Every one was dressed classically formal, and Arnav was standing near the bar talking to his bussiness partner when he saw a girl in a coffee colored classic outfit till her ankles, her hairs styled in an updo, her back facing him

….The dress was beautifully designed but the real thing attracting him to the image infront of his eyes was the person who was carrying this dress so gracefully that he could’nt take his eyes off her delicate back….he knew whoes skin was that….how he cannot recognize the skin he has worshiped by caressing and kissing day and night daily once …… he can recognize her any where in any state in this world…but he was unable to speak as because her presence was some thing that was unbelievable here?because the party was under strict security, no one can gate crash the party or can enter without an invitation card, then what was she doing here? Who got her here? He was thinking all of these question with his mind still doubtfull of her actually being present in there when she turned her face towards him and he was lost once again…her presence confirmed

….he gave her a look from head to toe, his eyes roaming on every part of her body, her hazel eyes looking more intense with her smoky eye makeup, her natural looking skin carried a slight blush, her lips plumpy and slightly glossy..so soft that any body can hardly look at them while trying not to kiss, her delicate neck void of any accessiories, two dimond studs in her ears making her look more gracefull, her classic coffee colored silk gown with silver delicate embroidry sticking on her luscious curves making her look more yumy and delicious for his eyes…

An evil smirk played on his lip as he looked up and down her body…..some thing going in his mind that no body could predict…. Khushi standig a few steps away from him talking to Aman who was all of a sudden becoming more and more friendly with her but it did’nt bothered him as now he was sure….that if he was Arnav singh raizada…Khushi singh raizada was no less than him…..a girl who can make mighty ASR go confuse for continuse two days….can troll him with her new image every time…..but still cannot leave her old habits……he knew how unchangable she is from always and what all this drama was for…. But he was impressed by her skills……just to get back her husband, just to show him that she is as much as he is equally, just to make him forget every thing that he has said, just to show him how far she can go if her love is snatched back from her, just to show him that she is no more that innocent whom he had rejected once, to show him that she is not less than ASR in any case……and leaving no reason behind for him to accept her again….and make him fall on his knees to ask her love back…she has done all this….and she was quite successful in this ……

His mind was clear now…without any doubt….Khushi was so predictable for him now that he even knew her next moves…..she has planed to do all this with him from past 4 years but she forgot whom she was dealing with….he was Arnav Singh Raizada….he was too smart for her….he knew his bussiness….he knew this world more than her….and specially her…..he even knew  her heart rate this time…that it will be going sky rocket because of the way she is staring at her but he was impressed by her skills, the way she was hidding her real self behind a tough skin…..but he was happy….atleast she was bold and confident for her own good now….but she was still that innocent little kid for him who was caught red handed just now….

He remembered every thing….the way she tried to ignore him, the way she came and sat beside him in the dinning hall for dinner, the way she said she cannot leave things that she is habitual of, the way she slept with him like his old khushi, the way she waited for him to wake up skiping her breakfast with the whole family, the way her innocent heart felt wrong when because of her he kicked off that gaurd today…every thing…..every thing was so old and the same innocent….the only thing different was her artifical “I give a damn” behaviour. She was his old khushi….He was now sure and back in the game….to have a little pleasure to play with his lovely wife….

Aman took khushi with himself towards the bar where ASR was standing…..he smile was still the same….evil…and she was confusing now from inside looking at him but was acting normal…

“Sir this is Mrs. Khushi Singh Raizada….and Khushi he is our boss….Arnav Singh Raizada….uhhhhh?????” aman nearly lost his words when he litterally realized their sur names….and he also remembered that his boss’s wife name was also Khushi who was just back from Paris….

“Uhh…???Uuhh?????” Aman was totally confused now looking at the two people who has just introduced to each other confusedly…while they keep looking at each other, khushi with a proffessional smile on her lips and ASR with an evil one with blazing eyes….poor guy did’nt knew where was he stuck…. If she was his wife then why did’nt she told him openly? Why was he quite if he knew her and why he did’nt reached her while she was roaming around in the party alone until Aman gave her a company, if he knew her than obviously he would have known that she is roaming here alone..…and why were’nt they together if they were together together…”urggghhhhhh” he damned the situation in his mind and decided to continue what he was doing…if they are husband and wife they will tell him themselves…. But the situation here was totally different …Arnav knew what khushi was upto and so he knew she is not gona open her identity here….

“Sir Khushi is our new Designer head…she was the most eligiable candidate in todays interveiws and her designs were all dynamic and different than all…..” Aman spated in a proffessional tone hurriedly….

“Oh..i see….hello Miss.Khushi” ASR said with the same evil smile..

“Mrs.Khushi..” Khushi corrected him pleasantly and Aman nearly got a heart attach as he was damn sure he is gona kill this girl for correcting him publically but no…nothing usuall happened….he was calm ….and that was unusuall.

“Yeah…Mrs.Khushi Singh Raizada” he said smiling in a flirtious way….

“Hello ASR…nice to meet you ..” she said smiling proffessionally.

“Aman…are you sure she meet all the criterias of our selection process? I mean she looks too young I am sure she would not be having enough experience for this position….” He said fixing his gaze on khushi but talking to Aman..after his evil smile…he threw another evil card in this game to strattle her in her mission….he was already enjoying playing with her….

“Well ASR I was shocked my self to see her profile…she has worked under assistance of many famous designers with her studies….her designs were experienced, fine and matured already that they were pleased to take her under their assistance…she has a four years working experience along with her studies and the selection  team was surprized at her brilliance and we were already happy to find such an amazing and hardworking persone here…….” Aman told him her details and this time he was shocked at her brilliance himself…he knew khushi was a hardworking girl but he never knew she can be so bold and hardworking that she managed to get a great job experience as well along with her studies…because as far as he knew …he was the one who was bearing all of her expenses…she never let him feel ever that she is earning there herself as well ……she never wanted him to know about that so she accepted his money….and why not…she was his wife and she always loved being dependent on her husband ……to make him feel in this way that she is his responsibility of life and she belongs to him…..no matter how much independent she has become……

“Well I will say Wow…it seems you have successfully impressed me Mrs.Khushi Singh Raizada….Wellcome to AR Group” he said forwarding his hand for a hand shake…

“Thanks ….and congratulations for the success…great party” Khushi said and took his hand in her delicate ones saying these words while his grip on her hand was becoming harder…she felt like her breath will start hitching soon and so before that she urgently excused herself from there, slowly freeing her hand from his vise grip and started walking towards the loo….his eyes followed her as she walked, and Aman sighted in relief at the thought that she is not his wife….and he was not introducing his own wife to him like dumb……he knew how much ASR hatted dumb people in his office……

 While she was near the ladies loo….some one grabed her elbow and pulled her hard in the near by corner which was not visiable easily to the crowd out there….

“ahhhhhh….” She screamed as she felt the pain in her elbow…..

“What The ……” she tried to say when she was pushed harder on the wall and a body covered her body and stoped her from moving further….

“What are you doing there?” she was about to scream in fear when a familiar voice reached her ears and she was at ease once again….

“What are you doing…” she said angrily

“I asked some thing” he said an evil smirk still glued to his face ….

“I work here ..don’t you know that?” she said confidently but still shaky trying to free her self from under his body….

In response he did’nt said anything but his smile increased and he looked at her face with a flirtious evil and lovely expressions and caressed her face and she turn her face hurriedly not allowing him to touch but it did’nt helped …..he touched her lovingly and caressed her jaw line with his tumb till her ears smoothly and then caressing the area under her ears with the back of his fingers softly, his eyes looking at her face with mischief and a glint of love…(that he did’nt wanted to show untill he was done playing with her fully but could’nt hide it)

“Really?” he said in a husky voice…near her ears nuzzling under her ears and her legs started shaking….

“Yeah Really….you know you are harrassing me Mr.Raizada” she managed to say confidently but he was fully aware of her shaky legs…

“Is that so Mrs.Raizada?” he asked placing his huge hand fully on her butterfly bone, his hand so huge on her tiny body that it reached till her breasts partially….trying to feel her heart beat….khushi was shaken from this act…

“Yes it is ASR…” she said blantly looking away

“And looks like Mighty Khushi Singh Raizada is scared…is’nt it?” he said evily and she tried to remove his hand from her heart but could’nt

“No its not…its just that I am suffocating…” she said confidently in an angry tone…

“So the My fluffy little Kitten is angry?” Khushi looked into his eyes strattled on  his tone, as he asked in his old flirtious way caressing with his thumb under her lips and chin, the way he used to ask her before when she was angry…and she knew she was lossing it….

She closed her eyes and breathed….”NO …..NOT So soon…untill I made him realize fully that I am able to be with him…and I am no more an innocent….untill he himself agrees that…” she gathered courage in her heart to fight him,,…..she opened her eyes and pushed him with all her strength in her body and managed to just move him a little off her body but she find it the oportunity and ran away from there and stood at some distance where she was visiable to the crowd, before he could catch her…while she was running he did’nt tried to catch her and let her go with his same devlish smirk ….

“Mr.Raizada you should know how to behave with you employees and specialy the guest in your party…” she said angrily and left from there ….

He smiled as he was successful in his first move….she was lossing it today some time ago and he knew that…but he’ll make her loose fully one day….he wanted her back now…as he was now fully aware that no matter what ever he do, what ever he plans, he cannot keep khushi away from himself, it was much obvious that their sepration had effected the girl a lot….. she has changed herself for him…and he was not a fool to ignore this fact that every thing she was doing was for him….. the reason for which he was keeping her away was no more now…she was grown up, mature and not an easy nut to crack or get harmed, she had choosed her way herself…that she wanted him….and he respected her decision….He knew she was already his but he was planing to play with her a little because it was so much fun seeing his khushi do all these things to impress him…he smiled to himself thinking all these things and came back to the party where she was dancing with Aman…his smile vanished for a while and then came back as he knew Aman very well as well and also his own wife……he smiled again looking at her smiling face….and she was confused to see him smiling…she gave him a little frown and looked away stylishly…he knew she was doing all this to make him jealous…