“Chotay this is not the solution…u should talk to her before making any decision about her alone by your own….she is your wife…” Angali tried to talk to Arnav about his decision of sending khushi away from him…she knew khushi will never like this…Angali knew how much Khushi loved her husband…how her little heart was always attached to her husband…the first man in her life….to whom she has given her whole self…and how she always wanted to be with him 24/7, Angali knew how hard khushi was trying to be the perfect candidate as per AR requirements as she wanted to be in his office with him, how Arnav have become that little girl’s addiction….she had seen every thing and khushi’s growing love for Arnav day by day. She knew khushi will never be happy ever if he acted upon his decision about her and she will break down, but she knew how stubborn her brother was….it was hard to change his decision ever. But she was still trying it for khushi.

“Di…I have decided …and that’s final…” he said and stood up walking three steps forwards but was stopped mid way again…

“But why chotay? Do u know how much you are going to hurt her by this?” Angali’s voice reached his ears and he looked at his shoulders not looking into her eyes fully…

“She is hurt either ways….atleast she will be hurt emotionaly not physically if she stays away from me..and time is a big healer…she will be fine I am sure” he said and left for his room….to see khushi as he have not seen her face for one hour, forgetting his recently made decision about her, forgetting that he has to learn living without her, forgetting how he will survive without her after she’ll be gone when he can’t survive even one hour if he have not seen her face…


“Ouch…” khushi felt a little pain when she tried to get up from bed but was pressed down on the pillow gently by two strong hands on her shoulders.

“Don’t step down…tell me what u need…” she heard Arnav saying some thing to her and she tried to make sense of his words as she was in a sleepy mood, she looked at him untill she finally got what he was saying…she keep looking at him for some time smiling before answering.

“I need u” she said lovingly.

He looked the other way and stood up from her side to walk away when he felt her tiny hand holding his hand and pulling him , stopping him from goining.

“Don’t go please” she said in a pledging tone…and he was stopped automatically in his tracks, settling himself once again on the bed beside her and caressing her nuckles softly.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she asked

“Doing What?” he asked as well

“why you go away always when ever I need you by my side, I am noticing this from so many days, since my injury….why? why have you distant yourself from me Arnav ji….is that because I did’nt listened to you that night, I went to that party without telling you to meet Aryan and then Got drunk?” She asked him trying to solve any misunderstanding between them that was causing her husband to maintain a distance between them.

“But Arnav ji…I swear…I was there because of Payal…I wanted to apologize him for what u did with him thinking that he’ll never be close to payal again after what had happened that day…but you were right….he was not the right guy for both of us girls to be near him…he made me drink some alcohal one after another glass when I was not willing to take it after the first one…I am sorry I took the first one even” she pouted at him asking for an apology and his heart swelled up to see her sorry for some thing she was not responsible of and that too when he was one of the reason of her current miserable state.

“And when Payal told me how he had used her and what he has done in RM…..i could’nt believe that I did’nt trusted you….I am sorry na Arnav ji…I swear this is my last mistake ever….i will try to be a good wife in future…..i will do what ever you’ll say…..i know you can’t think anything for me other than my own good….please Arnav ji…don’t be upset with me pleaseeee….” She pledged him with a lot of innocence in her eyes slowly settling her self in his lap and hugging him untill she felt his arms around her body tight for a passionate hug and she felt him kissing her neck so passionately…that was some thing usuall for her untill the next thing he did….

“I am sorry Khushi…..I am sorry…..its not your fault…its all my fault….i am responsible for all this…..I am sorry that I can’t protect you from myself….but I can’t afford to harm you further….” He said kissing her neck slowly and passionately holding his tears back….

She hugged him some more still not understanding what is he saying but liking the warmth of his embrace, settling her arms inside his embrace keeping her hands on his chest and hidding herself inside his chest snuggling.

“I Love you Arnav ji…..” She was least intrested in what ever he was talking, she was just happy to have him with her the same way as before once again after so many days….

“I can’t Love you khushi…” he said in a wishper and there was silent for some minutes …..she still in his arms, her heart racing like a dear and he can feel it against his chest.

“you….don’t love me Arnav ji?” she asked in a shaky tone, her heart still racing fast and her breath a little uneven….still not moving in his arms.

“Its not that I DON’T….Its some thing I CAN’T….Thats why I have decided to send you away…..as I am afraid some time I can’t control myself and you are too young to handle me…I am sorry for that khushi….i just want you to be safe and sound…unharmed and living your life happily…and this is imposible if I stay with you ….so i have to keep a distance from you…..” he said and she was unable to understand what he was saying…

“NO…” she shouted she was lossing her senses after hearing all the things he said…the thought of them being seperated was eating her from inside.

“you recently had a misscarriage…..” she heard him say and she came back to her senses……he had finally decided in his heart to tell her about it as it was getting difficult for him to hide it anymore …..the way she was blaming herself infront of him, asking for an apology and still loving him even what ever has happened to her because of him, was making him go mad and guilty deep inside a lot more than he already was….he finally decided to tell her and face her reaction….

Khushi pulled back from the hug and stare him like he is an alien…

“What? Buhh i….how?i mean that’s not true…..i was not even pregnant…” she was too confuse on what ever he was telling her…

“That’s true….” He said

“No…That’s not true…I mean I was not having a baby bump even…I was normal….” She said confused and un sure of what to do and whom to believe …she herself or him?

“OK…tell me did you got your periods in the last 2 months? or were u feeling like nausea and vomiting?feeling a little fatigue and exhausted than before?” he asked her ,

“uh…?yeah…I did but…how …I mean how I never knew that I am having a baby inside me?” she said hell shocked and looking in space….and he could’nt tolerate her expressions…her innocence making him feel guilty more and more…..it was better that she will stay away from him, he deicded…

She was under shock for some time untill she felt his hand on her cheeks….

“are you feeling upset? Or stressed? Tell me khushi why are you so quite…” he asked her caressing her head slowly….looking into her eyes for any kind of symptoms the Doctor has told him about her emotional unstability in this situation.

“I was gone through a misscarriage?” she was still lost in her own thoughts…..for her age …lossing her baby was’nt some thing too emotional as she have never developed any emotions with the baby not even thought of having a baby yet but going through a misscarriage was an experience too unsuall and new and even strange for her to digest.

“I was pregnant?” she asked him frowning and confused….but he did’nt answer…not really knowing what to answer…..she tried to get down on the floor and before she landed her feet on the floor….her feet were in his hands putting them back on the bed….

“Khushi lay down back please…” he said in a serious tone….

“I want to talk to Di….” She said

“About what” he asked

“About……how can I be pregnant….” She said getting her feet down again.

“You are not going anywhere….Khushi Relax please…..you have to trust me…” he tried to calm her down…but she was not listening

“No I can’t trust you this time….i know this is just an excuse to send me away from yourself ….you don’t love me any more….i can’t believe you untill I ask Di” she said and pushed his hands off her feet and got down…and walked out of the room followed by Arnav…. She entered Angali’s room and than after angali confirmed what Arnav have told her some mintes ago she looked at him helplessly and then angali….

“But…Di….Thats not even a reason to send me away from there…..why is he doing so….ask him please…” she asked angali to talk to him while he looked away helplessly.

“Khushi ji….we will talk about this later…right now u have to take rest…please….don’t stress yourself too much….” Angali tried to calm khushi who was scared of his decision.

“Angali ji …please…. This is not my mistake for which he is punishing me like that…please ask him why is he doing this? I don’t wana go anywhere…please just ask him…why?” she paniced untill Arnav came and pulled her from bed and embraced her tightly…pressing her into his chest, his hand on her head and the other hand keeping her steady against him as she tried to push him and turned towards angali again and again….”

“Shssshhhhhh….Khushi….Relax…..just relax…..” he carssed her head slowly

“But…” she tried to say some thing again but was cut off once again

“First just relax…every thing will be OK….every thing….just relax for now….” he tried to sooth her nerves and she was quite after breathing heavily in panic after some time in his arms…..trusting his tone and his words ….”Every thing will be fine” she thought and closed her eyes after some time, placing her head on his chest tired of every thing. Angali passed a sad look to her brother seeing khushi’s situation and then he took khushi in his arms lifting her up from the floor while she encircled her arms around his neck still not opening her eyes as he take her to their room while angali watched them having a feeling of greif on the situation….

He placed her down on the bed and saw her face….she was crying silently….she did’nt knew the actual reason herself….weather it was her miscarrige or his decision….but she wanted to cry….she cried like hell that night in his arms….sobbing uncontrollably while he caressed her back…letting her tears go as she’ll feel lighter after that….


After two months

Arnav was sitting in the conference hall when his cellphone vibrated for a text message….the number was not Indian….he opened the text and read it…..before switching his cell off and keeping it in his coat’s pocket once again…

“Arnav Ji….I am coming back…you can’t make me stay here for long….”

It was khushi’s text for some 150th time in one hour after reaching Paris….she was extremly angry on him as he was not replying after sending her away by trick.

“The meeting is over….out every one…NOW..” he barked his order after his phone vibrated once again in his pocket…

“What The hell khushi? What is your problem…?” he shouted into his phone

“I am coming back…u can’t keep me away from you like that…without my will….NO” she shouted back angrily…a behaviour that was quite shocking for him from her side…he never knew she can be this much mad if he kept her away from himself, but he was not able to face her after what he has done with her so far….since when the realization has stuck him after seeing her on hospital bed….he was unable to meet her eyes….

“Khushi whay don’t u just understand” he scolded her but was cut off in between by her….

“UNDERSTAND WHAT ARNAV JI?” She shouted at him…

“That u will make decisions about me without concerning me ever and I will sit quitely and watch what ever you have planned for me…?” she shouted into her phone…her voice a little shacky because of the cold weather of Paris she was not used to…

“No…Not that” he said a little calmed

“Then What?” she said a little calming down at his tone too…

“That I don’t need you anymore….you are not my types khushi….I told you I don’t like innocent things around me….but I think you forgot it the next second after I told you…I am tired of your innocent attitude always….i am tired of making you understand this world all the time….i have tried a lot but it seems you are not gona grow up mature ever…..so its better you stay away from me and let me live peacefully”. He said looking at the celling trying to hold back his own emotions that were ready to brust any time after hurting her once again…there was utter silence for a long time on both sides untill he heard her sobs on the phone and this was the limit …..he cutted the call as he was unable to hear her sobs…..his head in his hands after some time and then the whole office was gathered around his office as he smash each and every thing laying around him…..then leaning on the table standing with the support of his hands placing on it… breathing harshly and then rushing out side the office caring damn about his employees, who were watching him standing far away.


After Four years

Khushi was wellcomed by Angali with a huge smile on her face ….the time spend away from her was painful and lonely….Angali was alone after khushi was gone…though they talked on internet daily for hours but it was not enough for angali, she was more than happy to see her friend back in RM….

Khushi looked here and there in the house searching some one….every body was present ther e except for one person….she wanted to see most despreately from years…..

“Whom you are searching khushi bitya? Every one is here….now tell me how was your flight?” nani tried to divert khushi’s attention knowing fully well whom she wanted to see but disapointed herself because of her grandson who was not present to share this beautiful memorable moment with the family like always….

“Hello Hi Bye Bye khushi bitya…u have become Tip Tappp phulllyyy….” Manorama sighted happily seeing a totally changed khushi infront of her eyes….her eyes scaning khushi from head to toe with her hands hanging in the air like always while phraising her in her mind.

“can you give me some tipshh as well that u learned from Parishh?Only Hello hi…no bye bye….” She grinned happily.

“Sure mami ji….” Khushi gave manorama a wide smile before making herself comfortable on one of the soffas in the hall….throwing her black Parada Hand bag on the table…and settling her high steletoes under the table streaching her long legs… Her smokey eyes closing as she felt tired while she leaned her head on the soffa to relax…

her red lather jeans looking stunning over her long legs accompanied with plain maroon short shaffon sleaveless top revealing her navel a little, with a skin colored high heels pair on her feet. And a huge pair of sunglasses over her head giving her a more stylish look while she streached her arms after setteling her styled wavy long hairs aside on one shoulder.

“Khushi I think you should take some rest …you look tired…” Angali said

“I think you are right Di…actually I am not feeling well as well….you know how I get nauseaic while traveling every time…” she told Angali

“Khushi ji….i’ll tell HP ji to take your lugage upstairs in your room now you should go and rest” she stood up kissed Angali, Nani and Manorama a good bye kiss and climbed upstairs in the same room…where she used to live a couple of years ago…where she was brought by force by some one and send some where else from there forcibly as well. A room where her all powers seemed to be turned zero always infront of some one….but today she was here again….with her own will this time….to get some one back she has lost long ago….she was planing to do so from 4 years long…since Arnav had cutted her call hearing her sobs…..

She was Angry and broken because what he had said…his words were painfull for her…she was angry so much after that call she had made to him while standing on the airport after arriving there that she decided she will not go back ever……she started crying badly after he cutted her call and threw her bag towards one of Arnav’s guards who were apointed to be here with khushi for 4 years till she completes her education…. She had decided that time that she will never show him her face untill she is alive….she was feeling betrayed….untill  Angali told her the true reason of Arnav’s worse behaviour …..the reason why he wanted to keep her away from himself and the reason why he had used those hurtfull words …..she told her his true motive behind those hurtfull words…..that he knew she will never come back to him…but he was mistaken this time…..he was mistaken to estimate the love she was having for him in her heart…..he always thought her as a kid who was in love with the first man in her life she has seen closely….but he was mistaken…..even after meeting and making a lot of good looking men after having good friendship with them in Paris she was uneffected by any of them, because the only man in this world who can effect her was Arnav Singh Raizada….her husband…and she wanted him bad badly……but this time she wanted to eleminate all the reasons, all the possible excuses he could make……..since then she had made sure she never leaves some thing unlearned that can cause him to make another excuse of keeping her away from himself….it was high time and an oportunity for her live her life based on her own decisions even though she knew she was been monitored by his gaurds all the time, but she cared less…..as she believed herself now to expreience this world to have a good experience….she did every thing that gave her a good or bad experience and she learned from every thing….now she was back as a mature girl and she knew and understood his state……..she knew that he was guilty….and he don’t want to face her….but this time she knew how to get him back….for no sepration ever….

She smiled to herself when she opened the room’s door and touched all the walls, closet, windows, pool water and the bed sheet…..It was all the same…..nothing was changed….she opened the closet and found her 4 year old clothes hanging in the closet the same way as she have left them before leaving….her shoes in her place set as she have left…..even her 4 years old tooth brush, face wash and toothpaste in the bathroom in its place as she have left……a tear escaped her eyes and she wipped it off urgently…..”no more tears for the rest of our lives” she thought and smiled to herself…..now she was waiting for only one face to see infront of her eyes….Arnav Singh Raizada.