When he woke up and looked at the clock…he was late today, he tried to move from there but was stoped by a moan so near his ears, he looked at himself and found khushi laying in the same position as she were in the night. He gently removed her hands and tried to get up from the bed when he was hugged back…

“Mama…don’t leave na….” she murmered in her sleepy voice causing him to frown at her dream….

He knew she must be missing her mom and he has still not informed her about her mother’s visit to RM today, he did’nt wanted to talk to her after he heard her talking abt him with angali and he don’t know himself tht why was he upset with her…so her mother’s visit was like a surprise for her.

He again removed her hands, got up from bed and placed her bear on the bed besides her again.

She felt the bear near her in her sleep and hugged it back….her face into those long fur of tht stuffed toy, She looked so cute tht he forgot tht he was late already and stood there staring her for some time until angali knocked on the door.

Khushi woke up from angali’s knocking and sat up on the bed adjusting her dress with sleepy eyes and he opened the door and the question tht she shooted soon after the door was opened was enough to make him freak out.

“Khushi ji theek hain?” she asked as the door was opened… (khushi is ok?)

“What The…?” he said not believing his own Di has changed so much in 2 days tht without greeting him first she directly asked abt her. “W*F” he thought as he was jealous.

“Di ap subha subha yahan yeh pochnay ai hain?” he asked irritated…(Di u came here to ask this?)

Angali who saw khushi rubbing her eyes sitting on bed and smiling to her ,was quite relaxed seeing her fine and quickly tried to recover wht she has just did.

“Nahi humara matlab chotay…hum unhain lenay aye thy iss liye…Good Morning …Ab tumhari choot kaisi hy?” she asked looking concerned as her eyes fall on his hand and she finally remembered. (No i mean i came here to take her ..Good morning by the way how r u now?)

“I am fine” he said looking irritated at his own di and left holding a towel in his hand for a shower.

Angali cursed herself for her stupidity. But she was happy tht atleast he was not hurting khushi in RM like he was before as told by khushi.

“Khushi ji ap theek hain na? humara matlab chotay ny kuch…?” she asked to confirm her thinking. (Khushi ji r u ok..i mean did chotay hurt u last night?)

“Nahi Di…un ny humain hath bhi nahi lagaya…kal sy wo bohot ajeeb sa behave kr rahay hain humary sath…” she said (No Di..he did’nt said any thing…infact he is acting weird with me)

“Chalain acha hy khushi ji…hum tou dua karein gy k phir chotay aisa hi ajeeb behave krtay rahay” (Hmm its good khushi ji… i want him to behave this weird always then) she smiled at khushi and khushi yawned before leaving the bed …simply not interested in hearing about him from Di in this beautiful time of the day.


“Khushi tum kal sy college join karo gi…Di ap iskay sath ja k shoping kr lain jo kuch bhi issay chahye” (Khushi u r going to college from tommoro and Di u can help her in shoping any thing she wants for the new college) he said walking infront of the hall talking to khushi and Angali together where they both were seated watching Tom and Jerry.

“Likin hummm…. Hum ny apsay kab kaha k hum college join krna chahtay hain?” (but when did i told u tht i wana join college?) khushi stood up saying tht, irritated at the thought of joining the college back where tht shyam was. She did’nt wanted to go where her fellow student would question and judge her for sudden marriage after her long absence.

He totally understood what she was thinking and why she was irritated.

“I have already told Aman to get ur adminssion in the best Bussiness school of Delhi….and 2nd thing Mrs. Raizada…Get This..and Get This Straight……u r not the one who’ll decide what u have to do….when I am here already for this purpose.” He said tht and left.

“Urggghhh…humain business nahi parhna Di…humain fine Arts parhna hy…aur humain cooking sekhni hy, aur humain Fashion Designing mein intrest hy…hum in sab k ilawa aur kuch nahi parhna chahtay …hum college nahi jain gy…!” Khushi whinned infront of Angali after he left. (Urghhh why bussiness? i dun wana read bussiness…i wana be a fashion designer…i dun wana study any thing else than that…i will not go to bussiness school.)

“Khushi ji relax…hum chotay sy is baray main baat karein gy….wesay fine Arts ka tou mushkil hy, aur cooking apko hum sikha dein gy…aur baki rahi baat Fashion Designing ki…tou humain lagta hy chotay apko is sy mana nahi karein gy…likin chotay ko manana bohot mushkil hy”. (Khushi ji relax…i will talk to chotay about this …though its very difficult to change his decision, but still i will try..u dont worry.)


Khushi was just a kid for him and he was against giving a free hand to kids… kids get spoiled when given one in his openion. So he was dominating khushi by taking her lifes decisions. He knew khushi was not happy in shantivan and so he wanted her to continue her studies again but he was not finding any way to ask her about her choice so he did this, because he some how knew if she really have an ambition she will speak about it after his decision, so when angali called to ask him about Fashion Designing he immediately agreed and cut the call, leaving a surprised and wondering angali on phone.


Garima arrived at raizada mansion and no body was willing to meet her so they left for their rooms leaving khushi and garima in the hall, khushi was almost dancing watching her mother arrived and garima was trying to control her madness, khushi was silent after what garima told her about her and Arnav’s relation fully expertly hiding Shashi’s death matter and asking for an excuse for not telling her about all this, while angali was in the dinning room preparing some refreshments for them but keeping a stone on her heart…garima reminded her of all her past tht was ugly and she was trying hard to forget. Now she was totally understanding Arnav’s situation but she was not so hyper as her brother, she never left the right path even if she felt hurt, garima was not the murderer, her husband was, and he was no more now so Angali cannot blame her, but she was also unable to hide her feelings after seeing garima and so she left for other work after greeting her.


“Khushi yeh kia pagal pan hy….? Tum ny Arnav beta sy aisa kia kaha jo un ny humain phone kr k tumhain lejanay ko kaha?” (Khushi wht is this craziness, wht did u said to Arnav tht he called me and asked me to take u from there?) Garima scold khushi after loving her for some time ,finally coming to the point as she realized she cant stay there long becoz of the house member’s unlikeness towards her so she decided to make khushi clear as soon as possible.

“Kia? Arnav ji ny apko phone kia tha? likin humari tou un sy koi baat hi nahi hui mama” khushi who was sitting shocked and silent spoke up after hearing this new thing from garima. (What..?Arnav ki called u? but i never talked to him about anything)

“Han Arnav beta ny humain phone kr k bataya tha k tum unkay sath khush nahi ho iss liye” said garima (Yeh becoz Arnav told me tht u r not happy with him thts why)

Khushi was quite now once again, remember his changed behavior with her, and thinking what made him change his mind?

“Dekh khushi…main manti hun yeh meri ghalti hy k mainay tumhain aj tak kuch nahi samjhaya aur na tera dehan iss taraf janay dia…likin ab wo wakt nahi hy khushi..jab tu mere sath rahay, ab tu apnay pati k ghar main hy, aur tujhy apnay apko badalna hoga unkay liye, tujhay pata hy Arnav beta ny mujhy sy divorce ki baat ki, maiany kitni mushkil sy unko manaya tumhain apnay pass rakhnay k liye” Garima said partially scolding khushi. (see khushi..i know its my mistake tht i have never told u about all these things …but now it a kind of time where i have to tell u tht its the most important part of life…now u r in ur husband’s house and u have to change urself according to his choice, u know wht..Arnav called me and asked me to come and take u and he’ll send the divorce paper? u knw how i make his mind to keep u with himself?)

“Likin Mama kun????kun mana kia apnay unko…..hum yahi tou chahtay thy…hum ny unkay sath nahi rehna bas….” Khushi was irritated of her mother tht she convinced Arnav for taking his divorce decision back and forcing her to stay back at RM. (but mama why???why u stopped him? thts what i wanted…i never wanted to live with him)

“Bas kr khushi…tu janti bhi hy k talak k baad tu samajh main kaisy rahay gi…yeh samajh tujhay jenay nahi dy ga…pehlay tera kidnap, phir achanak shadi ki khabar aur ab talak? Tera damagh tou theek hy na khushi…. Arnav beta itnay bhi buray nahi hain…main unhain bachpan sy janti hun, han wo ghussay k bohot taiz hain likin dil k bohot achay hain, tum agar achi tarhan sy raho gi, unki pasand na pasand ka khyal rakho gi, tou ho sakta hy wo tumhary baray main aisa sochna band kar dain aur tumhain apna lain” (Stop it khushi …dont u knw the circumstances after divorce? ur life will be ruined. first kidnap then ur sudden marriage new, and now divorce? r u in ur senses? wht will people say and who will marry u? i know Arnav is a bit arogant but i know him since childhood , he is very good at heart, may be change in ur behaviour will cause him to think differently about u as well?)

“Aur yeh…yeh kia pehna hy tu ny khushi?” garima pointed out her dress (And what is this?what r u wearing?)

“Tumhain iss ghar main kisi ny mana nahi kia?” she asked khushi (no body asked u about this in this house?)

Khushi was about to answer her when angali came there with harriprakash and some tea.

“is ski koi zarorat nahi hy anti, khushi ji abhi bachi hain, aur hum iss umer main un py iss shadi ka bojh nahi dalna chahtay, chotay ko yah humain inkay kaprun yah inkay rehen sehan k andaz sy koi prob nahi hy, hum bas chahtay thy k khushi ji ap sy mil lain aur apna maan halka kr lain, aur ab khushi ji humari zimidari hain, humain unhain sambhal lain gy….ap chai lain” Angali said in a low serious tone (No there is no need for tht anti, khushi is just a kid and we dont dont wana pressurize her in this age, Arnav and i dont have a prob in with her life style or her, i just wanted khushi ji to feel light by sharing things with u as she need ur blessings which were not possible the way things went…and on the other hand khushi is now our responsibility, u shd not worry abt her anymore.)

Garima felt unwelcomed in the home and so she decided to leave now.

“Nahi hum ab chaltay hain…apka bohot bohot shukriya angali beta khushi ka khayal rakhnay k liye…aur khushi…yaad rakhna, Arnav ji tumhary pati hain, wo tumhary kuch bhi karein unka pora haq hy tum py, iss liye darna mat patni patni k bech kuch paap nahi hota aur koshish karna k tum apna damagh bana lo iss sab k baray main aur jitni jaldi tum samjh jao utha hi acha hy”. Garima kissed a crying khushi and left. (No now i have to go…thank u very much for taking care of my daughter, and khushi you…just remember tht Arnav is ur husband and he can do any thing with u, he has every right on u, so dont be afraid of all wht he does, and try to make up ur mind for this relation, it will be good for u.)

Angali was stunned to know tht khushi is unaware of the relationship between a man and wife. She asked khushi many things and made her totally understand the meaning of married life, the care they share, taking care of each other daily needs, the love and the right over each other’s life, soul and body, the sense of being protected by a man, each and every thing in a way tht some how in her heart khushi started liking this relationship, she also asked khushi to try to full fill the needs of this relationshio but khushi was a bit afraid of this and angali understood that. But she agreed to other things, Angali’s words were having more impact on khushi than her own mother.