“HARIPRAKASHHH’HARIPRAKASHHH” he shouted his name for some third forth time when he did’nt showed up.

And when he finally did’nt showed up in his room, he decided to go down and get the medical box himself cursing haripraksh while walking out if his room and stepping on the stairs when Angali and khushi came out hearing him calling haripraksh.

“Chotay hariprakash tou bahar gaye hain’..” (Chotay Hariprakash is not at home’.) Angali said coming towards him and khushi stood still in the coridoor behind her grabing her big white bear to her chest.

“Hey bhagwannn yeh kia hy’.” (Oh God what happened?) Angali finally noticed his hand which was bleeding.

“Chotay’yeh kaisay lagi tumhain han’?” (How u got hurt tell me?) she paniced

He did’nt answered angali , he gave khushi once glance who was now looking at him as well, her face scrunched up in seeing his bleeding hand and she moved after them as well when angali lead him towards the near by sofa in lounge. She stood 10 steps away from him when angali examined his hand’.

“Ham abhi atay hain’.” (I am just coming) And she left both of them alone for some time when khushi for the first time ever came and stood near him 5 steps away as she wanted to have a closer look at his hands ‘.

He was sitting on the sofa, his hands on his knees in a way tht the blood shd not ruin his suit futher. He avoided to looking at her at all.

“Yeh kaisy laga apko?” (How did this happened???) she said quite softly her eyebrows frowned a bit as she innocently looked at him for an answer. He ignored her and remain silent until angali came with a medical box and found khushi standing near him ,her previous position was changed unexpected by angali’she was not expecting her tht she will come closer to him from where she was standing but looks like her little heart was concern seeing blood on his hands. An idea strucked Angali’s mind and she smiled to herself. She started cleaning the wound with a cotton with some spirt on it and khushi watched’ only two seconds were spent when angali stood up remembering some thing.

“Ohh chottay hum ny tumhary liye khana bana rahay thy’stove band karna bhool gaye’.khushi ji zara yahan aye'(she handed the cotton buds and spirts to khushi)’ yeh pakariye’hum abhi atay hain..jab taka p chotay ko bandage kr dijiye'” she left smiling to herself for on her first step towards bringing them close. (Ohh chotay’I am coming’.i left some thing on stove and forgot’until khushi ji will clean up ur wound’.and bandage’ please khushi ji..!)

Angali left and khushi sat on the floor infront of him near his knees with her teddy bear, she hesitantly holded his hand in hers and let her teddy bear go of her other hand for cleaning the wound with it. She started cleaning his hand with painful expressions seeing the wound. Arnav was totally lost in her as she kept working with his hand and he forgot the pain. How innocent she was’ he had given her so much pain and never bothered to sooth them ever and look at her..she seems worried seeing him like that. He lifted his other hand and caressed her cheeks with the back of her hand lovingly. She suddenly lifted her head to see him and when she did she saw his eyes having lots of love for her. She watched him open mouth until his hand remained on her cheek until angali came and coughed to make them aware where they are’

“Khushi ji hogaya?” (is it done khushi ji?) angali asked frowning her one eye brow towards khushi and she looked at her sister in law as if she has asked the most alien question ever’

“Ji’?” (hun?) khushi said looking blankly at her ,totally getting her question toward the wrong direction’

“Humara matlab hy bandage khushi ji..kun apko kia laga?” (I mean the bandage?) she said supressing her smile and khushi felt her cheeks turning red at the conversation’she felt some alien feelings in her heart ‘she got up picking her bear up with its ear and steped back from him.

Angali got her answer and examined Arnav’s hand’

“Hmmm Khushi ji bohot achi bandage karti hain na Chotay’humain lagta hy tumhain inhain doctor banana chahye'” she said to his brother teasingly and he looked at khushi for a second and left the place without any expressions on his face. (hmmm chotay see khushi ji is so good at this medical work an all’why don’t u send her to medical college)

“Arayyy chotay ko kia hua’? Humay lagta hy unhain humara kabab main haddi banna pasand nahi aya'” she laughed while talking to khushi and khushi was looking at her not understanding her meaning. (Oh chotay what happened? I think he does’nt liked me in there on the wrong time.)


It was dinner time and Arnav’s right hand was injured’ he picked up one paratha and started eating but his hand was paining and angali noticed this’

“Aray chotay’apka hath’hum khilatay hain'” Angali said (Oh chotay ur hand ‘ I’ll feed u)

“No its fine Di I can eat myself” he answered but when angali watched him doing this again she could’nt stand tht any more.

“Chotay bas’ab aur zid nahi chalay gi’agar ap humary hath sy nahi khana chahtay tou bata do hum yahan sy chalay jatay hain” she emotionally black mailed her brother’ (Chotay that’s it’ don’t be so stubborn now’if u don’t wana eat from my hands then tell me I’ll leave ‘!)

“Di Drama band karo’.ok fine come and feed me” he said irritated (Di’Stop this drama)..when Angali was feeding him she got a call from nani who was out on a yatra and so she asked khushi to feed him and before leaving tht dinning table to attend the call she made sure tht Arnav do not ask khushi to leave him alone.

Angali finally left and khushi started feeding him the paratha with her tinny hands ‘.while she was feeding him Arnav licked her fingers accidently and she snatched her hand back as if some current is passed through her body’ he noticed this but did’nt looked at her to made her confuse’ and avoided to lick her fingures for the rest of the time while she feeds him by being super carefull. He cursed Angali for putting them into this weird situation and so did khushi’. She was irritated tht even after knowing her uncomfortability with him why does she ask her to do things for him.


It was 10′ o clock and khushi was still in angali’s room’.Arnav was feeling sleepy already as he was tired but did’nt wanted to force her more to be in the room so he waited until she came’ he does’nt knew himself tht why he was waiting for her.


“Angali ji hum Arnav ji k sath nahi soyein gy’ please ‘hum aj apkay sath sow jain’???” khushi asked pouting her lips (Angali ji I don’t wana sleep with Arnav ji’Can I sleep with u today? Please?)

“Khushi ji’humain koi problem nahi ..likin agar chotay ghussa ho gaye tou ap janti hain na’aur wesay bhi unhain aj choot lagi hy’ aj apko unkay pass hi sona chahye aur unka khayal rakhna chahye aik achi patni ki tarhan nahi tou DM apsay naraz ho jayein gi’hy na?” Angali make her understand and she left for her room upset and scared tht what will he do now. (I don’t have a problem khushi ji but I think chotay will be angry is he did’nt find u in the room and as his hand is injured as well so u shd take care of him like a good wife’other wise DM will be upset with u’hmmm?)

Khushi was not afraid of him becoz of his previous behavior’she was afraid becoz of the morning incident tht happened when he caressed her cheeks so lovingly ‘wht was in his mind was imposible for khushi to read and she was afraid tht weather he had a change of plan or what?

She entered the room without making any noice and tip toed towards the bed’he was awake but acted as he is sleeping. She placed her teddy bear between them and lay down on the bed herself and then hugged the big bear and slept’ he opened his eyes but could not see her face ‘only her tinny hands and thin arms were visiable around the bear. He felt irritate when he could’nt see her face and could’nt sleep as well.

2 hours were passed and the clock striked 12 ‘. He still could’nt sleep thinking about all the scenes in tht video cassette and cursed himself for acting so much impatient for hurting her’. And tht shyam’he will not leave him now’at any cost'”he tried to rape khushi that night’what if garima anti was late and he was successful’.i would have never ever believed tht innocent soul ever'” he cursed himself. He got up from bed and moved towards the pool side closing the door between the room and poolside area.

He dialed a number’

“How dare u’don’t u know whats the meaning of making a mistake in a task given by ASR?”

“Ohh shut up..”

“I’ll make sure u never get a work permit this time with a cancelation of your previous one as well” and the phone was cutted by him.

He dialed another number’

“yeah Aman…”

“Bribe the judge ‘.and make sure he never gets a chance to win his case’bribe his lawyer as well'”

And he cutted the 2nd call too’after calling the detectives and Aman ,he opened the door and moved towards his bed to khushi’s side’. Khushi was sleeping peacefully keeping his head on teddy’s arm’.

He was irritated of this stuffed toy on his bed as it was furry and he did’nt like it. He placed his hand under her cheeks and make her face rest on the pillow, then he removed her tinny arms around the teddy and gently putt them on the bed’and placed her teddy on the recliner. He came to his side and lay down there straight facing the celling when he heard her murmuring some thing in her sleep…he looked at her turning to her side and stared at her for some 10 minutes…trying to understand wht she was saying but her conversation was ununderstandable for him…”May be she has a habit of talking in her sleep” he thought to himself ‘thinking how innocent she looks while talking in her sleep’he dont know when he started touching her eye brows then eyes with his fingers, then the bridge of her nose with his thumb and then her lips with his thumb’ her lips were his fav part in her whole face’ they look soft as rose petals to him and so delicate to touch’ he remember their first kiss in the hotel room ‘.the way she had stoped struggling and gave in for the kiss. He was still in his thoughts when khushi turned in her sleep and hugged him thinking him as her teddy’ she hugged him tight and he was still for a moment ‘..Probably getting whats happening. he tried to move her to her side but did’nt wanted to wake her up coz wht if she ask him abt her teddy tht she has kept a barrier between them, if she wakes up, he did’nt wanted her to get any wrong ideas so he removed her hands a bit but she moved some more towards him and now her full body was laying on him with her frock bunched up till her ribcage revealing her soft creamy skin of ribs, her taut stomach and legs, her leg laying between his legs, her upper area fully touched to his upper body the way that he can feel her soft breasts going up and down as she breathed against his chest, her hand in his neck and her face in the crock of his neck’where he can feel her warm breath on his neck. He placed his hand on her ribs and moved towards her belly to feel her young silky skin, and when he realized tht he shd not do wht he was going to ‘he setteled her dress tht was bunched up covering her again. He was restless feeling her so close to him and he controlled his raw desires for her tht night until he could’nt stay awake and was taken by sleep.