He opened his eyes when he felt the sun light penetrating through his closed lids…..he tried to get up but was stopped when he moved a little…..a little pressure on his chest and legs, a feeling of silky threads in his hand, a soft spoungy and silky flesh under his palm of his other hand…..he was so damn familiar of this feeling that he can tell in his unconcious that what it was even without opening his eyes…..

“Khushi” he wishpered slowly to himself….and looked down at his chest….the sight infront of his eyes was again very familiar…..for a second he forgot the new khushi as he saw her sleeping on his body fully like before wearing an innocent pink see through nighty……

she looked like his old khushi…the same habits, the same innocence on her face, the same cute appereals, her skin having the same pinkish glow….every thing was the same as old times….nothing in her personality was matching with how he has seen her the last night….she looked like an innocent newly born kitten who have not opened his eyes yet like her as she slept….he caressed her cheek forgetting every thing in this world……it was been a long time since he has touched her…..she hidded her face in his chest at his touch mumbling some thing in her sleep that he could’nt understand….he closed his eyes once again not to miss this moment as he did’nt wanted her to wake up and get back in her new personality…….untill he was deep in sleep once again……


He opened his eyes when he saw her waking him up by shaking his hand….

“Arnav ji….Di is calling us for break fast..” she said plainly and then as he opened his eyes she was back to what she was doing before (getting ready to go down) as she sat on the recliner and put her feet in her cross starps high heels….she looked so divine what she was wearing….it a simple but trendy outfit…her wavy hairs flying in the air as she opened the pool side window…and then looked back at him who was still in his bed….

“Wake up Di has called you for some 3 times already but i did’nt disturbed you since you were sleeping” she plainly said without any emotions and he nooded getting out of the bed…..feeling a little strange that how she woke up earlier than him for the first time in life…..may be this was also among some changes that she has brought from Paris within herself….he thought getting up and entered the bathroom taking his clothes from the closet….he was back after 15 minutes and she drying her nail polish on her nails sitting on the recliner crossed legs….

“I am going down stairs ….i was here to inform you that HP was here for you for the forth time” she said getting up and left the room…..

He watched the door as she left…his mind was still some how was unable to understand her behaviour……

”how can she behave so normal after sleeping in my arms in a sexy nighty the whole night long?”…he thought to himself……

she was confusing her in all ways….she was caring and distant at the same time….what does it means? The answer was out of his mind’s range yet as it was too early to predict some thing about her.….


Every body was sitting in the hall when Arnav steped down the stairs walking fastly towards the main entrance of the residence….

“Chotay…Wait….Akash was asking for some file he has forgoton in his room to handle you when you are going to office…” Angali stopped him to give him the file that Akash has forgot as he left early for office today because he had a meeting with HR department about the new hiring whoes interveiws were gona be held today…

“Chotay just wait for a second while HP ji bring that file from Akash’s room please..” Angali asked his brother who was now standing in the hall to hear what his sister was asking him.

“Di…Actually I was not going to office I was just going to bring some of my files from my car that I forgot to take inside yesterday evening” he said looking at his watch as he was running out of time to check some presentations on his laptop of some coming up today’s meetings in AR other branches of the country.

“Oh…” Said Angali and he gave a look to khushi who was sitting crossing her legs one on another and sipping her tea reading newspaper not giving him any notice…

“But its ok….give it to me now di…in case I don’t forget it when I leave today…” he said

“Ok That’s fine”  said angali and then asked HP to bring the file from Akash’s room while he waited in the hall standing and looking around and some time his watch….

“Khushi ji….i remember you have an interveiw today….what time is it…I mean if its late then we can go some shoping before that….?” Angali said to khushi and khushi folded the newspaper concentrating on angali.

“Sure Di…its some time in the after noon so we can easily have a round of mall….what do you want to buy?” Khushi started chatting with Angali….and he got a little amuzed that khushi have an interveiw today and she needed a job…he was a little disapointed at the thought of khushi doing a job….the thought give him a feeling that she was no more dependent on him….she was strong enough and does’nt needed his protection……a slight sadness captured his heart and he looked the other way looking unintrested in their talks and waiting for HP to come with the file….

HP handed him the file and he left as fast as he can untill he was in his room…he closed the door and closed his fist in frustation…..he was so typically a man…who loved to care his girl, to protect her, he loved her dependency on him….but khushi was gone far away from all that…..and the reason was he himself….he punched the wall too forcefully that his nuckles started paining like hell….

“Why the hell I said that I was tired of her dependency on me? Why the hell I said I don’t like her innocent face around me….? At least she would have not been the way she is now….But….Why am I angry now?….is’nt that whay I wanted from her…..to go away from me? To maintain a distance? And when she is already doing it and is happy in her life with out me…why its paining me like hell? Why? I should’ne be feeling like that now…..i should not think about her if she is not thinking about me a bit…may be its better for her…before she get harmed by my closenes once again….” He said and breathed harshly to calm himself , closing his eyes and leaning on the recliner…..he picked up his car keys and left the house for some time to calm his nerves…..

In the mean while khushi and Angali were back from shoping when he was out …..khushi came in her room and get dressed for the interveiw and came down stairs with her bag and her book of designs in her hand

she kept the bag and the book in her car, then locked the car and came inside again to spend some time with Angali as it was too early for the interveiw even now….She was standing with Angali in the kitchen chating when Arnav came back home as he remembered a meeting he was having just in some time, he went straight to his room and got dressed and picked his car keys and left….as he was on the last stair he saw khushi opening the main entrance and leaving, he waited for some time after she left and then moved towards the exit himself….he was just near the parking when he saw khushi searching some thing in her bag standing near her car and a guard looking at khushi like a hungry dog, with his mouth open and eyes all roaming on khushi’s body as she really was looking some thing for any man to loose control….

The guard was recently hired and he may have no idea about how to behave with ASR or his belongings ……Arnav walked towards the guard taking long strides but was stop mid way by the scene he saw infront of his eyes….

As soon as khushi noticed the guard staring at her creepily she walked towards him and stood infront of him folding her hands on her chest and staring straight in his eyes for a good span of time with a serious face, how ever the guard was not able to match her eyes for more than 2 second and strattled looking down on the ground immedieatly and gulped as the reality struck him that at whom he was leeching…..

“Good….Next time I want you to look at the same spot when even I am around….Got it?” she calmly said and gave him a look before leaving from there and again started checking some thing in her bag…..

“WOW…..She is just WOW……but not my khushi anymore?” he thought to himself and moved towards his car….but as soon as he was near the guard he passed by him saying

“Get Out …you are fired” and the guard was shocked once again in a single day…

“But Sir….What have I….?” the guard dared to argue but was stopped when he gave him an angry glare…

Khushi who was watching all this gave him a “What The” look with a serious face, frowning her one eye brow and then rolled her eyes with a sight…..

“Some people never change” she said to herself opening her car’s door and throwing her bag into it but was loud enough for him to hear….he gave him a questioning look for a mere neno second and then look back on his way and left in his car in a minute and she too left after he left…


“Wellcome to AR Miss..” said Aman with a proffessional smile

“Mrs.” But khushi cut him off to correct him

“Yeah..sorry…Mrs.Khushi Singh Raizada..” he said reading her full name from her CV and forwarding her the apointment letter but was shocked for a while he reached her sur name…

“Uhhh…Sorry mam…but are you some how related to ASR or his family?” he asked

“How does it make a difference? I am or not…that’s some thing very personal….” She said with utter confidence

“uhh I am sorry maam….i did’nt mean it…any how..congratulations….you were the most deserving candidate for this job clearly so we have to apoint you…” he said with a smile again and khushi nooded smiling slightly as well while going through the apointment letter and then signing it.

“Ohh and I forgot to tell you that tonight we are celebrating as our boss has recently recived the bussinessman of the year’s award….you are invited in the party as well, as I want to introduce you to our staff…would you come mam?” he asked

“Sure I will” she smiled picking up her bag ….and Aman handed khushi the invitation card before they wished goodbye to each other and she left.