he did’nt touched me tht way’ but’he’mama he’.he just manhandled me)

“Kia? Kia kia khushi? Bata mujhy’ khushi khul k bata’fikar mat kr main Arnav beta sy yeh baat nahi karun gi’tu mujhy bata sakti hy” garima was shocked to hear her little girl was gone through those things which she did’nt even knew, but still she needed to know the details so she can guide her so she comforted khushi who was fully quite now, understanding her daughter’s situation fully well tht she might be forced into bed. It was’nt a time to get panicked and garima knew this. (Khushi u can tell me ‘openly’I promise I will not ask him abt this)

Then garima asked her full details and khushi told her each and every thing tht she was at ease other wise and provided all facilities and luxuries except freedom, and his natural deeds offcourse’ about which khushi was much worried even more than her freedom ‘ garima was some how thankful to Arnav for not hurting her daughter much by doing what he was actually capable of doing.

Garima told khushi about marriage life and asked her to try settling down and then khushi cried a lot knowing all this and demanded for a divorce as she can’t do all these dirty things with a man.

Garima was now hell scared tht weather her innocent daughter doesn’t say this to him. After all this was all too sudden for her. And she tried to comfort khushi but khushi was crying badly’ she said tht she don’t want to get married nor shyam nor Arnav or any man if this is marital life’ she will tell Arnav abt this’ Garima was scared of khushi’s words’garima was scared if khushi really said this and wht if he really divorce her and her life would be spoiled now every single person in their neighbors and frnds knew tht khushi was married in childhood and is taken by her husband’what she came back divorce’wht will she tell people abt her? How khushi will spend her life? Khushi is going to ruin her own life now and she needed to stop this’she tried to calm khushi tht every things go ok in the end and calmed her down giving her different examples of devi devtas who got married also and so its not dirty’ it a pure relationship and u have to accept it. She was always a religious person. Khushi was some how calm as garima 2 hours spend on brain washing her were not gone wasted but khushi still needed time to accept this relationship and also didn’t wanted to live with Arnav as according to her he was a harsh man and he used to scold her always’she has always dreamed of her husband as a friend and now Arnav was not at all her friend but he behaved like her enemy , but she didn’t said this to garima and said good bye and came to the hall where she sat in front of Plasma TV and played a Disney channel, she called the maid to bring her some chocolates as she was not in the mood to go and cook her jaleebies.

She was not at all satisfied what has happened but was now somehow relaxed tht all he did was not a sin and so her DM will not be angry with her, and that was more than enough for her.. and as far as he was concerned , she forgot about him, She was like a bird in a golden cage in his farm house, she liked giving orders of her own choice to the people who were assign for her in the farm house, which her mother would have never allowed like as eating chocolates and jaleebies 24/7, watching cartoons as much as she wanted, jumping on her matris, sleeping for as long as she wanted, collecting her teddy bears, all on his account'”After all he is my husband and he has to pay for what he has done” her little mind made plans for irritating him. She was free inside the residence but a prisoner for the outside world.


She was carefree and of forgiving nature’ but she made it sure tht she is not gona forget or forgive her husband . And after deciding this ‘ she forgot abt any thing which has happened and run towards hall as she remembered tht her fav cartoon is gona be on air soon’

She asked the maid to bring her some chocolates as she was not happy the way the cook made jaleebies and she was not having time to made it herself, coz if she did she would miss her fav Tom and Jerry. So she ordered compromised on chocolates and sat on the huge leather sofa on which he used to sit usually when he wanted to keep an eye on her when she was in kitchen. She was wearing one on the short dress she has asked his designer to desing tht he has delivered today on his boss ASR’s orders, it was pink and skin in color and sleeveless..the top hanged on the shoulders with the help of two thin strips , revealing her young silky skin. ASR was totally unaware or what she has ordered. She came near the sofa and picked the remote from the table near it, on the TV and looked back at the sofa angrily.

“Huhh Laad Governer kahin k’ us din iss sofay py tou aisay bethay thy’jaisay pata nahi kahan k Laad governer hun’ huhh” she said making faces and jumped into the sofa.(HUH Laad Governer ‘.he was sitting in a style there tht day like he is a king of some state.) She made her legs rest on the sofa arm and tht caused her frok to slid down revealing her creamy milky thyies till her panties. Her pale little feet with pink toes dancing in air on the title song of cartoon.

The maid came and give her a basket of walnut chocolates and she grab it saying thanks to her with a big smile’ the maid smile widely seeing this little girl’s bright face and walked away.

The music was stopped but her feet were still dancing, her finger tips covered with a thin layer of chocolate she was eating and some of the melted chocolate stick to her lips ..khushi was too busy in the cartoon to even observe herself when he entered the main hall. He saw her sitting there like a free soul and having chocolates and enjoying. Khushi was obviously not expecting him coz she haven’t seen him since 4 5 days and so she was not sure if he will come back or will keep her here alone.

“She is strange… and weird’.” He wondered seeing her sitting so care free and enjoying watching TV all alone like she is at her own home. He moved closer to see what she is watching so keenly. Khushi did’nt noticed him and while watching TV jumped on the sofa sitting and clapped laughing when jerry threw tom in water and his butt was bitten by sharks.

“What the’ wht is she watching??? Tom and Jerry????” he wondered while coming closer. He stood some 5 steps far away from her behind her back and watched her thoroughly.

His eyes caught the chocolate on her thin finger’s tips tht she was licking now with her rose plumpy lips seductively , her light brown doe eyes still glued to the TV screen’ his eyes travelled from her fingers to her arms and then to her shoulders and then her small bosoms, her tiny tinny ribcage, her flat tummy and then her legs’. His eyes stick there for a second’ and then travelled down her knees and then her tinny pale feet with pink toes which were dancing in the air. He looked at her milky thyies, the skin revealed by her almost topless dress and her fingers tht were in her mouth one sec and then out as she kept on licking them’ he gulped hard and loosen up his tie feeling extremely hot the same second.

She was a perfect blend of beauty, innocence and seduction’he thought

” Khushi’!” he called her in a normal but hoarse voice

Khushi gasped in shock and jumped on the floor hearing his voice, throwing all the chocolates on floor.