He removed the strands of hairs from her face.

“Tum itna dar kun rahi ho? Kia us shyam ny tumhain kabhi hath nahi lagaya? ” (Why r u so scared? Like that bastered shyam does’nt touched u ever?)

In response her breathing increased as she heard his demonic voice.

“Jo sab tum karti rahi ho itni si umer main ‘wo sab karty huay tumhain dar nahi lag? Yah shayad tum soch bhi nahi sakti thi k iska itna bhayanak result tumhary samnay aye ga?…hmmm?” he touched her neck from the back of his hand, to have the silky feeling of her creamy skin on his rough hands. (wht the hell were u thinking while being so bitchy in sucha young age?or may be u could never have thought tht about this horriable results ever? Hmm???)

“hum kuch nahi janty ap kia keh rahy hain’aur hum ny aisa kuch nahi kia jiski humain itni bari saza milay”‘she said gathering her courage in her voice but then again’.his hands were on her’.. she fliched once again trying to turn her face’.! (I don’t know wht u r saying? And I have done nothing tht horriable tht can lead to such results.)

“yeh baat tum nahi main decide karun ga k tumhain kaisi aur kis tarhan ki saza milni chahye”. And with tht he slid his hand under her frok and she started screaming’.! (this thing I have to decide tht how much and how u shd be punished, NOT U.)

“Mamaaa’.” She screamed to the fullest of her voice

“Nobody is gona save ur little soul now Mrs. Khushi singh Raizada”‘.!

For the time being she forgot wht he was doing with her and wonder for a sec tht wht he just called her’.but soon when his hands reached her bare tummy under her frok she came back to senses’.

“Nahi’.rukiye'” she pledged (NO’.. plz stop’)

But he was not listening

“hum ny kaha rukiye bhagwan k liye’hum khushi singh raizada nahi hain” she cried again requestingly. (I said stop’for God sake plz’.i am not khushi singh raizada’.)

He was busy exploring her silky warm skin under her dress when he suddenly pulled back his hands from her frok and started pulling it off her body when she screamed.

“Hum ny kaha na ..ap kisi ghalat fehmi ka shikar hain’hum khushi singh raizada nahi hain’.hum’.” (I told u I am not khushi singh raizada , u r surely mistaken ‘I am’.) khushi screamed at the ruthless man sitting infront of her, who seemed least intrested in her talks and more in her body.

“Khushi kumari gupta Right?” he cutted her off and completed her sentence and she was shocked for some time’

Khushi was confused on all this..why this man was calling her khushi singh raizada? As far as she remembered “singh raizada” was his own sur name’then why was he adding his sur name after hers? If he wanted me tp become his wife then there were other good ways ..why would he humiliate me? Why? She stared in his eyes for some moment and then she gathered courage to ask him.

“humary hath kholiye’..” she pledged (plz let my hands free)

He look at her wrists tht were bruised now becoz of the tight nod of his hankerchief on it and then at her ‘she was not tht strong to fight him back even if she was not tied. The thought tht he could’nt enjoy her if she remain tied like tht compeled him to untie her body’he untied her fully and she sat on bed straight, backing off from him, and rubbing her wrists tht lack flow of blood becoz of tight nods, he moved his hand to reach her elbow and before he can grab her she jumped from the bed and ran towards some windows in the hall , he saw her lazily sitting on the bed still as she knocked all the windows and screamed for help.

“This Room is sound prof'” he said

A sudden gust of fear ran through her whole body.

But she did’nt gave up and continued banging the windows

“Koi hyyy’plz humain yahan sy nikaliye’humari madad kary koi’bhagwan k liye koi sun lo” (is there any body who can help me plz’plz some body help me..)’she screamed in the closed windows ‘ she was fumbling with the window to see where the lock is when she realized tht its lock from outside’ she was running like a manic here an there in the room to find a way out and checking all the windows tht weather any one was left open or not .and he was observing all her activitied’relaxed as he knew there was no way out for her’in the room and in her life.

She ran to the corner window to check it when he stood up and started walking towards her ‘she was too busy with the window tht she only realized it when he was standing only some steps behind her’. She turned slowly as she felt his presense and tried to run from the side when she was pinned brutually to the wall’and he kept his fingure on her lips

“Shhssshhh’..chup’.u shout too much’.u r too loud on ears'” he said with some evil expressions causing her breath to hitch and scream some more’

“Help meee”‘.she was screaming using all her body’s energy and was trying to free herself from his grip but it was useless’

“SHUT UP”‘He commanded but she was too scared to notice any words coming out of his mouth and continued screaming and crying uncontrollably’untill she was kissed mercilessly ‘she became still when she felt his lips on her ..a thousand wolt current ran through her whole body and she was quite’. The kiss was painfull and she was moaning painfully in his mouth. His hand on her nape and the other hand clucthing her both wrists behind her back together. The kiss was a punishment but became tender as they continued kissing God knows wht caused him to enjoy the kiss and her taste’she tasted sweet’she must have been fond of chocklates too much like other teenagers he thougth. As the kiss became tender she too stop struggling in his grip and tears stoped coming out of her eyes. He let her wrists go and cupped her face, her hands were calmly hanging on her sides now ‘he was kissing her with more passion and exploring her mouth’she was not at all resisiting him’it was the first time she had ever felt a man’s lips on hers. And it was so sensual tht it would’nt be true if she said she was not effected. She was having a mixed feeling of fear, horror, sensuality and attraction’.No doubt it was hard to resist Arnav Singh Raizada..even for his prey’it was like a lamb entering a lion’s den itself and asking the lion to taste its blood.

Every thing in their mind was gone blank as their lips touched’He forgot tht he was punishing her and she forgot tht she was kidnaped. He felt so strange and familiar at the same time ,like she knows him forever. Tht was a confusing and strange feeling for both of them. they were lost in each other when his phone rang. And they came back to their senses and she pushed him hard on his chest’.! Creating a gap between them as she breath heavily and looked at him scaredly’and humiliated.

“Wht the hell this man was doing to me” she thought to herself. The feelings were alien for her.

He looked at her angrily before cutting the phone off.

“Tumhari himat kaisay hui mujhy push karnay ki?” he shouted on her and she was instantly backed off from terror sensing the unusuallness. (how dare u pushed me?)