“khabardar jo aik kadam bhi agay barhaye app” (dont u dare come near me i said)

His eyes became darker than ever with anger when he saw her dare to threat him.

First she slaped him in public and still she was alive’.she shd be greatfull to him for sparing her life still, instead of threatening him. Other wise there he was the one who never even spared a person who even crossed his way at the wrong time and she was the one to slap him, no wonder why she was not buried deep by him’coz he was having more cruel plans for her.

“Agay mat aye’hum ny kaha na ‘agay mat aiye'” (i said dont come near me..i am warning u) she said almost falling off while walking side by side the dinning table grabing its edges for support ,when she saw him coming closer uneffected of her threat. Sweat broke out on her temples. But as he was 2 steps away off her, she felt her threat useless and urgently placed the knife in her wrist’.

“Ruk jaye wahin’warna hum apnay app ko mar dalain gy…!” (stop or i will kill myself)she changed her plans of killing him coz it was so difficult for her to even kill an ant, how come she can kill a man. A man tht she don’t even know and don’t know the reason why he has brought her here. May be he want to punish me for knocking down his expenive car, But before she asume things from herself and take final steps , she felt its important to ask him the true reason.

He continued his predatory walk towards her slowly, ignoring her threats.

“hum ny kaha na’agay mat aye’devi mayya ki kasam hum apni nas kat dain gy abhi issi wakt”(i said dont come near me or i will cut my wrist)’she shouted loudly and he stopped where he was when he saw a a drop of blood on tht little scrach on her wrist made by knife she was holding.

She sighted in relief for the time being when he stoped.

“bataye k humain yahan kun laye hain?” (tell me why u bought me here?)she asked him and wht she saw was only silence and rise of anger on his face.

He looked her from top to bottom making her shiver when she felt his penetrating gaze on some sensitive areas of her body. She never knew those areas were so sensitive tht only a mere gaze of this man can make her shiver in fear. She never felt like this ever, or was he the only man who has such buring gaze and intense eyes?

“mujhy nahi lagta tum itni nadan ho k yeh bhi samjh na aye” (i dont think u r tht innocent)’.he said seriously without having any other expressions other than anger on his face, still giving a glance to her heaving breasts’.

She tried to calm her heavy breathing when she understood his object of intrest. But she failed as it was imposible for her in this situation.

She dared to ask him one more question'”likin kun? Hum ny kia bigara hy apka?…jo ap humari zindagi barbad krna chahtay hain” (but why? why u wana ruin my life?)

“takay tum aur tumhary khandan ka koi bhi insan kisi aur ki zindagi k sath khelnay k kabil na raho” (so tht u or any of ur family member would not be able to dare to ruin some one else’s life)’.he said angrily and she was about to ask another question, he suddenly make is move like a leapord, grabing her hand in which she was holding knife and turn her hands behind her back and pushed her to the dinning table , she was shocked at this sudden move when her back hitted the edge of the dinning table and she uttered a painfull cry. His whole body crushed her’s to the dinning table as he pinned her hands behind her back and snatched the knife from her hand and putted the knife’s sharp edge under her jaw line on her neck and Khushi was moving to get herself free, freezed where she was when she felt the sharp knife under her chin.

“HOW DARE U SLAP ME”‘.. he said pushing her some more to his hard body and she gasped and turned her head oposite to the knife’s direction. Which caused her long silky hairs to cover her face’s one side from him. And her hairs fall on his rough hands in which he was holding knife under her chin.

For a moment he forgot why he was hurting her and why he bought her here,

“her hairs felt like silk, no doubt she was extremly beautiful to be a great home wreaker, no wonder while being only 17 years old, she was able to trap that basterd jeja ji of him, prof. shyam manohar jha , in her love trap. She was his student , studying in his college where he was teaching and that gold digger trapped this man seeing his current luxuries which I was providing tht bastered just becoz of my di, and she thought it belonged to shayam’so she managed to trap him only to get to those luxuries and ruin my di’s life when he left Di with her unborn child just to marry this girl’she wanted to ruin MY DI’s life? Who has always thought positive abt her and her family?’.I will show her whom she was messing with’she’ll regret her whole life”‘he has not seen sucha girl in his 26 years of life who was a perfect combination of innocence and meaness. He remembered his Di’s tears and her condition when she fell off stairs causing misscarriage when tht bastered shyam send her divorce papers.

“He held the knife firmly under her chin and made her look up striaght. She closed her eyes tightly and started reciting DM DM DM’.she felt the knife moving from her chin to the length of her neck, and then along her butterfly bone’touching his fingures with her skin in the process”.

This girl was just flinching with his mere touch’wht if he would do some thing else…? She did’nt even knew who he was’and what was he capabale of doing , he was’nt just a kidnaper next door she was thinking of, he was much more than that for her, he was a kidnaper technically but no body can ever question him for kidnaping this young lady. Even her own mother but he did’nt wanted this secrete to come out this way. And there was a soild cause behind all this. She belonged to her and if he wanted he would have sue tht basterd shyam for marrying his wife’yes she was his wife. And she herself never knew tht ‘nor did shyam, but just angali, his nani, garima, shashi and his parents who were now no more to identify his childhood bride.

“he turned her and then pushed her on the table as her uper front side from her face to lower abdomins were touching the table’s surface and took his handkerchief from his pocket, took her hands behind her back and tied them’Khushi who was paniced on this sudden pain ,gasped and swalloed her slava.

“kun bandh rahay hain humain’? Kia kiya hy humnay? Choriye’! ” (leave me ,why r u tieing me?…wht have i done? leave me plz)she screamed as he pulled her up from the table and moved towards the bed , pushed her there and tied her feet with what ever his hands caught, tied her already tied hands with the plank of bed, tied a cloth across her face so tht could’nt talk or make noise and left the room locking it from outside.