Arnav planned to take khushi with himself to his farm house ..and so he lied to angali tht becoz of his office’s renovation he is being handling his bussiness from farm house so he don’t want any trips there as he don’t want any kind of disturbance in farm house any more. But actually he wanted to keep khushi away from their eyes. As he knew his sister’s soft heart would immediately melt after seeing this girl here.


The car was stopped with a jerk and khushi tried to open her eyes to see where she was, but she could’nt as she was too dizzy to even held her head up for a sec. she was sleepy as she had not have any sleep since she was with him.

He got out off the car and came towards her side and opened her door’picked her up in his arms and started moving inside the house’.khushi felt like floating in the air’every thing around her was blurred. He stopped near the swimming pool out side the residence and threw khushi in it’ khushi’s eyes got shoot open as she came back to her senses when thrown in cold water. She looked at the water first and then at him who was standing on the edge of the pool and watching him seriously.

“Agar hosh main agayi ho tou bahar niklo pani sy'” he said (so now if u r fully awake then get the hell of this water.)

Khushi looked at him for a while ‘gaining her senses back and then looked at the surroundings’.she saw a she was in a big pool surrounded by a huge garden and boundried by small wooden walls tht were too small even for a kid to jumped off them, no human was seen around and it was a great chance for escape she thought'”What if I ran off from there and then get some police help” she looked at him as the idea striked her head’!

“What are u waiting for? Get the hell out of this pool RIGHT NOW’.!!!!!” He shouted and she knew once if she let him grab once again ..he will surely complete tht now wht was left tht night’.goosebumps apeared on her whole body with fear as she think of the consequences after getting out of this pool and not using the oportunity of running away right now’who know tht he tie me once again after getting in and lock me so I will not be able to find sucha great oportunity again.

She looked at him and started backing off slowly in the water..he watched her trying to understand her gestures and her motives behind her movements ‘.

Suddenly she turned around and started running in the pool towards the stairs on her back ,leaving the ones who were just two steps far away from her reach’she got herself out of the pool splashing water every where and gave him a scared look and again started running towards those small wooden walls that seemed so near from the water but were actually too far away’she cursed the distance between her and the walls not looking back even for a sec and running as her life depends on it.

He saw her running towards the wall’.standing at the same place where he was, got his phone out of his pocket and called some one not removing his eyes from the girl who was now jumping off the walls and running towards the exit of the green plolo ground.

“Get the girl inside” he barked his orders at his security officer.

“yes sir..”

Khushi was running like a manic without looking here and there ‘not seeing the security standing at different spots on the polo ground maintaing a distance from each other. She was about to exit the ground when she was caught by two strong arms ‘she stoped having shocked expressions on her face’and then she was busy pledging the gaurds to release her and let her go home untill the drag her inside the residence to its huge hall. They behaved like they are deaf not listening to any of her requests.

He was sitting on a huge leather Soffa like a king having a glass of red vine in his hands ‘.sipping it after a fine span of time while watching a huge plasma TV infront of him’. Not looking at the two men who were carrying the girl’the men waited for his orders.

Finnaly he barked his orders’

“Leave her here and go”‘.still not looking at them, watching TV patiently.

The gaurds left her in the hall and went out of the hall closing it ,khushi stood there breathless , afraid of the result of her escaping like this, she stood straight not moving a bit like she forgot how to walk. He placed his drink on the table and looked at her for a good span of time ‘ she looked down at her feet bitting her lower lip in fear as she did’nt knew wht to do’.her breathing becoming uneven as he did’nt broke his gaze’. He stood up from the soffa and came closer without saying a word to her wonder as she was expecting his warth’.he slided his hands in her nape and pulled her as he leaned in to kiss her lips but she jerked his hands and ran towards the door which was closed ‘ tht was it for him’he rushed towards her and grabbed her and turned her face towards him’

“ENOUGH’BOHOT HO GAYA YEH SAB’Ab sedhi tarhan sy man jao nahi tou ulti tarhan sy manwana ata hy mujhy'” he said threatingly. (ENOUGH’I’ve had too much from u now’look girl’if u did’nt understood wht I am saying the right way..i know how to deal with u the other way)

“Kun? Kun maan jain hum? Samjhtay kia hain ap mujhy? Khared k laye hain humain? Samjhtay kia hain apnay app ko?” she shouted back at him (why? Why the hell shd I understand? Wht the hell do u think of me? Do u think u have bought me? Wht the hell do u think of urself?)

He grabbed her neck and pushed her to the glass door brutually

“I SAID ENOUGH’ENOUGH OF THIS NONSENSE ‘..”‘with tht he ripped her neck line revealing her lacy bra from inside her dress. And khushi when saw the time near of wht she was afraid of starting pushing him hard and when he did’nt she used all her legs and arms against him making him more angry. And he dragged her to the bed room , pushed her on bed with great force tht she stopped breathing for some time becoz tht push as her breath remained stuck in her chest becoz of tht push’. He turned back and closed the door behind and again walked towards her..

Khushi backed off as he moved forward taking slow predatory steps towards her, her legs hited the bed and the next sec she fell on the bed sitting on it and raised on of her trembling hands to stop him from coming near’he grabed the same wrist and moved it aside as he was close enough to her mouth, and she turned her face side way in order to avoid looking in his dark eyes. he grabbed her from under her jaw.

“Bohot himat hy tum main? Likin tumhain main us wakt tak torun ga jis wakt tak tumhari sari himat toot nahi jati”. He said a dangerous low tone ‘. (U have too much courage hun?from now on I’ll break u untill all of ur courage is vanished.)

And then khushi’s screams were heard in each and every corner of the building but nobody came to help ,as he ripped her clothes leaving scractches on her delicate skin and making tht scratch bleed slightly.