Payal texted him for some 16th time during the day with an embarrassed khushi behind her.

“Hahaha Khushi seems like jeju just find out about ur dates for the first time in 3 months…I mean he is so damn carring about u na…how romantic…seems like he loves u a lot….by the way what happened tht night? Were u in so much pain? R u ok now?” she asked khushi and she told her every thing tht how he cared for her and woke up the whole night skiping the part when he scolded her outside the mall and did’nt accepted her apologies last night as the thought brought bitterness in her mind.

La was listening to all this hiding behind the pillar and was fuming in anger… she really needs to do some thing… ASR was really carring about tht kid….and she needs to make him realize tht he can’t be fully satisfied with this kid ever.

“hi khushi….seems like some one is being super caring with u?” LA said coming towards khushi

“What? Who?” khushi asked confused

“ur husband! Who else?” she said

“How do u know about tht” khushi asked.

“Well…dear…u know wht I know every thing about him…..i know him very closely u know…very very close” La said making dreamy face infront of khushi

“Shut up…how do u know about this I asked” Khushi came to the point once again not interested in listening to her stupid story.

“ohh u knw experience..” La said faning her polished nails

“What r u talking about”… khushi asked a little scared.

“Well tell me khushi …he was awake all night was’nt he? Hmmm? And then he must have given payal some instructions to take care of u and keeping him informed as well?hmmm? is’nt it? Am I wrong?” La asked

“Yeah…so…how do u knw all this” khushi’s voice was fainting.

“Well I told you na…Experience….!…he used to do the same with me after our first night together….u know how volient he is when he’s turned on hay naa?” she said smiling and hammering the last nail into the coffin of their not so ever developed trust. Khushi felt her world shattered …after last night she was feeling so good around him, she was feeling protected by some one and so she has started trusting him for her self for the first time after the last night…she was planning to give in for him and give this relationship a chance…but here was again..standing at the same place where she was standing on the very first day…even more worse than the first day coz atleast there was no fear of a broken trust between them that time… She remembered how rough he was before and after their first night..he never cared for her like she is some dummy and not a human to be cared about.but he cared about La?

Payal was about to tell khushi after La will be gone tht she has seen la listening to our talks so she is taking advantage but before she can tell this to khushi, khushi stood up from the groung…her eyes welled up and she ran towards the parking area crying badly with payal following them….Payal immedietly called Arnav and told her every thing that La has said…. Khushi heard payal talking to Arnav and so she thought payal betraying her aswell. She gave a pathetic glance to payal before leaving and she left from there sitting in her car with the driver. Payal followed her and tried to explain her but she did’nt heard.


Arnav was in his office when khushi came….

“Whats wrong with u khushi…this type of behavior is not acceptable…cant u see I am in a meeting” he said

“I need to talk to u some thing important right now” she said, her voice heavy as hell and her eyes swollen up and red. He sensed the seriousness of the matter and cancelled the meeting, he directed her to sit on the chair…but she was too angry to hear any thing.

“I am not here for being comfortable…I am here to ask u a question” she said seriously trying hard tht her tears dun fell from her eyes.

“Fine …as u wish…By the way..i know what happened in ur college” he looked quite unaffected.

“how would u feel if a guy comes and tell u tht he and I were been sleeping together ?” khushi asked looking very angry

“SHUT THE f**kING UP…Think before u speak infron of me?” He said suppressing his anger

“Why? Why r u feeling so angry Arnav ji? U knw how can I dare? Coz I am coming hearing the same words about u…all the care u showed was a drama last night? What do think I will be back in bed with u by all this? That u can tame me?” this was the end of his patience

“Arnav Singh Raizada never felt a need to tame a girl by acting all this nonsense….i can have what ever I want by my power…and who would know that better than u?…and u know very well tht I can have u any time if I want and u cant stop me….have u forgotten the farm house encounters? Or do I have to remind u about them?” he came closer and she backed off…. The same time La opened the door of his cabin…she was here to poision ASR about khushi tht she is not able to be his wife. But she did’nt knew tht khushi was more faster than her and she had reached the office before her…spoiling her plan….!

He saw La and the rest of patience he was having broke down…he grabbed La by her hairs and pulled her to himself…

“So what do u think u’ll be safe after poisioning my wife about me….after hurting her like that?…after interfaring in my personal life? after speaking lies about me…? Hun?” he pulled her hairs some more tht caused her to scream in pain…

“i…I am sorry ASR….i just wanted to be cared by u like u r caring this kid…. She is not able to be ur wife…and I was trying to safe u from the regret u’ll be having after realizing this…I am sorry I did this for u…please forgive me ASR…I am sorry…I am really sorry” La knew tht now there is no time for drama as her plan was spoiled and if she continued the drama she’ll be digging her own grave…

“So u said I care for u hun…” He said pulling her hairs some more twisting her arms behind her back with the other hand to an extent tht they would have broken if he applied even a little bit of more pressure.

“Ahhh….I am…” she was in the middle of the sentence when he pulled her into a cruel kiss….she moaned painfully into his mouth and cried as he kissed her lips making them bleed and then pulled apart…. And slaped her hard tht she fell on the ground…

“Thats how much I cared for some bitches like you who threw themselves on me for an advantage …AND DON’T U DARE COME NEAR MY WIFE AGAIN EVEN IN UR DREAMS…DO U GET THAT” he said to La who was breathing hard and scared enough tht when he threw her on to the ground she find it an opportunity and ran away picking up her bag from the ground…

There was no one in the office except for those two now…. he was extremely angry on la and was now relaxed some how after punishing her, putting his anger on her and showing her her true place.

He looked at khushi who was sticked to the glass walls of the office, shivering badly and too scared to move any of her body part, she was extremely terrified by the scene that has happened some seconds ago.

He looked at her condition and cursed himself for putting her again into the same situation like she was before…… he has worked so hard to get her relax with himself and remove her fear but he has spoiled every thing now with his own hands…thats true tht he was avoiding her but scaring her was’nt his motive at all.

“Damn it” he punched the table hard tht the glass decorations on the table fell on the ground and shattered into pieces. Khushi gasped in fear, backing off some more into the glass walls and two tears roll down her face in fear as she thought after punishing La its her trun now…

“Khushi…” he said calming himself down coming two steps forward to hold her, but she stratteled seeing him coming closer and starting breathing unevenly with fear and terror filled eyes…. he stoped in his way seeing her horrified, she looked here and there for some help and found the door open, she ran out of the door crying badly from his office scared of him and he cursed himself for doing this to her….


He opened the door of his room and find the room empty…he searched the bathroom and then moved towards the pool side…she was also not there ….where can she go?

He called garima and she told him tht she is out of town and khushi is not in gupta house as well as its locked, he called the driver who was appointed for khushi’s car and he told him tht he has left khushi in farm house as per her directions. He left for farm house as soon as he got the information.


His white SUV stopped in side the farm house parking, and he walked out side closing its door, he walked into the residence and saw a maid coming from his room with a glass of milk tht was full.

“whats that for?” he asked the maid.

“Sir…I take this to ur room for khushi’s madam, she was crying continuesly from when she came here and I take this to her room so that she may feel better after having this, but she fell asleep crying atlast, so I was taking this glass back”. She described the whole scenario for his only question in one go.

“hmm” he said and the maid left

He walked inside the room and saw khushi sleeping laying on her belly on the bed, her arms bend under her chin and her face streaked with tears giving an impression like she was weeping before she slept. He sighted with relaxation finding her infront of his eyes.

He sat on the sofa infront of her, pouring a water into glass from the jug and then gulping it down his throat, he leaned back his head on sofa and then looked at her. He sat there observing the ups and downs of her petite back as she breathed. He placed the glass back on the table making a voice unintentionally and she moved a little in her sleep laying in the same position. That’s when he realized that his presence in the room can disturb her while sleeping so he left the room.


The night was dark and cloudy with the lightening sky making it more mysterious, he was sitting with a glass of wine in his hands leaning on the chair near the huge blue pool of his farm house. Thinking about all the profs tht were found during the investigation of shyam’s. He still culd’nt believe what truth these profs were leading to. His whole life seems to be wasted in false hate. Just becoz of one man he has always trusted and treated as his brother since childhood. How could his heart be full of so hatered even after having so much love from this family. He has trusted shayam so much tht he gave his sister to him, his most precious treasure in this whole world and what he and his father hand done was unbelieveable. His father was the legal advisor of raizada’s before his parents death. The story where the profs were leading tht he was trying to shift Arnav’s father’s business to his name, and the legal notice that was found from shyam’s house on his father’s name was sent by Arnav’s father on the same date when the murder took place. He saw the pictures in which shashi gupta was shown standing near his father’s death body flooded with blood, shashi’s hands were clean having no stain of blood in his hands at all, then the other picture showed him sitting near his father’s dead body and his hands on the murder weapon…there were many questions in his head, and a question tht who took those photos at the time of murder…who ever was the killer but one thing was sure…. Shashi gupta was hanged innocent. Arnav was a only 15 years old no body took his openion neither he was been directly involved in the trials or case nor he was responsible for Shashi’s death but he has attended all the trials of the court, he was sure tht the former picture was’nt presented in the court, if Mr.Manohar jha was having those pictures than why did’nt he showed them in the court to save shashi gupta, as at that times they seemed to be good frnds before the murder. The whole case seems to be fake and planted. The profs pointed towards Mr,Mahonar jha who was now no more in this world but he was the person who has poisioned Angali and Arnav’s yound minds about Gupta family always. Though Angali was much more positive towards life but the sudden death of Arnav’s parents in sucha young age has caused so much negativity and bitterness in his personality. And today his whole life seems to be built on wrong bases.

He was in a trance this time…nothing could fix the loss in both of their lives. Khushi was a blessed one though as she was ignorant of all these things and thus innocent and calm. But he was never a blessed one …he was waiting for garima to come back in the town so tht he could tell these things to her, nothing could be done now, but at least he can share this with some one.


Khushi woke up hearing the sky thundering, she quickly came down from the bed and looked here and there sensing tht he was here, her eyes got his black berry placed on the table. She looked from the window he was sitting outside in his black three piece suit. She did’nt wanted to face him, she was suffocating badly..she needed to breath in open air, she thought to have a tour of farm house to relax her nerves. She steped out of the main entrance as she found it open, she was been there before too but never free as she was today, she was always locked inside the residence, but today she was free to explore the whole farm house out of the residence as well. the pool was just infront of the residence’s main entrance, she saw him sitting near the pool, his was facing his back and was unaware of her arrival, she took slow steps towards the side to go behind the residence, escaping from the front side where she can sit some where and have a calm breath. She reached the back side of the residence that was protected with a wire gauze at the entrance “Why the area is protected with wire gauze when it’s the part of the same house” she thought. There was a plain huge ground till her eye sight reached and a small lack artificial lake with a strangely moving and sparkling water in it and a small bridge on top of the lack just like she has seen in fairy tales. The place looked beautiful yet mysteriously dangerous. The could’nt see any one but some thing could make her sense that she was’nt the only creature here. She stood in the middle of the bridge, closing her eyes as the cool wind touched her face and remembered each and ever thing tht happened today.

“DON’T U DARE COME NEAR MY WIFE AGAIN EVEN IN UR DREAMS” she sherked open her eyes when his voiced ecoed in her head. she was scared of him today, his violence make her scared, she was so damn sure of been hurt by him today but she was still unhurt, actually she was unhurt since three months , she looked at her self, and tried to focus and pushing aside her fears, what was the reason he was like that, she focused hard and came to a conclusion tht his acts and words differ, he spoke to hurt her and act to sooth the pain. She was confused. She walked down the bridge and came down on the other side of the bridge and started walking on the bank of the lake.

“What make him so brutual…there may be some thing that he is hiding from me now…the way he behaved today with LA..was truly violent for me to see, and I was sure he will hurt me as well, and he could have…but why did’nt he touched me after that?…and those words…his last words to La…he talked like he never wanted her near me, like he was trying to protect me from them…uhhh I am so confused…..!” she said to her self and closed her eyes.

She heard some movement near herself and looked here and there….the ground was plain and the grass was finely roved, there was no one around, she shock her head and started walking again…she was bear footed, a stone near the lake hit her foot and she bend down to check it when she saw two pairs of eyes watching her into the water…she screamed hard…loud enough to brust her own lungs…she moved back hurriedly, when the thing in the water sensed his prey escaping it came out of water, splashing the water in lake, giving a signal to his other mates to join him in this noble cause…. It was a gaint crocodile ….She screamed as loud as she never had before and she never will be future as she started running towards the bridge frantically, she ran looking behind her, horrified of the creature following her measuring its distance from her to reach the wire gauze and close it before the crocodile reach her, now she got why there was a wire gauze parting the back portion of the farm house than the front one, she moved her legs as fast as she could reaching the bridge, she looked back as three more crocodiles company the first one chasing her, splashing water on the bank and finally running after her on the dry ground, she ran fast on the bridge looking behind at the bloody creatures as she saw one of them stoped as the other two as well and recived some thing in their mouth which came flying over towards them, she tried to fig out keep running when she collieded with some thing hard and she got a whiplash, and the was taken 5 steps back becoz of the force she was been collieded. She saw him throing the last piece of dried flesh towards the ugly, horriable creatures who were now having their dinner and returning back into water, she leaned down on the railing of the bridge and sit beside it breathing heavily, her throat dry as hell that she was unable to speak some thing foe some time.

“Who let u here?” she saw him asking her some question but she was unable to register it in her mind right now. He was as calm as as wind before the strom. Looking at her intensely, trying to find out how did she came in this area behind his back.

“I…I need some water…” she said a little breathless….

He came near her and extended his hand towards her, she took his hand and got up putting her weight on his hand, they started walking from there, she felt like there was no life in her legs, she was strattling when she was walking with him towards the gauze. Her breath was a little normal as she sensed herself protected and trapped at the same time with her hands in his as he lead her towards the exit of this area. Atleast she was safe from those always hungry underwater creatures. He felt her shivering and not walking properly. he looked back at her trembling form and picked her up in his arm the other sec, not even giving her a chance to think. She felt her head floting with a lot of confusion and the situation she was in some time ago. She lay her head on his shoulders finally giving up fighting against her own mind and letting go with the situation and let the things go on what they tend to be. He took her to the front side on the house near swimming pool where he was having his drink some time ago when he heard her screams and left it on the table to see her.

He made her lay on one of the liner near his chair and pour some water from the jug in the glass placed on the near by table. She took the glass from his hands and gulped the whole glass in one go.

“Wha….Wht were those lizards?” she asked taking her breath some how…he made himself comfortable infront of her and took the glass of wine again from the table…he can sense the trembling of her voice..she was still shaken up.

“Alligators…I’ve kept them” he said taking one swig of his wine , looking into the pool quite seriously.

The calmness of his attitude was pinching her a lot… he was becoming a mystery for her, first he kidnapped her, then became nice, and now so quite, calm and unaffected by her presence tht his it was irritating her. She did’nt know how he was feeling to see his whole life spend as a waste…!

“buhh…why were they left free there?… umm I mean the way there was no gauze around the lake they were in” she asked placing the glass on the table with shaking hands which did’nt gone unnoticed by him.

“I’ve already caged them…they are not in their home land any more” was his answer.

” but they are dangerous…they can harm any one” she was getting curious to know why would he pet some thing dangerous like alligators?

“they won’t..untill they are kept starving” he said in a low voice..

Khushi was quite now…and so he was…they were silent for some time like there was no other topic left to discuss now after alligators.

“Do u miss ur father?” he suddenly asked and she was shocked to hear sucha question….he wanted to start a calm conversation , at last he needed some one to talk to him other wise it was difficult for him to hold on the negativity stuffed inside from years and years by the man who was actually the cause of all bad things happened to his life. that was his problem, the negativity inside him exploded when ever he was hurt, though he knew he never could get peace by hurting the world around him but at least satisfaction tht he has gave back the same which this cruel world have given him.

“I miss my mother…” she said after thinking for some time

“I was asking about ur father” he reminded her fixing his eyes on her face

“I never saw him…mom just used to tell me about him often…though I wish he was with me …like all the other people have their parents together…but I cant fight the destiny….he died from a heart attack when I was a kid” she expressed her feeling infront of him looking into the shinning pool water and holding back her tears tht were formed. But he looked at her shocked once again after she told him the reason for her father’s death…he pitty the poor soul who’s whole life was kept in a dark..she did’nt even knew about her father…may be her mother’s was’nt at fault…keeping her daughter away from the bad is’nt a crime…but she was over protective about her daughter after her husband’s death and that was not at all a fault for a lonely women broughting up her daughter scared of the world around her.

“ur father’s death was’nt medical” he said looking away from her eyes …thinking it enough to keep her ignorant about the true world around her…it would’nt help her, it can harm her more she was not told the truth now…she had a right to know the truth all her life…she had a right to spend her life freely and explore it like other girls of her age…she was always kept in cage and he knew that why! But it was enough now….no more lies in her life.

“What?” she asked shocked at his words

“yeah… he was hanged till death by the court…when he was proved as a murderer of my parents…” he said looking at the water calmly…no one could guess the strom going through his head.

“Nooo…My father can’t murder any one…he just can’t” she pledged more than scream. She got the biggest shock of her life.

” He did’nt” he got up from his chair and lossen up his tie standing on the edge of pool.

“Then …Then Why? Why he was punished?” he voice was fainting as she find it difficult to hold back her tears….

“its was all planned…My parent’s death..ur father’s death…every thing…” he told her

“Who did this…” her voice was full of tears…

“Mr. Manohar jha……” she sat there listening to him as he told the whole story to her …tears were making her way from her eyes and absorbing in down in her dress as he kept on revealing the whole truth of her life and his life infront her…he told her all the reasons he hated her and her mother, all the things that he regret and even the current situation of his heart ..tht what he was going through right now….

He stopped as he completed …stood there fighting back his anger on his enemies, those were dead…and he could’nt take a revenge on them…when he felt some thing soft snaking under his elbows and making their way around his waist. She hugged him from behind and keep her cheek on his back…sobbing while she cried learning the whole truth…they both were victims in this case but she was some how blessed even here as well…how lucky she was…atleast she can cry and losse the burden tht is on her heart unlike him…who cant cry even if he wanted to…the world around him had made him so hard, cruel and arrogant towards itself to do such things.

He took her arm in his hand and make her stand infront of him…she hugged him back slowly and sobbed into his arms….the rain started and he picked her up in his arms walking towards their room.

They reached the room and he placed her on the bed, she still sobbing and crying badly in a low voice. She wanted to be strong infront of him but she can not hold herself as she got to know about her father that how he hanged innocent and she got to know tht why her mother was different than other parents around her. She always complaint her about being strict but she did’nt knew what she was gone through and how she was surviving and keeping her survive in this cruel world.

He sat beside her on the at some distance, she covered the distance and hugged him, hiding her face in his arms as she weeped…his arms were around her protectively, trying to sooth his pain of loosing her innocent father and he understands her coz he has also suffered the same once for his both parents , he comforted her until they slept the same way till morning.