“Hello” he picked up his fone after locking the room behind khushi and walking through corridoor

“Sir police ja chuki hy ,likin us larki ki maa yeh hotel chor k jana nahi rahi jab tak uski beti nahi mil jati”‘his assistant informed him (sir the police has gone but her mother is not willing to leave untill she finds her)

“Right! Us aurat ko mere office main bethao” he order his employee (Right .get her in my office)

“Right Sir”‘


“Dekhiye Mr. mere beti issi hotel sy missing hy, main tab tak nahi jaown gi jab tak mujhy meri beti nahi mil jati’..aur mujhy pora yakeen hy k wo yahin hy” ”’Said garima to a man who just entered his office, suited gracefully in a dark grey colored 3 piece suit, putting his hands in his trouser’s pockets, walking slowly towards his seat. (see mr. my daughter is missing from this place I am sure and I am not leaving untill I find her)

“Really u think so?” he asked her in a slow and serious tone

“Jee han” she said  (offcourse I do)

” then u r 100% right Mrs. Garima Gupta” he said sitting on his big leather chair infront of her looking straight in her eyes.

“Jee?” she was confused (what?)

“How do u know me Mr’?” she asked

“Arnav Singh Raizada” he completed her sentence

Garima felt like she would faint right here on the spot’suddenly she became hell worried of her little girl thinking this man would have done some thing to her.

“A’A..Aarnav beta ‘app? ” Garima gulped hard

“Kun? Yakeen nahi araha mujhy apni ankhon k samnay dekh kr? ” he ask rather sarcasticly (why? U think it’s a night mare ?)

“Apko kia laga tha? K ap usay meri nazron sy bacha sakti hain?” he asked sarcastikly (how the hell u thought u can hide her from my eyes?)

“Tou iska matlab hy k khushi ap k pas’?” She said looking at him with a scared face.(so thts mean she is with..u’.?)

“Han mere pas hy’aur aj k bad mere hi pas rahy gi… aur aik baat’ ayenda k bad mujhy koi police is case main nazar na aye’warna main uska wo haal karun ga k ap bhi api beti ko pehchan nahi pao gi..and u knw what I am capabale of doing and secondly’police ko involve krnay sy apka apka nuksan hoga..kun k humari shadi k zimidar jo log bhi thy ab un mein sy koi bhi iss dunia main nahi hy siwaye ap k..and u knw the drill right? Saza pehlay apko hogi mujhy nahi, coz em having my wife back only” he said in a dangerous low tone , warning her making her shiver thinking of her poor little daughter who never knew wht was happening to her and why? (yes u r right’and she will be with me for the rest of her life’and one thing more’.i don’t want police in this case other wise it will be ur loss more coz u were the one who made a illegal step not me’and second if u still did this’u will be responsible for her state)

He got up from his chair and moved forward towards the exit leaving a pledging garima behind.

“Arnav beta’plz meri baat suniye’.khushi us wakt bohot choti thi, khushi ko kuch bhi pata nahi hy is sab k baray main’uska koi kasoor nahi hy’.plz usay kuch mat krna ‘” she was left half way when she heard the door slam on her face and he was gone. if garima would have known the actual reason of him finding khushi now after so many years then she would have worried some more, becoz right now she was not aware tht he is here to take revenge specialy from khushi and not becoz of her father basically, her father’s sin was an added thing into his hate reasons…garima only thought he is here to take her wife back, if she ever knew tht he kidnaped khushi for her own uncommitted sin then she would have paniced much more than that. (arnav son plz listen to me ..khushi was a kid tht time ..she does’nt knows any of the things ‘plz don’t do any thing to her’plz don’t harm her she don’t knows any thing she is innocent)

“Kaisy uska koi kasoor nahi hy..?kaisay’?…usi ny meri Di ki zindagi barbad ki hy, usi ka kasoor hy aur uskay khoon ka jo uski ragon main dor raha hy'” he thought harshly while hitting the door tht he was about to open. (how the hell she is innocent? How? She is the one who ruined my Di’s life, its her fault offcourse and its all becoz of the blood in her veins.)

Khushi flinched as she heard the slam on door. Her eyes became wide in horror and her breathing heavy. It was dark in the room and she was scared of the dark.

she moaned in horror in the dark when she heard the door open and the light were on.

She saw him again’.he was looking much more angry than he was seen before in tht day. She tried to move back but she was tied. He lossen up his tie and sat on a huge black leather soffa right infront of the bed..not removing his eyes off her for even a single moment, having a serious expression on his face, his eyes looked dark and dangerous’.he opened up the bottle of Alcohal from the table and poured it in the glass laying on table, removing his gaze from her for some seconds. He drank from the glass slowly continuesly observing her teary face, her eyes were red and swollen from crying out the whole day, lashed wet and clumpy. His eyes traveled down from her face to her neck, her small curves of her heaving chest tht caused her to breath some more heavily after feeling his gaze on her sensitive area unable to control herself from doing this and his eyes travelled from her chest to her flat tummy and then stoped on her legs’.her legs were a little exposed as the bottom of her pink umbrella frok were messed up and up ,only hidding her panties but showing full of her thies ‘. She felt higly uncomfortable when she felt his eyes on her skin ‘she felt her skin burning from his gaze, and tried to move in order to settle up her frok on her thies’but she failed. And looked at him helplessly.

He stood up from sofa placing the glass on the table and started his predatory walk towards the bed where his prey was tied brutually, unable to move’.khushi paniced as she saw him coming towards her’ he stood near the bed keeping his hands in his pockets for a while and sat on the bed’khushi turned face and body to the oposite site as much as she can while tied up like tht’he placed his hand on her ankels and moved upward her body tracing each and every part in his way, covering the areas from her legs to the bone of her abdomins ,the side of her tummy and then the side of her breasts, her shoulders and then spreading  his hand on her collor bone and touched the uper part of her breasts ‘.a horrified whimper escaped khushi’s mouth. He untied her mouth but she was unable to speak still becoz of horror. He removed the strands of hairs from her face.

“Tum itna dar kun rahi ho?” (Why u r so scared?)