Its was khushi 3rd month in RM and Arnav have not touched her the wrong way, though his behavious was quite dominant on her, and he some times scolded her for her childish acts as well but he did’nt reached her for full filling his desires’he did’nt wanted to disturb her’she was happy in her college and tht was much relaxing for Arnav to see her happy and busy in her life atlast’he took care of all her needs but never talked to her unless nessassary. Khushi was confused at his strange behavior but did’nt asked him ever’she came back from college , changed and slept until he was back and then they both join the family for dinner together but not talking to eachother’than both of them kept them self busy , khushi spead out all her stuff her pencil, rubbers, sharpners and colors on the bed and practicing her designs as her college assignments and he used to sit on the recliner and work on laptop until she collects her stuff and lay down on bed for sleeping, after 5 minutes he used to join her on the bed and both on them slept on their sides keeping a quite decent distance but woke up as khushi in his arms hugging him every morning, she never knew about it till now. Then khushi used to observe him while he prepared himself for office pretending as she is sleeping and then they both left for their office and college. That was their routine from 3 months together.

Arnav wanted to send khushi to Parris’sensing her so close to him daily and controlling himself was not an easy task for him, and too he did’nt wanted her to be with him as he thought he did’nt deserve her’he wanted to give her a free life now’ he will make the decisions of her life until she is mature and grown enough to take care of herself and take her own decisions rightly.

“I don’t wana go to parris’I want to be here’.why Arnav ji is not home yet..” she thought worried’not even knowing herself when did she starting waiting for him?

“I have to talk to him’ what if he is not here ‘I will go to his office before he do some thing in this regard and send me to paris finally’.” She thought and left for his office.


Khushi enters the office 8.30 pm in the evening and find office empty except for security staff’

“uhh’excuse me’ can u tell me where shd I find Arnav ji?” she asked one of the gaurds..the guard inspects her by looking at her from top to bottom. She understands soon and Adds’.

“I am khushi singh raizada’.his wife'” she said smiling

“ohh sorry maam’.boss is upstairs in his cabin” he directed khushi, his face straight and without any emotions like it was before.

“ohh thank u..” she smiled and moved towards the cabin.

She was wearing a pair of girly sneakers so her steps were not making any voice when she ran across the whole office admiring its elegance and class’

“Wooowww’What an office’. I’ll make sure Arnav ji appoint me as one of his designers here after my graduation..but not becoz I am his wife’.offcourse on merit’!” she said grinning on her career dreams.

“hmm thts why that was La was so damn dying to work here’well she was having other reasons as well” she thought and felt a bitter taste in her mouth thinking about her.

“uhhh..lets not think about her here and spoil my mood” she said and moved towards his office tht was shown by the gaurds when she was entering there.

She took slow steps looking here and there with naughty eyes to boo him. She was’nt even sure tht why the hell she is feeling like playing with him tht too in his office’she was’nt sure tht why she wanted to Boo him by the way’. The only thing she knew was tht she was so damn desperate to play with him right now and this was the right time and golden opportunity to play Boo. She stepped on the stairs and started walking looking into the glass walls of his office’.she was stopped mid way seeing the sight infront of her’

A tall girl with slender legs wearing D&G dress standing infront of her husband and playing with his lips with her own’kissing him lightly on lips and then pulling back in a teasing manner, he was standing still in his place taking the support of table behind him, putting his hands in his trouser’s pockets, letting the girl do what ever she wanted, looking at her intensly without closing his eyes for even one second and frowning abit as she sliped her delicate hands inside his coat and placed on his chest for a support when she picked herself up on her toes to kiss him. The girl was fashionable and beautiful no doubt’she remembered La’s words tht she was not even able to be his servant and now she knew why did she said so’..! if he is having such girls around him then how come she can be called his wife, she became jealous instantly of the girl standing infront of her. Two tears escaped her eyes instantly and she droped her fone making a sound on the stairs’. He pushed Lisa to the side to look who was there and saw her standing there with teary eyes’.he was stunned to see her like tht’.”Why was she crying?is she in some problem?” he thought’..

“Khushi’what happened’why r u crying?” he walked towards her slowly pushing Lisa to the side but she ran from there crying in a slightly high tone.

“What happened to her?…if she came here becoz she was in some problem then why did she left crying’he opened the CCTV camera screen on his laptop to monitor where khushi was going from his office ‘he saw her running crying badly and then sitting in one off the shantivan’s car and leaving. Sensing tht she was safe as she sat in the Shantivan car he came back to his seat and started thinking about her.

“you can Leave..” he said to Lisa sitting on his chair and she felt the trouble and sensed he was not in a state to be messed right now so she left.

“What was that? Wht was she doing there? And if she was here to tell me about some problem then why did she left like tht” his mind could never ever take him to a track tht he can think tht khushi is been jealous, coz in his knowledge she was the one who wanted to get rid off him and the marriage as soon as possible and so there was no chance of her being jealous off lisa after what he has done to her in the past. He dialed Angali’s number.

“Di what was khushi doing here?” he asked his sister

“Chotay khushi ji wanted to talk to u about cancelling her admission in Paris’she wanted to live here’did she talk to u abt tht?” she asked

“NO she did’nt talked to me anything and she left crying when I saw her in my office’do give me a call when she gets home coz she have dropped her fone in my office”. He said and cut the call. Wondering why khushi was insisting to live here?


“khushi ji’what happened?” Angali saw a crying khushi and rushed towards her

“wo Arnav ji'” khushi started sobbing.

“I mean tht girl’.in his office’she was kissing Arnav ji'” she told Angali what she saw.

Angali was damn angry on her brother for letting tht girl kiss him infront of his wife’but she also felt happy some how seeing the jealousy in khushi for her husband. She calmed khushi and left her in her room as she wanted to stay alone for some time.


“What?…Why r u looking at me like tht? Is khushi OK by the way?” he asked looking at his clock and then taking his cell phone out like nothing has happned, Angali who was staring at her brother like he is back after committing murder.

“How can she be OK chotay? After watching u kissing some one?” she asked him.

“OK Di’Now Listen to me’thts enough’!What if I was kissing some one wht does she has to do with it? Why does she even care if I kiss anybody in this world? I think she was the one planning for divorce right? And the one who always wanted to run away from me? She was the one who never wanted me’then I am amused to see why does she care about tht anyway??? She does’nt love me tht she’ll be jealous’.besides I have’nt done anything good tht she’ll love me for anything. What r u talking about Di? I know I did wrong when I fetch her here’I forced her I know’but as soon as I realized I did’nt wanted to keep her with me by forcing her’I heard her saying she wants a bloody divorce’ I am not complaining tht she did’nt gave me a chance’I know I dun deserve one..and so I don’t deserve her as well’so I was not intended to keep her here for ever bound with me’I was thinking of letting her free in her life what ever she does after her 18th birthday’I was’nt gona force her into it any more’ and so I never expect tht she can ever get angry on me for having affairs with other womens’I never expected this’ if I knew she wanted me then I would have never ever thought of letting her go even after her 18th birthday’ when did that happened by the way’? How come she became caring this much abt this relationship tht she started feeling jelous?” he cleared every thing infront of his Di’

“Chotay its not the matter tht khushi likes it or not’its just that its not right’.having relationships with womens without having a commitment is not a good thing’tht too when u r married’why don’t u understand’I have told u so many times'” Angali said.

“What do u mean by when I am married? There is nothing like being married between us. What ever Di’where is khushi?” he asked Angali

“she is in the room and is very angry’u shd leave her alone I think” Angali warned her brother’

“What’? R u warning me about tht little angry kitten??? Come on Di..leme handle her’ besides I have to ask her some questions?” he said getting up from the sofa putting his cellphone in his coat’s pocket and frowned thinking tht she is jealous.

“Chotay wait’Garima Anti was here tht day’she made khushi understand’she asked khushi to give this relation a chance..and u r spoiling tht chance by doing all this’I think u shd give ur relationship a chance rather than sending her away and then leaving her’.its not right for both of u if u understand’and well another thing I was shocked to know tht she does’nt know abt the real relationship between a man and wife’u shd be carefull while dealing with her chotay’.and I hope u were carefull before as well’are’nt u?” Angali asked and he became serious and looked slightly irritated at the thought of his bad acts what he did with khushi.

“So she was having no knowledge about tht’I was right” he thought to himself, looking kind of ashamed of himself for doing those things to khushi.

“So does she know now?” he asked Angali

“U were planning to leave her after her 18th birthday na? why does it matters to u by the way” Arnav looked away from angali’s mischivious glare.

“Just for information..nothing else…” he said and got up from there to face his angry lill persian kitten’and obviously totally droping the idea of letting her free after she was 18th‘he was watching her acts for so many day’the way she observed him daily when he was getting ready for office, he did’nt showed tht he is observing her as well, they way she has started him trusting for some things’specially the way she felt protected when she was with him was obvious from her face reading which he usuall read, the way she had stopped keeping the teddy between them by herself’and specially the way she behaved today’he wanted to confirm today tht does she really care’and if she did then he was’nt gona free her for the rest of her life.