He leaned back on his huge black leather chair in his office closing his eyes’. he did’nt wanted to go home today’coz if he’ll go, he’ll see her running around in RM in her short dresses tht were too childish yet extremely tempting for him, and if he’ll see her he’ll not be able to control his emotions today, and he did’nt wanted to do that, No more hurting her, no more forcing her into having physical involvement into this relation until she is willing herself, she needs some time and she was just a teenager for him, he needed some time to tame her and she too needed some time to understand his needs and her own needs.

He was thinking all tht when Eve came in wearing a super mini short skirt, her flat belly visiable and above tht her shirt started tht ended immediately just a 6 inches top with having a super short net sleves and top area’ her bra strap visiable from the net fabric’.like she wanted to hide it’she was in back from a lingerie Fashion shoot’wearing some soo called clothes on, which did’nt helped much to hide her assets. She knocked the door of his cabin and he replied in a heavy voice.

“Come in” he said

“Hey ASR’.i am just back from the fashion shoot u know…thought to see u before leaving for Paris again’.” She said coming into his office.

He opened his eyes and examined her milky smooth legs tht were crossed with each other while standing, then his eyes covered the area from her legs to her chest longing on each and every part. Since he has tasted khushi in his farm housed Eve always reminded him of khushi’her pale color, her smoothness, her petite delicate body was almost like khushi’the differences were khushi’s sharp features, her long hairs and her flesh was much more smoother and softer than any women he had ever touched. She was soft and fluffy as a bunny and she aroused so much feelings and raw desires into him every night by putting her whole pressure on him while sleeping’she was unaware of his situation that what harm she was doing to him’he needed a release form this tension from so many days.

Eve saw him looking at herself and lost’.she came near and sat in his lap’finding this an opportunity.

“you know ASR’.i am very tired of ur designer today’.he treats me like a dummy’I want u to fire him’aren’t u going to do it for me honey???” she said shifting herself more in his lap and rubbing her soft bottom to his tower body.

“and u know’some times he is just getting on my nerves like today’I really want u to calm my nerves’.won’t u do that ASR??????” she said moving herself some more between his legs and pushing her self on his hardening muscels beneath her and sliding her hand under his coat and rubbing his chest on his shirt’s fabric.

Ohh she was asking him to calm her nerves ‘she did’nt knew he too wanted to calm his as well. well great time for give and take..She moved closer to him and breathed his scent in’and rubbing herself more to his lower body purposefully. He snaked his arm into her waist and pulled her closer in one jerk, the other second he picked her up and make her stand infront of the table keeping her both hands on table’he unzipped is trouser and entered her with her clothes on just removing her panties from the place where needed..so deep tht Eve felt a sting inside. She gasped and whinced on this sudden attack’

“ASR’.ASR’just one minute please’.Ouch’just one minute its hurting ‘.please leme adjust'” she whinned and pushed his chest by twisting her arm behind her to stop him, when he trap her in his arms for stoping her to move further. He started going some more deeper when she cried again’!

“No’just stop’please stop now’I cant take it I cant take it For God Sake ASR’Pleaseee Nooo'” she kept on crying but he did’nt stopped’.She did’nt knew from how long he was frustated, and so he was putting all of his frustation on her, He pushed her some more on the table bending her back as an arc and entered her again. Tht was much more painfull for her and she screamed louder.

“Ahhh’..ASR’Stop it u r killing me For God sake’. Stop it before I sue u for sexually harassing me on a work place like tht’I mean it if u did’nt stop’Ouch'” she said between her cries thinking he’ll stop inorder to protect his reputation…least did she knew she was in great mess now after these words.

“Shut up Eve’.u shd’nt have done tht ‘u shd have thought once atleast ‘before u got urself comfortable in my lap like tht’why do u think I’ll leave u now? its not paris’its India’and even if its Paris’I can ruin ur career and u know tht I can do tht very well’.so don’t u dare threat me ever’GOT IT? (he pushed himself into her and she cried once more)..now think twice before sitting into my lap like this…!” he said gritting his teeths before a final thrust till he came and left her on the table, zipped his trousers and sitting on his chair once again, while she sat beside the table cluctching her tummy on the floor and crying.

“Now Go and think twice before betting about me with ur desperate friends’.it can land u in trouble if its about me’keep in mind next time”. He said looking towards his laptop screen.

“How did u’.?” she asked shocked as she came to know tht he knows about her bet tht she has recently made with her frnds down stairs about firing an innocent designer by offering herself as a reward to him.

“Get out” he said and she left with a shocked expression and painfull eyes from there, finally getting tht its not easy to use or mess with Arnav Singh Raizada.


Khushi was sitting in her college’s garden with payal when La arrived with her group. The group seemed to be a little quiter than they usually were’and La seemed pretty angry.

“La Calm down’may be its just a rumour’!” one of the girl in the group tried to calm her down’

“Yeah La’tht kido and Arnav Singh Raizada’. I cant digest tht well’its nearly imposible’why will he just marry tht kido when he is surrounded by so many hot womens in AR industries? Why would he marry her and not some one more stylish and glamourous like La?!” another girl added

“but he was never seen with any of them ever'” another girl added totally unaware of his actual reputation, tht was unknown to almost every one as no model he used for satisfying his need ever spoke about it openly or showed herself cozy around him in public’they all behaved professionals infront of the world ‘.and some of them never spoke becoz they never wanted the results to happen after leaking these news.

“but she called him married before we got the news ..thts means she has some connection to him as well and we cant ignore the fact”‘the third girl added honestly’

“What ever girls’.the new is about ASR by the way’not about some random guy tht I’ll ignore it’I need to confirm what ever it is’.and I’ll start from tht kido by the way’find her and bring her here ..where is she?” La said walking to and forth in the garden infront of the girls who were sitting on grass.

“What are they talking about’?” asked a confused khushi to payal who was busy munching on the potato chips not giving a damn to these girls.

“just ignore them'” payal said totally ignoring the La and group’s discussion.

“we need to talk to u..” a girl approached khushi from the group

“Why..?” khushi asked a little angry as she was from the same group who used to discuss her husband day and may be night as well. And she don’t know why but she did’nt liked it anyways.

“La is calling u’!” the girl said

Khushi looked a little enraged but controlled her anger and left from there with the girl with a confused payal following them’

“So ‘u say tht ASR is ur husband right?” La asked pointing khushi with her iphone.

“yeah so’?” khushi asked her tone not innocent any more and she felt strange for tht herself tht she can even talk to anyone like tht’

“So what dear’ u know u r a celebrity’s wife and we as ur classfellows wana see him’!” La said putting her hand on khushi’s shoulder in a friendly manner.

“But why?” khushi asked confused

“Why???? Why some body wants to meet a celebrity doll? To click pictures offcourse..! so u need to call him here u see’.for us hmmm? U r sucha nice girl’!” she lied to khushi to confirm if she really was ASR’s wife or was she lieing.

Khushi was quite now’how will she call Arnav about sucha stupid thing.

“No’I wont call him for u guys’ sorry’I cant disturb him from his work for sucha useless cause” khushi’s tone was totally changed and, she did’nt wanted him to meet this La girl and her group who was lusting over him just 1 week ago, and now she was acting so nice with her, she herself did’nt knew from where did she got tht much confidence and attitude ‘least did she know tht it was natural for all womens around the world when they see another women lusting over their husbands.

“So thts mean u were lieing abt being his wife?” La said smiling

“No I was’nt ..and no girl can speak such an awefull lie about some guy being her husband ‘mind it’and belive it or not..its not my problem” khushi let out all her previous frustration on her and left the place and La fumed in anger.

“How dare she’ but uhhh I have other goods way for which she’ll call him here if she really is his wife” La said smilling and call of the guy who always followed her like a puppy.

“Yeah’ask ur other frnds to join u as well’I don’t think u r enough for her’!” La said to the guy and kissed his cheek and the guy left smilling evily from there..


“Hey hottie'” a creepy guy spanked khushi on her butts when she was standing on the caf counter.

Khushi was shocked for some moments and did’nt knew how to respond’..untill payal shocked her’

“Khushi..lets go from there’these guys are dangerous” Payal scared khushi. Payal thought like La khushi will also go mad on these guys so she wanted to warn her not to mess with them, but she felt two drops of tears roll from khushi’s eyes and drop on her hand she became worried for her’.

“Khushi don’t be upset dear’we shd better avoid them’ it happens with every one dear’don’t cry please'” khushi was calm by payal but this was’nt the end’

“What if I ask u out tonight hottiee'” a guy from the same gang came and stood beside khushi who was busy paying the bill at the caf

“but well what about hanging with us in the college as well’we’ll keep u happy..” the other guy came and stood beside khushi blocking her other way as well and winked while saying those double meaning words’. Khushi did’nt knew what exactly tht dirt means but she was hell scared of their moves’

Payal yanked khushi to herself and they started walking in a fast speed towards the parking, while the gang kept following them like typical leechers.

Khushi and payal were hell scared and breathing heavily when they reach the parking and both did’nt find their cars reached yet. The college gang who was following them was coming closer and closer.

“Hhh’Hello’Ar..Arnav ji’.wo ap mujhy lenay asaktay hain abhi issi wakt please’!” khushi called Arnav who was busy in a meeting but still picked up the call. (can u come to pick me?)

“Khushi I am busy’call the driver, why the hell r u calling me?” he said and cut the phone’

Khushi was now hell scared not knowing what to do as she was not having the drivers num and she usually used to wait with payal until the driver reached the college himself. She never called the driver. But today she was in great mess and she cursed herself for not keeping the driver’s num and payal’s house was near the college so she never bought her car and preferred coming to college by foot as she enjoyed it. But today it was imposible for them to leave the college like tht’wht if the guys followed them outside the college and harm them finding them in some lonely place’ they could not risk it..khushi did’nt find much courage to talk to ASR again and payal left her phone at home today so they keep standing there where the guard was standing and the guys waited some nearby spot for the time they will move to some other place and they will again start following them.

And there in AR’the meeting was over soon after khushi’s call’

“She never calls me like tht’there must be some problem other wise she would have never called me’she sounded so scared’.i hope she is fine” He thought while driving towards her college.