“Tumhari himat kaisay hui mujhy push karnay ki?” he shouted on her and she was instantly backed off from terror. (How dare u push me)


She looked at him like a terrified dear’.and then towards the door only to be pulled back through her hairs harshly by him. A heart aching scream escaped her mouth as she felt the extreme pain, she yellped and cried in extreme pain tht she felt in her scalp as her hairs being pulled brutually’he pulled her towards the bed and pushed her on to it all with the help of her hairs. She started moving back ward to get off the bed but her ankel was caught in his strong grip as he pulled her back to the bed and hovered over her. She was laying horizontaly on the bed so he picked her up and set her head on the pillows changing her position. Khushi was fighting him and tht was causing his anger to raise. When she failed to stop him from doing wht he was to her, she started punching him with her little hands on his chest his arms and where ever her hands reached..she was moving her hands with a high speed ‘though her little hands were unable to cause any damage to him but still he did’nt liked them moving this way. So he roughly grab her hands and pulled, causing her whole uper body to be pulled along with the hands and then he pinned both her wrists to the bed and placed his knee on them. khushi was now crying badly and was moving her feets like her hands some time ago when he started ripping her dress’causing her to scream. He was only done with one of her shoulders when the phone rang again.


It must be some thing important ..otherwise amaan won’t call me the 2nd time.


He kept his left hand on khushi’s mouth to stop her screams and with his right hand he pressed the button on his blue tooth to answer the call. Khushi was some how relaxed as he has stopped what he was doing.


“Yes Aman”‘he said while pulling khushi’s hands from under his knees and grabing them with his free hand..while khushi sobbed in his hand on her mouth. His hands were wet from her tears.


“Mainy kaha tha na ‘mujhy disturb mat karna”‘He said into his phone in a low dangerous voice. (I told u not to disturb me)


“Sorry sir likin wo madam bohot zid kr rahi hain aik bar apsay baat karnay k liye” his assistant said scared of his boss’s reaction. (sorry sir but tht madam is not willing to leave us untill u talk to her.)


“give her the damn phone”‘he said


“Hello’dekiye Arnav beta’humain aik bar khushi ki awaz suna dijye bhagwan k liye..warna humari sansain hi ruk jain gi’sirf yeh aik ehsan kr dijye hum py..hum kasam khatay hain hum poilice ko isme involve nahi karein gy’ap bas humari bachi ko kuch mat kehna..plzzz hum sirf aik bar khushi ko dekhna chahtay hain” garima pledged in the phone as she heard khushi’s fainted sobs in the phone, knowing fully tht now as her little butterfly is caught by him he has already started punishing her, she may never be able to see her face as he will do tht as a revenge from her for snatching his parents forever. (See Arnav beta’plz leme hear khushi’s voice once’I cant live like tht with out her plz, I swear tht I will not involve poilice into this, but u plz don’t do any thing to her, plzz for God sake’I only wanted to see her once plz. )


“theek hy’ap akhri bar apni beti ko dekh lijye”‘.he looked at khushi who was sobbing silently in his hand and cutted off the phone. (ok I will let u see her the last time in ur life.)


She knew Raizada’s very well, they were powerful and nobody dared to go against them. she was sure of her daughter’s future now,,,it was dark’! Tears rolled down on her face from her weak eyes ‘she removed her glasses and wipe off the tears. She was failed at last..she hidded her daughter from the world but she lost her , she failed to protect her daughter.


She never tried to explain to him , after when Raizada’s were not willing to listen to her after his parent’s murder’thinking it useless now ..knowing fully well tht they don’t think when they are angry.




“Mamaaa”” a scream escaped khushi’s mouth when she broked her toe nail while being pulled back by ASR when she was struggling hard to get herself free after seeing her mom.


“Arnav beta dekho khushi ko chot mat pohunchao’usay kuch nahi pata..us ny kuch nahi kia'” garima pledged seeing her little butterfly screaming for her in pain. (Arnav son plz dun hurt khushi like tht ‘she has done nothing.)


Arnav yanked khushi to himself from her elbow ,causing her already bruised elbow to bruise some more and she yelleped in pain. Crying badly and trying to get free of his grip to get to her mother who was standing only some steps far from her but with his men at gun point causing her to stand where she was and not moving to get to her daughter’garima sat on the ground seeing her daughter’s condition infront of her’while khushi who was struggling hard in his grip to get to her mother. He loosen his grip and she ran to her mother clapsing in her chest crying badly, sitting on the floor , embracing each other’


“Mama ‘mujhy bacha loo plz..yeh kon hain aur in ny kun humain pakar k rakha hy? Mama dekho na inhon ny mera kia haal bana dia hy,(she showed her her bruises and garima cried seeing this sort of torchour on her innocent daughter) mama plz main inkay sath nahi jaon ge’inhon ny humary sath’humary sath.. hum wapas iskay sath nahi jana chahtay plz mama plz'” and she cryed badly in her mother’s arms. (Mama plz save me from him, who is he and why he has imprissioned me like tht? Mama see ‘.wht has he done with me’mama plz I will not go with her plzz ‘he tried to..he just’.he’I just don’t wana go with him plz take me with urself plz mama.)


“dekh lia apni beti ko?” he said while coming closer to them and khushi tried to hide herself in her mother’s embrace seeing him coming closer. (so have u seen ur daughter now?)


Khushi was always a mama’s baby, she was pampered by garima like she was still some 7 years old, garima could’nt tolerate even a single scractch on her body and now wht was happening to her left poor garima too shocked at her daughter’s condition and at her revealition of the things tht he had tried to do with khushi tht she forgot all the languages of the world’soon she came back to her senses as khushi was snatched back from her embrace ,as she was pulled back from the ground by him and he moved towards the door pulling khushi with him , while khushi kept on screaming for her mother.


“Arnav bita plzzz plzzz bhagwan k liye khushi ko kuch mat karna’khushi massom hy usay kuch nahi pata’beta plzzz bhagwan k liye’tumhain bhagwan ka wasta aisa mat karo plz'” (Arnav son plz don’t hurt her for God sake she has done nothing I am telling u again and again’don’t hurt her , she is innocent.)


but her words were in her mouth as the door was banged and he has already taken khushi with him self.