A little clearification dearies…

Arnav never wanted khushi to become mature and loose her innocence…he just lied to her to break her heart so that she never comes back to him….he always loved her innocence and imaturity…but the time khushi called him and threatened him about coming back from paris …no idea clicked his mind that time and so he said some thing he never wanted to…now she is back and he should not like her maturity but khushi is khushi…..she amazes and interest him in every look and every avatar she carries…and he is shocked to find that himself….but she still have many innocent traits in her personality that will be revealed later ….even after she being a tigress now…she has maintained her innocence for him…


It was 9.00 pm sharp and every body was down in the dinning hall for dinner chatting with khushi sitting around the dinning table….khushi was on her seat besides Arnav’s seat as she used to sit 4 years back…

She was replying to every one’s questions with a stylish sweet smile on her face standing near the table keeping her hand on mami ji’s chair for support as she played with the tip of her high heel shoes creating a friction with the floor, when Arnav and Akash entered together in to the resident and were stopped in their tracks hearing an unusual sweet girly voice that sounded like khushi but the tone was slightly mature that made them think her some one else…

A pair of skiny black leather jeans hugging her legs with a dimond chain belt hung lossely on her waist, with a plain sleveless black top sticked to her luscious curves, two black and silver dimond bracelets in her wrist with a dimond ring in her finger as well, her long silky hairs that were always straight and open simply, were now styled in slightly beachy waves making her look damn hot and smouldering as she remove her sliky straight bangs from her forhead on side with one of her nails that were coated with a silverish nude nail polish…

“WOW….Bhai…did you invited our new brand embassidor here in RM? You have a great choice…..i mean today when I was going through the portfolios I never saw any one looking so perfect to represent AR, I mean she looks great….i am sure she’ll do great…” Akash keep phraising her infront of Arnav thinking her to be their new Brand Embassidor  from her stylish outlook from behind and Arnav only gave him a confuse look, not really getting who she was…………untill she heard the voice of 4 foot steps coming from behind her and she jerked back her styled wavy long hairs to look at the two men coming towards her walking while one of them was stopped mid way after watching her face, when she gave him just a second’s look and then smiled at the one who had finally reached her now….her mind registered his face immedeately …his charm was the same….his appearance still the same effective as it was before but she was prepared for every thing this time.

“Khushi ji….you…..OMG Khushi ji….you look stunning…..for a minute I was mistaken you to be our new brand embassidor….WOW…you have changed so much….” He gave khushi a hug which she accepted pleasently by hugging him back….

“Thanks Akash ji…” she said slightly smiling looking at Arnav once again who was now walking towards the table looking at her totally lost, she backed off her silky bangs from her forhead with her nails before concentrating on Akash once again smiling and not giving him any importance…he was taken a back by her strange behaviour ….he was surely not expecting this from her….even though he wanted her to be far away from him himself but right now he did’nt liked it one bit the way she ignored him…..he did’nt knew what to do so he handed his laptop bag to HP and then sat on his chair, she came from behind him walking gracefully and sat on her seat, every body was now quite to see him….the dinner started and she looked at him finally….smiling a little in a gracefull manner.

“Hello Arnav ji…how are you…” she asked in such a normal tone that he was shocked for a couple of seconds….

“Hello…I am fine…how was your flight…?” he decided to act normaly as well….untill he get to know why was she behaving this way…because he knew his khushi very well…..she would have been fighting or never talked to him….but this khushi was a changed one…so mature, strong headed and….Beautiful…he thought…..

“Oh that was good but as usuall I was nuaseaic…” she said normaly smiling while concentrating on putting some pasta in her plate

“So how are you now?” he asked quite normaly as well

“I am fine!” she plainly answer before putting the pasta filled spoon in her mouth……and he nooded at her answer ….the rest of the dinner went quite well for others while Arnav maintained his silence for the rest of the dinner and khushi happily chatted with every one not noticing his silence at all.

This was the first step towards getting him back….!

She knew the rules of this game now….and rule #1 was to behave normaly.


He entered his room and saw her searching some thing in her newly hanged clothes in the closet….she wearing a maroon bathrobe, her hairs wet….he was shocked to see that she was gona share the bedroom with him after every thing that had happened between them in the past 4 years…the way they were ignorant of eachother, never cared about each other in these past 4 years but the way she was comfortable in his room once again made him exremely confuse. He had never called her again after hurting her by his words that day…neither she tried to called him ever after that day…….his four years were spend much more than a punishment, he never had slept peacefully after he had send her away, he missed her every second of the day, but the most difficult thing was to stop himself from calling her, the thought of her saftey in keeping her away from himself was so powerfull that he never dared to dailed her number…..too afraid of loosing control over himself infront of her….but what will he do now when she was again so close to him in his life?how will he control himself? He thought

He wanted to talk about it but was shocked to see her as she placed the dress selected from the closet and came sitting on the bed with a bottle of mosturizer in her hand….she bend her legs and started massaging the mosturizer on her legs one by one….her milky long legs shine after applying mosturizer and he breathed harshly….his senses ready to loose seeing the sight infront of his eyes…she bend her leg a little more revealing the area some where above her thies and he rolled his eyes trying to wake himself up and get into reality that he is not suppose to be thinking like that about her….he moved inside the bedroom making a noice with the door so to make her alert but she seemed uneffected with his gestures……not bothering about the noices at all and continue doing what she was doing before….he took his laptop and placed it on the recliner avoiding looking at her and gritting his teeths some how to control his brusting emotions after seeing her after so many years….but he the past memories of them never allowded him to show his emotions….the memories of how he was a threat to her always making him step back before showing his emotions…..he had set her free long ago and now he did’nt wanted to disturb her life….she looked quite happy and peacefull in her life….and she was grown up so much as well….”she would be 21 now” he thought and shrugged off his thoughts about her and got back to his mission….to keep her away from himself…

“I am sorry I forgot to ask them to get your room ready” he said looking at his laptop while she applied the lotion on her legs sitting on the bed behind him.

“hmm? Room for what?” she asked concentrating on her legs to see if some area is remaining to be mosturized

“The Room where your should be staying….” He said seriously

“But I am habbitual of this room and I never let go some thing so easily I am habitual of….” She plainly stated but the double meaning of her sentence made him shocked deep inside….

He looked back at her questiongly but she was not looking at him…she picked up her things from the bed and moved towards the bathroom….

“Don’t worry Arnav ji….i am not here to disturb you any way….its just that I don’t like any of the room in Shantivan more than this one ….so I am staying here….i hope you don’t mind…..i will not trouble you….i gaurantee this…” she said looking at her clothes normally like talking this way was her normal routine and he was shocked to see her this shade….

He shock his head amuzed as she entered the washroom and started the shower….

Arnav singh raizada was confused for the first time in his life……he did’nt knew what to say and how to make her do things that he wanted to…to leave this room…but may be its better to keep silence for some days…may be she will go back to her mother or ask for a divorce herself the way she was behaving distant from him was abvious that she is not intrested in living with him any more….so rather than making a fuss of this situation he decided to wait untill she say some thing herself…..sharing a room with her was never a problem for him before….and he thought it never can be now….but he was unaware of what was coming to him in the near future….


He looked at her as she dressed up into high boots, a skinny pant and a slightly short top with a jaket of the same size …(the following dress)

He looked at her from top to bottom amazed not because what she was wearing but because what she was upto in this dress at 10.30 in the evening?

“Khushi…where are you going?” he asked very seriously staring at her when she was settling her loose curls on her back and picking up a lip gloss…

“Payal and my other friends are throwing a late night party for me tonight as I am back…so I am going there…” she plainly replied applying the lip gloss on her lip’s cupid’s bow and in the center of her lower lip to give them a 3d fuller lip effect and then closing the lip gloss and picking up some mascara…

“What kind of clothes are you wearing?” he said in the same tone and she was not a kid anymore to not understand what he was trying to say but she totally ignored his tone purposely and started applying mascara on her long lashes

“Ohh this… this is the theme of the party…” she said without any emotions, keeping the mascara aside and picking up her bad from the bed and walking towards the door….

“Wait….You can’t stay out at this hour of the night” he said a little irritated and angrily getting up from the recliner with his cup of coffee in his hands moving towards the pool side avoiding her annoying gaze.

“Huh..?And why is that so?” she asked sqaruing her shoulders and then lossong them again having a very mature serious questioning look on her face…

“Its not safe…” he stated without turning back standing near the pool taking a sip of his coffee.

“Ohhh come on ASR….I am no more a kid to be taken care off….well thanks for your concern …but I can take care of myself……bye…” she said and left without giving him an oportunity to say any thing else.

He turned back the same second he heard the door closing….

“WHAT THE FFF…….” He shouted inside the room, throwing his cup full of coffe inside the pool angrily, raged at her behaviour as she did’nt gave his orders any importance and left without asking him properly……he was hell angry on her for this ignorant behaviour and the other part of him was worried for his innocent khushi who was out in this hour of night as some body could harm her….he picked up his keys and immediately followed her…..

When he was in the parking he saw her driving out of the RM by her own with out any driver…..he was a little shocked once again at her carelessness…. And irritated as well….how could she go alone in the night that too without any driver… what if she got hurt by some mean? He thought irritatedly…and started his car and followed her…once he was in his car he was continusely thinking of her strange way of taking his name as ASR…she never called him ASR…this was the first time….she sounded like a stranger calling him that…..he was following her and she was driving very rash and he was angry at her for this as well….the only thought in his mind that time was ‘she is gona hurt herself today” …

They reached the club where the party was….khushi got in the club first so she did’nt saw him following her…he decided not to disturb her and watch her untill she is in some trouble…he watched her as she gracefully walked into the club and he was lost in her walk….she meet some of her friends including male and female both….she was standing with them on the grund floor while he moved towards the first floor and make himself comfortable on a huge lather soffa where he can easily keep an eye on her,odering a glass of wine from the bar tender and sipping it slowly watching all her moves…he decided to give her her space that she needed, she was keeping her self distant from him even after living in his room and the reason was he himself….he wanted her to be away….and so this made him step back when he realized this….but her saftey was his major concern…he remember the last time he was being ignorant from her and the loss they have face was still effecting him…so he cannot let the same happen this time….he was there with her like a shadow…still thinking her to be the same childish innocent khushi who was very prone to land in trouble because of her innocence always…..

She was now standing right below his soffa on the ground floor and he can hear her voice clearly as the music was very low and light…

“Khushi you look awesome like always” one of male voice said …who was actually her friend’s feoncy

“Say some thing I don’t know….” She rolled her eyes in a style not giving him a chance to go further taking his useless list of phraises with his lusty behaviour over her and the guy was quite after being insulted…

They group started chatting again after some time….and one of the guy asked khushi for a dance….and she accepted….

The whole group was dancing when khushi pushed the guy hard on the floor as he was trying to touch her the wrong way which was not obvious for ASR to see as she was gathered by a crowd….

“But Khushi…you and I…..” the guy tried to say

“Shut The Fuck Up…..don’t you ever forget who I am DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT…” She shouted angrily as the boy took her name with his name…it was untolerable for her to hear her name any one else than her husband….

The other boy in their group tried to keep a hand around khushi to calm her but she never let some one touch her ever so she scolded the other person as well….

“Fuck off…..” she said in a stylish angry tone as she looked at her shoulder where his hands were laying, frowing with anger in her eyes and the boy took a step back keeping his hand up in the air making a peace sign as it was not the right time to mess with Mrs.Arnav Singh Raizada.

The boy was quite untill she left from there angrily

“Whats her problem…?” the guy laying on the ground said getting up frustated…

“Don’t mess with her right now….and you know she don’t likes to be touched by any guy then why the hell you never stop getting closer to her ever? See what have you done? U distroyed the whole party,,,!” one of khushi’s friend said angrily to that guy…

“But its just that I love her…” the guy said helplessly

“But she don’t loves you at all…so stop trying again and again and creating a nod in our good friendship” the girl said angrily as well and left from there…

Arnav left from there in a hurry, suddenly aware of the fact that she is gone from there already…


Khushi was back to RM and was taking a shower to calm her nerves when he entered his room, he got changed in the other bathroom and went to sleep…today he saw a new khushi, she was not that trouble prone innocent kid any more…though he was madly in love with that old khushi, her innocence, her childish acts, her cute dressing style, every thing, and he very well knew that all he said 4 years ago on phone to her was a lie, to break her heart so that she should never come back but she was back with a new avatar……he should be upset seeing her so changed, with a lack of innocence and maturity filled atitude of hers… as he never wanted her to be some one who she never was but as he saw her today at the club behaving so confidently around people unlike before when she was scared around guys and in such places, she stood up for herself today, for her dignity on only one touch and that was enough for him to relax……and…he don’t know why but he was feeling much lighter for the first time in past 4 years today…though he was not supposed to…and there were many reason for him to be angry on her but he was calm inside and he don’t know why….he switched off the lights and closed his eyes trying to sleep when he felt the matris of the other side going down as some body sat on it motionlessly without bothering him….he looked at her when she was trying to pull the blanket on herself slowly in order not to wake him up and he closed his eyes again before she can notice him in the dark……

She was with him after 4 years….in the same bed…where they have collected many memories together ….but today it was different…..she was no more that old khushi and he was responsible for it himself…..but he was calm deep inside that her wounds were healed with the time and she was ok…that was more than enough for him to relax as he fall asleep peacefully after watching her face after many years today……comfortably in the same blanket with her….sensing her same old scent in the air and feeling calm…… his life was peaceful once again….!

But she was awake….watching him secretly for 2  hours untill he was in deep sleep after trying to touch her face many times before droping the idea. She caressed his features once with her index finger…slightly leaning on him carefully, she moved her finger from his forhead to his nose, from his nose to his lip, from his chin to his adams apple, from his adams apple to the hollow of his neck, his collar bone and then his chest…all in a line without breaking her finger’s contact with his skin and then kissed his lips softly….lingering the kiss….feeling his hard yet silky lips on her plumpy super soft ones and then she smiled….

“Arnav Singh Raizada…I know what are you trying to hide…But I am not Khushi Singh Raizada if I did’nt make you confess your feelings once again this time” she smiled as she thought and fell back to sleep herself…