As soon as khushi entered their room she saw a huge photo hanging right infront of the door, posing Angali and Shyam. Khushi was shocked to see tht.

“Di yeh kon hain?” (Di who is he?) Khushi called angali “Di” by herself unintentionally and Angali smiled at khushi listening “Di” from her mouth. She cupped khushi’s cheeks from one hand and patted.

“Yeh apkay jeja ji hain khushi ji’ humara matlab’thay’humara matlab yeh hum sy naraz ho k ghar chor k chalay gaye hain ab”‘ angali’s eyes became teary. If there was anyone else then khushi would have rushed to wipe of Angali’s tears becoz of her caring nature’but right now she was herself in a state of extreme shock’she reminded Arnav’s words against shayam and her relation ship’. (He is ur jeja ji…i mean he was…he left me and left this house a couple of days ago.)

“Your mother liked u to get married to a married person”

“You and shyam were in a dirty relationship”

“You and shyam would have crossed limits tht night”

“U r a characterless girl”

Her head started spinning as all these voices started making sense in her mind and were echoing again and again ‘making her mind stop working. Angali was walking infront of khushi when she heard a sound of some thing heavy hitting the ground’ she turned back and saw khushi laying on floor unconscious.

“Chotay’.Chotay’.jaldi aow yahan please'” Angali paniced. (Chotay …Plz come fast please)

He rushed towards angali’s room and saw khushi laying on floor.

“What happened to her Di?” he asked worriedly

“P..Pata nahi chotay hum inhain tumhary jeja ji k baray main bata rahay thy aur yeh behosh ho gayein pata nahi kaisay?” (i dont know…i was telling her about ur jeja ji and she fainted) Angali was hell scared seeing a little girl fainted in front of her’well thts how she was caring and she couldn’t see any one in pain’she was a perfect human being..who was married to the most imperfect man in this world. Arnav picked khushi in his arms seeing his Di panicking and took her to his own room and placed her on bed.

“Di main iska khayal rakh lon ga ap pareshan mat hun..ap ja k aram karein apko us accident k bad doctor ny rest karny ka kaha tha ” arnav said comforting his in a worried tone. (Di i will take care of her…! u please go and rest.. Dr has asked to to rest after tht accident)

“Nahi hum nahi jain gy’hum abhi doct ko phone karty hain'” She said and started dialing doctor’s number and asked her to come to Raizada Mansion not trusting her brother tht he will actually take care of the girl. (No..i’ll be here …i’ll call the Dr.)

“Di ab ho gaya na’doct ko main deal kar lon ga..raat bohot ho gayi h yap jain yahan sy aur rest karein”‘.he said irritated of her stubborn behavior (Di…thts it…I’ll call the doct myself …u please go and have some rest…its already very late.)

“Theek hy’likin Arnav’ khushi ji ka khayal rakhna please’.humaray liye’.” She requested her brother ensuring tht he will care for her, as she was not sure tht he will treat her well. (OK but please take care of khushi ji…for me ..please?)

“Ok Di I promise ab ap ja kr rest karein please” (Ok Di..i promise…now u go and rest) Arnav said to angali as he did’nt wanted Angali to know tht khushi was the reason shyam has left her. She will be shattered some more. And he did’nt wanted to hurt her by telling her the details now as there was no point when he was already out of Angali’s life.


Doctor Declared tht khushi is in shock and will be fine as she was injected tranquilizers for calming her nerves. And she was sleeping now.

She woke up after some time and found him working on his laptop on the recliner.

“Arnav ji’.” She called him in a fainted voice, soon as she was awake ‘

He heard her voice and the next sec he was standing in front of her’

“Ab kaisa feel kr rahi ho'” (How r u feeling now?) he asked in a straight voice but was worried in his heart a lot.

“Hum’humain apsay kuch baat karni hy'” (I have to tell u some thing please) she said trying to get up from bed but her head was spinning and she fell down back on her pillow’

“Not now ‘.i am busy’u shd take some rest” he said

“Arnav ji’wo shayam ji wo apkay jeja ji kaisay’wo shadi shuda thy tou aisi patni aur aisa parivar hoty huay bhi un ny humari mama sy jhoot kun bola k wo shadi shuda nahi hain? Aur ap ny humain kun nahi bataya Arnav ji? ” She said placing a hand on her head and blinking her eyes painfully as she felt headache. (Arnav ji…u knew abt shyam ji? then why did’nt u told me tht he is ur jeja ji? and why did he lied to my mother tht he is not married?)

He was totally silent listening her words ‘so this was the reason tht she got shocked and fainted’and what he was thinking’.he was thinking tht shyam’s picture reminded her of their past and she couldn’t take it. This could be truth as well’he started believing her but suddenly those pictures came in his mind and he started thinking tht she is faking. His anger was ready to brust through his mind but he calmed himself seeing her state.

“Khushi’don’t question me right now’and sleep..i have a lot of work to do” he said and started typing furiously on the laptop again.

“A..Arnav ji'” she called him last time before she was dozed off again’

Arnav walked upto her to see weather is she ok or not’ he called the doctor abt her situation and she said its ok as she is been given heavy sleeping pills.

He couldn’t stop him self from loving her’he sat closer to her and cupped her cheeks with his one hand and caressed her lips with the thumb’

“I wished u never had lied with these lips ever”‘.he said slowly near her ear before kissing her chin and going back to his laptop’.it was late night but he couldn’t sleep.. how could he sleep when she was in this condition?


He was awake the whole night and was out for his office early today’ when he reached office nobody was there as it was too early.

He sat there in his office and rechecked his mails and some presentations ‘.every thing was prepared’.and how it can’t be ‘he was preparing these things the whole night. He searched for his drawers and cupboard to see if any file was remaining untouched..but it was’nt’soon his eyes catch a packet …

“whts that???”” he thought while picking tht packet and opening it’ he found some photo graphs in it.

“Oh so these are from detectives'” he opened the packet and found a letter with some pictures and a DVD. He started watching pictures one by one once again.

These were shyam and khushi’s pictures from the same part in which he has tried to use and dectectives ended up sending the wrongly posed pictures to ASR’ he watched the pictures dead heartedly.

His expressions suddenly became shocked as he figured something different in the photos. He threw the pictures and started reading the letter’it was an apology letter from detectives as they have misplaced some of the pictures and they remain unsent and lately they have also collected a movie from a class fellow of khushi who has recorded the party’

He forward the video where there was shyam and khushi part’he saw shyam forcing khushi to some where and she seems angry with him, later he saw shyam mixing something in the drink and giving it to khushi, and then the movie was all abt the pictures who’s image was stuck in his mind from a long time’and it was a waste’for all he saw now was enough for his heart to ache like hell’ for all those things tht he had thought abt her were false’ he was hurting an innocent girl for no reason’he separated her from her mother when she was not ready for it, he kidnapped her , tortoured her mentally and physically, took her virginity in 17th year of her life , when she was not even an adult and mature enough to understand it and put her in so much pain, he remembered her painful screams when he was manhandling and forcing her for his deeds, he remember how she pledged innocently when he was about to do it first time ‘. Soon as the thought stuck him he clutched his head in his hands and pressed his temples to calm his extremely disturbed nerves, he then stood up from his place, picked up the car keys and left the office’ !

He was driving on a straight empty road when he suddenly turned his wheels towards the surrounding forest’ he drove manically into the forest between the woods and stopped with a loud noise of breaks when there were narrow gaps between the woods. He came out of his SUV and placed his hand on one of the closest tree. He let out all his frustration on the tree by punching him hard until his hand started bleeding uncontrollably. He stood in there his back leaning on his car , breathing heavily to calm down his anger which was his own self this time. He could’nt believe he made such a big mistake. Offcourse she was an enemy’s daughter but tht she did’nt deserved to treated in a way. She was just a kid. And his Di was right, she deserved anything but not a forced physical relation and too when she was not even aware what a relationship actually means, he shouldn’t have her the way he did’ becoz it not only cause bruises on her body but on her soul as well , tht cannot be heal for the rest of life. He could not decide wht to do now. She was a victim of tht creep herself and he treated her like a s**t. What can he do now..? he left for shantivan after some time .