Flashback Continues

“hi Aryan…” Payal asked running towards him…

“Hi Payal…how r u?” he said pleasantly..

“Oh congratulations for winning the contest….i told u u were great…” she said smiling widely…and he gave her a full smile as well

“So khushi is absent today hun… “ he asked looking around Payal to find khushi

“No she is’nt ….So r u coming?”  she asked too eager to get his answer

“Where is she..? …(Payal looked at him for some time confused to get why is he so keen about khushi)…uhh I mean u seems to be alone right now” he asked her with a big smile again

“ohh…no actually is there with me (she pointed out towards the nearby benches in the lawn) she was having her cold drink and I saw u so I rushed leaving her behind to ask u…” Payal said and he looked at the bench where khushi was sitting sipping her marinda looking at some other side avoiding them…

“I thought ur friend will acompany u..?” he said a little frowning

“oh yeah she will come along with us as well if u don’t mind…” she said smiling shyly

“My pleasure…” he said

“Ok then see ya at 1300 hrs sharp…in the stadium” she said and ran towards khushi looking very happy.

“Khushiiiiiiii he said Yes Yes Yes….OMG he is too cuteee..is’nt he?” she shaked khushi like hell

“Easy Payal…. My head is spinning” khushi said holding her head…. She wanted to be happy for her friend but she could’nt as there was some thing about this guy towards herself tht was stopping her from being happy for payal…she was some how sure tht he is not interested in Payal…she gave a fake but pleasant to Payal before grabbing her arm and moving towards the football match….

“Khushi I am sorry I know u don’t have any interest in sports and I am dragging u to a match along with Aryan but u know I feel a little nervous around him when u r not with me…u gave me strength…” she said holding khushi’s hand and making a way among the seats towards the front row…

“its ok payal…Arnav ji said he’ll be coming to pick me himself but he is coming late so I have enough time here…u can utilize it “ khushi said whole heartedly…

“khushi I cant tell you how much I like Aryan… he is sucha nice and sweet guy… I swear to DM tht I’ll propose him very soon…” payal said dreaming

“Wow payal…so Aryan is going to be my jeja ji soon?” she said trying to be happy this time for her forgetting Aryan’s gaze and neglecting her doubts about Aryan…thinking tht may be she is wrong…after all she is having no experience in life so she might judge wrong…and in her openion tht was too early to judge anyone for her…

“Yeahhh he is …” payal said still in a dreaming mood.

They become straight when they say Aryan coming and sitting next to khushi other than payal… but payal managed to moved to his other side making an excuse of sunlight falling on her eyes…the rest of match was spend khushi being super silent and payal chattering with Aryan and Aryans trying to make khushi take part in the conversation but failed… they were walking towards the parking lot all three as Aryan has asked to accompany them till the parking lot. Khushi saw Arnav’s SUV entering the College gate and a smile crept upon her face which was not gone unnoticed by Aryan and Payal…Aryan saw Arnav closing his Car’s door and heading towards them..

“Jejuuuuuuu…” payal screamed as she saw Arnav in the college…

“Ok guys gota go ….see yah tomorrow” he said and gave payal a good bye hug.

“bye” payal blushed when he hugged her…

Khushi was looking at Arnav when she felt some one hugging her and she was gone numb for a couple of seconds…

“Bye Khushi…see yah tomorro” he said casually like tht hug was just nothing for him, she was silent and unable to react when he left from tht place….

“Who was he..” Arnav asked frowning when he reached them..and saw khushi’s face turning pale becoz of his fear….he knew khushi can hardly talk to guys and this could be a co incidence. So he did’nt asked further.

“just a friend…” khushi said and payal frowned at khushi for the wrong introduction…

“Payal noticed the coldness among the couple and stopped her mouth from asking Arnav for a drop…

“ummm I think I shd go now…” payal said hesitantly

“we’ll leave u…sit in the car” Arnav said and left the place towards his SUV

The whole way there was a strange silence in the car untill they left payal and he asked khushi to relax.

Flashback Ends


Khushi was back from her thoughts when she heard another beep on her cell phone ….payal was asking for her permission to bring him alone with herself in the evening.

Khushi get out of the bed and started walking towards Arnav difficultly trying not to touch her injured heel on the floor and walking on toes…she kneeled down on the recliner behind him encircling her tiny arms around his shoulers and resting them on his chest loosely and her chin rested on his shoulders.

He looked at his shoulder to see her face…

“Khushi…how many times I have told u to rest?” he said again looking at his laptop screen and typing some thing together…

“mmm?” a cute voice escaped her mouth as she was a llittle bit sleepy still. He looked back and her and kissed her checks and again started typing on his laptop…. While she huggeg him some more from his back above his forearms and rubbed her cheek with his ear while he continued working on his laptop…they remained in the same position for some time untill he closed the laptop finally after checking all reports till now and picked up his black berry to check the msgs…! Khushi steped down on the floor standing on his left side and he leaned his back on the recliner just slightly, his left hand on his thies and his black berry in his right hand infront of his eyes… she sat in his lap her lelft side  touching his chest, her legs hanging down on his left leg and her back supported by his right arm around her as he still kept on checking his phone. Khushi put her arms around him hugging him and resting her head on his chest after getting seated herself on his thies…she remained in the same position lost in her own thoughts, her eyes looking straight into the space as he was busy. Silence occupied the room for some 20 minitues untill he was finished replying some important messages on his phone. He placed the black berry on the table and put his hand around khushi hugging  by pressing her some more into his chest.

“What happened…?” he asked looking at her and leaning fully on his back now on the recliner.

“Nothing…” she said innocently without moving her gaze….and then after a few seconds snugling with him and hidding her face into his chest and he pressed her some more…but did’nt asked her again as he knew she will never tell him if he forced her.

“Do u remember that Aryan Arnav ji?” she said not looking at him

“Who Aryan?” he asked calmly

“That guy…you saw when u came to pick us from college tht day?” she remind him

“guy? But u said he is ur friend…” he said remembering that guy and not feeling very pleasant to hear his name from her mouth but he did’nt wanted to hurt khushi when she was not feeling well.

“mm…yeah…a kind of…I mean he is payal’s friend…” she said…

“hmm So?” he said

“Payal told him about my injury and he wants to join payal for Shantivan…can i??can I say Yes to payal?” she said hesitantly looking at him for any sign of dislike about the things she said but there was nothing…

“Ok..” was all he said before closing his eyes and trying to relax himself, keeping a hand on khushi’s head as she keep at staring him to make her relax with him.

“Sleep” he said finally resting her head on his chest and closing her eyes with his hand.

He knew his wife very well…he knew how innocent khushi was and how honest as well…she can never do anything that will let him down…but the only thing that was worrying him was Aryan himself….he did’nt liked the way that guy hugged khushi..he noticed how he was all over her while hugging her that day…and it was obvious from khushi’s face tht she was’nt expecting the hug…and the meaning was clear….khushi was not as friendly as he was trying to be….he trusted his wife but not the other guys around her as she was too innocent to handle this kind of mess of it ever happened in the future….and he just wanted to keep her away from all kind of worries…but as she stated he was acompnying payal and was payal’s friend and he even knew payal was not a kind of girl who made male friends so he knew the guy was some one special for payal so he agreed…


“Khushi ji…have u send OP ji to a pet shop?” Angali entered the room when she was laying on her bed playing on her cell as Arnav was out for some work and she was boring alone.

“hun?” she looked up at Angali…trying to cover her legs as she was still wearing Arnav’s shirt….as Angali has teased her a lot in the morning about it and she could change the shirt but she was loving wearing it as it smells of him so she was not in a mood to remove it off her body….

“look at this khushi ji…OP jee said khushi ji has asked to bought it for herself…!” she showed him a little pink colored chick tht she was holding in her hands…

“Awwwwwwwwww thts soooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee…that’s mine Di….yes I have asked OP ji for tht…is’nt it cute…” she said extending her hand towards angali to hold the little chick tht was sitting comfortably in angali’s palm….she gave it to khushi and khushi kissed its head…

“Khushji ji u r too much….” Angali said laughing…

“so I am…” khushi said….

“Actually Di… Arnav ji comes late from office daily and my classes ends early these days, Arnav ji don’t like kids so I thought I shd pet a chick to play with it untill he comes…” khushi said

“hmmm thts a good idea…” Angali said smiling

“ok khushi ji now I am leaving for market I have a lot of work to do…you take care of ur self and ur pet…” Angali said patting little chick’s head who was now looking at angali.

“OK Di…” Khushi said


Khushi was playing with the chick on her bed when the naughty chick sliped from her hand and ran under the bed…khushi was furious now…she was having a foot injury and her little friend was teasing her…

“Come here…come here chickyyy…” khushi screamed as he jumped off the bed and ran under the bed.

She got down on the floor slowly and bend down to see under the bed where it was hiding, taking care of her injured foot…she moved forward under the bed untill her half body was out when she heard the door open and Arnav’s shoes from under the bed…

“Khushi??? Khushiiii??? Where r u answer me?” he search her irritatingly when he did’nt find her. And she tried to get out of the bed holding her pet but she was stuck….

“Arnav jiii I am here….” She screamed loud….

“Where?” he asked

“Uhh…aa…uuuunder the bed Arnav ji..” she said shouting but in a calm mood

“What The…What r u doing here khushi…. U’ll hurt urself , get out from there Right Now…” he scolded her

“Uhhh Actually Arnav jii…I am not fond of living there…buhhh ….the actual story is….” She said strugling a little to move from there but off no course.

“Khushi..I am no mood to hear any stupid stories….Get The Hell Out Of That Place Right NOW…!” he shouted and khushi realized his tone and struggled

“But I can’nt ….all I wanted to say was tht I am stuck..” she said making a face under the bed…

“Please pull me out Arnav ji before I see any spiders in there…” she said scaredly…

He rolled his eyes on her childish acts and pulled her out holding her waist….

“What is that…?and What is he doing here?” He said looking at the little chick amuzed…

“Thts my pet Arnav ji…u know like u have those alligators….” She said smiling…and he keep on looking at her for some seconds not understanding what to answer untill he finally noticed the chick’s color.

“u r unbeliveable…” he said looking at her strangely

“and why is he pink?he is not supposed to be like that….did u paint him khushi…?” he said looking amuzed at the chick in khushi’s hand.

“No…it was already dyed …” she said smiling. And he sighted thinking her to be seriously very strange, removing his jacket and going towards the pool side.

“Come baby…” she said lovingly to her chick and kissed its head…making him stop in his tracks as he heard her sweet voice…not believing his ears tht khushi can call him with sucha lovely way…he turn back and saw her talking to the chick and rolled his eyes feeling extremly jealous of the chick.


“is’nt he cute na Arnav ji….kuchi kuchiiii koooo….” She rubbed the chick’s head with her index finger.

“hmmm” he said laying on the bed for some rest before evening….

“He’ll sleep with us…” she said placing the chick down off her chest between them and patting its head lovingly…

“What? Khushi No…I’ll ask OP to take care of him while u rest…just sleep now…”

“No Na Arnav jii….u too have pets….” She said innocently

“Yeah Right…but I don’t think I sleep with them on the same bed” he said

“But they are grown up na…look at him he is sooooo smaaalllllll….i need to take care of him untill he is grown up fully” she innocently said picking the chick’s head with her finger.

“What ever” he said and lay down on the bed closing his eyes turning his back towards him while she was busy patting the chick…..comparing the little chick with his wife…who was as innocent as him and she also needed to be taken care untill she is grown up fully…turn his head and watched her face…she does’nt look much different than the chick….she too was as fragile as he was… and cute as well…he smiled as she was lost in her own world with her new friend and turn his head back and slept.

Khushi was asleep now when Arnav opened his eyes feeling some thing walking on his hand….he found the chick standing on his hand looking at him…he looked at him for a couple of minutes, he picked him up gently and place it between the pillows again keeping a hand lightly on him so tht he does’nt run away again and disturb her. Khushi woke up after some time and saw Arnav sleeping like tht…. She smiled finding him too cute with the chick….and caressed his checks before she took the chick from his hand, changed into a nice long skirt and gave her pet to OP as she steadily walk towards kitchen on her toes difficultly to make some thing for Payal and Aryan who were be arriving after an hour aproximately.