“Just Getout of here please'” Khushi said out loud

“Excuse me’this is my room” he said’

“Fine then I shd leave'” she said and was about to leave when he grabbed her elbow and turned her to face him’She pushed him hard on his chest’

“Leave me I said'” she said and tried to leave but he grabbed her again

“Whats ur problem..?Why r u behaving so violent? u need to answer me some questions’?” he said irritated and grabbing her tight as she was struggling very hard to get rid of him

“What the hell did u just said? U want me to answer’? How dare u? what do u think of urself’? Am I ur servant or what’?” she said gritting her teeths and trying to get out off his hold.

“What? Servant? Who said I think u r as my servant?” he was amused how did this idea came in her mind by the way?

“La said'” she blurt out’

“La who?” he asked quickly not giving her a chance to back away from her words

“Lavanya’she said u think me as ur servant.” She said finally not to prolong the discussion and get out of his grip as soon as possible.

“So u r angry becoz u think I think u as my servant?” he asked frowning looking confused a bit (a W*F moment totally)

“Yes’I mean no’and by the way..dont act like nothing has happened’I saw u with that girl and now u r acting like nothing has happened and questioning me instead'” she asked angrily

He was too lost after getting her words right in his mind’he was’nt looking at her obvious angery this time, he was looking at her hidden emotions tht she was telling him unknowingly and unintentionally.

“I thought u hate me” he said looking amused still.

“What do u mean u think? I definetly hate u’I hate u for kidnapping me, spoiling my life, taking me away from my mom, doing all those strange things with me before telling me about them even, and now for kissing tht tall girl in ur office’.DO U UNDERSTAND THT?” she shouted back looking extremely angry.

“OK so as far as doing those thing with u is concern’u r legally my wife I can do it with u’its ur mother’s fault tht she did’nt prepared u mentally even after knowing tht u r married” he said seriously looking into her eyes.

“yeah what ever ‘this is not the way u treat ur legal wife, first u did those things with me and then u were there kissing the other girl” she hissed in anger.

“What ? if I kissed that girl? Why do u care? I was damn sure u were pretty not at all interested in those thing?nor did u liked them? Nor did u liked me as well’then why so jealous?if u don’t like me for all those things I have done with u and ur life’u shd be worried more about a revenge rather than being jealous? Is’nt it?” he asked traping her in her own words.

“hun?” she instantly got confused on his question

“No I don’t care’I hate u” she finally managed to say

“yeah thts wht I am saying’so if u hate me that much’then why do u care weather I kiss any one or I am with any one? U seemed pretty unaffected by my presence from always? Then why all this? We don’t have a mutual understanding like a true husband wife? Even I was thinking to send u away from me and freeing u coz I knew u don’t wana be my wife and thts not ur fault I know? Then why were u there to tell me tht u don’t wana go to paris, and why r u so much fussing like u care? If u don’t care then why did u told Di tht u r angry on this and why did u came running and crying all the way from there after seeing that? Why do u look pretty effected like a real wife? U r behaving like u satisfy me daily No I did’nt expect this from u and I am not blaming u for that as well’I have not even looked at u like a wife after marking u as mine, u shd hate me for tht’not jealous’ u r seriously weird and making me confuse as well. Tell me what exactly do u want'” he asked once again frowning, expecting another anger filled answer but against his expectations she looked pretty shocked.

“hun?” she looked at him so much innocently as she did’nt find an answer, tht he forgot every thing for a moment ” he wanted to hug that angry little Persian kitten right away who looked calmed and confused after a huge fight. But suddenly she looked at him angrily again.

“That’s right’do what ever u want ‘. I give a damn if u r with any one’u cant effect me ever’and for ur information I am not effected”she said angrily and cursed herself for acting tht way, he was right’why the hell was she jealous? but he knew she was speaking a lie tht was clearly visiable through her innocent eyes. the thought tht she cared was more than enough for him. He thought to check his effect on her.

He came near her and kissed her lightly on her lower lip. She felt like an electric shock been passed through her body. But she remained stilled on that place’

“So I bet this wont effect u as well hun’as u said u r not effected” he tricked her

He looked at her eyes for any unwillingness but she was looking at him with the same innocent eyes standing their in his arms on her shoulders ‘.he pulled her to him slightly and kissed her once again lightly on her lips lingering the kiss.

He looked at her, her eyes were close now, he put his hands around her face and caressed her face with his hands and her cheeks with his thumbs ,when he did tht she literally looked like a real Persian kitten. He bend over her to kiss her once again and kissed her lightly for some good 3 minutes’the kiss was very gentle and soft’he sucked her lips and she did’nt moved an inch from him when he did this.

“Look I am sorry What I did to u! so I am leaving to to what ever u decide to do with ur life after u r 18 becoz i have promised ur mother for taking care of u, and i will take care of u even when u r free of my rights over u’but I never wanted to do that but the day I saw ur pictures with shyam I was blinded with rage and I wanted a revenge’and when I came to knw abt the truth’I felt I don’t deserve u so I called ur mother to take u away’but she asked me to keep u with myself’i did’nt wanted to intrupt ur life after tht even if u stay with me, and I was sure u don’t care about what ever I do in my life becoz I knew u hate me…but what is this if u hate me?” Khushi’s eyes got flash open after hearing his last sentence. he was looking at her for an answer with so much seriousness in his eyes tht she find it difficult to concentrate.

“What the hell ‘does he really questioned me back” she thought

She looked at him strangely. He really knew the Art of trapping her always’ he knew how to put ball in his goal always even if it was out of range’and she was too innocent and young already to match his mind even, she was even unaware of the seriousness of her own matters that had happened to her then how could she understand his moves? she was confused at the choice of words he has made.

“I..I’..” tht was all khushi managed to say’.

He leaned down on her and kissed the mole on her cheek near her ear. And caressed her other cheek with the back of his hand’khushi’s eyes were again tightly shut when he was doing this.

“Its OK’think and decide with a cool mind..and tell me what exactly do u want..there’s no rush”‘he said seriously and rushed out.

She sat on bed. Today she got the answer tht why he was behaving so calm from all those day’ he might have found the truth when his hand was hurt’coz he is behaving weird from tht day. Khushi did’nt knew what to decide and how’she think a lot and left the things on God, being tired of every thing.

Angali who was hearing all the voices comming down while they were fighting immediately got tensed when they suddenly stoped comming and rushed to see khushi. she still did’nt trusted her brother for not hurting khushi but she was not having courage to talk to him about tht. he was out of any one’s range in RM. he impossed his decisions on people ,he was’nt impossed by any one yet.


Khushi felt like some pain in her lower abdomins, she prepared herself for her special days and went to sleep on the bed’it was a weekend tomorrow and she was already very tired to go and get some tablets down stairs for herself. So she went straight to bed and dozed off’.like always she was again sleeping on him unaware of her sleeping state,when she felt the pain increased in her abdomins and reaching her legs’she placed her hand on her tummy and cried slowly in pain..”Ouch'” she thought the pain will go away in some time as it was a little more than the normal but not abnormal. So she tried to sleep again’she was in pain and was still sleepy so she did’nt realized where she was laying’ she started breathing unevenly when she felt the pain in her legs and tummy increase’.”Ouch DM’please help meee.” She said in a pain full voice’ he was changing his side when he felt her above his chest with eyes closed and thought to gently remove her so tht he can change side, but as he heard her painfull prayer he opened his eyes and thought tht she might be having a nightmare and so he thought to wake her up before she screams’!

“khushi'” he patted her cheeks..

“Khushi?” He called her again after some time seeing her scrunching her eyes in pain.

“Hum jag rahay hain'” she managed to say in a painfull voice the pain was increasing and she could even speak properly now’she felt her mouth jammed and her body temperature going down.

“Khushi’what happened? R u alright?” he asked her putting her on the bed from his body and hovering over her with worried expressions’

“Aaa..Arnav ji’.humay bohot dard ho raha hy” she managed to say between her uneven breaths

“What??? Khushi tum ny pehlay kun nahi bataya ? I’ll call the doctor’.” He said and about to leave when he felt his hand pulled back by her and he stoped in his tracks before going out of the blanket.

“h..haam theek ho jayein gy humain maloom hy’ap chinta mat karein’aur humain doctor ki bhi zaroat nahi hy tum theek ho jayein gy” she said gathering courage coz she knew if doctor came this hour of the night she will surely make other awake and then the whole house will be fully aware for her periods pain and her upcoming date. And she cant take this embarrassment at any cost.

“Khushi ‘.” He put his hand on her forhead which was now cold as ice

“Khushi I don’t think tht u’ll be ok without a doctor ..leme call her’leave my hand” but khushi was not willing to let his hand in order to stop him from calling the doctor.

“No Arnav jii’please ‘.please stay here with me’don’t go any where ‘..i swear I’ll be fine’.ahhh'” she said and cried in pain as she got cramps in her tummy.

He switched off the AC seeing her temperature going down and covered her the blanket fully,

“khushi tell me where its paining?” he asked placing his hand on her forhead but she was unable to answer his question for some time’as she was in pain.

“Khush I am calling the doctor right now’I am not listening to u any more'” he said and got up to have his cellphone tht was placed on the table near recliner.

“No’No’I said No please’Please don’t call her here please’I said don’t” she said irritatedly and staring crying becoz of pain and irritation as he was not willing to listen to her.

He saw her crying like tht and thought to deal her the other way. Making her irritate in this situation may land her in more trouble he thought.

“Ok..OK’I am not calling her ..relax’.” he came near the bed and sat on it patting her hairs and forhead’she was still crying becoz of pain clutching her tummy.

“Ok tell me where its paining?” he asked lovingly to get the information out of her mouth so tht he can call the doct and ask her about her

“Here, here ‘and here” she placed her hand on abdomins, back and then legs showing him where it hurts between crying and sobbing in a faint voice.

He picked up his fone and dialed the Dr’s num..

“yeh Doctor Asha’sorry to disturb u this time but my wife is in serious pain” he speak into the phone

“Shd I come? Tell me what is it till then u take care off her the way I tell u?” she said thinking tht he might have been rough on her again but not finding any courage to ask him so.

“She is having sever pain in her back, abdomins and legs and her body temperature is going down” he told her the details

“ohhh”.well’. Mr.Raizada is she on her periods’?” the doctor sighted in relief at the thought tht this time the poor little girl was not tortured by her husband. She was a doctor and she very well knew the situation tht khushi was gone through physically in the farm house and she felt sympathy for the little girl already.

“one second” he said and looked at khushi and totally realizing why she was not willing to call the doctor home and why she did’nt told him the actual cause behind her pain. She was innocent enough to feel shy regarding her totally personal matters with him even if she was in sever pain and so he touched her face a little realizing her innocence. And cupped her cheek with one hand’khushi was hell irritated tht he has called the doctor, she moved her head to the other side not facing him.

“Khushi don’t be shy ‘its about ur health’tell me clearly tht are these ur special days?” he asked her seriously but in a concerned voice and keep his eyes on her face for any sign of answers frowning a bit’

She did’nt answered and looked away feeling a heat in the pit of her stomach pooling at his bold words ,the way he was asking about her about an entirely girly matter, she felt shy and did’nt wanted to face him, still feeling the pain until she felt another strong gust of pain in her abdomins and she hugged her knees to her chest laying on bed and cried in pain’.he watch her until she did this

“Ooouuuchhh” she started breathing unevenly after letting out a painful cry and unable to bear the pain and her face became pale’he observed her situation and answer the doctor

“Yeah doct she is on her periods ‘ok’fine” the doctor informed him fully about her situation and how to take care of her also informing him about the possible slight temperature she might have after this and he cutted the call’khushi felt her pain increase after hearing him talk about her special days. Khushi was crying in intervals before when ever she felt the gust of pain but now she started crying continuely in a faint voice feeling irritated at his acts and in pain together. He felt over protective for khushi as she was his responsibility only now.

“Khushi relax ..the doctor is not coming’relax’!” he said caressing her cheeks which were cold as ice, he knew tht losing so much blood suddenly can cause the blood pressure to go down like this so he decided to make her get some energy by eating some thing and then got up from there to ask HP for some coffee when khushi felt pain and called him from behind,

“‘please don’t go please'” khushi was in pain and so she wanted some one with her for supporting her mentally, she asked him to stop in a pledging tone’

“Khushi relax I am just coming in a while be strong till then, I know u can make it..” he gave her courage and left

He asked HP to have some thing to eat with a cup of steaming hot coffee and took the medical box with himself to the room.

He place the medical box on the table and started caressing khushi’s cheeks , she grabbed his arm and hugged his arm to her chest feeling relax finding something close. She was still in pain and tht was pretty much obvious from her pale face. She was not in a condition where she can think what she was doing and whom she was hugging.

“Khushi’open ur eyes'” he make her open her eyes before she pass out, till the time HP took some thing for her’there was a knock on the door and HP came in with a try , he asked him to keep the try and never to tell about this to anybody else. HP nooded and went outside. He locked the door from inside and make khushi eat some thing forcefully as she was not eating. When she was done he gave her some painkillers and ask her to rest, he himself lay beside her and placed his hand on her head. She was some how normal now feeling her blood pressure go normal, but the pain was still there not so sever like before but still. She hugged his hand close to her chest and he watched her doing this and patted her head to make her relax’. He felt thirsty and wanted to have some water when she griped him harder for stopping him to move’

“Don’t go Arnav jii please’please stay there please’.” She said slightly sleepy in a painfull voice’

“OK..i am not going ..just sleep ‘” he placed his hand saying this on her cheek to check her body temperature’her body temperature was not low any more but it was slightly high like she was having a mild fever’she was sleeping after some time as the pain was gone and she was clutching his shirt incase he don’t go anywhere. He tried to move but she did’nt let him go so he encircle her with his arm around her ,hugged her and slept. She felt some cramps in her tummy time to time after long intervals during the night while she was sleeping and she yelped in pain slightly during her sleep not opening her eyes when ever they came, he hugged her close to himself and examined her face for any sign of pain on her face until she eased after some seconds and her face became calm once again.

The whole night spend this way and he kept checking her time to time. Until she was fully at ease and did’nt got any cramps for a longer period of time and he too fell asleep with her.