Khushi was again sleeping fully laying on him bunching his vest in her hands and breathing on his jawline. He woke up and found her sleeping on him once again, he saw the struck 7.30am and his office timming was 9.30 so he was perfectly on time. He thought to move for a shower without disturbing her when his eyes fell on her books laying on the front table and he remembered tht it was khushi’s first day at her fashion designing school and she was having a 8.00am class. As soon as he remembered he started patting khushi’s cheeks …

“Khushi…Khushiii….Khushi wake up” he said patting her cheeks softly.

Khushi murmered in her sleep “Mmm…..leme sleep mama…” the former moan was a high turn own for him with her thin sleepy voice, but she was late and he hated those who doe’nt care about their time and so he did’nt wanted her to be late on her first day, so he recovered from his feelings soon and she hugged him some more before he literally make her stand her on her feet by picking her up grabbing her shoulders. She was shocked at this sudden pull from her sleep.

“U r late….why r u so irresponsible…u r no more a kid tht ur momy will be here to wake u up for school…” he scolded her.

Her eyes welled up at the mentioning of her mother’s name and also becoz of his cold behavior. She felt weird and strange when she realized tht she was sleeping with him instead of her teddy..she looked here and there for her teddy and finally her eyes landed on the clock. He felt guilty seeing her like tht.

“Get ready hurry up…there is no time for crying..u r already late…” he said in a comparatively low voice.

She looked at the clock finally and ran into the bathroom and then the other minute she was in the closet and then bathroom again picking up her dress and then the 3rd minute she ran out of the room fighting with her dress’s zip into Angali’s room to ask her to reset it but was caught by him when she was about to leave the room.

“Come here…Don’t disturb Di this time!” he shouted irritated and slid his hand into her dress’s back touching her skin and her bra’s strap hooks…he slid his hand in the strap and she gasped in surprise and her eyes were shot open when she felt his rough hand’s skin touch her back’s delicate skin. He griped the dress with the bra straps and pulled the zipper down and then up till it was fully zipped …

“Go..!” he said and she was still for a moment , she looked at him with shy and confused eyes and forgot her next move. He noticed her and frown seeing her confusion.

“just 5 sec ago she was running like a rabbit in the room and now what happened to her”

“She is weird” he thought to himself and looked at her frowning.

She finally came back to her senses, picked her books from table and left for breakfast.

When she was having breakfast Angali gave her a new cellphone as a gift….

“Wow Di… Black Berry Style in purple….Thts my favourite cellphone ever…Thank you…” She kissed angali and ran out of the residence picking her books up.

“Khushi ji get home soon if u r not having any class as we have to attend a mehendi ceremony” Angali scremed after khushi.


Khushi was happy to be in this Fashion Designing school…she was enjoying all of her classes and every thing except for a bunch of bimbos… she was irritated to be around them…. When she arrived at the college …she was been welcomed by this group already and they wanted to be friends with her but as garima always scolded her and never allowed her around such girls so she was not comfortable around them. The girls liked her dress and her appearance in class, she became famous in only one day becoz of her confidence so they wanted to put her in their group but khushi was not willing so they started commenting about her every thing to make her feel bad and loose her confidence.

It was an off class and khushi was sitting in caf having a drink with her new friend and class fellow payal when these girls arrived with a magazine in their hand.

“Ohh God he is soo hawt…” one of them commented on a photo in the Fashion magazine.

“Damn Hawt…!” the other girl joined the first one.

“No Doubt…!” the third one replied sipping her thumbs up in a way like she is having rum.

“Stop being so despo girls…. U all know he is gona be mine only…” A tall highly fashionable girl with slender exposed legs said coming from the caf enterance and making her self comfortable on the table infront the group and said confidently twisting her hairs on her figure. The girl seems to be the most famous in all of them ,as all the girls became silent when she spoke.

“Arnav Singh Raizada will be all mine…” the girl said…

“Wow La u look great today…I mean always… now I knew why u missed ur classes today….ur salon appointment was gone perfect it seems….I know he cant resist u if he saw u now…!” one of the girl in the group said buttering the girl whos name was La apparently.

Khushi’s mind got aleart on the discussion, hearing the name “Arnav singh raizada”…the name was nowadays the most happening name in her life, every thing tht happened in her life was becoz of him…she can even recognize the name from miles away if spoken.

“Dekhna…jab main AR group join karun gin a tou Arnie ko pagal na kr dia tou kehna….!” Said La (u’ll all see tht he’ll be all after me when I’ll join AR group after graduation)

Khushi was now damn sure tht the girls are discussing no other than her own husband… she was damn angry on the girls who had teased her the whole day and now were talking about her husband so shamelessly… and the girl she was hating the most was La… even La was arrived just some seconds ago and was not with them when the girls were teasing her. But still she felt like breaking her mouth….!

“Why not La…I am not sure he himself will ever resist a girl like u…..u r the most eligible girl for the most eligible bachelor of india” the girl buttered La once again and this was the limit for khushi…!

“Yeh falto ki batain karna band karo OK….he is not a bachelour ..he is my husband do u understand” khushi said getting up from her table and looking at the group fuming in anger…! (just stop talking rubbish ok…)

“What nonsense ….. have u gone mad? Arnav Singh Raizada is a bachelor ….so stop dreaming about him…actually its not ur fault… I know wht u good for nothing despos want….u r not even eligiable to be his servant” La said and started laughing at khushi….

Khushi felt humiliated and left the caf running from there, with payal following her.

“Khushi stop crying please….acha dekho tumhari car agayi hy…tum ghar jao… aur ghar ja k humain phone karna ok?” said a new carring frnd payal, tht khushi made today. (Khushi don’t cry please… ok see ur car have arrived and so u shd go home and rest…and do call me when u reach ok.)


She wipped off her tears tht were formed in her eyes tht were caused by La and group today at college and entered the RM. She was about to rush to her room when she was called by Angali….

“Aray khushi ji..ap agayein… kaisa raha aj ka din?” Angali asked (Khushi ji u arrived? So how was ur first day?)

“It was a great day Di…” khushi said hiding her tears.

“Acha …khushi ji ap mehendi Lagwa lain….hum ny mehndi wali ko bulawaya tha aur bas yeh janay hi wali thin apka wait krty krty..acha hua ap agyein” Angali said and khushi remembered tht she has to go to a mehendi Party tonight with angali. (Khushi ji u shd put mehendi first of all as the mehendi artist is getting late as we were waiting for u from so long)

Khushi sat there with the mehendi artist who was applying mehendi on her hands… Mehendi Artist wrote Arnav’s name in her mehendi by herself knowing fully tht she is ASR’s wife. Khushi was lost in her own thoughts when the mehendi artist asked her to be at ease as she was done applying mehendi. She looked at her mehendi and saw his name on her palm… she remembered how she was humiliated when she told the girls tht she was his wife and her eyes welled up… she ran towards her room to have some chocolates, which she ate as a treatment for her bad mood usually when jaleebies were not available.

She came to her room and started searching the chocolates sniffing badly, she opened the closet with the help of her elbows and back and then started searching …she found a packet of dairymilk and pick it up from the closet and drop it on the bed, she sat on her knees on the floor and started opening the packet on the bed with her teeths, still sniffing badly.

He was just back from office and was just entered his room when he saw her crying and opening the chocolate packet with her teeths which seemed imposible.

“Why r u crying?” he asked in a serious tone lossening his tie looking tired.

“Becoz I am upset….” She looked at him who was standing behind her and working on his tie not looking at her at all.

“And why r u upset?” he asked in the same tone but his hands were now still on his loose tie.

In response she started crying badly “Becoz I …I ….(sniff sniff)I can’t (sniff sniff) I cant open the chocolate by my own , I wana have it now…!” she said sniffing badly

“Why now? u can have it when u have washed off ur mehendi..whats the urgency?” he asked not looking at her and a kind of uninterested as well.

“Becoz I am upset and I knw by eating chocolates I’ll be fine…” She sniffed again.

He was quite for a moment hearing her innocent ways of treating her upsetness. He saw his name written in her mehendi and he felt good seeing tht he don’t know why? himself. He remembered how he had made her cry in the morning, and the way she has feed him yesterday, and today she was not able to eat herself , his heart softened and he offered his services himself without asking her.

He picked the chocolate packet up and opened it, she looked at him with confused eyes, when he sat on the bed near the place where she was sitting on floor on her knees and sniffing softly. He started feeding her the chocolate squares one by one and she continued sniffing and crying together while eating from his hands… she was too lost in the chocolate flavor, and was too upset to notice when she started licking and sucking his fingers to have the chocolate sticked to them. Arnav closed his eyes on her act…as he was unable to take what she was giving him unknowingly in her innocence…. Unexplainable pleasure, she was too innocent to even understand what was happening to him. He was fully aroused sensing her soft plumpy lips and her velvety tounge licking and sucking his fingers. He was looking at her intensely while she was lost in the chocolate flavor concentrating on his fingers only..licking and sucking creating some vivid voices causing him to test his own patience level. And when she was finished she got up from there when she felt his intense gaze on her. She saw him and got upset again remembering La’s words for her tht she is not even eligiable to be his servant. she did’nt knew since when did the thing matters to her tht she is not able to be his wife but she was angry at the thought, and jealous as well remembering the girl’s talk about him, and the fact that she was unable to make them stop. She stood up angrily.

“Humain apsay koi baat nahi karni” she said angrily, snifiing and left the room crying once again. (I dont wana talk to u!)

He let out a sharp breath to calm his nerves as she left…

“She Really Is Weird” he said looking at the door intensly from where she had left seconds ago.


Khushi came back late night with angali from the mehendi ceremony. She changed into her night dress tht was shorter than the usuals and slid herself in the quilt. She was too tired and upset tht she forgot to keep teddy between them and soon she was in deep sleep unaware of the fact tht he was still awake and was waiting for her, he never knew why but he could’nt make it to sleep before watching her face ….”why was he so habitual of her just in some days?” he thought to himself some times and did’nt got any answers ever…! he kept staring at her as she soon fell into deep sleep being tired , until he himself fell into sleep staring her.

Least did he knew tht it was very easy for any man to fall in love with her weirdness and innocence. Like he already was.