Khushi woke up in the bed feeling extreme pain her lower abdomins and headache’ she held her head with one hand and the her abdomins with the other and made her move out of the bed. Sensing herself to be naked and blood stains on her legs she made it to the bathroom’ she was been under the cold water for 2 hours, sitting on the cold floor and crying on her fate’.!

“Why DM ‘yeh sab mere sath hi kun hota hy? Pehlay baba mujhy chor k chalay gaye aur ab yeh?” (why DM why me only? first baba left me and now all this) she cried like hell her eyes red as blood and irritated becoz of the salty water rolling down her eyes for too long.

She came out of the bathroom raping a towel on her body still sobbing slowly and looked here and there for her dress’.she found her frok lying behind the soffa far away from bed , she remember how he has thrown tht far away from her when she was trying to cover herself with it. She picked up the frok and found it all torn, not in a position to wear ‘she became concious of herself tht wht she is gona wear now. How she is gona cover herself’she searched the whole room and found a bathrobe and wear it. She came outside the room as she felt tht there was no one in the house, she find it an oportunity to run away again, but this time she was a little calm ,as now there was nothing left in her life tht she will hury to save before the time is over’time was already over for her ,when he took her virginity (which she has kept save only for her husband but she even did’nt knew tht was it taken or not), her respect and humiliated her today..she walked in the whole house calmly checking all the doors that were closed’ walking slowly in the gallery looking here and there for any other way she can get out of here, she walked into a huge study and found a lot of doors , she could’nt decide where to go so she decided to have some rest from her long tour of this house, she find the place very soothing so she sat on one of the soffa placed in the study, sitting still with a rigid face, recalling every thing tht was happened ‘. Her mind was still not ready to accept the reality’

“NO NO NO’yeh nahi ho sakta’aisa nahi hua’. Hum khwab dekh rahay hain aur jald hi yeh khuwab toot jaye ga’Ahhh’..) she clutched her abdomin again tht where she felt a gusht of pain again, tears came in her eyes again, she screamed loud and then started crying once again. (NO NO NO This is not happening this in not happening’I am dreaming I am dreaming’ahh)

“Aisa hi hua hy Mrs. Khushi singh raizada’! Aur ab yeh bhayanak khuwab tumhain har roz dekhna parey ga”‘ a voice came from behind her and she jumped at this sudden attack.. (it has already happened Mre. Khushi singh raizada)

She turned to see who was talking and there he was again’. Standing in one of the huge acient style door of study. She paniced as she remembered the pain he has given her today in order to escape if he tried to do the same again this time. She backed off hurriedly breathing heavy, scared of his shadow tht was coming closer.

“Sit down”‘he commanded’

There was some thing in his voice so controlling tht was enough for her to stop in her way where she was standing. He stoped where he was and looked at her frowning slightly seeing her still standing instead of his orders.

“I SAID SIT DOWN” he said a bit louder ,pressing each word a little.

In reponse she remained still where she was only her breathing increased than before’he came near and as he took steps her breathing became heavier and heavier’

He stopped near her and grab her forearm and make her sit on a near by soffa. And sat infront of her himself.

“u have to take some medicines ‘there they are ‘ and yes do eat some thing before them’I don’t repeat my words so get them straight and do as I say’GO”‘he said while goining through a book tht was laying on the table between them.

Khushi looked at him for some time and tried to make sense what he was saying’her mind was still busy thinking abt those things tht were done to her by him ,

“I SAID GO” he said looking at her and she stood up immedieatly and ran towards the door and then again came back picking the tablets from the table and running out of the study from the wrong door ‘when she opened the door she realized thts the wrong one ‘she closed tht one and rushed towards the other to find out weather it was the same one from which she entered and then again closing it as it was the wrong one she ran towards the 3rd door..He saw her running here and there searching for the right door seriously sitting on the soffa. When she was about to grab the wrong door once again he called her’

“Take the one on ur left…” he said looking at her..she turned back to look at him for a sec and then quickly opening the door he has pointed and exiting the study’

“She is weird” he thought looking at a running khushi.


“humara sahi naam jantay huay bhi unhon ny humain Khushi singh raizada kun bulaya? ” khushi was confused and walking in her room. (why did he called me khushi singh raizada even after knowing my true name)

“humain kuch bhi kr k yeh baat pata lagani hogi’aur wo hain kon? Aur hum ny aisa kia kya hy jo wo hum sy itni nafrat kartay hain k wo sab hadain par kr gaye????(a tear rolled down her face) ”’zaroor is k pechay koi raaz hy, us din hotel main jab hum pehli dafa un sy milay thy tou unhon ny shayam ji aur humaray kirdaar py kechar uchala tha’un ny aisa kun kaha k mera aur shyam ji ka sambhand najaiz hy?” she was getting a headache thinking about all this and she forgot to take the medicines he has given her. (I have to knw why he was talking like tht, and wht have I done tht he hates me so much? Em sure there is some thing behind all this I have to find out soon. )

“hum yeh baat kaisay maloom karein gy???…hey DM humari madad kar’iss baat ka jawab tou humain sirf ab Arnav Singh Raizada hi dy saktay hain’likin hum un sy pochain gy kaisay?…agar unhon ny ghussay main akay phir sy humary sath woo sab’nahi … humain kuch aur sochna hoga” khushi increased her speed of walking and did’nt saw the corner of bed and hit her and she fell on the floor cluctching her foot wincing at pain’ (how I will find out abt tht? Hey DM plz help me’now there is only one person who can ans me abt this and tht is him, but how will I ask him? If he got angry and did tht again? No I have to think some thing else..!)

“Ouch’.likin”Ouch’.hey DM yeh humaray sath kia ho raha hy (she spoke between her cries becoz of pain) ‘humari madad karye humain himat dijye”han’himat’humain himat karni hogi..har haal main’wesay bhi ab bacha hi kia hy jo wo cheenain gy? Tou chahye wo is bar kuch bhi karein humary sath likin humara sach janna bohot zarori hy’warna hum yahan sy nahi nikal saktay” she made a decision and looked determine (Ouch’but’ouch’hey DM give me strength and courage to bear this pain plz ‘ yeh courage ‘I have to to ask him no matter wht and how.. ) ‘.she left the room to see him and ask him some questions’ soon she was out and was about to turn towards study she saw him sitting in the huge lounge far away on the same soffa ,drinking alchohal in the same three piece suit and sitting comfortably but with lots of attitude and style , watching new on TV.

She slowly started walking towards him bare footed in her bathrobe without making a noice, and gathering a lot of courage in her heart to ask him the questions she was having. When she was at 10 steps distance from him she stopped and stood still there waiting for him to notice her as she was not having courage to call him herself’

He knew she was coming but he avoided looking at her until she was standing near her’he took a swig of alchohal in his hands and looked at her bare legs ..khushi felt his gaze on her legs and her one leg was behind the other unintentionally. She felt all her courage melting away when his eyes finally meet hers.

“Medicines?” he asked in a voice without any emotions

Khushi realized she has forgotton them and lied

“hum lay chukay hain” (I have already taken)

“Don’t lie khushi singh raizada, kitchen us taraf hy” (don’t lie khushi singh raizada , the kitchen is there) ‘he pointed the kitchen through his eyes, indirectly giving her a message tht he knew tht she is not been to kitchen which was right infront of the hall where he was sitting from soon after she left the study ,even for water to take tablet.

“Go and have them’main baat iskay bad nahi repeat karun ga mind it” he warned her (I will not repeat my words after tht mind it..!)

“Wo hum’. ” she forgot why she was here (Actually I ‘.)

He looked at her quzically

“humara matlab..hum dawai lay lain gy ‘likin humain apsay kuch pochna tha'” she said (actually I will take medicines but I wanted to ask some thing before tht’)

“Main tumhari kisi bhi baat ka jawab dena zarori nahi samjhta’ab jao aur jo mainay kaha hy wo karo” (I am not liable to ans any of ur and do as I have said) he said looking at the TV again, calmly but there was some thing in his voice tht was to control the other person’s heart and mind. She find it not the right time to ask him again and started walking towards the kitchen lazily. He watched her as she walked , her feets slightly trembing and her hand not removed from her abdomins for even one second. he closed his eyes and leaned his head on the soffa behind him. It was very difficult to predict what was happening inside his mind.