He woke up early for his office and found her sleeping peacefully , her cheeks looked abnormally red though’ a strong urge rise in his heart to touch her cheeks, he placed his hand on her cheeks and found her temprature really high. He suddenly became worried.

“khushi’khushi’?” he patted her cheeks trying to wake her up but she was unconcious.

“Hello..yeh Doct Asha. I want u here in my farm house urgently” he called the doct

“Yeah Thanks Bye..” he cutted off the phone


The doctor has left declaring tht she has got cold and prescribed some medicines for her. she was sleeping peacefully when got disturbed by ringing of his phone ,who was sitting in the room working on his laptop. She opened her eyes and saw him sitting in front of her.

“Yeah Di’r u fine? Hows ur health? Di I cant tolerate all this, u shd have taken care’u know I can’t stand this type of negligence if it comes to ur health,’yeh’. No I am fine’. Don’t worry abt me di I am fine, yeah I will be home soon, ok I promise..” he said and kept the phone on table

“how come he can be so soft to some one? Seems like he loves and respects his Di very much’! How is this posible tht a person who respects a women so much can humiliates another one?” she thought’

He felt some movement in the bed and looked behind him to see weather she was awake or not. He saw her rubbing her cheeks with the back of her hand in a slight sleepy mood and moved towards her, her stood near the bed with a mug of coffee in his hands he was drinking already, observing her innocent moves in the bed. She was looking at him frowning with sleepy eyes.

“u ok?” he asked

In response she did’nt replied him but kept looking him the same way. He kept the coffee mug to the side table and checked her forehead with the back of his hand for any singns of temprature. She was still warm, not fully well but better than before.

He called from his room to the kitchen from his landline phone.

“Yeah’get some breakfast in my room” he gave his orders to the cook and then sat on the soffa continued doing his work on his laptop taking sips from his mug time by time. While khushi was continuesly looking at him with her sleepy eyes laying in blanket. He noticed her gaze on him but did’nt look at her untill the breakfast was here’ he order the maid to keep it on the bed for her and make her sit..the maid made her sit. And she was still looking at him frowning. The maid left the room.

“Why?” she asked

“Excuse me?” he asked in return not getting her meaning.

“Why u kidnaped me?” she asked in a straight voice

“Have ur break fast and then u have to take medicines” he said not looking at her and continue working again.

“Nahi.. I wont..untill u tell me why?” she said stubbornly

“u r still asking me tht? After wht u have gone through?” he said

“if tht was all wht u have wanted to do then u could have found many girls on the bases of ur money, then why me only?”

“Khushi just have ur breakfast’!” he said irritated

“No I wont eat’actually I cant eat until u answer me’. I cant believe tht a person who respects one women so much can humiliates the other just like tht’? Why Mr. Arnav singh raizada? Why r u scared to ans me hun’? Will u be able to tell all this stuff to ur di wht u did to me?” she asked getting up and sitting on the bed.

“What the hell r u talking about? And stop pretending like u don’t know me’I am fed up of this acting now” he said angrily

“Ohh yeah..wht the hell am I talking about, I am talking about all the dirty, illegal things u did to me tht day and tried to do last night as well, tht are more than a sin’how will u face ur sister if she got to know ‘u knw wht mr. raizada’if I ever get a chance to run away from there’the first I will do will be to tell all these things to ur sister I swear'” she said in same angry tone as his

“W*F is wrong with this girl” he thought in his mind irritated’she is going to tell these private things to some one else..and tht too my sister? Is she insane??? God where am I stuck?

“That was’nt a sin” he finally said looking into her eyes

“What r u talking about..how they cannot be a sin ‘.its a sin an unforgivable sin”.. she finally managed to say after being quite for some 1 2 minutes thinking in her mind.

“Becoz u r my wife damit'” he said irritated and got quite suddenly realizing tht he just called her his wife.

“hun??” she asked confused’

“Don’t behave like garima anti never discussed it with u?” he said looking at her confused face

“I am ur what?” she asked once again

“Stop asking it again and again’!” he got angry again..

“How? I mean how can it be??? I dun remember any marriages????…u lie’.u lie becoz I said I will tell all these things to ur di” she said almost screaming.

“Shut up khushi’I am not scared of u tht I’ll lie abt anything'(then he looked at her confused face for some time) u really don’t know tht u were married?” he asked

“I swear to DM I don’t know tht’thts why me and shyam ji going to get’..” she stopped when she was about to blurt out abt her disliking abt shyam, believing him partially thinking as why would he lie to her? If she knew she was already married to any body else’she would be happiest tht atleast she is not gona be shyam’s bride’ “May be Arnav ji hates me becoz he thinks I was marrying shyam ji in spite of knowing this’but how does he knows about me and shyam ji?”

Arnav mind was in full rage hearing his name from her mouth tht they were going to marry, “she wanted to get married to an already married person’.and she sees no prob in wrecking other women’s home’.what kind of a girl she is” he left the room in order to stop himself from hurting her in this condition.

“Wait’.I want to ask my mother’why she did’nt told me abt it if it was happened then?” she said still doubting him

He dialed garima’s num ‘

Garima saw an unknown num on her cell phone and picked up quickly guessing it to be Arnav’s about khushi. And she was right.

“Apni beti sy baat karein” he said and handed the phone to khushi’! (talk to ur daughter)

“Mama'” khushi replied softly into the phone’

“Khushi’? Kaisi ho tum beta ‘kahin Arnav ny tumhain koi takleef tou nahi pohunchai..tum theek tou hona ?..batao khushi'” garima paniced listening khushi’s teary voice. (khushi r u ok beta?…did he hurted u? r u ok na? tell me khushi)

“I miss u mama’.” She cried into the phone, he looked at precious true emotions on her face for her mother and his heart melted.

“Two minutes ‘u have two minutes only”‘he said to khushi covering his real emotions from his harsh tone.

“Khushi bata na’tu theek tou hy na beta???” garima asked worried hearing his harsh tone in the phone. (Khushi come on tell me r u ok? R’nt u? he did something? Tell me?)

“Mama hum theek hain’ iss wakt humain ap say kuch pochna hy’kia..humara matlab hy kia humari shadi bachpan main ho gayi thi?” she asked (mama I am ok ..this time I have only called u to ask u abt my marriage’was I been married when I was young?)

Garima was shocked for a moment she did’nt know wht to answer. Then she decided it was not the right time to keep her in dark’its better she shd tell her the truth’ the way she has tried to keep khushi away from evil have caused a lot of pain in her life so it was time to make her face the reality ,coz she knew if she did’nt it will be hurtfull for her innocent daughter some more. So she decided to tell her the truth.

“Han..tumhari shadi Arnav singh raizada sy bachpan main hi karwa di thi tumhary baba aur Arnav k maa baba ny” she said scared of her reaction. (Was i married to Arnav singh raizada?)

There was silence for some time ‘.

“Kun mama?… kun nahi bataya humain apnay pehlay?” she cried into the phone (why mama why did’nt u tell me ever?)

“Just 30 seconds” he reminded khushi not wanting to see the scene infront of him. Its not tht he was irritated but it was just tht he could’nt take her tears..and he himself didn’t knew why.

Khushi nooded to him and garima heard him reminding khushi abt time’ she was now aware tht Arnav singh raizada has got her wife, and what if he does some thing with khushi and khushi who was kept ignorant abt things a mature girl shd know would panic and get hurt by him in the process, so she hurriedly tried to tell khushi some time tht may help her calm her nerves some how.

“Khushi mere baat ghoor sy suno’ Mujhy maaf kar dena k mainay aj tak tum sy yeh baat chupai..kun k main iss shadi k khilaf thi’main sirf tumhain bachana chahti thi khushi’likin ab jab k wo wakt agaya hy k mujhy tumhain batanay ki bajaye samjhana parh raha hy tou sirf yeh samjh aur maan lo khushi k’Arnav beta tumhary pati hain..wo jaisy bhi hain likin wo jo bhi karein tumhary sath tum unhain kuch mat karna’tumhari jisam aur rooh py ab sirf unka haq hy’ tum darna bilkool nahi khushi meri bachi.. DM sab theek kar dain ge'” Garima tried to make khushi understand some thing abt married life but it was useless now as she was already gone through a mess becoz of her. (khushi listen to me carefully’forgive me tht I hide this from u ‘I did tht becoz I wanted to protect u as I was against this marriage’.but as tht time has passed and today is a situation where I myself has to tell u tht Arnav is ur husband and he has every right on ur body and ur soul’and sooner u accept this reality less will it hurt’. And don’t be afraid my child ‘.every thing will be fine)

Listening to garima khushi just reminded wht he has done with her and so she tried to complain her mother abt him and to ask abt wht has he done was it a sin or as he was saying it was not considered a sin between married couples?’..

“Mama unhon ny humary sath'” she tried to tell her mother but he snatched the phone from her hand and disconnected and then left the room. (mama he just tried to”’)

“Damn this girl’she was going to complain her mother about me…! W*F problem is with her’Now as she knows she is my wife but still she is gona share all the private things with her mother” he thought irritated.

“She is weird”‘ he thought again walking with a straight face towards the main door of the residence.


Whereas on the other hand Shyam manohar jha was accused of rape and the victim has hired a very successful lawyer and there was no way of escape for him so he was planning to run from India’least did he knew tht the women was bribed by ASR to do so and was an actress who performed on his instructions by trapping shyam in her trick by seducing him in his office and then attacking him herself and then shouting abt her being raped. ASR has bribed the doctors who were involved in the case to declare her a rape victim though she was’nt. And the lawyer was also paid by him.

Shaym manohar jha was in great mess now and was running for his life for underestimating Arnav Singh Raizada by back stabbing his sister and trying to marry his girl, and he knew tht.