Angali wanted his brother to live happily with khushi now as there was no way out of the situation he has caused to her other than that. She decided tht no matter what..she will make him love khushi at any cost…coz she was not the one who can tolerate this with an innocent girl in her own house tht too by her own brother.. she cant force Arnav as he was out of any body’s hands and was not under anybody’s pressure so she decided to play the other side of the card. Her own life was ruined but she cant let another life be ruined in front of her.


Khushi decided not to tell angali about shayam and her engagement as she was told by Arnav and she was scared of him so she kept silence about tht matter.

Khushi found a big white teddy bear in angali’s room and hugged it…

“Awww…Di… mujhy nahi pata tha k apko bhi teddies pasand hain????” she said excitedly hugging the bear to her chest. (Awww…Di I didn’t knew u r also fond of teddy bears just like me..!)

“asal main khushi ji… yeh humara nahi hy… yeh tou hum ny apkay honay walay bhanjay k liye lia tha jo k iss dunia main anay sy pehlay hi…..” Angali could’nt continue further and started crying badly. (actually khushi ji..its not mine…it was actually for ur nephew who died before coming to this world.)

Khushi dropped the teddy bear, she ran to her and hugged angali lovingly caressing her back.

“I am sorry Di..i didn’t wanted to hurt u….i am sorry please…I don’t know about it” khushi said as she hugged and loved angali.

Angali soon realized tht she upset khushi with herself and stoped crying. She pressed khushi’s hands around her.

“hum theek hain khushi ji…ap pareshan mat hun” angali tried to smile . (u don’t worry khushi ji..i am fine )

“are u sure di?” khushi asked worriedly

“Han khushi ji…hum bilkool theek hain… aur han..agar apko pasand hain yeh bear tou ap rakh lo issay” she said picking up the huge teddy and giving it to khushi. (yeh khushi ji I am perfect and if u like it so much u can keep it happily.)

“Na…nahi di..i mean hum kaisay rakh saktay hain…yeh tou apka ..humara matlab hy” she did’nt wanted to take the bear becoz there must be some memories attached to it for angali about her baby tht was no more now. (N..No di… I mean it belongs to ur… I mean how can I keep it…)

“Khushi ji…please…agar hum isay apkay pass dekhain gy tou humain sach main khushi ho gi…ap please humari khushi ki khatir issay rakh lain.” Angali said smiling and giving it to khushi and khushi hugged the bear once again as she agreed to keep it. (Khushi ji I will be happy if I will see this with u, please for my sake keep it…!)


Khushi was scared of the other house hold members as nobody talk to her thinking her to be a murderer’s daughter and khushi have no idea about this. She followed angali every where in the house where ever she goes , hugging her teddy bear to herself and wearing different frocks tht were obviously designed specially keeping Katrina kaif in mind. she didn’t asked khushi to wear saris or shalwar suit as she didn’t wanted to burden khushi by this making her realize tht she is a married women. It was good tht she was feeling free…at least tht was her right in this cage.

Angali realized khushi was just like kids ..who forget the punishments if they are offered chocolates. Angali noticed tht khushi did’nt took notice of the bad things happening to her and only took positivity from the environment. And she was happy to know tht about khushi…this can even make plans easier to make her brother and khushi one.


Arnav entered the Raizada Mansion with a hand full of blood and some drops on his coat. He was about to rush to his room when he heard voices coming from Angali’s room and as soon as he heard his name. he dropped the idea of going to his room and walked slowly toward Angali’s room.

“Di…hum jantay hain k wo apkay bhai hain iss liye app unhain janti hain k wo humary iraday jan k humary sath kia salook karein gy, likin hum sari zindagi un sy dar dar k nahi guzar saktay…unkay pass anay sy humain takleef hoti hy…humain un sy bohot dar lagta hy Di…hum unkay samnaykamzoor nahi parhna chahtay likin hum apna dar chupa bhi nahi saktay…issi liye hum unkay sath nahi rahain gy, please humain yahan sy nikaliye please Di…please…humain mama bhi bohot yaad ati hain” (Di..i knw he is ur brother and thts why u knw tht wht will he do when he’ll get to know abt my decision, but I cant just spend my whole life fearing from him…I am really afraid of him Di…when he comes near me it pains…I can not bear this pain for my whole life long please Di…please help me out of this place please….i miss mama too much) khushi head was laying in Angali’s lap as she pledged Angali for help and she was hugging her bear close to her heart as she spoke about him to Angali not facing the door where he was standing from a couple of seconds hearing khushi’s words.

“Khushi ji… dekhiye hum apko ye hiss liye nahi keh rahay k Arnav humary bhai hain, hum yeh iss liye keh rahay hain k hum unko jantay hain…hum mantay hain k wo bohot sakht hain… likin jin sy wo piyar krtay hain na unkay liye jan bhi dy detay hain….ab jaisa k ap is ghar main achuki hain aur hum yeh bhi jantay hain k chotay ki zid ki waja s yap yeh ghar chor k nahi ja saktin kabhi, tou hum sirf itna chahtay hain k a piss hakekat sy mun phairnay ki bajaye ap iss ghar main adjust honay ki koshish karein aur chotay….” (Khushi ji try to understand please… I am not saying this becoz he is my brother…I am saying this becoz I knw him…I knw he is very harsh..but the people whom he love, is ready to give his own life for them….now as I know tht u r here and u cant go back ever as he’ll never leave u so please try to forget the past and try to adjust with him…and try to make him……..)

Arnav could not hear her more, he left the room before hearing Angali’s sentence competley, he entered his room and dialed Garima’s num keeping a stone on his heart thinking the reason he was calling her….he did’nt knew why but the reason caused his heart to pain.

“I am Arnav Singh Raizada” his voice still not lacking to have an essence of authority in it.

“Arnav betta…khushi theek hy na?” Garima immediately questioned him without even greeting him totally opposite to her usual style…as she got alarmed when he called her. (is khushi OK?)

“Khushi theek hy…main chahta hun ap usay yahan sy akay lay jain…kal tak main divorce papers bhej doon ga” he said (Khushi is OK…I want u to take her from there….i’ll send the divorce papers tommoro)

Garima was shocked and silent for some moments tht she even did’nt knew what to answer him back. Her daughter’s life was a mess…. Once she got kidnapped …then forced by her own husband when she was fully unaware and mentally not ready…then her husband is calling her and saying tht she shd take her daughter back to destroy her fully for a mistake she has never committed….”this was his revenge” she thought… “What after tht?” she thought…”r people gona leave this innocent soul for the rest of her life after being kidnap ,used and then thrown away by some pieces of papers called Divorce?” Garima felt like dyeing the same instance. But still she got some courage to talk back to the person who was the reason behind all this.

“Arnav khushi sy koi ghalti ho gayi hy?” (Arnav beta ..did she done some thing wrong?) she asked in a low tone …gulping her own tears.

He felt the pain in her voice and he forgot his words to answer her.

“Actually anti…its nothing like tht… she cant live with me” finally he answered calling Garima “Anti” on which garima breathed relifed some how.

Garima misunderstood his half statement to khushi’s immaturity for being a wife mentally and physically, she thought he is sending her back becoz she is unable to meet his expectations as a wife but so she still got courage to convince him to keep her daughter as she got the point tht he is not doing it as a revenge but the fact tht she is not able to his wife…

“Dekho beta …khushi abhi bohot choti hy… usay mainay hamesha in sab baton sy door rakha aur shayad issi liye wo iss sab k liye zehni tor py tayar nahi shayad……ismein uski koi ghalti nahi, mujhy usay samjhana chahye tha… likin yeh sab iss tarhan sy hua k mujhy usay samjhanay ka moka nahi mila….beta please… agar ap nay usay iss tarhan chor dia…tou uski zindagi barbad ho jaye gi….jo kuch bhi hua ismein uska koi kasoor nahi tha…usay is baat ki itni bari saza kun milay jo usnay kia hi nahi…..agar apko badla lena hy tou ap mujh sy lay lo…khushi sy kun?” she said in a teary tone …not giving him a chance to explain the true situation but making him understand the consequences of him leaving him on khushi’s life…. she will be ruined …her life will be destroyed and he did’nt wanted to destroy her life any more… (See Beta… khushi is just a child..she was always kept away from these things by me…I know its my mistake tht she is not ready to accept this relation maturely, but the way things happened..i never got a chance to explain her any thing, beta please don’t leave her…her life will be ruined after divorce…first she got kidnapped and now divorced…how will she live in this world…I hope u understand this…if u want to take revenge then take it from me not her please.…why is she been punished for a crime she have never ever committed.)

“Aisi baat nahi hy anti…..actually khushi khud mere sath khush nahi reh sakti iss liye..” Garima cutted him half way and started speaking herself… (Its not like tht anti…actually khushi is not happy here so…)

“bas betta itni si baat? Dekho beta ….. mainay kaha na khushi abhi bachi hy..apna acha bura nahi samjhti … likin ap tou samjhtay hain naa….humain bohot khushi hy k apnay uski marzi ka khayal rakha …likin wo na samjh hy aur yeh ap khud bhi jan gaye hun gy…rahi baat khushi ki khushi ki tou usay main samjha doon gi…” said garima finally wiping of her tears of happiness feeling the softness in Arnav’s tone… (Ohh so tht was the matter? Thanks God…see beta …I told u na tht khushi is just a child,,she don’t know whts good or bad for her, but u understand tht… she does’nt have any idea about life and u too would have noticed this, if u r worried abt her than I’ll take care of tht matter…she’ll not complain u after tht…!)

“Alright, she’ll live with me..!” he said finally droping the idea of divorcing khushi as he knew wht does a broken relationship means for a girl in this world…and sure he cant do tht to her least now his heart was’nt paining from the thought of her leaving him.

“A…Arnav beta…agar app bura na manayein tou kia ….hum khushi sy milnay asaktay hain kal?” garima hesitated to ask him. (Arnav if u don’t mind can I come there to meet khushi tommoro?)

“Ok Fine…!” he said

“Shukriya beta…” (Thanks) Garima said and cutted off the phone feeling quite lite after the conversation.