She cried laying on his body fully, untill she felt his lips on her neck, he started kissing her pressing his lips more and more on her skin lingering the kiss and she stoped crying as she got alarmed. After kissing her neck all over to the side visable to him he started rubbing his hand on her waist to calm her but her mind was thinking some thing else…his hand mistakenly slid under her shirt a little touching her bare back and that was all to scare her and she jumped off him sitting on the bed by his side…

“What The..?” he said amazed of her behaviour.

“Woohh…actually….I …I am…” she tried to said but was cut off by him.

“Khushi What?” he said a little irritated…

“I am…I am on my days…” she said looking the other way.

He raised an eye brow looking at her with some strange expressions

“So you thought I was doing this as a foreplay before sex?” he asked rasing an eyebrow still.

“mm..mmm…” she tried to say some thing but could’nt …and he was lost for a moment looking at her flushed face realizing that khushi was standing the same where he had left her 4 years ago, the same naïve and innocent, even after becoming so changed…..but he knew these emotions are never dependent on person’s apperent charachter.

“Goshhhhh Khushi you are sucha gutter mind… I was only trying to calm you…and look at you…you are thinking so far away?” he rolled his eyes on her and she became a little nervous as she did’nt got an answer so urgently.

“No actually i…” she stammered

“No? Then why did you informed me about your days khushi?” his eyes speaking a different language but his expressions straight intended to confuse her….Khushi was quite now…looking here and there trying to escape his intense gaze… and started setting her dress uncomfortably….it was all natural…she was never comfortable talking about her truly personal stuff with any one, though her husband has a right to know but she avoided it every time unless needed. She may be very bold with the world because of Ana as she got khushi a lot of practice to be bold in this stuff but khushi was left alone in this drive since Arnav has left her hand 4 years ago. He thought to continue his teachings again as it was high time…and that too with a naughty mood….

“Go change” he said pushing her out of bed by her elbow a little and spanking her hips casually.

“So when are you becoming free?”  he asked her as she was selecting her night dress from wardrobe…

“hun..? tommoro morning” she said a little shy …

“What? Khushi you are gona spend your whole night changing clothes?” he asked and she looked him confused

“so you were talking about freeing the bathroom ohh I am sorry I thought…” she urgently said and bit her tounge as she was again gona tell him what she was thinking..

“offcourse I am asking about freeing from all that changing and all work, but wait a minute, you thought What? That I am asking about your days?Goshhhhhh Khushi I told you you have become sucha gutter mind…needs a lot of cleaning..” he said getting up from the bed and leaving for bathroom…closing the bathroom door behind.

“Urghhhhhhh Laaddd Governerrr….” She exclaimed in anger waving her fists in the air angrily. Turely getting his plan to confuse her intentionally.



She opened her eyes quickly and got up with a jerk and got  a whiplash.

“Ouch” she rubbed her nape….

“Ohh” she said as she feel some thing soft on her legs in the blanket and some tiny cool fingers(paws) trying to climb up her legs…

“OMG…Look at them…where did they came from?” her eyes open wide ready to get off her sockets and fall down….

“OMG ….” She said and picked both of them up in her hands….

“Arnav jiiiiiii….Arnav jiiii….Look at them….They are so cute…” she said as she saw him working on his laptop sitting on the recliner…

“hmmm…” he replied busy typing on his laptop and with a file in his one hand…

“Did you….???” She stared at his face wide eyes opened

“Hmmmm” …he said still looking at his screen

She jumped out of her bed holding the two kitties in each hand and jumped over him hugging him along with them frantically…..making his back hit the recliner and she was sitting on him kissing his face and the two kitties alltogether…holding the two kitties near near his face on both sides as she hugged his neck while doing all this…

“OMG …I love you I love you I love you….you are so nice Arnav ji…” she exclaimed excitedly….

“Wooohhh Khushi….you are getting more and more wild day by day…who taught you all this by the way…?” he asked raising his one eye brow…

“You know that ana …that famous designer who have designed AR’s 2009 summer collection? She said if you need to be bold…you have to do this…” she said not caring what she saying as she was not in her senses still in her sleep.

“ Ana was your teacher…hmmm?” he said recongnizing Ana , his cousion sister, who was freakingly beautiful but more like a tom boy in her childhood, who was quite a straight forward and bold girl he had ever meet in his life, she lived her life to the fullest but never ever let go her values, she was more like a model than to be a designer just like khushi was…but she choosed this field and she was successful in proving that beauty is not brainless always, he always trusted Ana as friend and she was the one who always wanted control in her hands but always failed infront of him, she thought to teach him a sweet lesson through his wife and she was successful….

He smiled… happy that khushi was not in wrong hands after leaving india… he cursed himself thinking about the circumstances if his innocent khushi would have been fallen in to some wrong ones….she was too innocent for all that…though she cant disrespect her mother by forgetting the values she had taught her but she was too naïve and innocent to be harmed easily… he cursed himself some more and closed his eyes in anger ….why he did’nt tried to be strong enough for her, to control his overpowering emotions on some special occassions….he was always known for control but he felt weak when khushi was around? He was too scared to be around her, scared to hurt her that he send her away? Why he send her away from himself when he knew she cannot be safe elsewhere than with him if he tried a little to control himself? But that day when he saw khushi in the hospital, he knew nothing than to be away from him, he had nothing in his mind but fear, fear of lossing her…she was his love…his one and only love….how can he let himself in this fear for too long….but these four years away from her has taught him many things…the best among them was “Control” he learned how to control his emotions. He was now sure enough that if khushi returns back to him he will be ready to protect her from every single danger of this world…but when she return she was like a danger herself…..he can hardly believe this was his khushi…whose innocence has just started melting him, enlightening his dark life slowly, when that awefull event happened…and he sepreated his angel from his life…And now today…here she was…sitting on his chest once again like a stubborn kid and telling him her story…she told him every single detail…that how Angali asked Ana to take care of her there, how Ana gave khushi a chance to be her assistant, how khushi learned many things from her proffessionaly that opened many other doors of success for khushi, how Ana became her friend and was angry listening all her story, how she taught her and made her practice every single thing to trap him,how she called back Ana telling her every single details of the day and taking instructions along with her scoldings and rantings for not following her instruction correctly and showing him that you care, how khushi became self dependent under her teachings ….

“hmmm so that jungli taught you all this…that little jungli is still Alive after messing with me so many times” he said slowly making a plan to teach Ana a good lesson for this when he gota catch her…he knew she is not gona show him her face for a longer period of time now after doing so much…but he must see her …

“But you Arnav ji…you are a smarty pants……you got my whole plan and spoiled it…” she said taking a sip from his coffee still sitting on his lap with the kittens in her lap…

“mm..No actually …you did’nt spoiled it… you made it easy for me when you conffessed….it was all so difficult for me you know…” she was speaking concentrating on his super creamy coffee and the kittens while he stared at her all the time smiling, listening to her…..

“I am so happy that you are back” he finally spoke, hugging her spreading his huge arms around her crushing her bones and the kittens along with her…

“Aaaaaaa….Arnav ji…” she said releasing herself doing some atitude and he smiled back frowning a little…

“What are they called? Do they have any names?” she asked taking a sip again from his coffee

“hmm…This is Ruff …and This is Tuff…” he said pointing from his eyes…

“hun?” she yelled …”These names don’t match their puffy innocent image” she said loving them

“the same way your recently carried rough and tough image does’nt match you, they are just like you…just look at their faces…. I was running a morning run in the park while these guys stalked me every where in the park and then followed me till home trying to scratch me with their paws all the while when I was running and when I stoped at the gate they made such innocent faces meowing me that they reminded me of you…I mean look at their faces …they look exactly like you….i wonder if you were a cat in your previous life…” he chuckled as he held a kitten in his hand and make him look at his face and tried to attack his face with his little paws and she looked at him surprized…she have never seen him laughing so openly…..

“Arnav je…” she looked at him lovingly and amazed…

“What?” he asked

“I am happy that you are no more scared of touching innocent things..” she said in a happy emotional tone..and he just smiled….placing both the kittens on her tummy and picking her up in his arms from his lap along with the kittens the same way on her tummy, while she held his shoulder for support from one arm and the other around kittens and he stared lovingly placing her on the bed…

“hmm…now I have to go khushi…. You can have an off today….” He said leaving her on bed with her new kids(kittens) and wearing his coat…

“No but i….” she tried to say…

“Stay khushi…. I am not gona kick you off AR…its just that there is no work for you today…” he said and left kissing her cheek and patting the kitten’s head hurriedly…


“Chotay …I have called to infrom you that me and khushi are leaving for laknow right now..there is a medical emergency in the family and so we have to go see the person, infact we are on the airport right now…hope you don’t mind” Angali said into the phone…she was always like this..running to help some one when they needed no matter in which way and how far relatives they were…these were also some far away relatives and she was going to see them.

“God Di…why are you telling me so early? You should have told me when you would be back home..” he said angrily, angry that khushi was leaving with her and he will not be able to see her.

“Chotay don’t be sarcastic…I told you that its an emergency na..ok we’ll be back tommoro moring early, or we’ll stay there for some days if the situation caused. OK?” she asked

“Fine Di… I’ll tell Aman to arrange your rooms in shesh mahal.. she going by herself or you are taking her?..i mean we have a lot of work here in office and she is leaving” he said pretending to be official but Angali knew her chotay very well.

“No chotay she asked me herself to take her, and as she was free today so I thought its better to take her for a change of environment ..but you don’t worry han…I will send her tommoro morning no matter what…” angali giggled…

Khushi Asked Angali to take her because she needed to meed her mother who was in laknow for a week and she thought it’s a good oportunity to meet her busy mother..

“Stop it Di…and Do call me when you reach there” he said irritated

“Ok fine ..bye” she said chuckling and cut the call.


He left for the office early morning as he was angry on khushi for leaving still. He thought to teach her some lessons for this and smiled wickedly to himself while driving thinking it to be fun…!


Khushi entered the office wearing a pit black jeans and a skin top designed by herself.


 A huge smile on her face as Eve saw her in the way and greeted her and she responded sweetly, Eve was surprised…she was expecting a horriable answer but she got a sweet one, Khushi’s eyes fell on her slightly bruised foot..

“How are you feeling today?” she asked Eve

“Much better ” she said with a smile…and khushi smiled back

“Thats Good…But you should be resting at home, Do you have a shoot today?” Khushi asked

“Yeah…The shoot was important so i came” said Eve

“Oh..i see… Take care of your self…” Khushi said

“Maria….Come here …” Khushi called the make up artist who was just passing by..

“Yes Maam” she said

“Make her bruises disapear totally ok…use a high coverage concealer over there… I know they are difficult to hide but make it possible at any cost…and dont let her do that herself, do it yourself” she ordered the makeup artist knowing that Eve was habitual of doing her make up herself and doing so can cause her injury to pain, so she ordered the makeup artist to do it herself not leaving it on Eve as usuall…khushi left for her cabin after that smiling at both the ladies…

Eve smiled looking at her and left for the shoot as she was getting late, promising herself to know later the reason that has made her so calm and sweet towards her.

“Khushi…you have got an explanation call from boss… go hurry up… in his office…” Aman said panicking and khushi was scared that what has happened now..

She gave Aman a questioning look but he was already gone patting her shoulders…

“this Laad governer na… urghhhh” she talk to her self, she entered his office to ask him what was his problem now……

“Arnav ji…Aman said ….” She said running but stoped when he held his hand in air to stop her from talking as he was on phone, making a very serious face and looking all angry, barking orders at some employee. He cut the phone after talking while khushi was still standing near his table all quite…

“So Mrs. Raizada……it looks like you are very fond of breaking rules?” he said opening his laptop and checking his mail..

“Means?” she asked not getting what he was talking about..

“Means …., that You were absent yesterday without any notification and are late today as well…!” he said in an emotionless official tone..

“hun? But…” she was confused on his behaviour

“No Explanitions Mrs.Raizada… and as you know that ASR never gives second chances so here’s punishment ready for you…” he said looking at her ,his eyes extremly intense roaming on her body.

“Punishments? But you told me to…and today I am just 15 minutes late and that too becoz my flight was late…” she said frowning

“I Said NO EXPLANATIONS Mrs. Raizada…Do you hear me?” he said getting up and coming towards her…his eyes intense as he stared her form up and down, giving special attention to her heaving chest, she looked the other side avoiding eye contact with him as it was so difficult for her always to match his eyes….he remembered how every time during all this “I don’t care Act” she never looked in his eyes and avoided eye contact making him irritated, but now he got his answers….she was nervous and she knew if she will look into his eyes, she will loose the game, as she saw him coming.. she started moving backward taking one step back as he took one forward…

“Look me in the eyes…” he said coming closer untill she hit the table and was blocked between them..she was angry…

”Look at him..i am back early for him leaving di behind all alone and here he is, ready with some punishments for me…” she thought to herself

She looked serious and pushed him on his arm and tried to move from there but as she has took just one step forward she was pulled by him hard and her back collieded with his chest, her arm twisted behind her back.

“Arnav ji…?” she was more confused now…she could’nt believe how come he got changed once again and that too too soon?

“This is not Your bedroom Mrs.Raizada… This is my cabin and you are here for a punishment..just remember that” he said pushing her on the table so that uper front side was touching the table’s surface and she was scared…thinking what was going on and why was he behaving so weird …untill he leaned on her trembling form front to back pose, his body fully touching hers from her hips to her back, she got scared and closed her eyes but he picked the phone extending his hand to reach the reciver instead ….

“Don’t let Any bloody person on this earth in my cabin untill I say” he said and kept the reciver back…

“So Mrs. Raizada Where were we?” he said tucking her hair strand behind her ears..

“No….This is office not your home” she said understanding now what was he upto.

“That’s right…and you are Mrs.Raizada here as well, no matter which ever place it is, you’ll be called as mine…” he said and turn her face to kiss her… as their lips touched khushi closed her eyes, feeling his lips after a long time, getting lost in the moment and she responded as well, by letting him enter her mouth and playing with his tounge inside her mouth with hers. His other hand reaching her tummy under her shirt from front and pressing her more to his form so that she can feel his condition…

She moaned in his mouth a little feeling his hard arousal on her soft botttoms pressed firmly, she tried to say some thing…and as he parted himself to let her breath some, she spoke up immedietly.

“Arnav ji Not here pleaaa..” she tried to say some thing but his lips locked hers again and she closed her eyes as she feel him sucking her lower lip and then biting it gently before leaving…..he turned her with a jerk to face him..…trying to get her clothes off her…

“Arnav ji….No…No…Not here please….I am not comfortable..!” she pledged but he was beyond listening anything.

“As I told you Mrs.Raizada ..this is a no requests at all” he said and with that he pulled off her shirt leaving her in her jeans and her black lacy undergarments….he slid one of her bra strap from her shoulders and started kissing and sucking her there…she gasp loudly holding the table corners for support droping her head back feeling the pleasure that he was giving her, he slid the other strap of her bra and did the same, he unhooked her bra from her back and remove it from her in a hurry throwing it some where in his cabin and she crossed her arms on her chest.…just like she did before when ever they make out, he removed her hands pinning them on the table as she stood infront of him arching her back as he sucked one of her pink peaks, lingering his mouth there for 10 seconds and then looking at her to see her face, her cheeks were tomato red and she was breathing heavily with a little voice that came from the pleasure she felt ,with her eyes shut tightly. He started sucking her there while kneeding the other one and she felt her knees weak. He felt her body trembling and her legs shaking, he placed his hands on her hips and picked her up making her sit on the table and he standing between her legs…so that she does’nt fall down when he continue doing this to her. After that he kissed on her stomach and continue kissing till her belly button above her jeans…he stood straight between her legs and removed his coat and vest coat while she looked at him doing that… he opened his shirt’s buttons alomost breaking them and left the shirt open without removing it from his body entirely.

He reached his table drawers and got protections..

“Whats that?” she asked

“These are protections, don’t you know that?” he asked a little amazed at her question..

“No…I know their purpose but never seen them before” she plainly replied, she knew what protections are but she have never seen them practically only heard from people around her some how accidently when she was in paris…

“Strange…that you are sucha boldie and you have never learnt about them fully..” he said

“Who would have taught me this?” she asked both of them gone weird straight face :/ …….. :/ , not knowing how to react on this weird situation aroused by his own weird question…she has a point who would have taught her this when she was always in love with him and never let anybody touch herself even.

“ok..” he said and started opening it but she stopped him.

“I..I don’t need them…” she said …

“Are you sure you know enough about them or you want me to tell you clearly what these things are about?” he said doubting her information to be incomplete about them.

“No I know…But I want a baby..” she said looking some other way…too shy to meet his eyes which were now turn highly intense to meet.

“Sure” he said kissing her cheeks…he knew why she was asking for baby…she had promised nani to give her grandchildren soon, besides she was mature enough than before to take care of his baby and herself.

Then he pulled her belt, unzip her pants by making her stand pulling it off her legs along with panties in one go throwing them in some corner as well turning her oposite to him in the same position so that her back was touching his front side, he pushed her on the table with his hand so her front was touched with the surface while he opened his belt, unzip his pants leaning on her and kissing her neck… he pinned her hands on the table as she wanted to turn straight feeling this is not the right pose to do what he was going to, his bare chest touching her back as she tried to struggle to change her side but he entered her the same moment surprising her and she flinched…he felt her inside tight and contracted but adjusting rapidly as the time passed.

“ah…ahhh…” she let out some small cries and then calmed down but her breathings still uneven…

“Khushi…What happened baby? Are you alright?” he asked remembering how delicate she was from always, pulling himself out of her a little and kissing her temples from behind her, leaving her hands alone keeping one of his hand on her one side and caressing her hairs with the other…..she did’nt answered him for some time as she breathed in an out closing her eyes tightly but he keep on caressing her hairs as he saw her facial expressions were getting normal from painful ones rapidly as the time passed.

“Wohh..actually…my body extracted when you entered after sucha long time…I am fine now” she said smiling…

“Do you want me to continue or…” he asked kissing her temples one again…and was cut off by her reply very soon …..

“hmmm”…she said shyly and he smiled at her shyness… she was so different in all this from what she looked like nowadays…

He entered her again and she flinched a little again but got normal, he started moving inside her till they both gain there supreme pleasures between her loud moans whenever he entered her deep inside her core.

“What if these walls were not sound prof “   remembering how she was uncomfortable a few minutes ago and now she is making such sexy noises without caring about anything……he thought kissing her back and nape gently, caressing her face as she felt lazy after this love making session…he got dressed and help her lazy bones in dressing up making her wear her jeans and he stood facing her and bringing his hands from under her armpits almost hugging her to hook her bra straps, helping her wear her shirt and settling her hairs with his fingers as she combed them lazily…and then again sitting back on his leather chair and opening his laptop continue doing his work. While she went to the sofa placed in his office for some relaxation leaning her head on it as she felt exhausted even without doing anything much.

“So Mrs.Raizada…this action was taken for being absent without informing me officialy…and now the next action will be taken against your late entry today…” he said looking back on his laptop. And she opened her mouth in shock….

“Next punishment?” she nearly shouted….


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