“Sir these are the pics tht those detective gave me but as you were not here and when u came I was on leave so I ask the office assistant to gave u these but she send it to some one elses cabin as she was mistaken, I am sorry could’nt give u these on time.” His assistant said apologetically.

“OK leave them on the table” he said looking unintrested and continuing working on his laptop in his office, thinking them to be the same as old photographs tht those detectives would used to send them on his orders weekly. But wht was the point of seeing them when khushi was here with him and he was successful in doing what he wanted to.

He left the office without seeing them and drove towards his farm house.

Khushi was under observations of his gaurds during the day time and his most trusted security officer. But as the security officer could’nt do a 24 hrs job and he could’nt trust any other person for this matter he used to leave the office soon after the officer’s day time ended. It was not like his gaurds cant take of her but he knew how smart she was. He couldn’t leave her alone on his guards.

He found her sleeping on the bed when he entered ‘.he remembered how she was not willing to share bed with him last night. He took his clothes with him and entered the bathroom and when he came out she was still sleeping. He was tired and he wanted some sleep as well and didn’t want to leave her alone so he slipped in the bed silently with her and closed his eyes.

They slept for some 2 hours together when she fumbled in the blanket at she lost its edge and was tangled in it ‘she reached his side while fumbling in the blanket and as his body sensed her near him he hugged her in his sleep. “Hun???” she questioned herself tht what was tht?… looking confused untill she saw a pair of strong arms around her ribcage tht were still busy tightening their hug around them and unintentionally landed on her chest instead of her belly’? She felt an electric shock ran through her body as his huge hand landed on her breast and her forearm to hug her.

“Ahannn” she painiced and struggled to get herself out of the banket and his grip.

Meanwhile he was awake and looked at her fumbling in the blanket ‘he was not wearing blanket as khushi had taken all of it during sleep and now was tangled in it. Only his arms were inside it’.

“What The’!”

“Ahhh humara sans band ho raha hy’.” She paniced in side the blanket as she was badly tangled , he looked at the item infront of him and wondered how come this girl got into this mess’. (Ahh’.I cant breath’.!)

“What the hell”‘. He said and the other secong her asked her to calm down so tht he can find the edge but she was’nt listening and struggling into the blanket.

“Khushi WAIT”‘he shouted and she immedietly stoped moving ‘he find the edge and free her’

“She is seriously weird” he thought.

She sat on the bed and looked at him, her hairs a mess and her eyes worried and shot open finding him laying on bed besides her.

“Hum ny kaha tha na’humain apkay sath bed nahi share karna ‘.!” She said worriedly getting out of the bed quicly. (I told u na’I don’t wana share bed with u..)

“Try to adjust like tht..coz its for ur life time now'” he said getting out of bed as well and finding his cell phone on the bed.

“NO’I will never’.. ap jis ny humain itni takleef pohunchai hy , unkay sath hum aik mint bhi nahi rehna chatay..samjhay ap” she shouted on him angrily. (u who have caused me too much pain, I cant imagine to live with u for even one mint and u r talking abt whole life..why the hell?)

“who is asking u?” he said looking calm

“ap aisa nahi kr saktay..sari zindagi humain yun bandh k nahi rakh saktay..hum yahan sy jain gy’aur zaror jain gy’kun k hum apkay sath sari zindagi rahain us sy acha humain mout manzor hy” she looking furious now but he was calm enough. (u cant force me for ever into this..one day I’ll free myself I am telling u. I will prefer death over a life with u.)

“Yeh baat tum ny apni maa ko bhi kahi hogi?” he asked (u must have told this thing to ur mother aswell did’nt u?)

“Kia?” she looked at him confused (what?)

“Yahi k tum mere sath nahi rehna chahti’? Issi liye un ny tumhari shadi aik shadi shuda admi sy karwana behtar samjha hoga ..hy na?” he was being sarcastic (the same tht u don’t want to spend life with ME? And so thts why ur mother was happy by marrying u to a married person and getting rid of her responsibility ? is’nt it?)

“Kia bakwas kr rahy hain ap? Ap hain kon akhir? Aur Apki himat kaisay hui meri mama k baray main aisi baat karnay ki” khushi was now angry (wht the hell r u saying’who r u by the way and how dare u talk abt my mother like tht?)

“himat? Himat tou tum main bhi bohot hy hy na khushi’warna adhi raat ko us shayam k sath tum jo kuch karnay ja rahi thi wo tum kr chuki hoti” he said and in reponse he got a push by khushi. (What DARE? Its u who have dared a lot many times khushi’. Other wise the things u were planning tht night with shyam , u would have crossed ur limits tht night is’nt it.)

“Apki himat kaisay hui mere baray main itni ghatiya soch rakhnay ki aur aisi baat krnay ki’!” khushi was now hell angry. She was looking at him when he grabbed her forearms with such a force tht she lost her balance but he was holding her ‘ (how dare u talk abt me like tht? )

“Say sorry’other wise” he said in a dangerous tone.

“NO’hum ny kuch ghalat nahi kia hum sorry nahi kahain gy..infact apko humain sorry bolna chahye”. She answered (no I have’nt done any thing wrong so I wont apologize)

“SAY SORRY ‘!” He shouted at her making her jump

“bilkool nahi'” she was still angry (not at all)

“Fine” he said and grab her wrist and drag her out side his room where there was a huge pool and garden..he tied her hands with the pool ladder and she sat there hanging her feel in the pool as there was no other way to sit comfortably.

“Now u r gona sit here untill u say Sorry”‘he said

“Nahi..hum apsay mafi nahi mangain gy’chahye humain pori zindagi yahan guzrni pary” she said stubbornly (no o will not say sorry ever, even if I die here)

He looked at her angrily and left the pool side closing the glass door on his room and sat on the bed with his laptop in his hands ‘.

2 hrs passed by then 4 ..and then 5..he was restless as she was sitting there crying and sobbing all alone , he passed glances at her silently. The rain started now but she was still sitting in the rain and not responding to him..she was crying when the door open and he was on the door.

“Say Sorry and get in” he said

“Kia hum ny apko kaha k humain andar jana hy?” she said (Did I ask u to come here and get me in?)

In response he did’nt said a word and loosened the nod on her wrists and grabbed her hand, but she snatched back’

“hum ny kaha na’humain andar nahi jana” she said gritting her teeths (I said I don’t want to go in)

“Don’t make me angry Khushi, u know its not good for u as well”‘.he warned her

“Nahi tou’kia kar lain gy ap’sab kuch tou kr chukay hain ap’, aur bacha kia hy”‘she pushed him away from her self, making him angry one more time. (Or ??? Or wht will u do hun’wht else is remaining?)

“Oh u think tht was it? I’ll show u whats remaining” with tht he pulled her to himself and tried to kiss her but she struggled to look away. His hands grabbing her arms and pulling her so tht he can make a contact to her lips but she was not allowing him, she finally pushed him hard but fell into the pool herself, and started running into the water to his oposite direction.

He closed his fists in anger and jumped in the water himself catching her before she was out of the pool, pinning her to the pool wall inside water and kissing her, she moaned into his mouth for releasing her, but his grip was firm and she could’nt move, he opened her bathrob into the water in one go, which she was wearing for yesterday and unzip his trousers and entered her, she screamed and clutched his shirt and pushed him hard and pledged but did’nt heard and continue doing what was left yesterday, she became calm after some five minutes when she finally got tht he is not leaving her at any cost, she felt dizzy again and her head fall on his shoulders, her hand still on his forearm’s muscels and she blinked her eyes as she felt her head spinning, he stopped when he felt her breath on his neck and looked at her. she looked at him with sleepy eyes as she sobbed slowly on his shoulder. Without doing any thing else he settled his and her clothes and picked her up in his arms coming out of the pool from stairs and moved towards the room. He make khushi stand in the middle of the room and removed her wet bathrob leaving her with out any clothes, Khushi thought he is going to continue in the room and she has already given up for him, thinking all the struggling to be vain as he was much more stronger than her. she covered her self with her hands when he opened her bathrob still having tears in her eyes. He removed the bathrob throwing it in the basket and moved towards his wardrob and got a long Tee shirt and two towels for her and looked at her, her whole back was revealed to him, her wet hairs sitcked to her back till her hips, and under her hairs her lucious curves the sight was awesome leaving him breathless’.”She is BEAUTIFUL” his heart screamed but this was not the right time, so he took some long breaths to calm himself down closing his eyes and then moved towards her, placed the three items on the bed tht was near , looking at her intensly, while she avoided looking into his eyes. Her hands were crossed on her chest to hide it from him , he grabbed her wrists and started removing them from her chest, left them hanging on her sides but she again crossed them across her chest. He took the towel and started drying her shoulders, her neck, her whole back above her hips, and then when her came to her chests she tightened her grip aroung her, he did’nt moved her hands and maintained drying her from above her arms and then her belly and then the area right down her belly, she took two steps back when he touched her with towel there, he pulled her back to him and then continued drying her legs from front side and then he stood on her back, she was breathless herself, she has stopped sobbing and now she did’nt knew wht was happening to her but she felt a lot more cold then it actually was and her heart was’nt scared but feeling some thing else, some different emotions she has never ever experienced before in her life, she looked at him through the mirror tht was right infront of her, he looked handsome even in his wet clothes, his muscels ripped through his wet shirt and his wet hair strands looked sexy on his forehead, his heighted physique. When his hands touched her hips with tht towel she gasped at his sudden touch leaving him a slight shock wondering on her sudden act. He dried her back side of legs after tht then sat on his knees behind her , turning her feet from behind and drying her feet,khushi still clutching her chest breathed heavily and moved her tinny pink toes in his huge hands as she felt ticklish on his touch. He looked at her above and found her closing her eyes. he stood up behind her and covered her with the towel by crossing his arms around her with the towel looking at her face intensly, when she felt him hugging her she stumblled of her feet but then became calm as she saw towel. She clutched the towel around her. when he took another towel from bed and make her sit on the bed and started drying her long hairs’. She was looking his face all the while ‘still confused on his mixed behaviour, one time he was gentle and the other time he was found ripping her making her bleed. He was busy drying her hairs seriously when he noticed her looking at him innocently, he stare her stoping wht he was doing and when she did’nt stoped looking at him he again started to dry her hairs ignoring her. He tried to remove the towel around her but she clutched it some more so he removed it forcibly and she was again confused at his behaviour untill he make her hands stand in the air and make her wore his T Shirt. She was confused again . she looked at him for some good 2 minutes untill she was back into her senses listening the door lock voice of the bathroom door behind her.

When he was back from shower he saw she was sitting in the same position where he has left her staring in the space infront of her calmly. She looked so innocent and beautiful tht time tht he wanted to grab her and kiss her right away but he controlled himself.

He got himself into the bed and pulled her from her arm into the bed with himself and settled blanket over her. she came back to her senses and her eyes shot open.

“Hum’..” she tried to say some thing (I…)

“Shshhh’.No more words, u have already completed ur quota for taking today ‘just sleep now” he said while keeping a fingure on her lips. And she was calm. She don’t know why but she was sure tht he wont harm her in the bed today.