“You don’t have to be super nice always ..some times u have to show ur bad side so that you can sort out who can accept you at ur worst”

Khushi woke up when she felt a sting of pain in her foot as she hit the bed’s edge with her foot on Arnav’s side”..

“Ouchhh’..ouchhh ouuuchhh’OUCHHH” she screamed as her foot pained like a snake sting, making Arnav wake up with a shock’

“Wht happened’.. Khushi? U OK? What happened”Damit speak up..” he woke up hell scared for her as she screamed extremly loud”

“My’Foot’.” She managed to say between her screams’. He tried to see her foot but when he noticed her position he rolled his eyes as she was sleeping on him fully unlike routine when she lyed half on him’.she was laying fully on his body and so her foot hit the wooden edge of his side when she was about to turn to his side and land on the ground as there was no space left on his side becoz of her’.

He moved her gently to her side off him and keeping his hand under her nape and the other hand holding her knee of the foot to steady her so tht her foot does’nt get further hurt”

“Shhh’khushi I got u’I got u’I got u’calm down'” he tried to calm her down caressing her cheeks, fortunately angali whoes room was the nearest was gone to mandir early morning but if any body in the house got alert and comes here, as she was not wearing anything other than her undergarments and his shirt tht she has got off him for the love act last night and then wore it herself instead of giving him back while he was in his black trousers and black vest with with a little left up stubble on his face’.! He carssed her face slowly as she calmed down a little bit breathing fastly having tears in her eyes but her pain soothed a little bit’

“Relax’.” He wishpered in her ears kissing under her ear gently still holding her knee in his hand’

“Tell me where it hurts'” he asked

she picked up her leg and pointed at her bandaged foot tht was bleeding once again’

“OK’calm down OK’I am coming'” he said and got up from the bed and came back after the first aid box and started dressing her wound. After he was done he called payal and asked her to give khushi’s application as she is not coming today and told her about her injury’payal asked him if she can come today to see khushi and he said yes. Khushi was quite and did’nt said a word as he looked worried and serious’ after tht he called aman as well and asked him to take care of things and send him the work files and reports online so tht he can check them from home as he will not be avaliable today in the office’they did their breakfast in the room and he sat on the recliner with his laptop to see some reports’ while khushi was forbidden for taking her feet down off the bed, she was watching TV and texting payal when she slept again sitting as he keep on doing his work in the room’.checking her time after time’he saw her sleeping in a sitting posture and made her sleep comfortably on the bed covering her with the quilt and sat back again on the recliner to work turing the TV off’.

Khushi woke up with the beep of her cell phone on the bed and looked around’. She has slept for one hour and still he was working sitting on the recliner the same way'”does’nt he get tired ever?” she thought and grab her cell phone to see the text’ her facial expressions getting changed into tensed one as she keep on reading the text’it was payal’s text’

“Khushi’its weird but Aryan has asked for you for some 1000th time in this single hour’and he was asking about ur home adress as he wanted to see you before going back to shimla’I don’t know weather I shd give him or not'”

Khushi got lost in her thoughts not knowing what to reply’.what if Arnav did’nt liked it if she calls her male fellows at Shantivan’ but she needs to ask him any ways before replying payal’.after all the were coming for asking her, and it was not like that they were her friends even’if there was anyother guy other than Aryan she would have denied right away without asking Arnav’but Aryan was payal’s crush’Payal was mad about tht guy and she wanted to have him with her at any cost’he was at her college for a couple of days for a Design Contest for Fashion students’.was a very handsome, cool and bright guy’..usually La was found around him but he never give a damn’.he was’nt interested in La kind of girls’as he has many like her’!

Khushi was lost in her thoughts sitting on the bed once again’.


“Payal’don’t even think tht I’ll show u my designs before u bring me an orange juice…” khushi said fanning herself from her note book in the full on AC cafe environment’ payal who was in her way towards the table where khushi was already seated alone stopped and turn back towards the counter rolling her eyes on her and khushi gave her a big smile’

Khushi sat there keeping her elbows on the table and cupping her face, one leg on the other crossing and revealing her milky long legs till her white and silver steletos. The boys on the near by table checked her from top to bottom giving special attention to her sliky skin revealing from her neckline and very stylish sleveless white and silver shaffon layered frok’ one of the best piece of AR designs’

“take this khushi’and now help me with these stupid assignment’I tell you’u r becoming greedy day by day” payal said keeping the glass of orange jucie infront of khushi and extending her her note book’

“hmmm'” khushi said while taking a sip of orange juice and grabbing the note book from khushi’s hands’

“I don’t know what I am doing in Fashion Designing’ uhh’.i never wanted to be there’.but my mom is ambitious about my career’she says there is no bright future in fine arts'” Payal stated her sad story infront of khushi’

“there is no need for clearifications Payal’I am already doing it for u hunn” khushi said lost in payal’s incomplete design’her voice boring a confidence tht was only shown up infront of her friends ‘

“Khushi’I think some thing is wrooo’.” Payal said but stopped suddenly when she saw a guy aproaching them from a table where a bunch of fashion nerd and so called cool boys from shimla school of fashion designing were sitting and sipping their cold drinks watching their friend as he stood infront of the girls..’

“hi’I am aryan'” he said extending his hand towards payal’

“Payal'” a nervous payal said while khushi gave them a look and busied herself in the design’.khushi always did this when ever any of her male fellow wanted to talked to payal avoiding her after the parking area incidence when khushi had called Arnav from office when she was harrassed by La’s chamchas’..! almost all the guys were so much afraid of even talking to her after those creeps were thrown way and ruined by her husband’.they knew khushi is shy around guys and she herself did’nt made a move to ease them up and behave normally with her’they would have if she wanted’but infact she was thankfull to Arnav for this as she was saved from feeling uncomfortable.

“I saw u checking my designs some time ago in the lobby, but I don’t think u like them’is tht so?” he said and payal remembered how she had made a pathetic face when she did’nt find any of the design matching her assingment after the classes while walking in the lobby when he was standing there..

“ohh’no its not like tht’its just’any way..ur designs were fab’I never knew they were urs’I am sure u r gona win'” payal tried to cover her previous act smiling brightly.

“hmm thanks’uhh by the way I was watching ur friend actually'(khushi looked up at him frowning a little bit confuse at his words)’.I mean her dress’.its great’does she desings her dresses herself? I mean they are one of the finnest pieces’.” He said looking at khushi but talking to payal as khushi looked down again after hearing him.

“Ohh actually she is a fab designer’but these designs are not hers’ they are from AR..” Payal answered on behalf of khushi as she knew khushi will never answer him untill he does’nt personaly ask her.

“AR’WOW’.thts great’any other brand do u follow other than AR miss?” he asked khushi this time and khushi looked at him again confused tht why is he asking her choice by the way..

“I mean I am observing u from my first day here and I have always seen u in some finnest pieces’I came to know tht u r on scholarship’and AR is even quite expensive and luxurious for a student” he clearified

“yeah’..Actually AR is owned by my husband’and my husband has canceled my scholarship today as he did’nt got time to cancel it before that was offered just a week ago'” she said quite humbly and slightly nervous.

The guys was quite for a few minutes’and then smiled once again

“Nice to meet you Miss’?”he said while extending his hand towards her and khushi looked at payal for some guidence’.before she got the signal from payal and shake her hand with his smiling a little..

“Mrs. Khushi Singh Raizada” she said with a little smile and then making her face confuse and serious once again looking down on payal’s note book’

The guy was back to his table’

“Aryan’u r gone dude'” one of his friend looked him sadly’showing mercy for his upcoming death’

“Shit man’Are u f**king kidding me’.r u telling me this 16th 17th year old kid is married???? And that too to THE ASR? Damnnn’.. why all good girls are already married??? Aryan said without giving a notice to his friend’s words and making a sad face cupping his face on the table’.

“uhh but no worries we can be friends ‘. Who knows she have a sister who looks just like her ” he said winking cutely to one of his friend’

“Look Aryan’u r hopes are extremly high? Friendship? And tht too with Khushi Singh Raizada?” one of the guy said

“Dude’ Do u even know her? And her husband’.He has just washed his hands off after ruining Suresh and group’s lives and future..Do u even know about it..!” the other guy said

“yeah yeah ‘she looks like a fairy from fairytopia so what’? We cant just ruin our lives for her and that too when she is married ‘? ASR is a dark horse and u shd know him well before u ask his very owned lovely wife for friendship..”

“Whhooowww whooowww whooowww guys chill’I am not gona elope with his wife’I am just asking her for a nice and decent friendship…and there’s no harm in it’ and by the way’ suresh and group were real jerks they deserve that'” he said while picking his black jeans jacket and leaving the table’.