Khushi was unable to concentrate on her lectures the other day , all the time she was found backing a strand of hair behind her ear with shivering hands ‘she was unable to reply any answer she was asked by her lecturers, her class fellows and specially payal’payal was hell worried becoz of her situation’on top of it when she called Arnav and asked her about khushi’s situation his reply was worrying her some more’.

“khushi tell me na’I called jeju and he said “let her be like tht”‘..what does he mean by this?…did u guys fought last night again? Is it La again tell me? Did he hurt u?” payal was asking khushi worriedly and khushi was unable to ans her

“Noo nooo its not like tht’.he did’nt hurted me and neither he fought with me'” she said and a blush crept upon her cheeks and she tried to suppress her shy smile watching the foot ball match sitting in the college stadium she was least interested in ever.

Payal looked at her face and thought for some time with straight face and then suddenly she started smile widely at khushi making khushi look at her with confused eyes

“Now What?” khushi asked sensing her mind

“Ohhh now I get it’so u and jeju last night’hmm?” she said in a teasing tone

“Shut up payal” she said and left her seat running from there out of the football stadium.

“Khushi tell me na'” payal teased

“ok don’t tell me I’ll ask jeju” she dialed Arnav’s num ‘Arnav was always kind for payal and she has never seen his worse side like khushi La and other girls so she was quite cozy with him and he too did’nt showed his worse side to her thinking her like her sister from the day she has called him jeju even when khushi her own frnd was’nt happy with him. She was a sweet girl and Arnav trusted her like a sister.

“Hello’jeju’if u want ur personal life to remain personal always then u need to give ur wife some acting lessons'” payal called him and directly spoke into fone without waiting for his answer ‘he could hear khushi cursing her behind the phone.

“What?” he asked

“yeah’u know even if she keeps her mouth shut but her face is telling the whole story u know’the whole college can guess easily whts wrong with her today” payal laughed heartedly

“Means?” he asked once again’understanding fully but acting like he don’t, letting her give some more information about his wife.

“means that jeju’.. tht she is blushing like a red hot tomato since morning” she laughed once again.

Arnav laughed into the phone and payal joined him’khushi heard his voice in payal’s fone and now she was embarrassed between them.

“Don’t tease my wife too much Payal’I’ll pick u guys after ur college’I have an important meeting now, see yah later’bye” and he cutted the call fully enjoying the conversation and smilling.

“Khushi..jeju is coming to pick us after college'” she informed khushi turning behind to face her and she punched payal and ran away’they both running after each other ‘La saw them playing, she was standing covering her face with her hankie to hide the slap marks tht were formed by his slap 2 days ago and were too strong tht they were still blue not ready to go and impossible to hide from make over even. She fumed seeing them happy but now she was not in a state to mess with them for the rest of her life.


“mm’Arnav ji’can we ‘can we just’..can we continue doing tht further?” she asked him hesitantly , sitting on the bed wearing one of her half sleves frock which ended above her knees, with her whole stuff spread over the bed as she was making her assignment apparently but looking at him in actual with the corner of her eyes’

“Continue what?” he asked looking at his laptop screen sitting on the recliner and typing some thing with straight face.

“u know’mm’what we ‘what we did last night'” she said looking on the mercury light in the room.

“hmmm?” he said totally lost in his laptop looking uninterested in her talks.

“hun?” she said making an innocent face,tht compeled him to look at her once’and then he looked back at his laptop cursing himself for looking at her at the wrong moment as he knew he cant tease her further for uttering the word abt their last night’s activity, her innocent face make him drop the idea and he moved towards his 2nd plan.

“I thought it hurts u so I was planning to stop doing tht with u'” he said with the same straight face expressions looking on the screen once again.

“mmm’Arnaj ji’.?it does hurt but not like u did the first two times, this time i’.” she cant believe he was planning to stop tht new pleasure he have just started giving her, she cannot let tht go like tht but was very hesitant to tell him not to stop.

“this time what?” he said looking a the screen all the while.

“I’I'” she searched for some words

“hurry up khushi speak up’.i am already tired” he said looking a kind of irritated

“I like it”‘she said looking down at her feet

“hmmm so in this case khushi..yeah we can” he said sticking his eyes to the screen working on it looking quite normal like he is having some business talk with aman.

“Jee?” khushi asked not understanding his weird behavior’she was’nt expecting this kind of behavior from a husband after such a great night yesterday with his wife. “he is seriously a Rakshas ‘laad governer” she cursed him in her heart.

“yeah’. But on three conditions’!” he stated like he is making a business deal

“Conditions?” she asked innocently

“yeah..if u r willing then we can do it daily when ever u want” he said ..his eyes still on the laptop screen ,face still straight without any expressions and hands typing some thing on the keys.

Khushi blushed at his words tht “they can do it daily or when ever she wants” ..

“but what conditions Arnav ji?” she asked

“I will tell u only if u agree to say “yes” for all of them'” he said in the same old tone

“OK,,,,I would say yes’but’!” she said but he cut her off

“I want u to “yes” for all of them now” he said

“O’.OK yes” she said as she was getting curious about the conditions tht he was not telling her.

“Ok so the first condition is ‘.tht u’ll let me see urself whole'” he said using the same old business tone

“Whole?” she asked

“yeah’no hands on ur chest and all'” she blushed hearing his words

“but Arnav ji’I mean please’!” khushi tried to convince him for a favour about this one

“No “Please etc” khushi’u’ve already had a lot of favour!” he said like he is talking to his clients khushi became quite at his cold tone.

“so..the 2nd is tht u’ll not blush after having a good time with ur husband infront of anyone except me” he stated his 2nd condition and khushi was more than ready to protest on this one already.

“But..but Arnav jiii’.! Its not in my hands ‘.i cant do tht’.it happens by itself ‘why don’t u understand’No u cant put this clause…” she said stubbornly ,totally forgetting the theme of topic tht was a blushing subject by itself for her.

“khushi..u cant back off now’u have already said yes for it” he said seriously

“but’.” She tried to protest again when he stopped her from speaking further by picking his hand while looking at the laptop him self.

“So the 3rd one is’that'(he pressed the shut down button on his laptop while speaking) u will not share anything what ever happens in this room..between YOU and Me..with any one’understood’Not a single soul’no Di’no Payal’not even ur mother’.got it” he said waiting the overloaded Laptop to shut down finally

“But’But Arnav ji’.i need to ask things’.” She protesting stating her problem

“u are no more a kid tht u’ll discuss these things with other people and asking them their openion about ur married life’.and well if u still feel a need to ask some thing tht u don’t get’u can ask me ‘anything’I am here to help u always about every question u have in ur mind’u don’t need to feel shy with me’I am ur husband’behave like my wife’ understand'” he said in a very low dangerously serious tone and she feel a burden on her heart at his tone.

She became silent in a strange way and he felt tht’he closed the laptop and stood up lossening his tie, looking at her face finally’

“so’what were we discussing actually..” he said in the same tone but she was able to fig out the softness in his tone.

She did’nt said a word but streached her arms towards him to take her. He threw his tie on the recliner rather than hanging it in the closet and came towards her, taking her in her embrace as he understood her need for him and picked her up, she wraped her legs around his waist and he kissed her neck under her ears and she hugged him tightly.

He placed her on her side of the bed and started removing her frock, when he was about to remove it from her chest he felt a light pressure on the fabric stopping him from removing the frock. He saw her hands clutching it slightly, looking at him nervously, still expecting some mercy but he was not in the mood today..he wanted all of her, and he was also on a mission to train her as according to ur fantasies.

He gave her a look’she felt a hint of anger and a command in it in his eyes’and she slowly moved her hands on her sides’he kissed her on her neck while his hands trying to unhook the bra she was wearing, khushi’s eyes were shut tightly during all this’he kissed her close eyes and remove the bra ..she tried to cover herself but she remember his look a couple of sec ago and her hands remain raised in air to hug herself but she did’nt put them down on herself. He kissed her chin her nose and forehead and all over till her color bone when he saw her hell shy but still acting as according to his commands tht he gave through his eyes only. He kissed her breasts and a sudden moan escaped her mouth..she opened her eyes wide at this new sensation’

“Arnav ji’this is wro…” She pledged him, pushing him on his chest and trying to get up when he grabbed her wrists and pinned it to her sides on bed.

“Shssshhh Chup,,,bilkool chup'” (Quite’!Don’t talk) he commanded and continued doing what he was doing ‘when he sucked her there ,she almost forgot whats wrong whats right and gave in, clutching the bed sheets in her hands tht were pinned to the bed already by him.