La stood there under the shed watching khushi and payal’s scared face and the gang who were laughing seeing both of them as she knew her plan was gona be successful but the gang was not aware of the circumstances after her plan’s success…both were totally at loss if ASR turns out be her husband in actual but La did’nt tell this to the boys she has asked help from.

A white SUV stopped in the parking area where Payal and khushi were standing near the guard and a man came out wearing a grey 3 piece suit from Idnochino’s collection, a Black Caviar Bang watch on his left wrist, shoes from D&G collection and rayban on his eyes. He looked like some prince charming of the fairy tales….Damn handsome but his expressions cold and face hard as a stone. He looked pretty much angry.

“OMG La…he is …he really is ….i mean he is ASR…OMG OMG OMG …see for me …I am fainting..!” one of the girl’s in La’s group jumped in excitement and acted as faint after seeing him in her college.

“I am sweating already..he is so hooottt…! Get me fan before I die suffocating here ” the other girl fanned herself.

“Shut up u two…!” unlike those girls …La was actually scared more than excited. What if he really was tht kido khushi’s husband? The question was worrying her. And if he was not then what was he doing here? He sure have some connection to her. These were the thoughts that came running in mind after seeing him.

He walked towards khushi and grabbed her by her elbow and yanked her to himself. After seeing him khushi started crying slowly and hiccupping, letting the tears out tht she was holding for so long standing there, she was still in a trance tht a guy has touched her on her butts and the others had talked dirty thing she had never heard before.

“Khushi u ok? Why r u so scared…? Did any body hurt u?” he asked khushi concerened, then make her look up by putting his finger under her chin and examined her jaw sliding his thumb on her jaw bone till her ear and finally resting his hand on her neck, and put the other hand around her and pressed her to his chest seeing her condition. She was badly harassed.

La fumed seeing the caring side for tht kido, of this ruthless man infront of her, who had never cared for her tht day after having her brutually and then asking her to get out from his room, when once in a party they have met and she had thrown herself on him. She remembered how cruel he looked when he was grabbing her hairs in his hand while taking her from behind against her will, and when she whinced in pain he shouted on her to shut her mouth. So what was all this…? She could’nt belive this was the same man she was following every where after she had met him in a business party with her dad and since then she was on a mission to get him back in bed as later on after that night, he ignored her after teaching her a lesson, and she craved for his dominance over her, she knew this was the man for her, infact not the right man…but a man actually. He was a man and La always wanted a man..she was never dominated by anyone before him…she was far more experience to fantasize about some sissy boys to full fill her need. She did’nt liked boys acting as puppets on her fingers …she liked to have a man who can have her his own way and when he is done, he would care for her…she was so much like a women…far more experienced than her age…and now khushi…khushi was the girl he was showing care for…which she always wanted to see for herself, when ever she get into bed with him but she never ever saw even a glint of care in his eyes. She was jealous and amused as well…she can guess from her experience tht khushi was an inexperienced and innocent soul…she can very easily guess tht khushi was just a baby in these matters ….then how?how a man like ASR who liked to have a girl so wildly in a sex tht involved ragge as well, can have khushi in his life? Who can never please him as she does’nt know how to please a ragging bull like him? And she was damn sure he too knew about this tht khushi can never meet his expectations then how can he marry a girl like her? The answer to this question was out of La’s thinking.

Payal was scared and Khushi was still crying as they saw the guys still sitting on the same place and laughing looking at them shamlessly. He looked at Payal for any answers when he did’nt heard an answer from khushi. The Girl looked scared as well. “What has happened to these girls” he thought.

“Just relax and tell me what happened?” he put his hand on payal’s shoulder caressing her shoulder a little, asking her as he did’nt found khushi in an answering position.

“Wo….jeju…asal main wo larkay…pehlay tou unhon ny kharab batein ki caf main aur ab…wo humara pecha hi nahi chor rahay, aur humain bohot sataya bhi, aur ab humary pechay yahan tak agaye” (Jeju those guys…first the were talking foul with us..then they followed us in the whole college and teased us a lot and now they are here after us) Payal said looking at those guys who were now smoking in college zone. Arnav felt some how strange but good hearing the word “jeju” from khushi’s frnd’s mouth. And then looked at the boys..he then left them alone and walked from there to some distance from them from where khushi and payal cant hear him. He made a call and came back, taking khushi and payal with himself, he droped payal home and came home with khushi. That was the last day of those boys at Fashion Designing School Delhi. And He made it sure.


He left khushi with angali and angali became worried instantly…

“Chotay kia hua khushi ji ko?” (chotay what happened to khushi ji?) Angali stopped her brother who was walking towards his room ,asking concerned wipping away khushi’s tears.

“Arnav ji humain college nahi jana… humain us college main nahi parhna…!” khushi spoke before Arnav could answer Angali. (Arnav ji..i dun wana go to tht college again..i dun wana study in there…)

“Aj k bad wo larkay tumhain uss college main nazar nahi ayein gy..” (u will not see those boys after tht in ur college) he said

“hum ny kaha na… humain nahi parhna bas… wahan ki girls bhi achi nahi hain..hum nahi jain gy” (even the girls are not good…I’ll not go to college) she said

“Khushi stop fussing….u r going to college…and that’s final…and yeah those guys are in jail…and black listed from all the colleges of the country as well…so don’t worry about them if u know ur husband well….is that alright now?” he said and left before listening any answers.

She spend the whole day with Angali and came back in the middle of the night and slept with her teddy bear again.


Like always she was found sleeping fully laying on him in the morning. He gently removed her from himself and left for morning excersize. Khushi woke up and did’nt found him beside her like always, she layed in the bed being lazy as it was a change of timetable in the college and her timmings were late now…so she was enjoying being lazy in the bed. And when he came back wearing his vest and sweat pants,his arm and shoulder’s muscels fully ripped from the recently done workout, he started finding his towel in the closet unaware tht khushi was watching his moves sitting on the bed.

Khushi watched him from head to toe thinking how different he is from her. She compared his huge manly hands with her soft tinny ones first, then she looked at his strong arms and then her own tinny arms, then she compared his shoulders and his strong collar bone with hers…how bony she was she thought, then she looked at his torso’s as he removed the vest and threw it on the recliner while she observed her own slim waist..then she observed his hard broad chest and as soon as she looked at her slightly swollen, soft and petite chest and she gasped and cluctched the fabric on her chest with her hand…surprised at her own thinking and stupidity. She remembered all those girl’s who were lusting over him from the day one she has joined the college. They way those girls described his musculanity, his looks and his personality, she used to heard them all and kept silent after the first day fight with La and group as she find it useless to fight all of those despos. All those talks were rotating in her mind now….she was looking at him clutching her heart when he suddenly looked at her finding her awake and lost in him and she became shy trying to look away from his eyes.

“What happened? ” he asked seeing her like tht.

“N..Nothing …” she said and ran from the room as soon as she felt some thing strange happening into the pit of her stomach…these emotions were quite new and strange for khushi as well and she was unable to understand them as well.

“She .is . weird!” he finally said looking confused and frowning.

She waited until he left for office…she came back to the room, called payal and shared each and every thing tht happened today.