“Arnav ji’..”she called him while hugging

“hmmm?” he asked

“can we sit? I am tired” she said

“come” he said and picked her up in his arms and place her on the bed carefull not to hurt her foot and sat beside her’

She was feeling confident enough after his words ‘.she cant believe tht he gave her the permission to do things with him without his permission ever’ her mother never told her tht husbands can be like that? She was only taught to surrender in front of her husband but the way he asked her to do what ever she liked made her feel special’

She touched his face once again’.he let her do tht curious to know what are her fantasies about him and her desires’.he has seen many girls in his life all bold and dyeing to touch him the way they wanted when ever he used them for full filling his needs, but he never ever gave them an opportunity to touch him their way..he used to tie their hands if he found some one more desperate or out of control, he always liked to have more authority in every thing and having it his own way’.but khushi was the only one who got tht authority from him’and unlike them she was too innocent for him to be tied or going out of control’as been an innocent she was too much in control and slightly confused by her own emotions’she didn’t knew where to take them and she always needed his help in this regard.

She moved her hands from his face to his forehead’his nose and his lips’exploring his features” as soon as she touched his lips she snatched back her hands feeling too shy of what she was doing’he grabbed her hand back and bring it to his lips and kissed her hand’s fingers and place it on his face once again’totally understanding tht she wants to explore him but is shy and so he help her by encouraging her in what she was trying by doing so. She gain some more confidence and pushed him slowly on the pillow behind him now he was laying straight on the bed looking at her with a lot of amusement in his eyes for her acts’she did’nt looked him in the eyes and leaned on him to touch him but she felt her foot paining so she sat back making a sad painful face on her failure to do things with him on her own choice’.he saw tht and he did’nt wanted her to loose her confidence so he grabbed her knees and bring them to the side of his abdomens both sides, now she was sitting on him, her hands on his chest, with no pain in her foot as her knees bear the her burden now rather than her feet’she felt shy seeing herself sitting on him in such a position and she forgot what she was planning to do. He understood her expressions and caressed from under her chin to the hollow of her neck with the back of his hand ‘

“Khushi Relax’..” he said in a soothing voice and smiled at her’she felt all her tension vanish and she smiled back at him..touching his neck the same way he has touched her. She was now leaning on him touching him all the way from his neck to his collar bone’her hands stopped feeling his adam’s apple in his neck and she urgently pulled back her fingers to check her neck tht weather she too have tht or not’she touched her skin’it was so creamy and smooth..unlike his..he was so rough and hard’she then moved her hands on his shoulders ‘from his shoulders to slowly covering the area of his arm’s ripped muscles’she touched hers and she felt her arms hell slender and not even 1/3 of his’she looked at his body keenly and thinking and then she slid her hands on his elbow to his wrists, his arms were manly, hairy and very strong’she again checked her own elbows and wrists’her own arms so boney and her wrists so thin she looked a little disappointed to see herself so weak’..”why wasn’t she stronger as he was””she thought lost in her own thoughts’. She moved her hands to his chest ‘so broad and hard’she placed a hand on her heart to see if she there was some thing similar between them but no’she was amused much more than disappointed, she felt her self soft and skinny at the same time as she moved her hands on her own chest’.she gasp in shock and suddenly put her hands down on his chest as she realized what was she doing with herself all lost’.she felt his heated gaze as she see him finally after doing all this with him, too embarrassed after realizing what she was doing with herself and how she touched herself in a wrong place in front of him’ she looked here and there confused’

He was looking at her very keenly with a lot of interest and amusement in his eyes while she did all tht ‘not touching her or stopping her as in case she don’t get confuse and stop doing every thing tht she was doing with him and herself’ initially he did’nt understood what she was upto but then he fig out tht she was comparing herself with him’he totally understood why was she doing this’.coz he was the only man who was tht close to her ever and was always dominant enough so she never dared to do any thing of tht sort in the past’but seems like she was just waiting for an opportunity to explore him’.he smiled a little on her pure innocence’placing his big hand on her face and rubbing her nose a little with his tumb’.

“What happened? Why did u stopped?” he asked looking straight into her eyes as she avoided looking at him

“Wooo actually I was’I was thinking why I am not as strong as u r’?” she said

“Really’and why is that so?” he asked picking his eye brow a little’

“becoz’.becoz I think I am too weak to protect myself if I need to”..she said looking into his eyes as he keep on lightly caressing her nose and then her lips with his thumb’

He laughed a little on her thinking'”khushi..u don’t need to protect urself as far as I am here for this purpose’.thts my job, my right to protect u’.Ok” he said a little smiling at her and she smile back'”yeah why did’nt she thought tht earlier’and was being dumb being disappointed for herself” she thought to herself. She lay down on his chest, her legs still on either sides of him on the bed and she hugged his shoulders ‘..

“Arnav ji..!” she said and paused

“hmmm?” he asked caressing her hairs’.

“What shd I do now?” she asked innocently’

“What? Why r u asking me this khushi? Do what ever u like?” he said

“but u said tht I have to ask u only if I want to ask some thing of tht sort from payal or anjali ji’and now’I want to continue but I don’t have any idea what shd I do?” she stated innocently’! And his heart was melted seeing this much innocence’! He was in an “awww” situation for a couple of minutes

“u can kiss me” he said with a smile..

“Where?” she asked

“any where or every where’or u can continue exploring further differences as well” he said a little naughtiness in his tone but she was far away from understanding his true meaning. She looked at him a little confused not actually getting what he was talking about in the end and so she thought to act upon his first advise..kissing him. “But where?” she thought’.she has kissed him on lips many times but she wanted some thing different this time’ her eyes searched for some place on his whole uper body till she saw his eyes’.she has kissed them before but she could’nt stop herself from kissing them once again’ she leaned on him and kissed his eyes’.then she kissed his cheeks,..she was again confused about where to kiss, she remembered where he used to kiss her while making love usually, she blushed as she remembered his lips roaming all over her body and also some very private and wrong places tht she was even shy to remember’she copied him and her soft warm lips kissing all over his neck and his chest…but his shirt was stopping her from going anyfurther then his neck line, she opened his buttons from trembling hands looking at him time by time as she wanted to confirm weather she is going right or not, she removed the shirt from his chest to kiss him there and looked at him before doing so but he was not looking at her so she kissed him, he closed his eyes and a long breath escaped his mouth as he felt her soft plumpy lips on his chest, she picked up his hands and kissed him on his palm’she came back to his chest and placed her cheeks on his chest closing her eyes finally’he knew she cant go any further without his guidence now’..he moved his hand on the back of her dress and tried opening her blouse’she hugged him some more sensing what he was doing’he removed her blouse and her sarri while all the way she hugging him tightly’..she was wearing white lacy undergarments as she liked fancy things.

“khushi’..u got what u have to do now?” he asked her and she nooded totally understanding what he wanted from her and what she has to do’ she sat on his belly again and started opening the button of his coughs ‘.while he watched her as she did so’she looked at him hell shy and then she left the button without opening and urgently closed his eyes with her hand and again picked up his hand to open his coughs’ he tried hard to hold back his smile closing his eyes as he knew he was confusing her by his small gestures’ she removed his clothes leaving him in his boxers and he can feel her hands trembling all the time while she does tht. He opened his eyes and grabbed her from her nape, bringing her closer to his face and then he started kissing her passionately, now she was sitting on him her core touching his manhood through the fabric but she can feel him as she moved hardening under her’they kissed passionately for some time and then she parted herself from him to have some breath, he pecked on her lips one last time when his hands slid under her panties grabbing her hips’.she closed her eyes and placed her hands on his chest while he squeezed her there…

“Ar..Arnav ji’I cant do this with u..thts weird'” she said looking a little confuse when she realized tht was gona be her next move according to him.

“u can skip” he said too lost in the moment as he pulled her harder on his chest’his patience at its end that he was maintaing to give her confidence but all the things tht she have done so innocently with him made him weak and he lost control pulling her on him and throwing wet kisses on her neck’.he slightly place her on her side from above himself still hugging and kissing her, his hand in her undeware moved to her front side trying to touch her core’as soon as she felt his hand on near her core she crossed her legs trying to stop his hand from touching her there’.he slid his hand inside her core rubbing her there, he can feel she was all wet, he slowly slid his finger inside and some protesting moans escaped her mouth between the kiss and struggling hard to remove his hand from there with her hands and crossing her legs. While he keep on rubbing and sliding his finger inside her’ she don’t know what she was feeling, she was having a mixed feeling of shyness, humiliation, surrenderness, passion and anticipation’but the feeling tht was occupied much space was her shyness’. She pulled herself back from the kiss and pushed his arm to get his hands off her panties’

“Arnav ji’.Tht’That’s not ur turn’remember ‘! ” she said struggling and gasping hard as he continued his assult on her most sensitive area.

“Ssshhh I am just teaching u what u can do with me'” he said placing his other hands finger on her lips sshhing her and then pecking on her lip’.

“No'” she whinned ..and he get off his hand out of her panties immediately

“OK’have It ur way'” he said laying straight on the pillow and keeping his hand under her head in a relaxed manner.

So now as she was the one who has to do every thing she don’t know what to do and how to make him enter her as she was now so much aroused after what he has done there with his fingers’ when he was doing tht she was shy and now when he was stopped she wanted him back’she hugged him and tried to pull him on herself to make him do what he always do finally’he looked at her picking an eye brow..

“wo’Arnav ji’I want u..now I mean” she said hesitantly

“OK but What r u doing khushi’?” he asked in the same manner

“wo actually I cant do this part na so ..” she left her sentence incomplete’

“who said u cant so this?” he ask mischiveously and she looked at him all confused ‘untill he removed her panties and unhooked her bra and remvoing his boxers himself and took her knees in his hands placing it on either sides of his abdomins untill she was actually sitting on the right spot above him’..his manhood rubbing with her wet core making him more crazy but he wanted to control himself for her as he was curious to know her moves’she was more confused now’ but he entered her and she finally got what was he talking about’. This was also a method she never knew one thing could be done in so many different ways’they both stilled for some time’he waited for her to continue while she waited for him’but as she did’nt move for a longer period of time’.

“What r u waiting for now?” he said rasing his eye brow

“what? I have to do some thing’? And I was waiting for u'” she said confused

“how can I do some thing Arnav ji'” she said looking at him with questioning eyes and he rolled his eyes really amuzed at her dumbness’.he placed his hands on her hips and guided her up and down on himself and she gasped as he pulled her more to himself and entered her deep touching the sensitive part inside.

“Ouch’.No No No Arnav ji’.it hurt this way..” she whinned

“khushi’this is under ur hands now..control the depth if u want to feel pleasure but not pain..i am leaving u” he said and removed his hands from her hips placing them under his head’she looked at him for some time and then she slowly started moving placing her hands on his chest for support. He felt extreme pleasure he felt her warm and wet inside sliding against him, closing his eyes in pleasure’!

She lost her balance and was fully down on him his manhood going deep inside her, so deep tht she felt like some thing touching her stomach from inside.

“Ahhh’.” She scremed, no matter her mind was growing much more mature than before but her tiny young body was still imature for his ultimate manliness. She leaned on him placing her cheek on his chest gasping a little’while he patted her hairs.

“Arnav ji’ I cant’.i cant’.please do it urself na please’.it hurts me this way’.” She said between her breaths as she was still trying to sooth the pain she recently got from her body imbalance.

He kissed her forhead and maked her lye on the bed off from his chest and hovered over her..kissing her neck, collar bone and then sucking her breasts slowly as she tried to pull him on herself again when he do tht’.he came back to her lips and entered her slowly kissing her lightly’she gasped with pleaseure as he entered her and started ramming her gently ‘it was her time and no matter if she was’nt doing tht herself but he was sure if she would have done that herself she would have kept this whole process gentle enough for her so he made it her way and she was surprized to find him like that’ if she would have known before tht only a little injury can cause sucha great change in her husband, she probably would have injured herself intentionally. She moaned softly as he keep on doing her, and finally gasped as they both climaxed finally, he lay down beside her pulling her to himself kissing her madly all over her face, ears and neck and then they finally slept this way.