“Aaannngaaallliii jjjiii” khushi screamed at the top of her voice nearly brusting her lungs’too scared of her situation.

“Hey DM what shd I do now?” she spoke to her self.

“Harrriii Parrraaakaaassshhh jiii” she screamed once again

“Hey DM please help me’atleast send some body to help me please” she prayed again

“Ommm Prrraakaaassshhh jiii’.” She screamed again but nobody came for her help

She started crying closing her eyes tightly, “why does this happens to me always?” she thought while crying. Nobody was at home to listen her voice.

“Laaaxxxmiii jiii” she screamed once again and started crying uncontrollably.

Arnav was on the entrance of residence back from his office when he heard her screams ‘.he walked towards his room in his normal speed, thinking why is she calling Laxmi this way. He looked around and found nobody at home.

He entered the room but did’nt found her’.

“Nannniii jiii” she screamed once again and started crying, he heard her cries and walked towards the pool side, when he looked upon his head from where the voice was coming’.

Khushi was sitting in the huge ventilator located 16 feet above the ground, in the pool side and was crying badly’

“What the’! What r u doing there? Come down fast..!” he scolded her seeing her sitting in a dangerous place’

“I ‘.(sniff)I’.(sniff sniff) I canttt’.” She started crying badly again?

“Why not?” he asked in the same angry tone.

“Becoz'(sniff.)’becoz I am stuck’I cant jump down’and the branch I used to climb up from is broken already’.! ” She started crying again’

“What the’..! why did u climb there, r u crazy?” he asked looking quite angry on her stupidity.

“There was a bird, I climb after to help him as he was injured but he flew away, I am afraid of heights I only climbed to help him as he was in so much pain and I am stuck now'” she cleared herself.

“What the F..” he was about to utter the whole word but he stoped. The next moment his heart soften seeing her crying and afraid of height.

“Ok look’don’t cry’jump in my arms I’ll catch u’!” he said and she looked at him finally stop crying and gulping her tears’

She hunged her legs down the ventilator and spread her arms towards him so tht he could catch her.

“Jump” he said

And she jumped right into his arms, landing on his chest with a thud and she gasped with the force she landed, her legs automatically gone wraped around his waist and his one hand around her slim waist holding her stable against him and the other hand on his head to sooth her as she started breathing heavily.

“Ssshhh Relax’u r fine’!” he said looking at her.

They stayed like this for some time and he can feel her breathing against his chest heavily through the ups and down of her breasts, until her breath became even. She felt him caressing her back to and forth and she felt an electric current ran through her spine as she realized how she was glued to his body, she felt his muscels under grip and her mind was occupied by a new strange feeling again which she was not capable of understanding’her mind was telling her to seprate herself from him and his heart was liking the way the were and She slowly unwrapped her her legs from around his waist and put her feet down still hugging him, he let her go when he felt she was ok now and on her feet.

“u ok now?” he asked

“yeah’I am’I am fine’I am a little afraid of heights actually’I am sorry I spoiled ur suit” she said a little breathless and embarrassed and he looked amazed at her words..was she the same girl who was crying badly sitting in a ventilator couple of minutes ago?’. Did she actually excused for spoiling his suit’s pressing’when she never cared about him? What the! He thought and left. She looked a kind of dazzed however’ may be she needed some time and he granted her’she sat on the chair on the pool side and placed her hand on her heart’.her heart was speeding up too much and she clutched her chest to calm it’.she calmed herself by making herself believe tht its becoz of the heights she was afraid of’.not becoz of the situation they were in some minutes ago. But some where in her heart she was clear tht the truth was some thing else.


Khushi felt her heart beat again going sky rocket’.when she was sitting infront of the dressing table and fixing her hair which were now a mess becoz of stucking into the ventilator some time ago. He came out from bathroom shirtless, drying his hairs and placing his towel on his shoulders he came and stood behind her’she closed her eyes tightly and placed her hand on her heart once again to stop her uncontrollable dhak dhak’. He leaned over her and grabbed the hair brush from table without looking at her and started brushing his wet hairs looking into the mirror standing behind her. Then throwing the brush on the dressing table he moved from there towards his closet to have his clothes for wearing and disappeared in the bathroom once again totally ignoring her unintentionally and all the while she kept clutching her heart until he was in the bathroom again.

“What the hell is happening to me’.i need to see a heart specialist very soon’I hope I am not having any heart desease but why my heart only beats tht hard when he is around? I need to ask payal about this’may be she knows some thing”


“Hahaha’khushi’so whats the probs babes? He is ur husband and u can see him from any angle u want” Payal said giggling

“Payal please don’t joke yaar,,,, see when ever I get close to him my heart beat starts and tht too very loudly’I am scared he will hear it some day’wht shd I do?” khushi said irritated..

“see khushi..i am not getting u at all, he is ur husband right?’and u r behaving like he is ur feoncy or boyfrnd’u guys must be close enough than that is’nt it?” payal said irritated at khushi’s worried talks.

“Yeah but’i.. I mean..i never thought like this ever’and em afraid tht em not committing a sin’!” Khushi said

“hahahaha khushi u r too much’he is ur husband yaar? Then why worry about sins? U can commit any sin with ur husband as much as u want’don’t u know that?hahahaha u r too funny” payal literally laugh on khushi and khushi became relax talking the matter lite at last. Payal did’nt knew about khushi’s brought up and so she was taking khushi litely and she herself did’nt knew how she was helping khushi by behaving normal instead of giving lectures on being a dutiful wife. It really helped khushi hearing such things from a frnd’s mouth in a lite environment’ though Garima has tried a lot but she was her mother..and so she ended up giving lecture to khushi which she never got, becoz the way she make her understand about her responsibilities and all…she can only see this relationship as a burden and nothing else, then Angali tried a lot and she was quite successful but still she could’nt make khushi understand the normality of the things becoz of her own worse situation tht she was hidding from her family members …and now payal’she was fully successful in making khushi take these things normal and she did’nt knew herself wht favour she was doing. she showed her the ligter side of this relationship, where there fun exist, joy exist, love exist and much more…these things were new for khushi and she was an innocent to fall for a man like that…but her husband was non other than Arnav singh raizada…the heart beat of indian girls, his strong personality, charm and atitude was totally unresistable for any experienced player even and khushi was already innocent enough to fall for his charms…

“But payal’why my heart goes Dhak dhak when he is around and why I feel a heat in the pit of my stomach when I see him like I saw him in the morning?” khushi asked her final question making Payal laugh hard on her innocence.

“Becoz u love him budhu’and so ur body responds when he is around’ohhh how romantic it is na’I wish I too had a caring handsome husband like jeju’! See how he came running tht day after hearing ur tone on phone ..not even knowing what was the matter actually’ohhh I still remember tht’I wish to tht I too get this kind of husband in my life.” Payal said totally daydreaming and sending khushi into her own thought’

“he cared’.! He came running when he thought I was in prob'” khushi thought to her self feeling a soft corner building for him in her heart.

“Payal is right’ I never thought this way’.but how can I ?when he was so brutual with me always?…but why is he so calm nowadays?” she thought

“Hello’Helloo’..”Payal screamed into the phone and cut it as khushi was too lost in her own thoughts to reply her.