“hello maam..” Aman said when he saw khushi coming.

“Hello aman..” khushi wished him with a smile.

“Boss is waiting for you in his cabin….you are late(he wishpered in her ear in a scared manner)….be carefull” he said with a big smile before showing him his cabin with his hands, which she was already well aware of but did’nt showed that infront of aman.

“Not a big deal Aman ..relax” she said and climb up to his cabin. And aman looked at her amazed thinking that she surely don’t know ASR that’s why she is saying like that and looking so calm after being one hour late…his eyes chased her with wonder and fear for the upcoming worse situation between these two. She surely was’nt having any knowledge about ASR…now he was somehow sure that she is not connected to him.

“God save the poor kid” Aman thought in his mind sending her silent prayers.

She knocked on the door and heard “Come in” in a heavy voice….she knew her husband/New Boss was angry…she pushed the door and came in hanging her designer purse on her shoulders wearing a long skirt and a scarf in her neck, with her hairs fully straight like his old khushi….


Arnav was stunned for a second as he looked up at her from the huge stack of files placed on the table in front of him, his hands stopped typing furiously on the laptop as he keep on staring her ……she rolled her eyes when he did’nt stop staring…he was staring because he noticed something today….that from the time she was back here in india, She was avoiding wearing those dresses which tends to reveal her legs….he remember him asking her to stop wearing her frocks four years ago…and was stunned to notice that she was still following his words.

“Aman said that you were asking for me…” she said in a plain tone…he was back in his  senses.

“Miss.Raizada..” he started to speak but she cut him off.

“Mrs.Raizada” she corrected him seeing him in his eyes seriously.

“Right… but you are late…and I don’t like late comers” he saw khushi was still not in the mood to be messed up and after loving her silently in the morning he was already planning not to disturb her today.

“So what punishment you have thought for me…” she said looking him straight in her eyes but in a normal non offensive way….

“Sit Down..” his voice firm and serious and she took a seat without looking at him…

“Since this is your first day here….i am leaving you with only a warning…but mind it…it is for the first and the last time ever….I cant tolerate any one neglecting AR rules, no matter who they are…now you can go and ask Aman he will tell you about your job in detail” he said and started typing furiously again on his laptop…

“How can I punish you ever….and that too when I know you never forget anything I have told you once…I know you are doing this on a purpose” he thought to himself, smiling in his heart and happy that now he can keep her infront of his eyes 24/7 and that too because of her own will.

“Sure..” she said plainly looking unaffected and left his cabin….She came out of his cabin and saw aman still standing there waiting for her to come.

“Uhhh are you safe…? Did he fired you? I mean I am sorry but we did’nt heard him shouting or scolding you so we thought he might have simply ask you to leave…”

“haaah Aman…just relax….OK?relax….nothing happened…and thanks for your concern…he asked me to meet you regarding my JD details” she patted aman’s shoulders to calm him down and then asked him for her job discripton details.

While aman stood shell shock in front of that bunny like girl who dared to enter the angry Lion’s den fearlessly and then was out safe and sound as well….too much for her delicate personality but she was tougher then he thought.

“Yeh…sure…this way..” he gulped and showed her her cabin with his hand and thought that “she really is some thing…”


“ASR…please tell khushi about us clearly…she looks at me like she is gona eat me up…please you have to clear this misunderstanding…” Eve stated taking a sip of her hot chocolate in a slow and calm manner wearing a tan colored topless dress and he nearly stopped himself from burst out laughing on his friend’s vulnerable state.

“Where is she now?” he asked roaming his eyes everywhere through his office’s glass walls

“She is out with Aman for lunch” she informed him

“What? How come Aman became so important for her all of a sudden?” he said

“Ahh come on ASR…you know Aman is all mine…he can’t stare any other girl and you know that he is not that kind of a guy” she said

“Neither khushi….” He said proudly

“yeah I know…its just that she don’t wants to be with you “Apparently” off course and so she has found a good colleague to hang out with as Aman” she said…

“I know…” he said nodding and looking out of his office’s glass walls keeping an eye on his staff even in the break time and looking behind at Eve who was sitting on the sofa in his cabin enjoying her break with her friend as khushi has taken her fiancée for a lunch…

“Have you told Aman about khushi?” he asked looking down at Aman and Khushi who were just entering the office , while khushi laughed on something and Aman seemed to be some how reserve and distant….He knew Aman was a very friendly guy then why was he behaving like this with her?

“Not yet…but he was discussing about her with me last night…that he is doubtful about khushi being related to you some how…and also khushi’s dominant behaviour has confirmed his thoughts some how…but I did’nt told him as you have told me not to tell any body…” she said and he nooded …

“Good don’t tell him yet….” he said enjoying poor aman’s situation from the glass walls.

“You have to help me as well…” he said looking at Eve and she gave him a sad puppy dog look ….but sighted as he smiled at her and she understood urgently that he knows what he is doing and she has to trust him for that.

“okie ASR…any thing for my best friend” she said with a smile


Khushi entered his cabin with a book in her hands and saw Eve sitting there sipping her hot chocolate….

Eves eyes snapped open watching khushi there but he noticed Eve’s expressions and gesture her with his eyes to calm down and she did…Khushi gave her an annoying look and then placed her book on the table creating a voice and turned towards Eve who was busy with her mug looking at her innocently…

“Yeah…I don’t like innocent things…still em keeping a ton around me..” she murmured some thing about Arnav which was not easy for him to understand.

“Yes Mrs.Raizada?” he asked in an official tone.

“I need to discuss some thing with you….Alone” she looked at Eve raising her one eye brow telling her to go out which she understood fully but looked at him to know what does he wants…

He nooded and gestured her with his eyes in a calm way to do as she is saying….Eve left the office calmly as well smiling broadly and he returned her a smile…. Khushi was fumming now

“Laad governer…he never gave me such smiles with out any special occassions…and that too by chance” she cursed him under her breath and he looked at her knowing fully well that she was effected… well that was his point…to make her accept that she is affected and then tell her the truth…least did he knew she was already told by angali and so that’s why she was here…otherwise if she would have believed what he has told her 4 years ago…she would never have made any effort to come back into his life ever… she would not have fallen for a ruthless basterd again….but she knew he has a golden heart inside… he cared and loves her like hell…but she was as stuborn as him…. She cannot accept defeat just like that…so she pretended that she don’t care any more unless she compels him to accept his love for her all by himself…..only then she’ll accept that she is here only for him…

“hmmm so..what tooks you here?” he asked her placing his empty mug on the table and finally looking at her

“ASR I have selected some designs in this book which were never used in any of our collection, I want to change them a bit and see how do they look on some models…and I have called Aman to get those dresses already……” she said plainly nothing secerte as such, meaning bussiness only…so this means getting Eve out here was only a part of her jealousy.

“Hmmm I see that seems like a good idea… Go ahead…I am coming in the studio in after in 3 hours…while you get the models ready for the test shoot” he said and she nooded leaving his office.

“Aman…..today is off for all the models, send them home…each and every one …RIGHT NOW” he barked his orders in phone and disconnected.


After one hour he reached in the studio to see what was she doing there……

“What happened”

“Uhh Sir actually no model is avaliable today but as there are less days remaining for our New collection photo shoot….we have already spend a lot of time in preparing for todays shoot…and we don’t have enough time to spend on test shoot after that…it’s a waste of resources as well so we have to arrange for some models at any cost, i called all of them but non of them is available today” Aman said while khushi stood there looking worried about the shoot…

“hmmm and its already 5:00 pm….the office timing are over….but I know how important this test shoot is….we have utilize things avaliable right now…we need a voulnteer as a model…” he said

“That’s a good idea…” Aman said happily

“How many girl are present in the office this time…?” he asked

“I’ll see and tell you what they say..” Aman said and left

All the girls who volunteer were quite heavy and did’nt fit into those dresses…ASR has was sitting on the single seated sofa watching them one by one bored…he has send all the slim ones home himself as a part of his plan.

“Khushi….i think you should do it yourself…” Aman said to khushi and she jumped…aman called him khushi instead of maan and Arnav was a little shock to see their friendship blooming so fastly.

“Whaaaa…?? I …. Me ….? I mean No….i am a designer …not a model…” she was startled nearly…

“Mrs.Raizda AR believes in team work and when we are a team …we don’t care what designation we hold…our only concern is to get the job done by any means…so you should not have said that” ASR spoke quite harshly…she looked at him amazed that what was he doing…? All these dresses were quite revealing and she knew he didn’t liked her to wear them at all… then why was he saying so?

“Mrs.Raizada I think you have the perfect figure for that and in my opinion you are the best to do that….and as every body is already getting late so I think you should change fast” He said and she was having no other way to escape…she made a face and went to the changing room which was attached with the stage, taking that dress…

“Mrs.Raizada Wait…Not this one…take these three….” He pointed towards another collection and the helpers handed her the dresses and she left without giving those dresses a look….

“Laad Governerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” she shouted as she reached inside the changing room and checked the clothes…non of them was good enough….”That must be his plan….i have to be bold…I have to show him I am not innocent…..i have to show him I can do it” she gave herself some courage and wore the less revealing of them all.

Aman got an urgent call from Eve and he left the office after asking his boss, least did he knew Eve was doing all this for her friend….After that ASR made the whole staff disappeared from the studio turning off all the lights except for one mercury light facing the stage where khushi has to appear after changing and it was impossible for her to fig out anything while that strong light faced her…

Khushi was out of the changing room wearing this dress

She was now standing on the stage a little away from the Headlight….

“I want to see you in the headlights…Move forward…don’t stand there like a statue” she heard an authoritative familiar voice and moved from untill she was under the head lights…she stood there trying to pull her dress down her thies and up her bossoms nervously to hide herself….

Though he was used to see her in her sexy nighties daily four years ago and nowadays as well but now that happened when ever she was sleeping. His eyes were shinning watching his perfect wife in that dress… and that too not in a sleeping forum but fully awake and in her senses….her nervousness adding more charm to that…she was not feeling shy because of him but because of the other male colleagues present there.

“Khushi leave that dress alone and stand straight so that I can see how it looks…” she heard the same voice again…..

“hmmmmmm…..that look pretty fine….Go change the other one…” he commanded and she had no other choice than to follow his orders….

This dress was the sexiest one in her openion….she came under the mercury light and he started judging her again rather than the dress actually…actually who cares about a dress when she was standing infront of him looking so delicious and yummy…she was feeling very shy but knowing his motives she made herself strong…she knew some thing was wrong….he could never ask her to come out in this dress ever infront of any other men…she knew some thing was not as it looked.

“Mrs.Raizada turn left slightly…..(she did) yeah….and now put your hand on your hips so that I can observe your curves nicely” she heard his voice once again and was suddenly shocked by his words..

“What?” she said…

“The dress’s curve damn it…now don’t waste my time…and do as I say..” he said and she followed his commands nervously…

He stood up from that sofa and started walking towards her, as soon as he was in the lights, she can see his intense eyes roaming on her body in a way that send shivers down her spine… she backed off but her held her from her elbow and pull her forward again…

“There…Don’t move” he said making her stand in front of him and taking a round around her to observe her carefully, while his hand rested on her belly completing the round around her waist as well, pretending that he was checking the dress. Khushi was a little scared now as she noticed she had not heard any voice other than his, not even Aman’s, was she alone there? She was scared as she thought all this…she was lost in her own same thoughts when she felt his fingers tucking under her dress from the top to pull it a little upward…she tried to push him immediately as she was scared because she was still not sure weather there are any people in this studio or its only two of them alone? She was scared what if some body saw him doing this….her image will be spoiled as she didn’t wanted to tell the office people that she is his wife …and so this can effect her plan.

“What are you doing…?” she said backing off and trying to free her elbow from his vise grip.

“Relax….i am just checking the cuts ..” he said looking at her intesely and she looked some other way scared to look in his eyes….

“hmm good,(he said while checking the dress by giving the dress a last critical glance)…Go change the last one…” he commanded…khushi took a long time coming out from changing room….but he sat there calm enough as he knew she would….she would be calming her heart talking to herself in the mirror.

But when khushi was out and standing in the lime light …he forgot every thing else….he came near once again, standing behind her too close…placing his both hands on her collor bone that covered her front area fully, sliding outwards towards her shoulders…and then down her shoulders on her tiny arms trying to feel her cold soft and silky skin…and saw goose bump appear  on her …he smiled as he saw her state..she was now breathing heavily, her eyes shut tightly, just like his old khushi…That’s what he wanted…he slid his hands from her shoulders down her arms till they reach her petite waist… he placed his hands on her sides and she tried to remove his hand….

“What are you doing?” she asked paniced

“Checking you” he said putting his hand in his trouser’s pockets and coming back to his ASR mood.

“I mean Why?” she asked

“It my proffession…I check every thing nicely before sending it into the market…cant spoil AR’s image by sending some thing that does’nt match our standards” he said plainly…

“That’s your job?” she asked amazed

“ahan” he said

“So you mean to say you do this with every single model” she asked, anger obvious in her voice.

“Any doubt?” he said picking his one eye brow seriously

“That’s awefull…..I am leaving” she said and walked into the changing room…and when she was out the lights were on in the whole studio and there was no one in it…she looked at him giving him a questioning look.

“I am sure you get this studio empty for each single model as well…” she said gritting her teeths

“Not every one But some special ones….” He sqaured his shoulders giving her a smirk getting her wrong doubts sealed and she was fumming once again doubting him to be talking about Eve…

She was about to leave when she felt his hands on her elbow pulling her hard and she collieded with his chest….

“leave me…” she tried to struggle…

“For your information Mrs.Raizada….this is my office …and you have to learn one thing….No body ever questions me Ever….and you have already committed this mistake…and the other mistake you are going to make is…. that you are leaving this office without informing me officialy….” He said looking into her eyes…

“What ever…?” she said looking away and then at the same time felt a tug on her elbow …

“Look at me when I talk……” he said in a very serious tone and she was quite knowing he meant bussiness.

“What do you want….?” She said a little tired

“In my office …NOW” he commanded and then left…


It was 10:00 pm now, He made her do some really stupid tasks in his office which were not a part of her job, like asking her to make coffee for him, typing a bussiness letter than making a lot of amendment every time she showed him the final typed form of that letter, then juice and then he also asked her to clean his table and reset the file case and she found no other way to escape than to do it….

“So Mrs.Raizada…this was your punishment….to break your ego…to teach you how to behave infront of your boss by not keeping a ton of anger on that tiny pink nose of yours….” He said and she made a crying face in actual not looking at him but anywhere in the office sitting infront of him, feeling teased…

“Now tell me why did you asked me all those questions….” He asked and she was confused because she did’nt wanted to share.

“its not important….just for time pass” she said looking into air again avoiding his gaze…

“Really….Time pass….Then how about me passing some time then?” he said coming closer and she was scared from inside but looked unaffected…he was now standing on her head. He grabbed her face gently and make her look into his intense eyes…

“What” she asked nearly mumbling as he was holding her chin..

“Tell me….why were you angry hearing that I treat every single model the same way as I treated you?” he asked his voice low, dangerous and very romantic all together…she felt butterflies in her stomach….

“mmmm?” she mumbled again….

“you heard me…” he said coming closer….

“I don’t know…” she said looking away in the same mumbling manner….and he smiled slightly

“Angry little kitten….you still love me, don’t you?” he was clearly stating the truth now and she was not ready for this…. she nodded in a NO…she can’t make him win so easily….she have to make him swallow his pride first …this was not the right time or right way to confess according to her plan…

“I said No…just leave me now…I am going….i don’t care about you any more …fire me when I’ll come tomorrow….but right now I don’t want to sit here with you…” she said, pushed him, grabed her bag and ran out of his cabin.


“Stupid Laad Governer ….What the hell does he think of himself…he and that Eve….and still he wants me to confess my love once again…he is definitely gone crazy…sucha self obsessed person he is….and that Eve…such a flirt she is….the way she handles both him and Aman.…I wish I could kill both of them….i hate him…..God knows why the hell am I here?” she was hell angry and so she keep on talking to herself…entered the room and spoiled the whole room scattering it badly…she was the most confused soul now…she didn’t knew what was he doing with her….