Khushi was playing with some kids in the lawn of RM when Arnav’s SUV entered the gate. She did’nt noticed tht, as she ran in the ground to save herself from getting caught by the theif of the game. When his car stopped in the parking …his eyes caught her image through the glass window of the car and he stilled in his place …forgot to come out of the car.

She was wearing a very short nude colored frok, the color still failed to mix up with her pinkish pale colored skin. her hairs open and flew with the wind as she ran here and there…. Her sleave less arms revealed her glowing skin as she pointed one of the children laughing as he fell on the ground rolling. He saw her as she bend down to help the fallen kid, and when she did tht, the ends of her dress going up and revealing her milky tights just right down her panties, the sight was breath taking, he narrowed his eyes at the sight and soon came back to his senses when his eyes fell on a near by standing guard who kept on looking at his wife like a hungry wolf….. he felt a jolt of rage course through his body and he got out of his SUV ….the guard saw him coming closer and fix himself looking straight…..

“GetOut …u r fired..” he said while passing by the now so surprised guard keeping his eyes on khushi all the time and having an expression of strong disgust on his face while talking to guard as he reached khushi into the lawn

He reached her, grabbed her arm and picked her up mercilessly with a jerk and she yelped in surprise.

“uhh…Ouch…. Wht the heee….lll…… Arnav ji u? u came early today…. Nobody was home so I thought……” she was surprised at this sudden painfull pick but when she saw her husband she became worried some thing else than noticing his way of taking her in his arms……

“Shut up” he shut her up immediately and moved towards the residence from lawn, and she paniced seeing him angry…she has not seen such rage in his eyes from 3 months and now it was back there. She was scared as hell so she kept silence. He pressed her body in his arms with a jerk and she gasped in fear seeing him again the way he was some months ago… he scooped her tiny frame in his arms and took her inside the residence, all the way khushi reluctant to keep her hands on him for support, he open the main door with a kick and khushi hidded her head in his chest at this voice. Luckily there was no one in the way who has seen them this way while coming in this manner. He carried her upstairs like she has no weight and threw her on the bed and turned to lock the door. Khushi felt pain her spine as her back hit the matris with sucha force and she yelled in pain rubbing her back. He locked the door and the click of lock making khushi some more scared she backed of on the bed till her back hit the wooden plank of the bed. He stoped near the bed.

“WHAT .THE.HELL.R.U.WEARING?” he asked khushi in a dangerously low tone. Khushi was quite for some time, trying to understand what he is asking?

“Hun?..Wo..I” she tried to explain

“Now get this…and get this straight…if I saw u in this sort of dress ever…I’ll make sure u r imprision in this room for 1 month at least…” he threatened her

“But..but what have I done?” she whinned

“U don’t know what have u done?” he asked in a bitter sarcastic tone

“I don’t know….???” Khushi was confused

“u don’t know…great….then can u tell me what exactly do u know? U don’t know about this world! U don’t know about married life! u don’t know about ur past and ur future…even u don’t know about ur present…but tht actually does’nt matter at all…the thing tht really matter is tht u don’t even know what is going on around with u….Do U Even Know Some Thing Khushi???” he shouted angrily and khushi’s eyes became teary as his words hit her badly. She did’nt said a word as tears rolled down her face. His heart melted abit seeing her hurt if her does’nt knows about these thing this was’nt apparently her fault.

“Let me make it simple for u Khushi…if I saw u in these dresses ever….and some creep looking u like a wolf…tht person is gone for sure but I will not spare u also…” he made her clear about his anger

“But…whats my fault in this?” she said in a heavy voice

“Don’t argue with me khushi…I don’t want any body to see my wife’s those placed which is only my right to see understand?” khushi was quite for a moment hearing this and looked at him innocent wide questioning eyes…

He said and left the room towards pool side. Khushi did’nt understand what was her fault in all this, she hugged her knees to her chest and started sobbing silently…he was standing near the pool trying to calm down his nerves when he her choking on a sob, he cursed himself for scolding tht innocent creature and came back into the room, she was sitting on bed, her face hidden behind her knees, her body shaking indicates tht she was definetly crying. His fists tightened his nails digging his palm…he walk slowly towards her, sat beside looking at her shaking form for some time and then he put his arms around her form the same way she was sitting and hugged her. She was aware of his presence in the room always but she did’nt make a move to stop him as he hugged her; she remained in the same form and continued her crying. The remain in the same position until angali and nani call for them downstairs. She wipped off her tears and looked at his face, he released her and before she could leave the room he stoped her mid way.

“khushi….wear some thing else” he told her and she nooded.

“u please go nani is calling…” she said before she left for the bathroom


The whole Raizada family was sitting in the hall when khushi steped on the stairs wearing a light pink sari having delicate silver work on it, which was gifted by garima. Garima have gifted many sarris and churidars to khushi and advised her to wear them but she never did as she was not comfortable in them.

Every body was shocked to see khushi like that and more than any one else Arnav was hell shocked himself… he was thinking khushi will wear some thing like jeans or long skirt to cover her legs but what was that… she was looking divine in tht sari the color of sari mixing with her skin color…making it hard to determine from where the fabric starts from her skin and where her skin starts… every body was standing still shocked looking at her while Arnav was sitting on the sofa…. She started walking down the stairs placing each step carefully as she was having difficulty..she was on her 5th last stair when she notice him watching her intensely ..being his wife she can surely sense the hunger in his eyes…she was lost in his eyes when she steped on the third last stair than the forth one and lost her balance she fell down from stairs bending her ankle brutually and a scream escaped her mouth… Arnav who was still lost in her came back to his senses listening her scream…

“Khushiii” he screamed as well and reached her in no time while others were still in their way. He picked her up in his arms in no time like she is not a girl but a young flower bud. He took her to his room while every one followed him. He placed her on the bed while every body else were surrounding her and she was screaming in pain holding her foot.

“I cant bear it Arnav ji…I cant…..!” she said between her sobs and nani caressed her head to sooth some of her pain. he gave her an angry look before he took the first aid box from harriprakash before taking her foot tht was bleeding… he cleaned the wound and bandage her foot …khushi was now relaxed some how. That was the right time for him to scold her.

“if u cant wear this dress why the hell did u tried? And that too with out anyone’s help?” he scolded her and she sticked to nani.

“Chotay don’t talk to her like that…. But yeah khushi ji… he is right… why did u wear this when u were not comfortable?” Angali asked lovingly patting her hear

“I wanted to hide my legs….” She looked enough innocent for him to forget his anger and he looked at her for a good span of time, every one was quite for some time….. the family member’s finally got tht the matter was truly their personal and so they decided to leave them alone.

The were alone once again but khushi looked a little annoyed at him. He saw her trying to get up from the bed and heading towards her table which she have kept for making her designs… the table’s length reached a little under her belly button and she has recently ordered that table for herself to try her designs on tht but arnav have also placed some of his files on it.

“Khushi lay down on the bed right now and rest…” he said but she was being a stubborn kid not listening to him as some where deep in her heart she was hell sure tht he will not hurt her in this state even if she disobeyed him. She ignored what he was saying steped her foot on the floor which was’nt injured. She reached the table by putting her all pressure on her uninjured foot and a tiny bit on her injured one as she walked on her toes…she walked towards the table difficultly and Arnav saw her and felt bad for shouting at her…. she picked up her colors and other stuff and started completing her assignment….he watched her for some 15 minutes sitting on his recliner…she felt his gaze for 5 mints but then she became so lost in her work tht she did’nt even was aware of the world around her as she keep on drawing some thing so keenly, she moved to the other side of the table to draw the design from another dimention, she walked difficulty to the other end of the table tht made his heart ache.…that was the end of his patience…he was trying not to break his outer hard crust tht he had made years ago and promised himself tht he’ll not break it for any one as he believed on “not to believe any one in this cruel world but tht girl was making him crazy….he want to love her carefree like she did to him but he cant..and so he got frustated and tht leads to raise his anger level…..he came back to her stood behind her wraping his arms around her waist lovingly and kissed her cheek…

“Sorry Khushi….i shd’nt have talked to u like tht….it was’nt ur fault” he said and turn her face towards him by cupping her cheek with his hand. She looked at him all upset and straight face. She got a little tears in her eyes as she heard sorry from his mouth. he kissed her forhead and then placed her face on his shoulder hugging her in his arm…

“I am sorry tht I was harsh with u and I make u wear a dress tht u were not comfortable in it and all becoz of me u ended up falling and hurting urself….but u really don’t know my state of mind when i see some body lusting at u, u r only mine, no one has a right to see u the way I see, no bloody creature in this world can dare to even imagine those things those are only and only my right….” Khushi saw her husband’s possesive side as his voice grew more and more ragged.

“Arnav ji….what happened…was there some thing wrong?” khushi sensed there was some thing else other than her dress , may be he would have seen some one speaking bad about her tht he became so hyper.

“Did some body said some thing about me..” she asked

“No” was his only answer as he gritted his teeths angrily remembering tht gaurds dirty gaze on his pure innocent wife. She saw that and placed her little hand on his cheek.

“Tell me na Arnav ji… don’t u trust me?” she said and Arnav watched her the way she behaved so maturely, asking her husband for his tensions and sharing trust.

“uhh No…its just that I don’t like the way people see u when I am not around, I thought it may land u in trouble some day so I don’t want u to reveal ur skin much infront of people other than our family members….r u ok with it khushi?” he said cupping her cheeks with his both hands, hiding the truth partially and she nooded in a happy “yes”. He smiled at her as well and kissed her temples and hugged her once more….he came back to his laptop and started working on it and she started designing some thing on paper.

He was tired enough and finished with his work until aman send him detail about his new business deal in a couple of minutes he waited for aman’s mail and picked up his head from his laptop to see her tht what was she doing. She was still doing some thing standing on the same place…..the pallu of her sari was not on her shoulder and it was sure tht she was’nt aware of this and she was actually standing on her pallu tht was laying on the floor, her cute pink embroideried blouse was revealing her creamy back and her hairs were kept aside on her shoulders as she held a pencil in her teeth thinking some thing looking at the paper infront of her on the table, her petite waist formed some wrinkles on her creamy young skin as she bend to pink up a fallen color. He could’nt stop himself from holding her in his arms and love her. He again came back behind her and hugged her from behind….

“Khushi…!” his voice was horase and heavy…she immediately looked back at her husband…his eyes speaking volumes of love…. She have never seen him this way before….if she knew only a little injury on her foot can cause her to see his sucha lovely side she would have injured herself long ago… they keep on looking in each other’s eyes untill khushi raised her hands and cupped his cheeks with her both hands…….her little hands fail to cover his full face with her hands but still she tried to spread her fingures to feel his every feature on her hands. She then placed her hands on his shoulders, slowly raising herself to his level putting pressure on his shoulders and standing on her toes…she came near him and kissed his nose…then she moved her lips to kiss his eyes …then his forehead and then his chin, and she covered all the areas of his face and then she slowly hesitantly and innocently kissed him on her neck just the way he used to kiss her…she looked at him confused, her eyes asking a question from him tht weather she did the right thing to kiss him there and to ask for further approval…he smiled a little at her innocence tht she was asking her own husband weather she can kiss him or not….he kissed her forehead.

“I am all urs …do what ever u feel…and don’t ask me about this ever…. Wifes don’t need to ask their own husband’s permission for making love ok khushi?” he made her understand and she nooded with a smile…she again continued doing where she left…she kissed him all over his neck and then hugged him from his waist keeping her head on his shoulder.

“Arnav ji…..”she called him while hugging

“hmmm?” he asked

“can we sit? I am tired” she said

“come” he said and picked her up in his arms and place her on the bed and sat beside her…