Chapter 36:

Aryan was a little disapointed to see khushi in a long skirt, as he could’nt cool his eyes down by checking her milky legs like every day…Khushi hugged payal and held her hand in a namastay infront of Aryan when he was coming to hug her ….he was taken a back from her actions…..

Khushi served the guest some refreshments and came back to her soffa ….Arnav has gone out for some work when she was in kitchen and his car just entered the RM gate…

“Would u like to have some thing else?” khushi asked Aryan who was checking Raizada Mansion in a aww and came back to senses after hearing her voice…

“uhh yeah sure…I will love to have these jaleebies…” he said and khushi walked towards the table slowly but not difficultly as her foot was’nt paining now becoz of pain killers and stood infront of him to serve him when he purposefully droped his spoon striking his hand with hers…….

“ohh I am sorry” she said and bend down to pick up the spoon and focused his cell phone’s camera on her milky breasts tht were not visiable becoz of her position……

Arnav entered the residence and was standing behind Aryan when he was capturing khushi in his camera , Khushi turned her back towards aryan searching the spoon and ran towards the kitchen after picking the spoon and without looking back.

“Here …its dirty now..i’ll bring u another spoon..” she screamed as she ran into the kitchen, he pretended like he is texting after watching her straight now….but relaxed as she did’nt noticed him.

“yeah sure…” he said an put his camera back in his lap…

All this act was not gone unnoticed by ASR’s eagle eyes, he was no more Arnav now…he was back in his ASR mood gritting his teeths angrilly on this creep and tightening his fist in anger to punch his face right away…but he has to control as the person was here as a guest….

He rushed towards Aryan and snatch the cell phone from his lap and threw it with a sucha force tht it broke into hundered pieces…

“Jeju..!” payal stood up shocked and scared calling him with a scared face….he grabed payal’s hand and drag her behind himself….


“Butt..” Aryan was shocked and tried to protest but he was stopped again…

“SHUT UP…I am not finished yet…….AND…If I saw u near Khushi and Payal again….i swear I won’t waste a single minute ending ur life…..NOW GET OUT…! He shouted and Aryan left as fast as he could…!

When he left Payal was too scared to even talk…Arnav turned back to see payal who was standing behind him…

“Stay away from him u two…” he said in a warning but comparitively caring voice pointing his finger on payal while she looked at him for some time….trying to comprehend in her mind all tht has happened a few minutes ago….angry in her heart for his behaviour with Aryan not actually knowing the real cause of his act.

He climed up the stairs soon after tht and keep looking at him with wide eyes….

Khushi came back from kitchen with a spoon

“Payal…where is Ayran?” she asked amuzed when she saw a crying payal

“Khushi….jeju shd’nt have done this…he shd not have behaved this way with Aryan…he just broke his cell phone for no reason and asked him to get out and stay away from us….Aryan is never gona be mine now khushi…never…every thing is ruined” Payal said and ran out of the RM crying and khushi was frozen after what she heard from him

“Wht is he so arogant? Why he does’nt care about any one ever? He cant just treat my frnds like that?i have to talk to him” khushi thought to herself too embarrassed of his behaviour with Aryan, khushi herself was a little bit habitual of his behaviour but now the water was gone above her head as his arogant attitude was effecting the lives of people around her as well. She made an angry face and rushed to her room.

“u cant treat some one like tht…” she said standing behind him when he was searching his clothes in the closet.

“Excuse me?” he said looking back at her

“u can not insult my guests like tht” she said gathering a lot of courage in her heart

“I know what I am doing…u don’t know any thing….and yeah…u and payal….next time I don’t wana see u guys around tht creep again…understand” he said

“no I don’t…I said they were my guests u cant insult them like tht…” she said

“What? Well this is my house and I will do what ever I’ll like…and u don’t know any thing about guys nowadays …u r just a kid…so just stay away from them its better…” he tried to end up the discussions by his last words

”I am not a kid ..i am your wife…I have a right to do what ever I feel like doing….i cant always dance on ur fingers….i will hang on with whom ever I it aryan or any other guy….” She said looking quite angry on his stubborn behaviour.

The mentioning of guys with her made his blood pressure go sky rocket and he came closer to her

“What did u just say….?” He said coming closer very angrilly..she backed off and breathed harder not lowering her gaze and avoiding eye contact…fighting with her self to have some courage…he can do what ever he wants to with her…but he can’t just insult her belongings and relations tht was not her….she can always take things on her own happily but cant bear when the same was thrown on her beloved ones…there she don’t know he was trying to protect both of them……but the actual thing was he did’nt trusted her that much tht he shd share this with her and she will understand the cause….he rather prefered to hide it….

“I …just said…I will do what ever I’ll want to…u cant treat me and my belongings like tht….u cant insult me by insulting my guests in this house after agreeing for their arrival urself…this is not fair…”she said a little gulping not looking into his eyes….

“I will be doing what ever I feel like in the furture as well…I don’t need to give u explanations….and Do what ever u want…. But make sure u don’t do any such thing tht I don’t like” he said in a warning tone and left the room trying to escape her questions about Aryan. He can never tell the fact to khushi from his own mouth…becoz of some bitter incidents of facing mistrust of people in some situations…

“What the hell am i? What does he think of himself…? I never said a word ever tht does’nt mean I don’t have any respect infront of others as well?….NO this is enough…. I cant take this…..i will show him I can do what ever I want to with my own will regardless of his decision, I know whts right and whts wrong for me….and I’ll show him tht I have a mind of my own and I own some respect infront of others…and he too needs to respect me as a wife….” She said gritting her teeths and breathing angrilly…she was getting furious of his behaviour slowly now…the way he never trusted her for opening his heart up, even after she has given her every little thing to him was making her frustated and angry day by day….daily she came back from college and waited for him to share every single detail of college but all she got was “hmmm hmmm, OK, Then, How, What” and she was tired of getting these answers but she never spoke to him about tht…she tried to take him in confidence and show him her whole heart some time happily, some time scared, and some time confused of her own self. But he was the one who never let her know what was going on in his mind…! She wanted to explore him not only physically but mentally as well….but he was not giving her a chance…and to top it up he was always too dominant on her like he don’t trust her for having a piece of her own brain….he considered her as a child and so he never ever make her decide about her herself…she was angry on many things from days…but she was some how like him….if he was expert in hiding his emotions then she was expert in hiding her anger…! But today she felt insulted infront of others….she would never have thought to take a step about this but it was’nt only a matter of her respect…now her frnds were also effected by his arogance.

She walked angrily in the room totally forgetting her foot injury untill she heard a voice of breaking a glass and then horrible shouting on Harriprakash down stairs and she frozed in her place….she even heard him leaving the house angrily smacking the door behind him and making the whole house aware of his angery state….she forgot her anger for a couple of seconds and sat down on the near by bed with shaking legs…..

“Hey DM…Why is he like tht???? Why he does this to me always? Whats wrong with him? Why don’t he care for me the way I care for him? Why don’t he share how he feels….?Why?” she said and hidded her face in her palms and sobbed badly in a slow voice…


“Aryan Wait…please wait…Look I know every thing tht happened was wrong….but u don’t need to do this……” payal came running behind Aryan and stood infront of him, some angry expressions on her face made him think otherwise… he thought she is taking about the video he was making of khushi in RM…and before she could say any thing else he spoke up stopping her…

“Look Payal….i am sorry tht I used u to reach khushi today as u have nothing to do with this stuff but sorry babes it was needed….but seriously if u r talking about tht video I made in RM of khushi than its non of ur bussiness and well….u and ur frnd don’t have to be worried either….as tht monster protecting tht beauty has already broken it into million pieces….and by the way why the hell I am even talking to u and wasting my time….but u know what as every thing is open now so I must tell u the true reason…I think u deserve it atleast this much…when Suresh told me about how tht ASR has ruined his life becoz of khushi then I was eager to know about her tht who would be she after all? Tht she has driven ASR crazy for herself ….i mean we know his reputation…he never cares about a girl no matter how beautiful she is and never tried to protect any girl ever…then how come he started caring about khushi…I was so much exited to see the girl tht what she actually is…and u know suresh was right….she is devine… I wanted to be frnds with her…u know I like befriending with married womens a lot as they are matured in sex and I don’t like some imatures…may be she needs me some day when her overburdened husband is busy and not able to give her time(he said winking at payal and leaving her alone shocked) bye babes….see yah…” he said and sat in his car driving away while she stood outside RM shocked untill she saw…. Arnav coming from behind her out of the main door looking very angry but she was too shocked herself and in pain to notice his anger ….she just keep on looking at the road from where Aryan have left…

Arnav was passing by when he saw Payal looking at the road all lost and teary, in a state of shock. He forgot his anger and steped towards her…she was like a sister to him….and he wanted to protect her the same way he wanted to protect his Di and Khushi….he came near her and placed a hand on her shoulder trying to turn her face towards him….

“Payal…r u alright? Shd I leave u home…” he said slightly rubbing her back as she stared in his eyes like lost in some other world…

“PAYAL” he said shaking her a little frowning and she came back to her senses

“Jeju …tht Aryan …he said …he wanted khushi to be his…he said he just used me….he said a video…at RM..khushi…I mean…” Payal tried to speak as fast as she could without breathing for a sec…but he completely understood what her phrases mean actually….

“Shssss…Chup….I know every thing…lets go…” he said encircling Payal’s trembling body as she pulled the sleves of her loose long grey sweater to conver her hands from the out side cold and walking silently where he was taking her….he lead her to his SUV and opened the door as she was again lost in her thoughts and asked her to sit in there and coming the other side to carry the driving seat…

She never talk the whole way towards her house untill he stopped near her house and took her in with himself and handling her to her parents who were also shocked seeing her like tht untill he told them the whole story and asked them to keep her away of Aryan if he calls her ever…he knew how Aryan kind of guys always managed to make a come back shamelessly in some one’s life even after cheating them.


Khushi called payal but she was not picking her phone as she has left it in RM after that drama…she badly needed to talk to some one this time, she was feeling very touchy nowadays, she got upset on many little issues from payal, she even fought with many class mates, she was a little moody nowadays…she did’nt realized but the people around her always did….but never told her becoz of her moody nature nowadays…

She was sitting near the pool splashing water around furiously when her fone rang….

“hello” khushi said

“Heyyyy khushi…thank God u picked it up… u forgot some thing dear?i mean we have to go to the farewell party we have arranged for shimla students today and tht payal is also not picking up fone…?” one of her class mate nearly shouted on fone

“yeah…I am sorry I forgot…but …I just wana say I am sorry tht I can’ntt……..” khushi tried to excuse but her class mate cutted her off.

“Come on khushi….u cant just do tht with us…it was u who arranged the party…u were in Ashers….and now u are saying u r not coming? U cant do this yaar…even half of the girls were not coming but u convenced them and now u r saying tht u don’t want to be here urself? I swear u have spoiled the party…u were among the hosts I guess….if u r not coming tht many of us are not coming as well as we were not even intrested to give a farewell to them…u were …for tht Payal…u forgto?” she reminded khushi of some thing and she got up from the pool remembering.

“ohh yeah…I will come….but a little late…see yah bye” she agreed thinking she would ask an apology from tht guy Aryan and talk to him about payal…she never wanted Payal to get hurt becoz of her daily life issues…so she got ready and rushed to the parking area asking the driver to take her to her college…but when she reached there there was no party…

“Hello Maira..where is the party? I came here and the college mess is empty?” she asked her frnd

“yeah…but actually u were absent today na…and some arrangements were remaining…like music system and food items etc so we discussed with seniors and they suggested us to keep it in the green club two miles away from chandni u know tht club khushi or shd I send some one to take u?….her class mate asked her

“What? How can u guys keep it in the club…it was supposed to be a college farewell not personal party…” khushi said a little angry, she was always tht confident in any thing whos responsibility is given to her.

“I am sorry dear but whats the point of discussing now?” the girl said

“OK I am coming” she said as there was no other choice as she wanted to meet Aryan and apologize before he leave for shimla the next morning…it was her last chance for making her frnd happy.


OK the precape is….Khushi gets overly drunk by Aryan and Arnav will see tht…and bring khushi home forcibly as she is dancing furiously with the guys after she sees him there and so he has no other choice.
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