He opened his eyes hearing some one knocking on the door. He checked khushi’s temperature before opening the door, she was warm means she was having temperature. She opened her eyes when he touched her.

“How r u feeling?” he asked her before opening the door

“mm..Fine” she said and looked the other way feeling shy and not meeting his eyes as she knew tht he knws every thing about her. He got up and opened the door.

“Chotay? Why u guys were not for breakfast and sleeping so long? U never sleep like this ever..is every thing alright? Its already 12:00 pm and we did’nt any of u two so I thought to ask u’sorry if I disturbed u but I was scared.” Angali asked slightly worried

“Di’khushi is not alright so we did’nt slept properly last night” he said letting angali inside the room.

“Ohh what happened khushi ji? U ok?” now khushi was angry tht he might tell her about her days forgetting the fact tht he can not talk to his sister about this stuff.

“Nothing she only got some temperature” he said and left from there and khushi look at him giving him a thanking glance after him.

And for the rest of the day he made sure khushi take her medicines for her fever and get well before going to college.


Khushi was behaving weird and pretty rude with him all the time’she could’nt get the scene off her mind and to top at all she was on high harmones these day so her bevaiour was getting worse than ever. He ignored her the whole day coz he knew the reason behind it but did’nt wanted to make an issue of her things in her special days, besides she was sick as well and he was being caring about her health.

“Khushi ji how r u feeling now”‘.. Angali checked khushi’s temperature tht was normal now.

“I am fine Di” she said smiling

“hmmm OK then can u accompany me for market’I have some things to buy” Angali asked

Arnav just entered the room talking to Amaan on his BB. He looked quite serious and tensed on some matter’furious enough on Amaan for getting some sort of information.

“Chotay’can u take us market for 2 hours please?” Angali asked smiling

“Fine I will” he said and before he was to leave ,he came back and said

“Khushi u r not going any where, u’ll be resting here at home” he said and was about to exit when he heard her voice

“NO I AM GOING’I WILL GO WHERE EVER I WANT TO’AND U CANT STOP ME” she screamed and he frown at her angrily before walking away from the room as he did’nt wanted Amaan to hear his wife screaming at him like tht, khushi was taking him very litely from the morning and some time she was rude as well but he was ignoring her as per her health issues, he left thinking tht he’ll talk to her later about this. Last night she was just cuddling with him becoz she was’nt in her true senses and today she was again the same angry as yesterday’but even more than yesterday.


He was driving and she was sitting behind with Angali, mami has also joined them and oocupied the front seat with Arnav. They stopped near the mall and the ladies rushed inside ‘.. after some time khushi was back with some bags in her hands and was also holding a cone ice cream in her hand. The other two ladies were in the shoping mall and they have send khushi to keep the bags in the car. He looked at her angrily watching an ice cream in her hand’. He has just made her understand in the morning after taking to Dr. Asha that if possible khushi has to avoid having cold natured food items, and there she was totally forgetting his instructions and having an ice cream in her hand.

“u cant have it” he said removing the phone from his ears, his voice totally normal but eye brows a little frowning becoz of the sun infront of his eyes that was just to set in 10 minutes .

“NO” she said licking her cone and stuffing the bags in the car through the open window, he was standing near the car talking to some one on phone before she came, he cut the call and take a round towards khushi and snatched the ice cream from her hand and threw it in the near by dustbin.

“When I said No it means No?” his voice slow and low as before but his eyes acted totally opposite to his voice, shooting draggers at her, that was end of his patience for today.

“WHY DID U THROW AWAY MY ICE CREAM” she screamed once again at him in a day

“u don’t need to care about my health? why u r bothering me? u just go and have fun with those sexy models I don’t need u in my life, u don’t have any right on me, u said that urself then why the hell r u bothering me today?” she was almost getting mad at him.

“Why did I forget that u r just a child” his voice the same normal, the sun infront of his eyes making his brown eyes shine some more in its light and the time when the light starts mixing with the dark making the environment more mysterious. The sentence was short enough but held a lot of meanings. How can he forget that she was’nt able to understand what he was giving her, she was not even able to understand than how can she utilize the choice given by him maturely, Khushi just missed the opportunity in 2 seconds and she can sense it, the ropes of her future were again in his hands back and she can sense it.

“hun?” she was soon scared hearing this’his meaning was pretty cleared and she was scared after losing the choices she has just got yesterday.

“No” her voice became faint seeing her loss. He did’nt said a word after that but she knew things were not OK with him now. May be she messing with him a little too much beyond his marked boundries. Why the hell was she behaving so childish infront of him tht he changed his decision about her, he was’nt gona give her a free hand now and that was pretty obvious in the seriousness of his eyes and his attidude.

Angali and mami were seen coming down from the lift of the mall from outside. He came to driving seat and closed the door, the lock of back door was opened infront of khushi. She was still in a trance of his last sentence thinking did he exactly mean the same what she was thinking by herself ?

“Come inside” he said looking out of the wind screen and she came out of her trance and sat inside the car. She was quite enough for the rest of the way.


She was laying on bed tossing and turning all the time as she could’nt sleep, she was restless, and scared of what he has said in the evening was he gona do or not? What does he meant when he said that’

How can I behave so childish’what will he do with me now? she thought to herself, she have seen how his eyes lost softness suddenly and turning emotionless today. She shrudded remembering tht’just than he entered the room still in his suit with his vest coat on, without any coat, a big black mug of coffee in his hand. He came and sat on the recliner taking a sip of his coffee’he looked quite serious, thinking about some matter when he heard her moving in the bed, he slightly picked up his eyes and looked at her, she was staring right at him with wide open eyes. he kept staring her, a strange darkness in his eyes tht she was unable to read but she knew some thing surely not the same as before.

She got up and came near him, he watching her the same way but she gather some courage in her heart to ask him.

“Arnav ji’.i..i am soo” she was about to say sorry for her misbehavior when he got up of the recliner while she keep sitting on the ground and bend her neck upward to meet his eyes above her head,

He gave her a normal serious glance and walk towards his closet by walking over above her legs which were laying in his way, in the process the back of his hand got touched with her cheeks’she was pretty warm once again, but this time the reason was not the old one, she was upset and tensed enough just becoz of his one sentence tht she got fever.

He turned around to avoid her innocent eyes , he picked the glass and the tablet from the side table and handed it to khushi.

“have this and go to bed, I don’t have time hear ur useless talks” he said and after seeing so much innocence his heart was contracted but he could’nt show it on her and give her a free hand again so tht she becomes rude, she was his wife but still a kid and he was not in favour of spoiling kids by ignoring their mistakes’he was one of the examples himself and he knew it..so he never wanted to spoil khushi’s nature as khushi was his responsibility now in all aspects. Besides tht some thing else was bothering him enough to make him behave this way with her.


Khushi woke up sensing him moving his arm under her to move her from him as he wanted to getout of the bed for his office as she was sleeping on him like always. She saw tht and urgently sat on bed moving herself off him.

“Vohh’I am sorry’I don’t know how'” this was the first time she have found herself sleeping on him like tht.

“its ok” he said plainly, rolling his eyes, thinking how will she react when she’ll find out tht this is her daily routine from past 3 4 months.

She get out of the bed and opened the closet to select a pair of clothes.

“Where r u going?” he asked her turning around

“college” she said simply looking at him

“No u r not’u was having a temperature yesterday” he told her his decision and she started protesting.

“No’tht was yesterday, I am perfectly fine I swear’! so i am going today” she said whinning like a child

“Did’nt i made it clear yesterday tht u have lost the right of making choices?u dont have a choice, do as i say” he said

“Arnav ji…i swear…its important…please dont be so harsh with me…i said i am sorry naa?” she said pledging

“how much days are left for u” he asked plainly

“hun?” she did’nt got him

“I said how much day will ur periods last?” he said quite openly not finding enough time to argue with her and making her understand clearly.

Khushi was blushing hard listening this from his mouth so openly.

“Tell me..hurry up’I dun have a whole day” he said looking into mirror and correcting his tie.

“Vohh’ 6 days more'” she said blushing and avoiding looking at him while answering.

“hmmm so write a sick leave for 6 day” he said putting on his coat

“Hunn? But why????? I’ll miss too many lectures?” she protested.

“I don’t care, u can ask for notes..” he said

“Arnav ji I cant’. Please try to understand’its not THAT sickness I am alright’ and besides it happens to all girls I am not the only one in this world tht I’ll ask for special leaves for this purpose? Please leme go I don’t wana miss the lectures’ see I am perfectly OK’and besides my exams are coming up I cant miss any single lecture..please Arnav ji don’t do that’I said sorry two times last night about my behavior na’please” she finally made him understand whinning and keeping her shyness aside actually forgetting her shyness as he was so stubborn for not sending her, atlast it was the matter of her studies and she cant take it lightly as her 2nd sessionals were near. It was’nt like that he did’nt knew about all this what she was telling but obviously she was the first girl he has seen in so much pain during this time period and so he was been super carring for her.

“Alright ‘do u have Payal’s num?” he asked her finnaly giving up infront of her protest as he was getting late and also becoz of the fact tht her exams were near’and thanks God she was keen enough in her studies that he was free of keeping an eye in this matter at least and he was happy at this.

“yeah but why'” she asked confused

“Just give me tht and don’t question me, I am getting late already” he said

“OK’!” she said and forwarded him her number..

He called payal

“mmm..Hello Who’s there” Payal replied in a sleepy voice as she was sleeping, she usually wakes up late becoz her home was near the college comparatively.

“its me Arnav Singh Raidaza” he replied fixing his bluetooth, his voice was heavy (with his name too much heavier than his voice as well) and powerful enough to make her dizziness go away and she jumped on bed sitting in her bed.

“jeee? Jeju ap?” she was shocked enough (Whatt??jeju is that u??)

“mm Yeah, can u do me a favour Payal?” he said quickly

“yeah sure is every thing ok?” payal said a little surprised tht he has called her

“Yeah’actually khushi is not Ok and she is not willing to miss her lectures, so I am sending her college but I want u to take care of her for today and also keeps me inform about her health throughout the day, can u do that?” he asked quickly grabbing his tie.

“Yeahhh sure’what happened to khushi?” she asked

“That she will tell u herself ‘thanks for the help I am getting late now. talk to you later. Bye” he said and cut off the call after she replied “bye” as well.

He left for the office with an open mouth and saucer eyes khushi in the room.