Arnav’s mind was 20% at peace after two things were confirmed’Num 1’tht he was her first and she was not gone to this extent with any other man’and Num 2′..She did’nt knew about their marriage before he told her. He himself didn’t knew why ‘but his mind was relaxed some how’he was confused at his situation himself and has questioned himself abt this relaxness himself but failed to ans and ended up getting angry on himself. But his mind was still not cleared from the images of those pictures.

She don’t know why but she was some how relaxed tht she is not going to be tht creep Prof. shyam manohar jha’s wife but she was hell confused”Khushi reminded garima’s each and every word for some thousandth time’ “Tumhary jisam aur rooh py ab sirf unka haq hy” (He has every right on ur body and soul) ‘. “What does mama mean when she said tht? Does she mean he can do what ever he wants with me’??? NO’. this cant be’Then what else??? Whom shd I ask now? I cant ask him’he can take advantage of it even’but mama said he is my husband’Really? But why was she against this marriage? Why she hided? Doesn’t mama knew tht messing with this man could cause serious troubles for me’? Why mama never took me to their house if he was my husband? Mama never said she was involved in this marriage ..she only took baba’s name with his parents, she did’nt said she was also involved’may be she might have not approved our wedding but baba forced her’but still I was supposed to know all this’. And those things wht he did to me’.wht was tht, I really need to find out did he really punished me or was it the normal way? Why the hell my life is a mess always. I have always a bundle of unsolved mysteries around me” she felt her head spinning and she sat on the bed’.

The maid entered the room’.

“Maam’sir has ordered me to make sure tht u take ur break fast and medicines’.” She said to khushi who was looking at her confusingly.

“Humain nahi khana'” she said stubbornly (I don’t wana eat)

“Maam please’ ” the maid requested

“I SAID I DON’T WANT TO EAT” she shouted

“Yes maan’in this case I have to inform abt this to Sir” the maid said and left


“Khushi What is this drama now? Just eat and then take ur medicines , u r already late'” he said scolding her, his behavior towards her soften a bit ‘. She was free of two charges in his long list after all.

“Nahi khayein gy’jab taka ap humain bata nahi detay k jo bhi us din ap ny kia tha wo sab kia tha? ” she finally ended up asking him, looking quite angry and too cute in her angry pose. (No I will not’until u tell me wht was tht tht u did to me tht day?)

He wondered tht even after knowing tht they are married she is still asking him this question. Does she really does’nt knows or is she asking some thing else?

“Kia pochna chah rahi ho’saaf saaf pocho” he said (Say it clearly)

“ismein saaf bolnay ki kia baat hy? Hum poch rahay hain jo apnay humary sath is ghar mein pehli raat kia aur jo kal raat swimming pool mein kia wo kiya tha?” she asked him again looking into the eyes (whts so unclear abt it? I am asking abt the first night in this house and also of the last day in tht swimming pool.)

“Sex Khushi Singh Raizada, ‘or do u wana here some more details’?” he said looking at khushi who was quite embarrassed now at his bold words’thinking she will not ask him further.

“I think now u don’t have any problem as u got ur answer hun”‘he said and turned to leave but room but was stopped midway by her.

She was quite for some time but she never gave up’

“Aisay???? Iss tarhan sy???..humain pata hy wo aisay nahi hota hy’. Aur apko kun laga k prob nahi hy??? Prob hy’humain prob hy’.” She said looking at the bed corner not meeting his eyes and he kept looking at her with a stern face (Like tht? I know its not done this way, and why do u think there is no problem ..there is a problem and I have tht problem.)

“What kind of prob?” he said frowning at her angrily.

“problem’problem yeh hy k apnay jan bojh k humary sath’humara matlab hy ‘.us tarhan jab apnay ‘humara matlab hy humain bohot takleef hui thi jab ap ny us tarhan (she could’nt find right words to tell him abt the problem but he was smart enough to get tht himself)’ aur ap kehtay hain koi prob nahi hy’.humain yakeen hy koi bhi apni bv k sath iss had tak nahi jata’. Ap sach kun nahi bata detay k ap ny humain jan bojh k takleef pohunchai thi?” she finally look into his eyes. His frown disappeared and he looked at her with a glint of guilt filled eyes for a sec. (the problem is tht u punished me intentionally by’by’I mean ‘it hurts from inside when u did tht ‘and I am sure no husband go to this extent with his wife’why r u not telling me tht u hurt me intentionally)

He was quite after knowing abt her pain and tht he was a cause of this..he felt a little guilty’he was wondering abt her lack of knowledge abt these things’.”the doctor said tht day tht she is in shock’and now she is telling me the extents and limits’she must really have not known abt all this’how is this possible’. The way she and shyam were in each other’s arms’her body part where shyam’s hand was’ soon recovered when he remembered those pictures and his Di’s condition’ she is faking’she was being intimate with him and now she’s trying to be innocent in front of me…she must be in shock becoz i got her before shyam”.

“Han ‘sahi kaha tum ny mainay jan bojh k tumhain takleef pohunchai’aur agay bhi main aisa hi karun ga’.u know why? Becoz I hate u’. u r a characterless girl’aur tumhary mun sy yeh sab batain achi nahi lagtin. Iss liye ayenda mere sath yeh sab bakwas kr k mera time waste karnay ki himat b mat karna” He came back to his demonic mood pointing her with his index figure and coming two steps closer and khushi backed off with fear falling on the bed when the bed came in her way. (yeh’u were absolutely right’.i hurted u intentionally’u know why’.becoz I hate u’and I will make sure u r hurt more than that in future’and these types of questions doesn’t look good from ur mouth becoz u r a characterless girl’.so next time be careful when u intend to make my time waste by these stupid questions.)

He moved towards the main gate, banging all the gates in his way, making her jump with every sound and left the farm house in rage, leaving an ill and crying khushi behind.


He stopped in his track listening a faint voice of crying at 12 am ‘ recognizing who’s voice it was no doubt, he moved towards from where the voice was coming.

Angali picked up her head sensing some one standing infront of her and quickly wipe away the tears tht were in her eyes’

“Chottay’.u r here ‘I cant believe u r here ‘. Why u were not picking my phone and why u did’nt show up since 3 days?” she said putting a smile on her face and fighting lovlingly with her brother.

“Di u were crying?” he asked with a stern face, eyes dark and furious seeing his most beloved person in this world weeping.

Angali thought for some excuse for some time and then again smiled back.

“Ha.. Han chotay’ actually I was missing u na ..thts why” she said smiling again widely hiding her unshed tears in the dark.

“u were missing tht bastered weren’t u Di?” he said gritting his teeth

“Chotay.. u r not supposed to talk abt him like tht wht he has done ‘but he was ur jeja before, u better behave ur self”‘ she said scolding him

“Why Di??? Why the hell? Why u still respect him? And why the hell I am not supposed to even talk abt the person who has hurted my most perious relation in life?” he said feeling disgusted talking abt his jeja

“Chotay humain lagta hy unhain koi ghalat fehmi hui hogi wo aisa nahi kar saktay’humain pora yakeen hy’wo wapas zaroor ayein gy.” (Chotay I think he is being mistaken ,u’ll see he’ll be back soon, I am pretty sure abt him) angali said in a strong voice still not willing to believe wht has happened already.

“Di Stop it ‘Stop it pleassseee” Just Stop it’. I don’t wana hear abt him more ‘.and u too please forget him’he’s not worth a person like u in his ugly life. I will never let him come near u again. And if u love me’u’ll promise me tht u’ll never miss him’ Promise me Di’!” he said pressing angali’s hands in his

Angali looked at his face silently for some time and then freed her hands from his gently.

“Chotay hum tumhary liye khana lagatay hain, tum betho hum kitchen main ja rahay hain” (chotay I think I shd go and serve u some dinner) she said not looking him back in the eye and left tht place.

He painfully saw his sister going and noticed her back where there were still some marks visible when shyam used to beat her in her pregnancy. He closed his fists angrily almost breaking his own fingures.


He decided he to take khushi to RM as he can’t leave angali in this state for so long nor can he leave khushi alone. Atleast nani , mami and angali will take care in RM tht she does’nt run. Here he cant believe her.


It was 4th day when he didn’t show up in the farm house, he send his designers’ assistant to farm house for khushi’s measurements , he has already selected designs for her keeping his Di and nani in his mind but she changed them.

“Sir’maam has changed the designs” the assistant informed ASR who was busy doing some work on his laptop so he did’nt gave much importance.

“hmmm diliver them on the same address when they are ready as soon as possible, u can go now” he answered without seeing the designs khushi has ordered.

And so the designs were being delivered without him checking them.