“Hey ASR….” Eve said coming towards him wearing a blue gown with her dark hair left open a little styled and she looked beautiful…

(This is Eve in the story)

While his eyes were set on khushi only who was swaying in Aman’s embrace… he did’nt heard or noticed Eve untill she was hugging him…and he hugged her back unintentionally and the same exact moment khushi’s eyes fell on them…

“hey Eve…enjoying the party?” he just answered her while still looking at khushi and Aman with an evil smile….the smile was actually because of the evil plan dancing in his mind anoxious to be acted upon restlessly…

Eve was now working as a brand embassidor of AR and was considered the most successful model, once she was in love with ASR long ago In the start when she surendered her body fully to him by herself he missunderstood her to be among those same oportunistic models who wanted to use him for success, he and eve only shared physical relations long ago untill khushi came in his life, from his side there was no love ever for any girl, and she knew that very well and so she never conffessed, she hoped, prayed and expected him to understand her emotions by himself some day but that day never came, she was shattered once she got to know who khushi was when khushi had entered his cabin when she was kissing ASR.as soon as she got the information about his marriage….she backed off herself shattered.. But she was a strong girl, she managed to accept the reality and tried to move on and now she was successful. This was the time when ASR realized that she was not a gold digger at all, then her true love was turned into a very close friendship bond with him. And he respected her…she was among those few people in his life that he counted in “to be respected” category.

Eve looked at the direction of his eyes and came back again to him….

“OMG Khushi is back…when …I mean ASR that’s so great that you got her back here…” Eve said looking towards khushi and then him with a cheerful smile and he was back to his senses …

“hmm no I never got her back….she is back herself…and she wants me back….(he smiled proudly looking at eve then pointed towards khushi with his eyes) …look at her….she is dancing with Aman to jealous me…and she really thinks I can’t figure it out….how innocent….” He said smirking

Khushi was watching both of them time by time while dancing with aman and her blood pressure was already going sky rocket by seeing Eve near him. She was here to make him jealous but it seemed that her plan was gona back fire her already…

“Wow…(Eve smiled) She really is an innocent that she is underestimating you…” she said

“But…..looks like u you are already up with a plan …don’t you…” she said narrowing her eyes on him and he nooded in a yes slightly while sipping his drink and placing his drink on the counter back…

“Come..” he said putting his hands in Eve’s petite waist and dragging her to the dance floor himself…while she walked with him smiling slyly totally knowing his plan now…she knew her friend very well.

The song changed and he pulled Eve in to his chest some more looking romantically into her eyes…..she came crushing to his chest and held his shoulders for support …she knew how wild some time her friend can be but she never mind as she knew how much he cared for the one he loved.

“Ouch …ASR…” she said smiling and then giving him a wide eye look, as she felt the pressure on her waist increasing that he did to show khushi….

Khushi’s hand’s pressure on Aman’s shoulder increased and Aman gave him a confuse look….but she was not looking at her….no matter how beautiful khushi was but she was already tagged with the title “Mrs” so she was unapproachable….Aman was not gona throw a line on her ever, he just wanted to be friend with this lady who was a perfect example of beauty with brains….so he was scared when khushi cluchted his shoulders and hand tightly….he looked at her confused while dancing and gulped….another reason for his fear was…..”What if she belongs to ASR” he knew he was gona kill him. And here khushi was all upto making this poor guy nearly faint.

The positions changed , steps changed, now khushi and aman were slowly moving with the music with khushi’s back touching his back and his hands hugging her from front and khushi resting her hands on his hands on her waist….Arnav looked a little restless now..so he closed his eyes to supress his anger that was rising because of khushi’s acts….

The same case was with khushi…she looked like she will make Aman’s hands bleed anytime by penetrating her nails in his hands in anger….throwing draggers at ASR and Eve

“Looks like some one is jealous….” Eve came closer to ASR’s face and then wishpered sweety in his ears, apparently to show khushi and he rubbed his stubble slightly with her face nodding in a yes and she laughed arcing her head back.

“you are too much ASR…. I think now you should go and tell her that you are only doing this to make her jealous…other wise she will kill me for sure…” Eve said laughing

“I know what I have to do and when I have to do” he said seriously and Eve was quite…she knew he never liked to be told what to do… but when she looked at where his eyes were ,she got the real reason of his anger…. Khushi’s fingers were almost digging in aman’s hands tightly on her waist, Eve looked at aman face which was nearly pale…she was sure aman was never gona ask any lady for a dance ever after this….she knew khushi’s hand’s grip was because of her anger and jealousy but she knew ASR can’t tolerate her innocent being touched by anyone…..khushi turned back and changed the dance step hugging aman keeping her head on Aman’s shoulder and slowly moving on the music closing her eyes….and Eve can feel the pressure of his his hands increasing to a painful limit…at first he was relax seeing them as he trusted Aman and, also because Aman and khushi were dancing some how maintaing a distance but as khushi was closing the distance between them he was becoming restless.

“Relax ASR…I think we should go outside for some time I am suffocating…” she said keeping a hand on her chest, she did this intentionaly to act as she was not feeling well and so that’s why they are going outside….not really wanting any jealousy because of her between them.

“What happened to you? Should I call the doctor?” he said when he realized his grip on her body.

“No ASR I am fine I just need some air….” She said

“Lets go outside…”he said plainly giving khushi and Aman a look…and leaving from there with Eve hugging his arms, while he holding his coat in his one hand and the other hand in his pant’s pocket.

Khushi watched ever thing that happened….she was feeling extremly jealous but she knew she was also successful in making him jealous. As soon as they left khushi sepreated herself from Aman urgently.

“Sorry Aman…I don’t wana dance any more…I am tired” She said and left the dance floor.

Poor Aman was more than confuse now…what was happening…first she did’nt clearly told him about her sur name being common between ASR and her, they both behaved as they don’t know each other, but after that his boss stared him angrily though out the party and she tried to be close enough with him while dancing….and to top it all, suddenly changing her behaviour and then leaving like this….Aman’s head was spinning as he did’nt catched the ends of all this. But as a gentle man he reached her and stood infront of her.

“Maam are you alright?” Aman asked to khushi

“Yeah I am fine…its just that I am tired and I want to go home….” She said picking up her cluch purse

“If you are not feeling well I can drop you home…” he said clapping for himself in his heart of this great idea that can give all the answers of his questions… if he’ll drop her home …he’ll see her home that weather its Raizada mansion or not. He was happy that finally his confusion is gona end but then….

“No Thanks I have my own car….Thanks for the invitation Aman…it was a pleasure meeting you all…” she hardly managed say it with a sweet simle before leaving without listening his answers as she was very angry.

Eve hugged ASR a good bye after telling him the true reason of coming here and he understood but he was not able to go back in the party because he knew he will definetly harm some one in there and will spoil the party so he left for home. Khushi who was just entering the parking lot saw Eve hugging Arnav and she gritted her teeths looking at both of them angrily from far away in the parking.

Eve decided to go back in the party and meet an angry khushi in her way….

“Hi khushi…” she said sweetly

“Hi…” khushi said hurriedly and leaving from there in her car.

“Goshhhh….these two are perfect for each other “ she said laughing as she saw that little girl’s innocent angry face.


Arnav was back in his room, he lossened his tie and threw his coat on the floor and lay on his bed with his shoes still on turing off the lights…

He remembered her first night back here when she was angry on a friend touching her, and today she was clutching that Aman’s hands like crazy… what the hell was so wrong with her…I was the same always….i was changed only for her…..he knew she did all this to make him jealous but still he cant supress his anger…. if he would have been remained unaware of her real motives for coming back to his life he would have never being so angry at her and would have left her to do what ever she liked. (but that’s what he thought….in actuall he would have never tolerated any guy near here…no matter what ever the situation was…it was’nt under his control)

The door was opened with a bang and khushi entered throwing her purse on the recliner and removing her heals in one go throwing it with a swing, one in one corner and second in the other….then he heard the closet was opened with a great noice as well …..it was obivous she was angry as hell, he too was angry so he decided not to talk to her this time no matter how much noice is she making and to deal her in the morning quitely asking HP to change her room and that too infront of her….that would be more effective he thought… he heard the closet being closed with the bang and then the bathroom door as well…. He tried to sleep throwing his shoes in the room some where while laying as well and then closing his eyes… a slow voice of shower was coming from inside untill he fell asleep….

Khushi banged the bathroom door again but as the bathroom light fell on his sleeping face she was quite….she looked at his face for some time…he was sleeping peacefully….she forgot every thing and closed the bathroom lights urgently in order not to disturb him, she slowly walked towards the bed and then lay down on her side wearing her nighty, which she has designed her self like her other all wardrobe. She leaned closer to his sleeping form smelling his scent and then closing her eyes to remember the moment when he had grabbed her in the corner…reviving their closeness but then suddenly her eyes snapped open as she remmembered his and eve dance in her mind…. She urgently moved back…

“urghhh What the hell are you doing khushi…you have to show him that you don’t care about him any more and here you were…making him jealous and giving him and his girl friend tantrums …What the hell were you doing…you just have to behave normally…like you don’t care…” she said to herself cursing her self for her behaviour but she was still angry at both of them. She calmed her self and got back to sleep…


He opened his eyes to find some pressure on his body once again like his daily routine…he knew what it was…he tried to get himself free off her still angry on her last night behaviour……but looks like his hand got tangled inside some where in her dress …he looked down to see what she was wearing in which his hand got tangled…. And Then he was lost like always ……. She was wearing a leapord print see through nighty with its front open from under her breast area his hand was tangled in its slit

He stopped moving his hand as he felt her warm and soft skin under his hand….he started moving his hand up and down her sides inside her nigthy feeling the boney area on his huge hands….then he slid his hand on her back caressing it up and down untill his hand touched the straps of her bra inside…he tangled his hand in her bra strap to open it and claim her as his all over again and to show her that she belongs to him only and he cannot tolerate any one touching this beautiful skin or hers ever as that’s only his right, but he was stopped when she snuggled in his chest and her leg that was laying by his side flew in the air and then landed between his legs, her one hand under her cheeks and the other under his vest coat, he looked at him self as he was still in his suit…he remembered how he was angry on her last night that he even forgot to change his clothes….he looked at her face as she mumbled some thing about jaleebies in her dream…she looked so innocent that he droped the idea of doing any thing with her and he untangled his hand from her bra strap and slowly caressed her face with the back of his fingers before putting her on her side gently before leaving the bed…