Khushi entered the club…wearing a great black shaffon frock with thin silver straps on her shoulder and the same thin straps wraped around the dress all over making it look the most stylish dress ever she had worn,the dress was slightly over her knees. She wore some thing revealing intentionally as she was in a mood to negate every thing that Arnav liked her to do….why would she behave in order to make him happy if he never tried this himself…she thought to herself….she stepped inside the club with her beautiful black Dior Stelletos with black and silver cross straps design looking a little confuse and looking here and there moving her hazel eyes outlined by kajal that was giving her eyes some more depth and intensity, mumbling some thing moving her pink pale lips wearing only gloss yet looking extremly tempting.

Before she could get a seat in the club she was wellcomed by La and group once again…they caught her seening her alone….acting to behave friendly and sorry for her previous behaviour with her husband infront of her.

“hey Khushi…I never expected u here….what a plesant surprize…” La said coming towards her with a glass on wine in her hand.

“yeahhh that why you changed the whole location in my absense today” Khushi thought in her heart sarcasticly…but never answered her before she make her next move…

“Wow..nice dress khushi….i guess ASR gifted you this…is’nt it…” La said giving khushi a look from head to toe

“and what makes u think so?” Khushi said sarcasticly…

“I know his choice is great” La said in quitea friendly manner but khushi can never trust a women ever in life who lusted over her husband once. Khushi was not gona be trap this time…she was intelligent and she picked up things very quickly, she was a bright student but the only reason she was left behind was her innocence and her broughtup in an extra overprotective environment….but since ASR was with her…he always tried to show her the real face of this world and how to cope with it when ever she shared her problems with him….never spoke much in her daily life discussions but when ever she discussed her poblems she found him very responsive but in his own way. She was getting mature day by day in his company….!

“then I am sorry to disapoint you…this is totally my choice and my own design” she said and moved towards the crowd where some of her decent class fellows were standing…

“Have u seen Payal?” she asked one of her class mate…but soon as she was to answer khushi’s question khushi saw Aryan with some of his friends..she left them and rushed towards him.

“Aryan can I talk to u for a minute…” she said in a soft and requesting tone..making him wonder on her behaviour as he was expecting her to shout on him or slap him for his behaviour.

“yeah sure…” he excused himself from his friends and came to her…

“Can we sit for some time…I have some thing very important to tell you” she said and lead him towards the place where there were some leather soffas placed as a seating arrangement…. She made herself comfortable and him as well.

“Look Aryan…I am sorry for what Arnav did with you today…he is actually very possessive about me as he thinks me as a kid and so he don’t let me near any guys ever so he did this…I hope u understands?” she said looking at him aplogetically and he kept on looking at her like he is having a dream…but came back to his senses as he sensed she is missing some thing definetly…


Arnav was in his Farmhouse now…he planned to spend this night here…he was having his drink sitting on one of the pool chairs when suddenly he got a call from Angali…

“yeah Di…” he said accepting the call.

“Choaty …where r u?” Angali asked worried….

“I am in farmhouse…why?” he asked sensing her worried voice..

“Chotay why u guys do this always han? U have to tell me na before u guys leave home? But u never do..” Angali scolded her brother

“Relax Di…” he said

“No I don’t want to listen any thing …u and khushi ji have to come back home right now….” she ordered him in an angry tone

“what? Khushi? Di she is not here? Why you guys don’t know where she’s gone….uhhh…I am coming home after finding her…” he said and kept the call and dailed Payal’s number, she was not picking so he dailed her land line number and she picked…

“ khushi with you?”

“Me? NO jeju….she is’nt, why what happened?” she asked

“She is not at home I don’t know where she has left for” he said frustated…

“Khushi? Why she left? Where can she go?” payal murmered to herself on the phone

“uhhh jeju…I think she will be in college’s farewell part she have arranged….i am giving u my class mate’s number u can ask her about khushi by calling her and I am too gona search her myself…don’t worry jeju we’ll find her…” she said comforting him

“Ok…send me the number …” he said and cut the call and dailed on the number which payal has send him and rushed towards the location the girl has told him…he was scared for khushi as he knew she is not habbitual of and inexperience for such places.


“Look Aryan…I hope today’s incident won’t effect your’s and payal’s friendship? I seriously want to apologize on behalf on my husband…..he should’nt have done this with a guest without any reason” she said and he got the whole point that ASR has still not told her the actuall reason why he behaved this way with him…he smiled in his heart for having sucha great luck.

‘hmmm khushi I totally understand what you are saying and I will accept your apology but on one condition” he said smiling and she became worried hearing about the thing condition…

“condition?” she asked

“yeah…condition…”he said and extended his hands towards her

“Friends?” he said smiling and she looked a little confuse…she was here to apologize and talk about payal only…not to make some new male friends, she cannot afford to be as far as she was ASR’s wife because he never liked her around guys as he knew his wife is too innocent to be around some guys of this era….but she was having no other choice…she thought to shake hands with him and not to face him after that untill he and payal get married and then offcourse there would be no harm as she would be his sister in law.

“OK” she said slightly and shaked hands with him….

And it happened which always happen when a girl trust a known stranger……when she prefer trusting him over her bad husband……..forgeting tht no matter how bad he is atleast he is hers…

“OK… and lets have a drink for our friendship” he said grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the bar….

“No…I ….actually…I never….” She tried to make an excuse but he was too quick for her…

“here this one is for u…to celebrate our friendship” he handed her a mug of beer…

“buhh…I …I don’t drink….” She said keeping the mug on the counter

“Ohh come on khushi u don’t trust me? A little bit never harms…I’ll give u some thing tht it wont effect u even” he knew ASR hated drunk girls so he planed to get her drunk and create a misunderstanding when she gets home and her husband sees her.

“here take this….trust me khushi….”he said handing her the glass again…

“buhhh ..i….” she tried to say no but they way he was behaving nice stopped her from doing so.

“at least taste it a little bit….” He said pushing the mug to her face

“I mean Aryan seriously I don’nt….” She tried

“Ohh Ok I see u have not accepted my frndship thts why u r not accepting just a mere drink from my hands….” He said looking a little sad making her feel bad at her behaviour

She took the glass to her mouth to have one swig and then leave it…but that never happened…he made her drink by his buttery talks and trick so much that she was falling here and there …he was carrying her to the soffas when ASR reached there….he rushed towards her and pushed Aryan on the floor carying khushi in his arms…while Aryan escaped finding him there near his wife as he remembered his name…

“Khushi What the hell r u wearing again? Do u forgot what I have told u?” he asked angrilly while khushi tried to fig out who he is, by opening her eyes

“mmm???” she said in a sleepy voice opening her eyes and then recognized him.

“U,,,?Justtt…..leave …me…Aloneeeee….” She said struggling angrilly in his arms and then landing on floor as he loosened his grip.

“whats…whatss..ur problem hannn…???….Arnav…..!” she said mocking him in his chest… and he was stunned to hear his name without a “Ji” from her mouth…she have never even in her dream have called him so…

“u never leave me alone….and not even near u…whats ur problem…” she said in a drunken voice and he was loosing all his senses seeing her in this state…he knew she cant drink her by her own…she was a cowardy cat in this case..she never tried new things for thrill …she was a simple girl…it must be Aryan who would have made her drink, he cursed Aryan in his mind and promised himself to punish him hard for this awefull act…how dare he…! But this time main concern was khushi herself.

“U….u don’t love me naa??? Only…only I love you???….just get off my way…I don’t love you…I hate you….i want to dance….” She said trying to make him move infront of her which she failed but walked towards the dance floor where she held a random guys shoulder and smiled …that was all for that guy to understand what she wanted…he started dancing with her and she too danced like a sleepy cat….ASR was standing there looking at the floor very angry… he gave her a look and she danced some more watching him looking at her…he rushed towards her in anger and grabed her one wrist….

“Leave me…” she whinned…and struggled to get off his harsh grip but he pulled her hand around his head putting her on his shoulder and walking out of the club….and putting khushi into his car….she was quite sleep at this instance but still she was mumbling in her sleep…he put her seat belt on angrilly and left from the club….

He picked her up in his arms when he reached RM…and rushed towards towards the residence.. angrilly but she woke up when he was on entrance stairs…she struggled angrilly to get off his arms and he himself let her stand on the floor as he did’nt wanted her to create a fuss at this time of night…

“Leave me…I can walk” she said removing his hand…and walked 2 steps …she placed her hand on her chest and made a painful whinning face…

“Arnav ji…I am not feeling well…” she said trying to hold the reeling, he looked at her and tried to hold her elbow….

“I feel like puke” she said scrunching her eyes tight as she felt some strange thing happening in her body…

“Yeah..who has asked you to drunk this much…its becoz its ur first time…” he said a little angrily and held her elbow but she angrily removed his hand once again…..

“I told u na….i can walk by myself….I hate you” she said and walked two steps while he was angry at her for using such words infront of him…but he was quite as he did’nt wanted to create disturbance…she walked two three steps but then she fell on her belly and then he saw her clucthing her belly and closing the disatnce between her knees and stomach and crying incontrolably laying on the floor with a loud voice…….

“Khushi….Khushi…..KHUSHIIIII…!!!” he rushed towards her and immediately pulled her in his lap and tried to make her speak when she was crying badly…

“Ar…navv jii…..i ….” She said while crying, her eyes closing as she felt extreme pain in her belly and alcohal took over her senses and she fainted.

He tried to pick her up in his arms but when his hand reached under her knees to pick her, the feeling he got and the thing he saw on his hand was enough to make his mind go blured for some minutes…..