A Dark Love Story….where innocence fell in love with darkness. 
“Yeh larki yahan sy bahar nahi jani chahye’.” He instructed his PA in a low but dangerous tone, keeping his eyes fully on the girl who was walking angrily after slaping him. (make sure she does’nt leave this hotel)
“Yes Sir”‘nooded the PA
“aur agar yeh baat media tak pohunchi tou tumhain baki ki zindagi kiryanay ki dukan main nikalna pary gi, do u understand” he gave his PA a dangerous look ,his eyes filled with anger, turning red as he walked passed him, moving towards back stage. And the PA followed. (and if she does…i’ll make sure tht u spend rest of ur life in a grocery store)
After some time
He was near his room when he heard continouse knocking on his room’s door from inside.

“Darwaza kholiye’bhagwan k liye’..kun band kr k rakha hy humain’.? Bhagwan k liye darwaza kholiye humain ghar jana hy’ plzz” (plz open the doorr plzzz why the hell em locked up…i wana go home …plzzz)

He heard a thin beautiful voice coming from inside his room. He asked his men to leave the place as he was almost near his room in the 7 star hotel, tht he has recently bought for his sister angali.

There were 6 men following him , 3 of them were his personal gaurds and the others were his PA, Aman and his today’s show’s designer.

“Sir we don’t know’actually’.” The designer was about to explain his mistake.

“Shut up”‘he immediately shut the designer’s mouth as he was in no mood to hear explanations.

The designer was quite as he knew this was not the right time to mess with mighty ASR.

“Every body leave ..NOW” ‘he barked his orders on them and every body disperesed here and there leaving him fully alone when he was about to open his room’s door.

The voices from inside were fainted as the voice of footsteps came closer and closer’

He opened the door with the key card, the room was quite dark, he felt some kind of movement in the room and tried to figured out in the dark from where the voice was coming’ he turned his head to put the card to switch on the lights and felt a sudden moment near him ‘the lights were on and the thing which was creating the moment rushed to the door when he grabbed some one rushing to the opened door ,thinking it to be an oportuinity to run, from the person’s petite waist and throw the person on the floor.

She was a girl, wearing pink sleveless umbrella frok revealing pale and pink skin of her thies some wht above her knees, her black long hairs covering her back fully till her hips ‘.she fell on her hips and a cry escaped her mouth when her soft hips touched the hard floor.

He heard her winced and he closed the distace between them. She looked up at him and was shocked to see him once again the same evening’

“APPP????” she shouted full of shock. (you????)

“Apki himat kaisay hui yeh sab karnay ki”‘.She said angrily as he stood infront of the her, seeing her reaction, and having a hardly visiable evil smile on his face, putting his hands in pockets of his dark grey three piece suit. (how dare u do this to me?)

“Himat?…(he smiled evily while coming closer)(dare?)

“Himat kaisay hoti hy yeh main tumhain baton ga'” the evil grin disapeared and was replaced by angry expressions, closing the distance between them he walked towards her and she moved back on floor and closed her eyes tight turining her head to the other side’he watched her carefully observing all her actions, enjoying her nervousness, scared face and his effect on tht poor little thing. she was too young to be punished. His eyes shinning from the wild thoughts running in his mind.(i’ll tell u the true meaning of dare)

She suddenly stood up from floor and ran in oposite direction to him, when she saw a knife on the dinning table, she grabbed it and pointed at him’

“khabardar jo aik kadam bhi agay barhaye app” she warned him in a trembling tone…!(dont u dare come near me em telling u)

His eyes became darker than ever with anger when he saw her dare to threat him.