Khushi get into kitchen and started making batter for jalebies’her mind was restless, upset and confused’she was crying and making batter altogether’ the scene of he doing those things to her today not leaving her mind for a second’she felt impure ‘.

“Why DM why does tht happened to me? Why me always? First I was saving my self from shaym ji’s dirty deeds before marriage and now this? Wht is my mistake? Why do ppl make decisions abt me with out concerning me? First mama made a decision abt shyam ji and now this Rakshas Laad Governer made a decision of punishing me with out referring me to ask abt my fault? Wht the hell problem is with him? Is he psychic? Why the hell he forced me today? Why? “.

She was crying hard and sniffing badly while making jaleebie on tht austrailian style kitchen counter tht was fully visiable from where he was sitting’. He also got a glimpse of her secretly while watching TV and thought whts taking her so long in the kitchen when the dinner was already ready? Least did he knew she was making jaleebies for herself.

“yeh Rakshas yahan sy hil kun nahi rahay aisa kia hy TV main? Hum sy theek sy jaleebiyan bhi nahi banai ja rahi hain inkay samnay’.” She murmered to herself while taking bites of jaleebies in her hand and also frying jaleebies together. (now why the hell is this Rakshas not moving from here? I can’t even make jaleebies in front of him.)

He looked at her for some time when she was not looking at him, feeling her activities strange’thinking she is weird the way she was talking to herself, eating some thing and cooking altogether. He frowned a bit and then again started watching TV.

It were being two hours and he was tired of sitting there keeping an eye on her. At least she was eating some thing and his heart relaxed at this thought’. Why? he did’nt knew himself. He wanted her to get into the room first as she will not come if he got there first, he knew she will be sitting in the hall or will go to another room if he got in his room first’. The place where he had her in the morning was actually his room and she did’nt knew this. He could not take a risk of leaving her alone for night in a room so tht she will try her escaping methods one more time.

“I hope she is not planning to escape standing tht kitchen for so long’I have to keep an eye on her” he placed the remote on the table and moved towards the kitchen’when he was at the enterance he heard her sobbing, sniffing and murmuring to herself.

“Rakshas ‘kahin k’ pata nahi un ny humary sath kia kya hy? Jabhi tou humary pait ka dard theek hi nahi ho raha itni jaleebiyan khanay k bad bhi’hey DM ‘.. humain maaf kar dena’isme humara koi kasoor nahi tha’ aur apkay hotay huay humary sath itna sab kuch ho kaisay gaya? Hum ap sy bhi naraz hain’. Aur tab tak rahain gy jab tak ap sab pehlay jaisa nahi kr detin, likin’.aj jo hua’ab wo pehlay jaisa kaisy hoga? Kitna khoon tha’ (she shrudded with fear remembering tht)’humain yakeen hy jab hum theek ho jain gy tou sab pehlay jaisa ho jaye ga, bilkool Rakshas hy wo Laad Governer’Rakshas”aisa tou koi apni patni k sath bhi na karta ho, yakenan un ny jan bojh k humain dard pohunchaya hy’likin kun? Hum ny unka kia bigara hy akhir? ” she said bitting her jaleebies time by time while frying them as well. (Rakshas’I dun know wht he has done to me tht I have a lot of pain in my abdomins even after having jaleebies, hey DM’plz forgive me ‘for all those dirty things he did with me’It was’nt my fault’and well all this bad happened to me infront of u and u never done anything’I am upset from u as well, I wont talk to u untill u make every thing right like before’. How much blood it was’. I am sure when I’ll be alright and recovered from this injury like before, then every thing will be fine but I knw tht Rakshas has hurted me intentionally by entering me like tht’ I am sure even husbands don’t do it with their wifes’ it was definetly a punishmen’but wht have I done to him? Why???)

“What the hell’.? She don’t knows what she is gone through? And it can’t be recovered? I just don’t believe this’! She is weird’.” He entered the kitchen and opened the fridge to took some ice for his drink. She stopped making jaleebies sensing him in the kitchen’she looked back afraid’.he was not looking at her ” and when he looked ‘he saw she is making jaleebies.. “JALEEBIES??????????? What the hell’.she is making jaleebies at this time of night? Is she insane?????? No how can she be’shyam manohar jha is not so stupid tht he will leave my Di for an insane girl. ” he thought.

He looked at her strangely and she looked back at him , her mouth full of jaleebies and eyes puffy and teary a bit. She stopped moving her mouth while eating as he came closer’

“What r u doing?” he asked with a frown

“I’I..I am'” she tried to answer by gulp the huge stock of jaleebies in her mouth all together.

“U R WHAT?” he shouted making her jump and she chocked at the jaleebies in her mouth got stuck in her throat’.

“Khushi..?” he kept his hand on her shoulder

She did’nt stopped chocking and was breathing difficultly.

“Khushi What happened???…Khushi'” off course he hated her but he didn’t wanted to murder her like tht. He poured water and glass and make her drink it holding her nape with the other hand and rubbing her back’!

Her breathing became even and her eyes got teary some more feeling helpless at her situation and every thing tht was happening to her. he sighted with relief as he saw her becoming normal. He removed his hands from her and stood there untill she became fully normal’she looked at him confused having tears in her eyes’his face stiffiened a bit

“I don’t want u to die here do u understand? Next time be carefull with urself’have ur medicines and come to the room now’its not safe to leave u here alone as well , u r 17 years old but looks like ur mother never did some thing to make u mature enough for ur age to be” he said and turned off the heat on stoves leaving her jaleebies turning brown in the frying pan. He then roughly took her hand in his and walked out of the kitchen pulling her along him and she looked back at the frying pan and jaleebies that had now turned brown becoz of her lack of concentration on them.


“u cannot make me sleep with u” she said gathering courage looking into his eyes’

“u don’t have a choice” he said ignoring her tone

“Now don’t waste ur time and get in the bed” he said irritated

“NO’I am not” she said standing near the bed

He got up from the bed and locked the door and placed the keys under his pillow.

“Now sleep where ever u want but u r not going out of this room” he said getting into bed and sleeping, while khushi sat on the floor keeping her elbows on the soffa and leaning her head on them, she watched him with painful eyes until she slept in the same position.

It was 4 am when he got up from his sleep sensing some one crying in the room, he looked at her and she was crying for her mom, she was under effect of some alcoholic medicines and so she cant be awake this time, so definitely she was missing her mama in her dream, he felt bad for her, he don’t know why he was feeling bad coz he have never felt bad for any women before, he determined himself tht he cant feel bad for her as she is an enemy’but then he remembered doctor’s words tht she can caught some fever due to all this as well. So he walked up from the bed to check her temperature. He placed the back of his hand on her forehead and neck’ her temperature was not normal. She was definitely having some. So before she becomes more ill laying here in AC without blanket he picked her up and placed her gently on the bed and get in with her as well, he settled the blanket over her and while he was doing tht she turned her side toward him and hugged him tightly.

“Mama’..why u left me with him?” she cried hugging and snuggling him and he was stilled on his place in order not to wake her up, he removed her hands around himself and while laying beside her she again hugged him.

“Mama don’t go again plz'” she said pledging her mom in her sleep and snuggling him entwining her lower body with him as well. And he spent his rest of the night wondering how innocent she looks not removing his eyes from her face whole night until the alarm rang and he got up to turn it off in order not to disturb her sleep.