she was laying on bed on her left side clutching the bed sheet to her chest to hide herself from him as he removed his jaket. Her whole back revealed to him as the ups and downs of her back when she sobbed. Khushi cried for her mother like a child and this gesture caused him to stop for a while when he heard her cries for her mother’he felt his heart soften a bit at this realizing tht she was too young and not even an adult to face all what was coming but soon jerked his thoughts as he imagined her and shayam pictures together, shyams hand on her breast and she looked a little dizzy and smiling at shyam stupidly (least did he knew the reality of the pictures, when shyam had planned to use her by getting her drink mix with alchohal and she was not in her senses , and was nearly used by shyam when her frnds came for her with her mother searching as she was too late to be home and garima was worried, shyam was unsuccessfull in his wrong deeds but the detectives took the photographs at the wrong time and send it to ASR). He again came back to the same distructive mood and pulled her to himself making her sit in his lap but she struggled to get out of his arms. He tightened his grip around her making her fall on his lap. She did’nt stopped struggling even in his lap and tht was asrousing him to an extreme point. He tightened some more to make her stop, and she felt herself unable to move in his embrace. when she was finally settled in his lap and could’nt move further ,she felt his hardness on her hips. she felt extremly strange and humiliated feeling tht male organ touch her body like tht ‘she felt asulted and harrassed. The way garima had grown her up, she was a way too innocent to understand what was happening with her. Her heart was racing at a speed tht can be a cause of heart attack.

“Please No'” a voice came between her cries and he was stopped for a moment again.

He looked at her pledging eyes for some time. His heart was surely melting after all he was a human.

“No” he said keeping a stone on his heart, becoz right now the most important thing in this world was to mark her his before any thing else happens.

He placed her down straight softly and entered her without any warning causing her to scream loud painfully and clutching his shirt. He stilled but she screamed for some good 3 4 minutes ,more than pain she was terrorized of the situations and unable to register the things tht he has just done with her. Sweat broke out on her temples even in a full on AC environment, her breath hitched as he started moving in side her slowly and she felt another strange feeling, she was scared of anything tht was new and strange this time so her screamed grew some more …

He felt she was too tight for him. And seeing her so paniced he stoped doing what he was and get himself out of her body laying in the same position above her, he watched her face but she never stopped crying, he looked at her for some time’..if it was anyother girl specialy those oportunistic models who always dreamed of sleeping with him then they would have enjoyed like hell his totally different and slightly gentle style here, but khushi was surely not the one who enjoyed this situation ,she was kidnaped and more than that she was an innocent’never knew such things even existed in this world so she did’nt liked wht he was doing with her as these things were alien for her. she knew womens get involve in some sort of physical activities with their husbands but she did’nt knew the exact things’even now she was’nt sure tht wht he was doing were exactly the same things or has he punished her by entering her like tht. She never knew about these pains. She did’nt liked wht he did, she felt disgusted and humiliated extremly. Though he was gentel enough for her in the bed as compare to his behaviour other times but her mind not ready to accept what was happening to her lead her to a situation of shock and she fainted.

He grabbed her chin and shaked her a bit but she still did’nt opened her eyes, he patted her cheeks but she still did’nt. She was cold as ice and motionless. Her long hairs flying on her face with air tht was coming from the window, skin some more pale than she usually was, face covered with tears and puffy eyes. she was looking divine with a lot of innocence on her face.

“How come some one can look so innocent even after having a cunning heart”‘ he thought , removing strands of hairs from her teary face. He stood up from the bed setting his dress. And what he saw was enough to make him confuse. His bed sheet was full of blood where she was laying.

“Bloody hell’.WTH is this ‘Blood?” he thought moving his fingures in his hairs worriedly.

“how come they did’nt make out ever? But what about those nasty pictures? Or may be like my detectives told me tht her mothers was always with her so they may not have found their privicay’.or may be it was in my fate to be her first’.(he remembered her pledges and cries and became worried some more but then soothed himself
down)”May be she wanted to save this special time for him thats why she was stopping me… or may be she is worried becoz she lost it to me and not him? Disgusting”…but he has no right over her…i have …after all she is my wife and she has to spend her whole life with me and besides it happens the first time with many girsls so its fine, I shd’nt be worried abt’hey’wait a minute..why am I worried abt her? she is the same person who has caused so much pain in our lives’she has distroyed two lifes together and killed one little one as well and now she thinks she will be treated nice? Why the hell? And tht thing ..tht bloody shyam has to know tht” his face straightened from a worried one after realizing tht he defeated shayam and her by being her first.

He called shayam

“hello’boliye Arnav kia kehna hy apko ab’.dekhiye agar ap ny humain apni Di ki request karnay k liye fone kia hy tou sorry humain ab un main koi dilchasbi nahi rahi, likin han agar ap ny kuch aur kehna hy tou hum sun rahay hain’.(he laughed evily)..ab itnay saal ap humary sale sahab rahay hain tou hum apkay liye itna tou kr hi saktay hain’!” he laughed again (Hello yeh speak Arnav..see if u have called me to request abt ur Di then I am sorry as I have no intrest in her any more. But yeh if it not about her and u wana talk to me then I am listening’its just tht u were being my brother in law for sucha long time so u can have this favour is’nt it..)

“Arnav Singh Raizada kabhi kisi ko request nahi karta’.kun k main wo cheez chen leta hun jo mujhy chahye hoti hy'” he said gritting his teeths in a low dangerous tone and alarming shayam about some thing tht was being done and now he has called to inform him only. (Arnav singh raizada never requests some one..coz he always snatch it what he wants)

“ matlab hy apka?” shayam said tensed at his tone (Wha..What do u mean)

“Khushi'” he said making shayam’s heart pound in worry

“Kia? Khushi kia? Kahan hy khushi?” shayam said worried as he remembered how she was not avaliable at home and even her phone was not reachable since she left from the lunch tht day. (What khushi? Where is khushi?)

“I have marked her as mine’ab wo meri hy’aur agar tum uskay as pass bhi bhatkay ayenda , tou yad rakhna tum ayenda bhataknay k tou kia chalnay k kabil bhi nahi raho gy, aur yeh baat yaad rakhna’kun k itna tou tum jan hi chukay ho mujhy k Arnav singh raizada dhamki denay ki adat nahi hy ‘so take this as a warning..” he said and cutted off the call leaving shayam of nowhere and angry on his failure and loss. (she is mine now ..and if I saw u roaming around her ever in my life then u will not be able to walk for the rest of ur life’and u better have known till now tht Arnav singh raizada never have a habit of threatening, so take this as a warning.)

After that he dailed another number’.

“Dr. Asha’I want u in my farm house..urgently” he said in his phone

“OK Mr. Arnav singh raizada I am coming ” she said

“Thanks” he cut off the call and looked at khushi who was laying on the bed , the bed sheet still cluthed to her chest in the same position when she was awake some time ago, while other part of her body exposed..he came to her and covered her with the blanket removing the bed sheet from her hands. “Why am I doing this?”‘he thought to himself’and then answered himself again ..”may be becoz the doct is coming and she shd not see her like tht, even if she is a lady”‘.he never knew himself but he was already feeling possessive about her.


“Mr. Raizada who is she can I ask?” the doct asked him who was standing in the window looking out side, his brown intense eyes shinning in the sunlight making them look more intense. The doctor was a lady between 45 to 50s and was one of their family doctors and she knew them from a long time, but she was never ever been called by him in sucha manner, for a girl and tht too in a farm house’WHY? She thought

“She is my wife” said ASR

“Oh..congratulations Mr. Raizada ,u got married, when?” she asked pleasingly

“in my childhood” he said not looking at her still

“Ohh’and how old is ur wife’? I don’t think she is an adult even’am I right?” she asked for a confirmation.

“Yes u r right..she is just 17” he said looking back at her and then sitting on the soffa near the window.

“uhh I am sorry Mr. Raizada I am going to ask u a personal question but its about ur wife’s health so its important ” she asked hessitently

“ask” ‘. his face expressionless

“I know it was her first time, so was she ready mentally and physically when u guys make out?” she asked

“No” was his answer only still having no expressions on his face.

“then she is under shock Mr.Raizada’ u see as she is young and so was mentally not able to accept her new life so she fainted’. I recommend u shd spend some time with her making her relax with urself and then do it again’I hope she will be fine next time if u are gentle with her “. She said smiling to him , actually she treated such husbands very harshly when any of such case came to hospital in which she worked but since she was not talking to a common man ,she was talking to Arnav Singh Raizada so she was too carefull in order not to make him angry as she knew his anger being their old family doctor.

“Right’treat her for now”‘he commanded the lady doctor with having no intrest in what ever she was talking

“Ok Mr. Raizada’these are some medicines she needs when she get up, make sure she shd ate some thing before she have the medicines.” She finally checked khushi one last time and left.

He looked at khushi’s face with concern eyes when she left’and he was shocked to realize tht he was concern for her’. he fighting the fight between his heart and mind left the room closing the door slowly as he did’nt wanted to disturb her.