After some time they were sitting together watching TV, khushi was sitting noticeably quite enough than ever he noticed. Her facial expressions were showing tht she is having some confusion tht is bothering her and she needs to talk to some body but she can’t as he has asked her not to.

“Khushi…What happened?” he asked putting his hand on her shoulders. And she nooded in a “No” quite seriously.

“Tell me whts bothering u?” he asked again putting his hand on her nape.

“Arnav ji…the way u did tht…I mean the way u….kissed me there…its not right?” she asked innocently

“Ohh Ok…listen khushi…I can kiss u anywhere on ur body right!…any where means anywhere …Got it? Or shd I show u practically this as well? (he paused for a second looking at her until she nooded in a NO ) …this is’nt wrong..nor a sin…u belong to me and I belong to u…nothing is wrong in this relation alright… no matter what ever we do…thts the beauty of this relation…r u getting me?” he made sure she was listening him or not as she was looking into her lap, her head down and her hairs on her face, he made her understand and she nooded looking at him slightly confused.

“Come on..Now don’t give me this confused look……here…. have ur chocolates” he gave her a huge packet of dairy milk and she forgot every thing jumping on the bed and then falling on him intentionally and then kissed him.

“Thank u Arnav jiii..I love u..” she said joyfully and then stopped realizing tht she have spoken up tht sentence finally. He looked at her with a smirk and up an eyes brow.

“Khushi stop jumping like a 5 year old…!” he said glaring her and then again the TV.

“Arnav Ji…can I use ur laptop for some time?” she asked him sitting on the bed after some time.

“Hm!” he said typing some message on his BB

She brought the laptop from table to bed and started using it while he conituned texting on his black berry. She was watching some Fashion websites when an animated ad appeared on the screen, the ad was of adult nature, in which a women was shown giving a blow job to her male fellow. A low scream escaped her mouth as she saw the add …and she quickly placed her hands on her eyes hyperventilating. Khushi has always used student internet pakage in her home and in college as well, so she never got to see some thing like tht. The other reason was almost 24/7 garima’s company and her lack of intrest in computers as well as she was always an arts student.

He looked at her and then he slightly bend over her to see why she was behaving this way, he frowned when he saw the reason for her shyness, he closed the add himself and asked her to ease up.

“I am coming” she said and jumped off the bed and entered the bathroom.

She came back with her front dress and her face fully drenched in water and mumbling to herself looking some where in space. She did’nt seems to be in her senses. She was washing her eyes with whom she has watched tht ad, it was her first time she has seen this type of thing fully infront of her eyes, other wise when ever he had removed his clothes infront of her, she had closed her eyes that’s why she even was not able to see her own husband, the thing was a kind of new to her.

“What the hell is tht? U r not coming to bed with these clothes…” he said looking at her wet clothes.

“hun?” she looked at him suddenly not getting his words lost in her own world.

“I said…go get changed” he asked giving a little more stress to his words.

“mm..OK” she thought some thing and then agreed.

She came to bed and lay down her on her side closing her eyes, not giving him a look and not hugging him herself like last night, she looked too tensed. He noticed her state after watching that ad and decided to give her another session about tht as well, she really was lacking a lot of knowledge and he needs to give her some more lessons but not today…as he knew she is not capable of taking too much in one night and she’ll end up crying if he asked her to do what he has planned for her, so he grabbed her wrist and pulled her to himself placing her on his chest and his arm around him and they slept like this.


Arnav came back from office and saw mami, nani and Angali sitting in the hall and joined them lossening his tie.

“Arnav bitwa…u r baiiickkk ….how wajj ur days????” mami asked

“Good!” he gave a short answer

“Harripraksh ji ..ask khushi ji to make some tea for chotay as well…!” she said

“What is khushi doing in the kitchen…does she even know how to cook?” he asked frowning as he did’nt like tht his wife was working in the kitchen even after having so much servants in the house.…

“Where is the cook?” he said looking at a smiling angali..

“He is learning how to cook jaleebies from khushi ji” Angali smiled and nani smiled at Angali’s words but Arnav frowned a bit more.

“What the!..she showing him how to cook? leme see what is she doing” he said and got up from his seat to have a check on khushi…imagining her spoiling things in the kitchen in his mind.


He stopped at the door when he heard her sweet voice literally teaching a little bit scolding the cook to draw the jaleebie’s shape finely in the hot oil…. He was amused to see tht this little girl who don’t know about any thing in this world except for her studies and becoming mama’s baby does really knows some thing else.

“who taught u this khushi?” he asked suddenly…. Making her jump and look back at him.

“Mama” she said smiling at him and then again started making jaleebies looking at the hot pan.

“hmmm good…” he said….

“Give these to Di she was asking for it…” he handed the plate of jaleebies tht were recently made by khushi to the cook and indirectly asked him to leave the kitchen and don’t come back until he is out of the kitchen. The seriousness of his eyes were enough for the cook to understand what he wants from his, the cook understood and left taking the jaleebies plate.

Khushi was too busy making jaleebies tht she did’nt noticed his style as he talked to the cook. They were alone in the kitchen now…he checked her from head to toe..and from toe to head once again…she was wearing a black shaffon sleeveless frock…her pink pale skin was looking breath taking in black color…her skin shining some more in this color… her long hairs tied in a high pony tail revealing her delicate nape and neck as he checked her from the side. The tight skin of her legs shining as she moved back and forth infront of the counter checking a jaleebi, his gaze finally stopped at her black lace design on her breasts and the same moment she moaned as she munched on a jaleebi bite….he looked at her shocked suddenly removing his gaze from her small breasts. “What the…! What if the cook was here and she had done this….” He thought to himself, she moaned continuesly as she keep on munching on the piece she was in her hand turning him on fully…she fished the piece and he walked towards her slowly standing right behind her as she held a drainer draining fresh jaleebies from oil and putting them in the cold sugar syrup. He moved some more forwads eliminating the distance between them fully and touching his front with her back….khushi froze as she felt some thing hard on her bottoms…her hands stoped moving and her eyes shot open wide…..

“A…Arnav jee…wha …what r u doing?” she asked nervously as he wrapped his arms around her waist and nuzzle her ear with his nose…and kissed her cheek rubbing his rough stuble with her delicate skin…she flinched as she felt the roughness scratching her cheek. He stilled for some time when he saw her flinch on his touch , he loved this act of hers….! He loved it always when she flinched on his touch…! He loved his effect on her, the way she behaved, they way her cheeks become red, the way she always shiver….every thing about her. He placed wet kiss on her neck towards her ear lobe. She tried to remove his hands from her waist.

“Arnav ji…my jaleebies will burn…Pl…lease….Leave me..” she said between her breaths as she started hyperventilating becoz of what was happening to her that too in a kitchen where any body could come any time and last but not the least she was scared of what she was feeling on her back.…

He ignored her questions tht she was asking nervously and keep kissing her …he removed his arms from her waist as she struggled to remove them off her but he wraped his arms around her from under her arm pits and placing his hands on her shoulder. (just the way khushi hug Arnav from back in teri meri in the show), his grip on khushi was gentle , she took the opportunity and escaped from the counter to his side, now he was standing alone there watching her. She backed off as he stepped towards her.

“Arnav ji..see …don’t come closer….or …or…I’ll…! ” she showed him the oily spoon in warning while backing off.

“Or what….?” He said while coming closer getting no effect of her warning…

“See….i will seriously ruin ur suit hun…don’t come closer…” she said in a nervous but warning tone…he was loving her this side.

“Really? I remember some one asking me to continue this last night…?” he said reminding her her own words

“uhh…no …I mean..but I did’nt mean tht in kitchen…(She said looking around but become alert when he stepped towards her one more time) see don’t come closer I am telling u…” she suddenly wave the spoon infront of him to stop him coming forward but he was too quick to grab her wrist, snatching the spoon and throwing in on the ground while he twisted her arms behind her back as she struggled in his grip to set free….he backed her with the wall and hovered over her as she cant be visiable infront of him if some one saw the scene from his back.

“so u dared to warn me hun…? He twisted her arms a little behind her back…making her arc her back in pain and let out a painful and irritated cry.

“leave me…” she whinned in his grip a highly irritated at her helplessness …

“Why? U never set any conditions last night? He said transferring her both wrists in his left hand as he slid his right hand under dress till it reached her hips and then her waist…feeling her warm skin there. She struggled some more as he continue his assult on her mind and body.

“Ahh…Arnav ji my wrists….And…And…..I trusted u last night but u r evil….” She said whinning and struggling to get rid of his grip

“Ahan…so now I become evil…..hmm….let me show u some evilness then….” He said smirking evily and her eyes became wider as he slid her dress’s lacy straps from the shoulers and now they were hanging on on her arms making her look more sexy, he then removed her bra straps as well and leaned closer near her breasts. He bite her obove her breast leaving a mark and she screamed but was stopped by his hand on her mouth, she moaned under his hand on her mouth becoz of pain. Then he kissed the spot to sooth the pain and then captured her lips in his immediately after removing hand, gentely kissing her lips releasing her wrists…her wrists were paining now…

“Arnav ji…u hurted me…why?” she asked rubbing her wrists, being too innocent to understand the sweet tortoure given by him.

“it’s a lesson for u in the future” he said looking into her questions annoyed eyes.

“lesson?” she asked

“yeh a lesson…tht u shd never ignore me when ever where ever I want u” he said

“No…This is wrong Arnav ji..u cant do this with me …u r being unfair now…! she whinned like a child being stopped from taking his candies.

“Oh yeah… am i?” he asked releasing her fully and she looked at him

“Come upstairs if its that so…I want u there in room…NOW’ he said and left… his voice held so much power tht khushi did’nt find a way other than to obey him right away.

Khushi came out of the kitchen with a flushed face , her cheeks red and hairs ruffed some what. Angali came near her and noticed her state and then became quite without asking any question ,totally opposite to khushi’s expectations…but khushi was happy that she did’nt asked any thing from her as she cant answer Angali right now…Angali guided her towards the stairs by extending her hands with a mischevious smile on her face and Arnav and khushi both noticed tht Angali has got the idea about what was going on in the kitchen.

She reached the room leaving the door open for security reasons … she was not sure tht she is safe now….too nervous and blushed….embarrassed on her situation tht was caught by family members…he was standing in the middle of the room, putting his hands in his trouser’s pockets and waiting for her looking at her face very very intensly tht only his gaze can make her faint if she dared to look into his eyes but she avoided….

“So u break rule #1….” He said looking her face…

“hun????rule #1?” she said looking innocently at him not understanding his true meaning.

He came near her and caressed her cheek lightly with the back of his fingers. She scrunched her shoulder at his touch…”u r blushing hard…” he said looking intensely into her eyes…as she looked above panickely into his eyes…imagining what will he do with her now for breaking his condition…

“i..umm…i…actually…” she tried to make some thing placing a hand on one of her blushing cheeks.

He keep watching as she tried to say some thing…

“do u know the punishment…?” he said in a low horase voice..

“punishment?” she asked innocently

He gave her an evil look and passed by her to close the door. He came back and stood behind her and she faced him by turing to his side.

“u have to do what ever I’ll ask u to…with out any questions…understood?” he said picking her chin with his index finger. She did’nt said anything but kept looking….

“undress now…” he said taking two steps back…

“ummm ..Arnav ji..i.. I mean why?” she paniced at these sudden orders

“don’t u hear me ….undress now…” he said again this time a little harshly

“ok….buhhh…. u look away…” she said grabbing her zip behind her back

“Undress NOW…no demands from ur side…No favourss…understand …now undress quickly come on” he said making her understand

Khushi turn her back towards him and slid her dress down her body slowly too shy to turn her self to face him.

“Face me…..look into my eyes..” he commanded …his authoritative voice compled her to look back at him and face him, but she was unable to look into his eyes…she looked into his eyes who were intensely looking at her and then she looked here and there flustered.

She slightly turned her head to meet his eyes tht were now boring hunger in themselves.

“Remove them as well…” he said pointing his finger towards her bra and lacy panties…she started breathing hard at his words… being shy.

“hurry up!” he commanded and she tried to remove her bra strap but failed and she quickly moved forward and hide herself in his neck crossing her self with her arms ….her arms were not hugging him but her body was in a hugging position for him as she placed her head on his chest closing her eyes…for a moment her was shocked at her innocent act…his heart melted to an extent to react anything and he decided to help her completing her task..then he pulled his hands out of his pockets and set her hairs aside from her back and nape…and slid the bra straps from her shoulders leaving them on her arms and encircle her body in his arms, taking his both hands behind her back to unhook the soon as he slid his fingers into the back strap of the bra to unhook it khushi hugged him tightly removing the cross around her chest… he unhooked it and then slid his hands to the sides on her panties to remove them ..when she feel the touch of his fingers into the lace of her panties she tried to hide her legs in his by stepping closer into him…but he slid the panties down in one swift motion by leaning on her back, placing a hand on her shoulder bones on her back and sliding the panties down..when she felt completely naked she tried to hide her self in his coat and he left her for some time …trying to look at her face which she was hiding from him…

“look at me…” he said trying to make her look at him but she keep on hiding herself nooding in a “no” in reply…

“Khushi..? I said look at me…” she said a little seriously this time. But khushi was too shy to listen anything right now…

“Naaa…” she said in a cute shy manner looking annoyed.

He picked her up in his arms and placed her on the bed…she urgently sat on the bed and hugged her knees to herself….

“But…but u said only undressing is the punishment…” she said

“Wrong ….I never said so…and besides I helped u for undressing as well so the punishment is’nt happened yet…” he said picking his one eye brow a bit.

He backed from the bed and removed his jacket..placing it on the recliner in his own style…all the time looking at her with intense eyes..that showed his hunger for her. While she watched him innocently as he was removing his coat…he opened his coughs while looking at her and lossened his tie, then unbutton the first three button contiuesly looking at her a little raged by his desires…his manliness shown in each and every act he made…if it was any other girl than khushi right here….she would have jumped on him right away, but khushi was an innocent she was busy hiding herself while looking at him… when his hands reached the metal of his belt she closed her eyes…. and looked away…but he was visiable to her through mirror… he looked so sexy while removing his leather belt tht she gasped a little automatically and then became nervous at her own acts… looking here and there…. He clicked the shinning metal of his D&G belt and left it open without pulling it out…then he reached to undo his Hublot bassel Watch off his heavy wrist…khushi watched him as he did all this and he reached her while undoing his wrist watch…she collected her self by hugging her knees some more when she saw him coming closer to the bed.

“Keep this on the table side table” he said while opening his vest buttons and giving her his wrist watch…

She placed the watch slowly on the table and look at him innocently while he was opening the vest buttons looking at her.

“pull off the belt and keep it on the table as well” he said removing his vest and throwing it on the recliner far away….she hesitantly placed her hands on the belt and tried to pull it slowly and then keeping it on the table as well…she again looked at him innocently ..when he ordered her one more time.

“Unzip the zip and buttons as well (when he said tht she looked at him with wide shocked eyes)….hurry up khushi…I don’t have the whole day…” he said some how irritated..

Khushi hesitantly unzip his trouser and button…. The same time he has removed his shirt and throw it on the recliner…khushi’s hands accidently touched his hardness while unzipping and so she snatched back her hands from his zip like she has been stung by a scorpion…looking all confused….

This was their forth time together but she has not seen him while they make out ever…she always used to close her eyes when ever he removed his boxers and so she did’nt knew about the kind of effect men take from their girls in this situation…she did’nt knew why was it so obvious than other times but she being a dumb dared to ask him about it and digging her own grave… like they say…curiosity kills the cat…

“Umm …Arnav ji…is it always this way?” she asked innocently avoiding his gaze

For the time being he was stunned by her bold question but then he thought to make her aware what kind of effect she used to make on him and so increase her knowlwdge some more…

“What…?” he asked looking at her keenly

“ummm…tht…” she hesitantly pointed through her eyes …

“no…its only becoz of u…” he said

“Me????? No…that’s wrong…. U cant blame me this time Arnav ji…I have’nt done anything….” She whinned like a child by getting blamed by him…and he wanted to smack his head with a wall tht time…

“Relax khushi…. Its ur effect on me…. u can check if u want… ” he said mischeviously

“NO….” she backed off scared when she saw him there ,that was so obvious now..!

He grabbed her wrist and she turned her head to the other side trying to hide her face in the pillow but his grip was vise enough…he pulled her wrist harshly making her gasp in the pain as she struggled and did’nt obyed him and then he put her hand in his boxers guiding her to his hardness…when khushi’s hand touched tht area her palm became straigh instead of holding it..

“Naaa…” she screamed as she did’nt wanted to touch it…

“HOLD IT” he sounded a little arrogant this time and khushi knew tht his patience is near its end…but she still did’nt held tht in her hand..she bunched her hand in a fist and hided her face in pillow. her wrist was still in his hand but he stilled for some time …looking at her seriously….

“Khushi…..! do as I say…or I’ll make sure to make u practice all those thing tht’ll make u cry in the end…don’t took my gentleness for granted….” He said seriously and she urgently became breathy after hearing this her face was’nt visiable but it was sure tht she was already on a stage of nervousness that she was ready to cry any time..he opened her fist with his other hand, grabed her hand and make her hold his length in her hands by making her fingers wrap around it with his own hand wraped aroung her hand tht was holding it. She whinced a little at the feeling…but he keep her hand holding for some time , for making her use to it and after some time her breathing became even.

“Khushi look at me…” he said but she did’nt get her face out of the pillow.

“LOOK AT ME” he said a little loud, yelling at her and she looked at him scared…having tears in her eyes…his heart melted at her innocence but he cant let her go like that…she was’nt gona be mature in these matters if he keep on giving her these favours…

He came above her hovering and straightened her legs tht she was digging in his abs… he kissed her cheeks lingering the kiss.

“Khushi…baby relax…..what happened?” he asked a loving her

“woo…we r committing a sin Arnav ji… Its not right…it feels so wrong…!” she said with teary eyes

“Khushi Look ..this is not a sin…and u have to get out of this feeling of being wrong with a man…I am ur own husband…not any man OK….u have to keep this in mind….anything u do with me is right…every thing means every thing khushi…. And u have to trust me in this matter…I’ll never make u commit a sin by my own self OK…so trust me and co operate in what ever I do with u…is tht fine?” he ask with a slight pick of his one eye brow and she looked at him for some time and then hugged him. Then she break the hug and look into his eyes and he took her hand in his again placed it on his length again and guided her up and down through his member. She flinched in the start.

“Cooperate with me” he make her understand and she nooded innocently. She was now some how ok and slowly keep doing what he has guided her for, while his own hand was now on her hips as he caresse her back till her tyights and keep kissing her …she was so soft tht he could’nt helped him self for spanking her hard on her hips..

“Ouchh…….why now? I am doing as u asked me to” she said innocently and she felt a little humiliated….

“Arnav ji I am not doing anything …u beat me…” she said and tried to get off the bed when he grabbed her arm and pulled her back on the bed hovering her in no time…

“I love touching u there u know tht?” he said smirking and kissed her where he has spanked her…she was unable to speak for the rest of the time as he entered her in no time soon after kissing and soothed her pain tht he gave her becoz of tht unwarned thrust by kissing her neck and collor bone and all over her face slowly lingering each and every kiss. she digged her nails in his shoulders as he increased his speed…

“Ahh..Arnav ji…slow …please…please…its hurting me more today…” she cried in pain as she did’nt knew why her husband was hurting her more than ever today…least did she knew her little hands had aroused him to such a hurting extent.

She hugged him tightly breathing very heavily as they both climaxed before he lay down beside her turning her on top of him, relaxing for some time feeling her a little breathy as he felt her chest heaving on his after this whole love making act.